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Home Home Cayman Chemical Home Page
Products Categories Searchable, sortable list of all product categories
Products New Products Searchable, sortable list of new products
Products Analysis Tools A growing collection of useful analysis tools
Products Kit Recommendations Assay kit recommendations
Products Fentanyl Analog Screening (FAS) Kit CDC TOM kit Fentanyl Analog Screening (FAS) Kit
Products ChemAssistant Tools A growing collection of useful tools, including an Orbital Energy Diagram and Atomic Electron Configuration tool, a Molar Mass and Mass Percent Composition Calculator, and a Periodic Table of the Elements
Products Proteins Proteins
Products Chemical Structure Database The latest Cayman Chemical Compounds Database in MDL SD file format (SDF)
Precellys Precellys Benchtop Homogenizer New benchtop equipment dedicated to the grinding, lysis, and homogenization of biological samples
Precellys Precellys Consumables/Beads Precellys consumables
Precellys Precellys Parts Precellys parts
Precellys Precellys Protocols Precellys protocols for plants and microorganisms
Services Services Overview Cayman Contract Research Services provides diverse expertise and services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry as well as academic and research institutions
Services Chemical Synthesis Our team of chemists brings unmatched experience to solving difficult synthetic routes and performing complex, multi-step syntheses
Services Analytical Chemistry Our scientists perform routine quality control testing on thousands of our catalog products each year, giving them unparalleled expertise in developing and validating methods to analyze, quantify, and purify small molecules
Services Bioanalysis & Assay Development Cayman’s Bioanalytical Services division offers complete biological sample analysis utilizing any of our hundreds of readily available off-the-shelf assays
Services Medicinal Chemistry & Structure-Based Drug Design The Medicinal Chemistry and Structural Biology groups at Cayman have successfully driven independent and collaborative internal programs and delivered on a wide range of external pre-clinical development programs
Corporate Conference Schedule Conferences, Exhibits, and Special Events
Corporate Career Opportunities Employment
Corporate Management Team Executive biographies
Corporate Product Partners Product Partners
Corporate News & Announcements News and announcements related to Cayman Chemical
Corporate Intellectual Property Programs Numerous patents have been filed for the complex synthesis of several small molecules, assay technologies, and the commercial manufacture of eicosanoids as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).
Literature Request Literature and Media Catalogs packed with techical information, articles about cutting-edge science, and stunning pictures and videos
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Contact Technical Services Contact a technical support scientist
Contact FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
Contact Global Buyer's Guide Distributors worldwide
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Contact Contact Us Summary of contact information
Contact Maps and Directions Directions from Detroit Metro Airport
Contact Certificates of Analysis & Batch-Specific Data Download or request any available product insert, QC sheet, certificate of analysis, data pack, or GC-MS data for your batch number
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Unclassified ACE Advantage Use of acetylcholinesterase (AChE) as the enzymatic label for EIAs
Unclassified Copyright Copyright Information
Unclassified Special Offers All special offers
Landing Reverse Transfection Reporter Assays Ready-to-use reverse transfection reporter assays
Landing Assay Kits Cayman provides over 200 different assay kits in areas of research spanning Eicosanoids, Endocrinology, Oxidative Injury, Atherosclerosis, Metabolism, Neuroscience, and Chromatin Modification in a variety of convenient-to-use kit formats
Landing SAM-Screener Assays
Landing Antibodies We offer primary and secondary antibodies for diverse applications, including western blot, flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, and immunofluorescence.
Landing Biochemicals We synthesize, purify, and characterize the small molecules and biochemicals you need to take your research further.
Landing Equipment and Sample Prep Equipment and sample preparation pages
Landing Heat Stabilization equipment Equipment for heat stabilization
APIs GMP API Production The Importance of Process Understanding
Forensic Forensic Science Forensic Science at Cayman Chemical
Forensic Forensic Science Quality Standards and Certifications Forensic Science Quality Standards and Certifications
Forensic Forensic Science New Products Forensic Science new products offered at Cayman Chemical
Forensic Forensic Science Product Search And Drug Identification Forensic Science product offerings and drug identification tools at Cayman Chemical
Forensic Cayman Spectral Library (CSL) ChemStation-formatted GC-MS spectral library containing many of Cayman's emerging forensic drug standards.
Forensic Forensic Science Services Forensic Science services offered at Cayman Chemical
Forensic Forensic Science Publications Forensic Science Publications
Forensic Forensic Science Categories and Grades Forensic Science evolving product line at Cayman Chemical
Forensic Forensic Flipbook Synthetic Cannabinoid Flipbook
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