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NETosis Assay Kit

  • Quantifiable results
  • Elastase-based; no need for PicoGreen
  • Non-dsDNA readout, eliminating false positives from DNA release by necrosis
  • Adaptable to multiple species by using enzymatic activity rather than NET component antibodies
  • Kit includes a neutrophil elastase positive control
  • Robust and easy with a strong signal

NETosis Assay Kit

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Our NET assay kit delivers a novel way to quantifiably measure neutrophil extracellular traps in multiple species.

As neutrophils sacrifice themselves through a cell death mechanism known as netosis, they deploy neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) made of DNA and antimicrobial proteins, including elastase, that capture and kill pathogens. This behavior is the subject of interest for immunologists and those conducting autoimmune research or inflammation research. Specific research areas include lupus, lung disease, thrombosis, and more.

Part of making research possible is enabling you to take your research further with greater specificity. To that end, we're continuously creating the next generation of assay kits.

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