Latrunculin A

Cayman Chemical Item Number 10010630

NSC 613011 (CAS 76343-93-6)

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Actin disruption is used to study cell functions in vitro (e.g., migration, endocytosis) and in vivo (e.g., tumor cell invasion). Latrunculin A is a bioactive 2-thiazolidinone macrolide derived from sponges that sequesters G-actin and prevents F-actin assembly. It binds monomeric actin with 1:1 stoichiometry and can be used to block actin polymerization both in vitro (Kd = 0.2 μM)1,2 and in cells (0.5 μM, 30 min).3 Latrunculin A (1-10 μM) causes depolymerization of tumor cell cytoskeleton within ten minutes.4 Overnight treatment of cells with latrunculin A (10 μM) strongly suppresses actin synthesis.5 Prolonged cell treatment blocks dexamethasone-induced changes in actin cytoskeleton with no effect on cell viability.6

1. Coué, M., Brenner, S.L., Spector, I., et al. Inhibition of actin polymerization by latrunculin A. FEBS Lett 213(2) 316-318 (1987).

2. Yarmola, E.G., Somasundaram, T., Boring, T.A., et al. Actin-latrunculin A structure and function. J Biol Chem 275(36) 28120-28127 (2000).

3. Loubéry, S., Wilhelm, C., Hurbain, I., et al. Different microtubule motors move early and late endocytic compartments. Traffic 9 492-509 (2008).

4. Hayot, C., Debeir, O., Van Ham, P., et al. Characterization of the activities of actin-affecting drugs on tumor cell migration. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol 211 30-40 (2006).

5. Lyubimova, A., Bershadsky, A.D., and Ben-Ze'ev, A. Autoregulation of actin synthesis requires the 3'-UTR of actin mRNA and protects cells from actin overproduction. J Cell Biochem 76 1-12 (1999).

6. Liu, X., Wu, Z., Sheibani, N., et al. Low dose latrunculin-A inhibits dexamethasone-induced changes in the actin cytoskeleton and alters extracellular matrix protein expression in cultured human trabecular meshwork cells. Exp Eye Res 77 181-188 (2003).

  • NSC 613011
Formal Name (4R)-​[(1R,​4Z,​8E,​10Z,​12S,​15R,​17R)-​17-​hydroxy-​5,​12-​dimethyl-​3-​oxo-​2,​16-​dioxabicyclo[13.3.1]nonadeca-​4,​8,​10-​trien-​17-​yl]-​2-​thiazolidinone
CAS Number 76343-93-6
Molecular Formula C22H31NO5S
Formula Weight 421.6
Formulation A solution in ethanol
Purity ≥98%
Stability 1 year
Storage -20°C
Shipping Wet ice in continental US; may vary elsewhere
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