Small Molecule Detection (Non-EIA) & Fatty Acid Transport

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Item Number Product Sizes & Pricing CAS Purity Image Exclusive Introduction Date Mojo Plain Text Name Synonyms Keywords Interest
700310 Free Fatty Acid Fluorometric Assay Kit - 2010-09-08 151.849855791740 free-fatty-acid-fluorometric-assay-kit FFA kits assays measures measurements acids triglycerides intestines hydrolyzed glycerols enzymes pancreas pancreatic lipases intestinal liposomes capillaries lymph systems blood plasmas serums hepatocytes adipocytes muscles fibers oxidized sugars glucagon fats proteins albumin FFA skeletal skeletons hearts livers pathophysiological obesity insulin resistance type 2 II diabetes pathogenesis insulin-stimulated peripheral glucose uptake beta cells oxidative stressproinflammatory effects NFκB nuclear factors inflammation resistances metabolic urine enzymatic reactions Acyl CoA synthetase ACS acylation coenzymes oxidases ACOD hydrogen peroxides H2O2 horseradish peroxidases HRP 10-aceyl-3,7-dihydroxyphenozazine ADHP fluorescence fluorescent resorufins 151.849855791740

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