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Item Number Product Sizes & Pricing CAS Purity Image Exclusive Introduction Date Mojo Plain Text Name Synonyms Keywords Interest
15929 10058-F4 New 403811-55-2 ≥95% 2014-04-18 0E-12 10058-f4 inhibitors cancers apoptosis genes regulations transcription factors oncogenes Myc Max dimer regulates proteins c-Myc cells growth 10058F4 10058 F4 permeable thiazolidione inhibits inhibition inhibitors proliferation cycles arrest myeloid humans leukemia metabolized metabolism mice tumors in vivo nuclear neuroblastoma n-Myc n c lipids glucose 0E-12
15088 1,2-Dipalmitoyl-sn-glycero-3-PS (sodium salt) New 145849-32-7 ≥98% 2013-10-31 12.355700175606 1-2-dipalmitoyl-sn-glycero-3-ps-sodium-salt 1,2-DPPS; 1,2-Dipalmitoyl-sn-glycero-3-phospho-L-serine 40290-42-4 lipids phospholipids liposomes membranes apoptosis dipalmitoyl sn glycerol phospho serines PS phosphatidylserine anionic long-chains long chains 16:0 16 0 palmitic acids sn-1 sn-2 sns 1 one 2 two sn1 sn2 sodium salts 12.355700175606
14438 1,5-Isoquinolinediol 5154-02-9 ≥98% 2013-04-11 17.415387481213 1-5-isoquinolinediol NSC 65585; 1,5-Dihydroxyisoquinoline Inhibitors oxidative injury apoptosis DNA damage inhibits inhibitions injuries poly(ADP-ribose) ADP PARPs PARP1 PARP-1 repari oxidant stress cells death induced 40048-26-8 NSC65585 NSC-65585 NSCs 65585 17.415387481213
34720 15(S)-HETE 54845-95-3 ≥98% 29.942166535122 15-s-hete soybean 15-LOs asthma airway 15-lipoxygenases monohydroxy fatty acids 15S-HETES 15-HETES arachidonic 15(S)-HETEs 15(S)HETEs potato polyunsaturated 15HETEs 29.942166535122
334720 15(S)-HETE-d8 84807-87-4 ≥99% deuterated forms (d1-d8) 48.816648250460 15-s-hete-d8 GC/MS deuterium isotopes 15-HETE-d8 standards 15S-HETE-d8 15(S)HETE-d8 deuterated GC-MS LC/MS LC-MS 15-HETEs 15(S)-HETEs 15S-HETEs 15(S)HETEs hydroxy fatty acids mass spectrometry 15HETE 48.816648250460
534721 15(S)-HETE EIA Kit - 50.025727440147 15-s-hete-eia-kit 15(S)-HETE ELISA Kit solid plates 15(S)-HETEs 15S-HETEs measures kits eias enzyme immunoassays ELISAs 15(S)HETEs 15HETEs assays 50.025727440147
10007251 15(S)-HETE Lipid Maps MS Standard 54845-95-3 ≥98% 2009-02-17 12.386391840204 15-s-hete-lipid-maps-ms-standard soybean 15-LOs asthma airway 15-lipoxygenases monohydroxy fatty acids 15S-HETES 15-HETES arachidonic 15(S)-HETEs 15(S)HETEs potato polyunsaturated MS mass spectrometry standards 15HETE 12.386391840204
13583 1-Aminodecylidene bis-Phosphonic Acid (sodium salt) Exclusive - ≥95% 2012-04-02 40.058011049724 1-aminodecylidene-bis-phosphonic-acid-sodium-salt 1-Amindecane-1,1-Diphosphonic Acid 15049-93-1 sphingomyelinases ceramides apoptosis cells signaling sphingomyelin inhibitors inhibits inhibition phosphorycholine acids dexamethasone HepG2 40.058011049724
15108 1-O-Octadecyl-2-O-methyl-sn-glycerol New 83167-59-3 ≥95% 2013-11-06 13.454880294659 1-o-octadecyl-2-o-methyl-sn-glycerol PIA 7; 2-Methyl-1-octadecyl-sn-glycerol ethers lipids ET-18-OCH3 ET 18 OCH3 ET18OCH3 edelfosine phosphotidylinositol analogs PIAs Akts anticancers anti-cancers anti cancers apoptosis octadecyl O methyl sn glycerols metabolites pleckstrin homology domains serine threonine serine/threonine kinases cells endogenous DAGs intracellular signaling signal transductions lipids 13.454880294659
10005229 2,3-DCPE (hydrochloride) 1009555-55-8 ≥98% 2006-09-15 13.385874769797 2-3-dcpe-hydrochloride apoptosis Bcl-XL p21 ERK cancers cells cycles proapoptotic in vitro S-phase arrest upregulate activates activation 418788-90-6 13.385874769797
11097 25-hydroxy Cholesterol 2140-46-7 ≥98% 2012-02-08 10.259539878334 25-hydroxy-cholesterol 16505-96-7 oxysterol cholesterol SREBP sterols regulatory elements binding proteins atherosclerosis anticancer apoptosis immunosuppressive Bcl-2 caspases atherosclerosis antitumor tumors LXR-RXR ligands T cells macrophages 10.259539878334
11099 25-hydroxy Cholesterol-d6 88247-69-2 ≥99% deuterated forms (d1-d6) 2012-01-27 4.114120046182 25-hydroxy-cholesterol-d6 deuterated deuterium GC/MS GC-MS LC/MS LC-MS mass spectrometry MS 16505-96-7 oxysterol cholesterol SREBP sterols regulatory elements binding proteins atherosclerosis anticancer apoptosis immunosuppressive Bcl-2 caspases atherosclerosis antitumor tumors LXR-RXR ligands T cells macrophages 4.114120046182
10397 3-amino Benzamide 3544-24-9 ≥98% 2011-10-07 1.070404380375 3-amino-benzamide 3-Carboxamidoaniline; 3-(Aminocarbonyl) Aniline poly(ADP-ribose) polymerases PARPs DNA repairs DNA strands breaks apoptosis inflammation atherosclerosis neruogenesis cancers angiogenesis signaling cellular responses inhibits inhibitor inhibition telomere shortening shortens stimulates mediated mediates PARP-mediated 1.070404380375
15419 3-AP New 143621-35-6 ≥95% 2014-01-22 99.105463474524 3-ap NSC 663249; 3-Aminopyridine-2-Carboxyaldehyde Thiosemicarbazone; Triapine™ 236392-​56-​6 ribonucleotide reductase inhibitors inhibits inhibitions DNA synthesis cancers anti-tumors tumors anti antitumor iron chelator R2/p53R2 subunits ER stress UPR unfolded proteins response apoptosis oxidative injury 3AP 3 APs aminopyridine carboxyaldehyde thiosemicarbazone in vitro NSCs 663249 NSC663249 NSC-663249 OCX-191 OCX191 OCXs 191 Pans pan-811 811 pan811 99.105463474524
13856 5-Nitroso-8-quinolinol 3565-26-2 ≥95% 2012-10-25 13.525276243094 5-nitroso-8-quinolinol Hydron III; NSC 3852 5-nitrosooxine NSC3852 NSC-3852 hydron 3 HDACs inhibitors antitumors oxidative stress ROS apoptosis antiproliferative cancers cells differentiation Toxoplasma gondii Plasmodium falciparum inhibits inhibitions Zn2+ chelation motif SAHA MCF-7 MCF7 tumors agents 13.525276243094
10009856 7-AAD Cell Viability Assay Kit - 2008-10-29 55.762720823954 7-aad-cell-viability-assay-kit 7-Amino Actinomycin D Cell Viability Kit kits 7AAD measurement cells fixation blocking cytoxicity effects environmental toxins drug fluorescence fluorescent cell-based assays cell based assay cba 55.762720823954
600120 7-AAD/CFSE Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity Assay Kit - 2009-08-05 48.814617205998 7-aad-cfse-cell-mediated-cytotoxicity-assay-kit 7-Amino Actinomycin D/5-(6)-Carboxyfluorescein Diacetate Succinimidyl Ester 7-amino actinomycin D/5-(6)-carboxyfluorescein diacetates succinimidyls esters assays kits measuring measurement kits 5-(6) 5,6 5-6 7AAD cells cytoxicity cell-based cba cytolysis target effector T lymphocytes NK natural killer autoimmune systems pathological cancers multiple sclerosis granule exocytosis pathways Fas diseases graft host 51chromium 51Cr green fluorescent fluorescence probes red propidium iodide dead effector carboxyfluorescein succinimidyl esters dyes damaged DNA deoxyribonucleic acids quantify quantification single staining 48.814617205998
11397 7-Aminoactinomycin D 7240-37-1 ≥98% 2012-07-06 1.017306256532 7-aminoactinomycin-d 7-AAD; NSC 239759 3H-phenoxazine dye viability apoptosis cytotoxicity DNA flow cytometry fluorescence cells PE FITC 7 aminoactinomycin D 1.017306256532
53400 (±)9,10-DiHOME 263399-34-4 ≥98% 13.447127071823 -9-10-dihome Leukotoxin diol epoxides epoxygenase leukotoxin cytochrome P450 (+/-)9(10)-DiHOMes (+/-)9,10-DiHOMes CYP450 13.447127071823
10009993 (±)9,10-DiHOME-d4 - ≥99% deuterated forms (d1-d4) 2007-06-01 11.213453038674 -9-10-dihome-d4 Leukotoxin diol-d4 epoxides epoxygenase leukotoxin cytochrome P450 (+/-)9(10)-DiHOMes (+/-)9,10-DiHOMes CYP450 deuterated duteriums 11.213453038674
52400 9(10)-EpOME - ≥98% 12.389088397790 9-10-epome 9,10-EODE; Leukotoxin epoxides epoxygenasse leukotoxin cytochrome P450 (+/-)9(10)-EpOMEs (+/-)9,10-EpOMEs epoxy fatty acids (±)9(10)-epome 12.389088397790
10009995 9(10)-EpOME-d4 - ≥99% deuterated forms (d1-d4) 2007-06-01 10.432744014733 9-10-epome-d4 9,10-EODE-d4; Leukotoxin-d4 epoxides epoxygenasse leukotoxin cytochrome P450 (+/-)9(10)-EpOMEs (+/-)9,10-EpOMEs epoxy fatty acids deuterated deuterium 10.432744014733
14580 A-438079 (hydrochloride) 899431-18-6 ≥98% 2013-05-20 2.115469613259 a-438079-hydrochloride 899507-36-9 receptors antagonists pains apoptosis oxidative stress neurosciences nucleotides P27 inhibits inhibitors inhibitions calcium flux animals cells A438079 A-438079 A 438079 HCl 2.115469613259
11500 ABT-263 New 923564-51-6 ≥98% 2013-12-19 85.733083399106 abt-263 Navitoclax; A-855071 inhibitors apoptosis cancers intracellular signaling ABTs ABT263 263 potent anti-apoptotic antiapoptotic anti apoptotic Bcl-2 Bcl2 Bcls 2 two proteins BH3 BH-3 BHs 3 three homology tumors therapeutics therapy chemotherapeutics cells 1000696-69-4 As 855071 A855071 A-855071 Bim regression .beta. b β catenin .beta.-catenin b-catenin β-catenin Bcl-XL XL BCL-w w 85.733083399106
11501 ABT-737 New 852808-04-9 ≥98% 2014-01-02 95.941416732439 abt-737 inhibitors apoptosis cancers intracellular signaling inhibits inhibitions anti-apoptotic antiapoptotic anti apoptotic Bcl-2 Bcl2 Bcl 2 two ABTs 737 ABT737 potent cell-permeable cells permeable mimetics BH3 BH-3 BHs 3 three homology Bcl-XL BclXL XL Bcl-w Bclw w proteins tumors therapeutics radiation 95.941416732439
11505 ABT-888 (hydrochloride) New 912445-05-7 ≥98% 2014-01-03 80.089062618125 abt-888-hydrochloride Veliparib inhibitors DNA damages repairs cancers apoptosis autophagy inhibits inhibitions ABTs ABT888 888 HCl poly(ADP-ribose) polymerases PARPs oral orally bioavailable PARP1 PARP2 PARPs PARP-1 PARP-2 1 2 one two breaks radiation alkylation chemotherapies cancers cells 912444-00-9 chemotherapy 80.089062618125
14459 Ac-DEVD-AFC 201608-14-2 ≥98% 2013-05-13 5.640847145488 ac-devd-afc Caspase-3 Substrate (Fluorogenic); N-Acetyl-Asp-Glu-Val-Asp fluorescents fluorescence detections probes enzymes substrates activity apoptosis N-Acetyl-Asp-Glu-Val-Asp-7-amido-4-trifluoromethyl coumarins caspase-3 caspases 3 CPP32 CPP-32 CPP 32 poly ADP adenosine diphosphates riboses polymerases PARP AcDEVDAFC Ac DEVD AFC amino acids sequences free fluorogenic 5.640847145488
14465 Ac-DEVD-CMK 285570-60-7 ≥98% 2013-05-13 4.351522406384 ac-devd-cmk Caspase-3 Inhibitor III; Ac-Asp-Glu-Val-Asp-CMK inhibitors caspase-3 apoptosis Ac-DEVD-CMK caspase-6 caspase-7 caspase-8 caspase-10 inhibits inhibitions caspases 3 6 7 8 10 III cells permeables cell-permeable irreversible AcDEVDCMK Ac DEVD CMK deaths 4.351522406384
14460 Ac-DEVD-pNA 189950-66-1 ≥95% 2013-05-23 5.842946593001 ac-devd-pna N-Acetyl-Asp-Glu-Val-Asp-p-Nitroanilide apoptosis enzymes substrates cells deaths dyes indicators CPP32 CPP-32 CPP 32 caspase-3 caspases 3 1 4 6 7 caspase-1 caspase-1 caspase-4 caspase-6 caspase-7 cleavages ADP-ribose adenosines diphosphates ADP riboses poly polymerases PARP DEVD aminos acids sequences chromophores AcDEVD pNAs para para-nitro anilines colorimetric stubstrates 5.842946593001
10008051 Acid Phosphatase Colorimetric Assay Kit - 2006-09-20 18.010607734807 acid-phosphatase-colorimetric-assay-kit AP aps hydrolase eznymes prostate pap tartrate resistant assays 18.010607734807
10006908 Adipogenesis Assay Kit - 2006-08-18 76.805303867403 adipogenesis-assay-kit obese obesity cells cycle differentiation inhibits inhibitors inhibition adipocytes cancers origin 3T3-L1 model drug screening adipokines endocrinology cell-based assays cell based assay cba 76.805303867403
10009381 Adipolysis Assay Kit - 2007-07-30 38.619878453038 adipolysis-assay-kit obese obesity cells cycle differentiation inhibits inhibitors inhibition adipocytes cancers origin 3T3-L1 model drug screening adipokines lipolysis 3T3L1 kits assays FFA adipocytes endocrinology cell-based assay cell based assay cba 38.619878453038
10010129 AG-041R Exclusive 199800-49-2 ≥98% 2008-12-16 15.011412938870 ag-041r CCKs gastrin receptors antagonist cancers proliferations apoptosis NS-398 NS398 NS 398 15.011412938870
10010311 AG-490 133550-30-8 ≥98% 2007-12-01 24.410139465632 ag-490 PTK tyrosine kinase inhibitors inhibition inhibits antiproliferatives tyrphostins leukemia Jak-2 Jak2 AG490 134036-52-5 B 42 B-42 B42 24.410139465632
360773 AIF Blocking Peptide - 0.292725598526 aif-blocking-peptide Programmed Cell Death Protein 8; Apoptosis-Inducing Factor human peptides controls factors WB western blots blotting antibodies apoptosis 0.292725598526
160773 AIF Polyclonal Antibody - 0E-12 aif-polyclonal-antibody Apoptosis-Inducing Factor; Programmed Cell Death Protein 8 apoptosis antibodies western blots blotting WB antisera antiserum factors cancers immunoblotting 0E-12
14870 Akt Inhibitor VIII 612847-09-3 ≥98% 2013-10-24 18.721013600080 akt-inhibitor-viii inhibitors cancers signals transductions angiogenesis apoptosis kinases Akts VIII potent allosteric inhibits inhibitions Akt-1 Akt-2 Akt1 Akt2 1 one 2 two serine-threonine serines threonines cells permeable blocking blocks blockage insulin regulation forkhead box 01 FOXO1 hepatoma Akti-1/2 ½ Akti proteins 18.721013600080
14863 Akt Inhibitor X 925681-41-0 ≥95% 2013-08-14 32.092950756447 akt-inhibitor-x 201788-90-1 phenoxazines Akts mTOR p70S6 kinases S6 ribosomal proteins apoptosis cells signalings inhibitors inhibits inhibitions permeable derivatives suppresses suppressions insulin-like insulin liked growth factors 1 one IGFs 1 IGF-1 IGF1 stimulated blocks blocking Rh1 Rh-1 Rhs Rh-18 Rh18 Rh-30 Rh30 p70S6 kinases S6 S-6 proteins apoptosis intracellular signals transduction 32.092950756447
11308 Anisomycin 22862-76-6 ≥98% 2012-02-13 15.658273480663 anisomycin Wuningmeisu C; Flagecidin; NSC 76712 2322-08-9 11023-48-6 antibiotics inhibitors proteins DNA stress-activated kinases MAP caspase-8 cancers immunology immunosuppressant pyrrolidines Streptomyces griseolus synthesis signal transduction pathways T cells skin mice anoikis epithelial apoptosis ECM distal tumors prostate metastasis NSC76712 NSC-76712 15.658273480663
600300 Annexin V FITC Assay Kit - 2010-05-11 56.893373793180 annexin-v-fitc-assay-kit assays kits measures measurements apoptosis cells death cycles tissues homeostasis dysregulation neurodegenerative diseases ischemic damages autoimmune disorders cancers drugs discovery signaling pathways membranes phospholipids phosphatidylserines phosphatidylethanolamines leaflets bilayers externalizations residues plasma phospholipids binding proteins fluorochrome-labeled fluorochromes fluorescence microscopy flow cytometry FC plate readers TUNEL TdT-mediated dUTP Nick-End Labeling analysis ISEL in situ end labeling DNA laddering detection fragmentation FITC-conjugated fluoresceins 56.893373793180
360780 Apaf-1 Blocking Peptide - 3.786187845304 apaf-1-blocking-peptide peptides controls apoptosis cell death caspases CED-4 Apaf2 Apaf3 Apaf-2 Apaf-3 Apafs antibodies Apaf1 CED4 protease-activating factors proteases 3.786187845304
160780 Apaf-1 Polyclonal Antibody - 1.408425414364 apaf-1-polyclonal-antibody Apoptosis Protease-Activating Factor 1 apoptosis cell death caspases CED-4 Apaf2 Apaf3 Apaf-2 Apaf-3 Apafs antibodies Apaf1 CED4 western blots blotting WB protease-activating factors proteases antisera antiserum cancers immunoblotting 1.408425414364
10010750 Apoptotic Blebs Assay Kit - 2008-02-29 30.635065873353 apoptotic-blebs-assay-kit assays fluorescence fluorescent fluorometric apoptosis kits cell-based assay cell based assay cba 30.635065873353
160737 ARC Polyclonal Antibody - 4.668922651934 arc-polyclonal-antibody Apoptosis Repressor with CARD apoptosis cell death domain DD CARD caspase antibodies western blots blotting WB antisera antiserum cancers immunoblotting IP immunoprecipitation 4.668922651934
600140 Autophagy/Cytotoxicity Dual Staining Kit - 2009-07-14 57.284581689029 autophagy-cytotoxicity-dual-staining-kit assays kits measuring measurement MDC cell-based autophagy cells cytotoxicity staining autofluorescent autofluorescence substances multilamellar body bodies ions trapping mechanisms membranes lipids probes autophagic vacuoles cultured degradation digestion intracellular lysosomes organelles misfolded proteins microorganisms cytoplasms double membranes autophagosomes autolysosomes homeostasis dysregulation cancers infections aging degenerative diseases stress death apoptosis 57.284581689029
11599 AZD 6244 New 606143-52-6 ≥98% 2013-10-29 20.861514362523 azd-6244 Selumetinib; ARRY-142886; NSC 741O78; Cl-1040 865610-​79-​3 inhibitors inhibits inhibitions cancers apoptosis proteins kinases signals transductions intracellular AZDs AZD-6244 6244 AZD6244 potent selective MEKs MEK1 MEK2 MEK-1 MEK-2 1 2 one two tumor growth suppressing suppression proto-oncogenes proto-oncogenes proto oncogenes Ras Raf MEK-1/2 MEK1/2 ½ NSCs 741O78 NSC-741O78 NSC741O78 ARRYs 142886 ARRY142886 ARRY-142886 Cl-1040 Cl4040 Cls 4040 Gs 00039805 G-00039805 G00039805 20.861514362523
10010266 BAY-11-7082 19542-67-7 ≥98% 2008-07-25 32.014618784530 bay-11-7082 inhibitors inhibits inhibition NFkB NF-.kappa.B NF-kB NF-kappaB TNF.alpha. TNFa TNFalpha I.kappa.B-.alpha. IkB-a IkappaB-alpha inflammation cytokine cell adhesion ICAM-1 ICAM1 VCAM-1 VCAM1 E-selection Eselection Bay 11-7082 BAY-117821 Bay117082 BAY 117821 32.014618784530
14795 BAY-11-7085 New 196309-76-9 ≥98% 2014-01-29 0E-12 bay-11-7085 inhibits inhibitions inhibitors NF-kB apoptosis inflammation nuclear receptors signals transduction intracellular signaling BAYs 117085 11 7085 BAY-11-7085 BAY11-7085 BAY-117085 BAY117085 BAY11 BAY-11 irreversible IκBα IkBa IkappaBalpha I.kappa.B.alpha. NF-κB NF-kB NF-.kappa.B NF-kappaB genes expressions blocks blockages cells adhesions 117083 phosphorylation cytokines lipopolysaccharides activates activations 0E-12
10009644 BAY-43-9006 284461-73-0 ≥98% 2011-09-13 37.018263574976 bay-43-9006 Nexovar®; Sorafenib inhibitors raf-1 b-raf receptors tyrosine kinases VEGF VEGFR PDGF PDGFR cancers angiogenesis apoptosis tumors cells cellular proliferation Flt-3 c-KIT carcinoma growth factor tosylate 37.018263574976
11571 Bexarotene 153559-49-0 ≥98% 2012-04-06 1.617817679558 bexarotene LG 100069; Targretin; Ro 26-4455; SR 11247; LGD 1069 retinoid X receptors ligands agonist RXR genes expression cancers alzheimers diseases apoptosis angiogenesis metastasis cells proliferations β-amyloid amyloids βamyloid LG 100069 1069 69 LG-100069 LG-1069 LG-69 LGD 1069 LGD-1069 LGD1069 LG100069 LG1069 LG69 RO 26-4455 RO26-4455 RO-26-4455 RO 264455 RO-264455 RO264455 SR 11247 SR-11247 SR11247 targret targretin targretyn targrexin 1.617817679558
10011385 Bim/BOD (IN) Polyclonal Antibody - 2008-04-10 1.090435082873 bim-bod-in-polyclonal-antibody apotosis BH3 Bcl-2 Bcl-XL cancer immunoblotting WB IHC antibodies western blotting antiserum blots immunohistochemistry 1.090435082873
13013 (−)-Blebbistatin 856925-71-8 ≥98% 2009-04-16 130.436677298021 -blebbistatin (S)-Blebbistatin inhibitors muscles myosin ATPase smooth muscle bleb apoptosis cell migration chemotaxis cytokinesis cells division growth UV light blebs (-)-(S)-Blebbistatin 130.436677298021
13165 (+)-Blebbistatin 1177356-70-5 ≥98% 2009-04-16 64.772988072494 -blebbistatin (R)-Blebbistatin inhibitors muscles myosin ATPase smooth muscle bleb apoptosis cell migration chemotaxis cytokinesis cells division growth UV light (+)-(R)-Blebbistatin inhibition inhibited 64.772988072494
13186 (±)-Blebbistatin 674289-55-5 ≥98% 2009-06-09 110.648695547409 -blebbistatin inhibitors muscles myosin ATPase smooth bleb apoptosis cells migration chemotaxis cytokinesis division growth UV lights 110.648695547409
14484 Buthionine Sulfoximine 83730-53-4 ≥98% 2013-05-21 13.607348066299 buthionine-sulfoximine L-Buthionine-S,R-Sulfoximine; BSO; NSC 326231 oxidative injury injuries inhibitors inhibits inhibitions cancers apoptosis cells deaths glutathiones stress γ-glutamylcysteine g-glutamylcysteine gamma-glutamylcysteine .gamma.-glutamylcysteine synthetases GSH drugs drug-resistance resistances BSO irreversibles synthases tissues damages toxicity chemotherapeutics agents tumors L-glutathiones rates limiting rate-limiting enzymes induces inductions synthesis toxic limits limiters 13.607348066299
10007958 C-12 NBD Ceramide 202850-01-9 ≥98% 2006-04-12 8.472973380210 c-12-nbd-ceramide N-C12-NBD-D-erythro-Sphingosine ceramides cerimidases fluorescent fluorescence substrates N-acyl fatty acids sphingosine bases isoforms neutral alkalines catalytic pH analogs hydrolyzed hydrolysis P. aeruginosa mouse liver mammalian cells lines kinases sphingomyelin synthases 8.472973380210
10008097 C-12 NBD-dihydro-Ceramide 474943-05-0 ≥98% 2006-04-13 2.911098066298 c-12-nbd-dihydro-ceramide N-C12-NBD-D-erythro-dihydro-Sphingosine ceramides cerimidases fluorescent fluorescence substrates N-acyl fatty acids sphingosine bases isoforms neutral alkalines catalytic pH analogs hydrolyzed hydrolysis P. aeruginosa mouse liver mammalian cells lines kinases sphingomyelin synthases 2.911098066298
10681 C-16 Ceramide 24696-26-2 ≥98% 2011-03-08 4.673446132596 c-16-ceramide Palmitoyl Ceramide sphingomyelins apoptosis ceramides lipids membranes second messengers C16 ceramides longevity assurance homologs 6/LASS6 Ceramides C 16 4.673446132596
10724 C-20 Ceramide 7344-02-7 ≥98% 2011-03-08 2.497064917126 c-20-ceramide sphingomyelins apoptosis differentiation brains C20-ceramide C20:0 ceramides 20:0 synthesis 1 2 synthases 2.497064917126
10005270 (±)-C75 191282-48-1 ≥98% 2004-09-22 80.409863609890 -c75 inhibits inhibitors inhibition fatty acids synthases FAS cerulenin cytotoxicity apoptosis cancers anorexigenic stable weight loss feeding endocrinology 80.409863609890
13112 Carboplatin New 41575-94-4 ≥95% 2013-12-04 50.182817318456 carboplatin NSC 201345; NSC 241240; Paraplatin®; Ribocarbo-L platinum antineoplastic DNA repairs damages apotosis anti cancers anticancers anti-cancer cytotoxic agents ovarian lungs crosslinks crosslinking chemotherapy antineoplastic anti-neoplastic neoplastic adducts tumors solids inhibits inhibitions inhibitors CBDCA carbomedac carboplatinium carbosin cycloplatin JMs 8 JM8 JM-8 eight NSCs 201345 241240 NSC-201345 NSC-241240 NSC201345 NSC241240 paraplatin ribocarbo L 70903-55-8 110681-25-9 936543-00-9 replication transcription 50.182817318456
13916 Caspase-14 Monoclonal Antibody (Clone 70A1426) - 2010-09-13 1.582549936251 caspase-14-monoclonal-antibody-clone-70a1426 caspases cysteine proteases mediators programmed cells death apoptosis prodomain catalytic subunits pentapeptides QACRG embryonic tissues ontogenesis western blots immunoblotting blotting WB FC flow cytometry antibodies 14 fourteen 1.582549936251
13907 Caspase-1 Monoclonal Antibody (Clone 14F468) - 2010-07-12 1.446423572744 caspase-1-monoclonal-antibody-clone-14f468 IL-1β Converting Enzyme antibodies caspases caspase1 cysteine proteases cell death apoptosis prodomain catalytic subunits receptors ligand growth factor CED-3 CED3 western blots blotting immunoblotting WB immunohistochemistry IHC proteins IL-1β ICE IL1β IL-1b IL1b apoptosis inflammatio 1.446423572744
13906 Caspase-1 Polyclonal Antibody - 2010-07-12 1.446423572744 caspase-1-polyclonal-antibody IL-1β Converting Enzyme antibodies caspases caspase1 cysteine proteases cell death apoptosis prodomain catalytic subunits receptors ligand growth factor CED-3 CED3 western blots blotting immunoblotting WB immunohistochemistry IHC proteins ICE IL1β IL-1β 1.446423572744
13908 Caspase-2 Monoclonal Antibody (Clone 18E809.3) - 2010-07-21 1.505079189687 caspase-2-monoclonal-antibody-clone-18e809-3 caspases cysteine antibodies western blots blotting immunoblotting WB cell death apoptosis mRNA caspase-3 serine protease 2 granzyme B lytic granules cytotoxic lymphocytes 1.505079189687
14464 Caspase-3/7 Inhibitor I 1110670-49-9 ≥98% 2013-05-13 2.837049723757 caspase-3-7-inhibitor-i inhibitors caspase-3 caspase-7 caspases 3 7 inhibits inhibitions potent reversible isatins sulfonamide-based sulfonamides 9 1 2 4 6 8 apoptosis camptothecin-treated camptothecin treated treats Jurkat cells condrocytes hydrophobic residues S2 catalytic cysteines I 2.837049723757
10009135 Caspase-3 Fluorescence Assay Kit - 2007-08-06 33.111463185642 caspase-3-fluorescence-assay-kit assays kits caspases fluorescent cells death apoptosis necrosis aspartate-specific cysteinyl fluorescence fluorometric proteases family mitochondrial mitochondria electrons transport oxidative phosphorylation adenosine triphosphate ATP cytochromes C caspase-9 anti-cancers drugs N-Ac-DEVD-N'-MC-R110 HTS high throughput screening N-Ac-Asp-Glu-Val-Asp-CHO cell-based assay cell based assay cba 33.111463185642
360745 Caspase-3 (human) Blocking Peptide - 1.400015785319 caspase-3-human-blocking-peptide Apopain; CPP32; ICE3; Yama control peptides blots blotting western cpp-32 ice-3 apoptosis effectors caspases cell death wb antibodies 1.400015785319
160745 Caspase-3 (human) Polyclonal Antibody - 7.527595661960 caspase-3-human-polyclonal-antibody Apopain; CPP32; ICE3; Yama antibodies blots blotting western cpp-32 ice-3 apoptosis effectors caspases cell death wb antisera antiserum cancers immunoblotting IHC immunohistochemistry 7.527595661960
13909 Caspase-3 Monoclonal Antibody (Clone 31A1067) - 2010-08-10 1.328011049723 caspase-3-monoclonal-antibody-clone-31a1067 CPP32; Yama; ICE3; Apopain caspases caspase 3 cysteine proteases cell death apoptosis antibodies western blots blotting immunoblotting WB immunohistochemistry IHC frozen paraffin-embedded paraffin embedded yama CPP32 apopain codes PARP poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase DNA-PK DNAPK DNA PK actin GAS2 pro-caspase procaspase pro CrmA small large subunits 1.328011049723
13911 Caspase-3 Monoclonal Antibody (Clone 31A893) - 2010-09-07 2.052820929477 caspase-3-monoclonal-antibody-clone-31a893 Apopain; CPP32; ICE3; Yama caspases caspase 3 cysteine proteases cell death apoptosis antibodies western blots blotting immunoblotting WB immunohistochemistry IHC frozen paraffin-embedded paraffin embedded yama CPP32 apopain codes PARP poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase DNA-PK DNAPK DNA PK actin GAS2 pro-caspase procaspase pro CrmA small large subunits 2.052820929477
13912 Caspase-7 Monoclonal Antibody (Clone 25B881.1) - 2010-09-09 1.409454013649 caspase-7-monoclonal-antibody-clone-25b881-1 caspases seven caspase 7 cysteine proteases programmed cell death apoptosis catalytic subunits MCH3 MCH-3 MCH p20 p12 caspase-3 western blots immunlotting blotting WB immunohistochemistry IHC 1.409454013649
13914 Caspase-8 Monoclonal Antibody - biotin (Clone 90A992) - 2010-09-09 0.252104470115 caspase-8-monoclonal-antibody-biotin-clone-90a992 caspases eight 8 cysteine proteases key mediators programmed cells death apoptosis FLICE ICE CD95 CD-95 CDs 95 subunits a2be active enzyme inhibitors inhibits inhibition ELISA biotinylated biotins 0.252104470115
13913 Caspase-8 Monoclonal Antibody (Clone 90A992) - 2010-09-09 1.409454013649 caspase-8-monoclonal-antibody-clone-90a992 caspases eight 8 cysteine proteases key mediators programmed cells death apoptosis FLICE ICE CD95 CD-95 CDs 95 subunits a2be active enzyme inhibitors inhibits inhibition antibodies western blots blotting immunoblotting WB immunohistochemistry IHC flow cytometry FC 1.409454013649
13915 Caspase-9 (carboxy-terminal divergent) Polyclonal Antibody - 2010-09-09 1.411011740331 caspase-9-carboxy-terminal-divergent-polyclonal-antibody CTD caspases nine 9 apaf-1 apaf1 apaf 1 one binds binding activation activates active cleaves proteases proteolytic cleavage apoptosis inducers TNFa TNF-a TNF a TNFα TNF-α α TNFalpha TNF-alpha alpha TNF.alpha. TNF-.alpha. .alpha. TRAIL CD-95 CD95 CDs 95 FADD TRADD tissues C-terminal C-terminus terminal terminus C proteins peptides Casp-9 Casp9 Casp genes cytoplasm nucleus cytochrome c dominant-negative western blots blotting immunoblotting WB 1.411011740331
160790 Caspase-9 Polyclonal Antibody - 8.519977250568 caspase-9-polyclonal-antibody Apaf-3; ICE-LAP6; MCH6 apoptosis cell death Apaf-1 apafs caspase-3 caspases antibodies Apaf1 western blots blotting WB an tisera antiserum cancers immunoblotting 8.519977250568
72510 CAY10406 - >98% 25.470828729281 cay10406 selectively inhibits inhibitors caspase-3 caspase-7 apoptosis apoptotic signal inhibition CAY-10406 25.470828729281
70635 CAY10416 443919-96-8 ≥95% 2007-07-24 10.177636586863 cay10416 COX-2 cyclooxygenases 5-LO lipoxygenases inflammation inhibitors prostates cancers PC3 LNCaP carcinomas apoptosis inhibition inhibits chemotherapy cells lines 10.177636586863
10005019 CAY10433 537034-17-6 ≥95% 2005-01-05 15.391460460963 cay10433 N-phenyl-N'-(2-Aminophenyl)hexamethylenediamide; BML-210 HDAC deacetylases histone inhibits inhibitors inhibition cancer cells differentiation gene expression regulation Trichostatin A nuclear extracts deacetylation transcription factors FOXO3 SIRT1 H2O2 hydrogen peroxides BML210 15.391460460963
10004177 CAY10443 582314-48-5 ≥98% 2004-06-17 2.073005524861 cay10443 (S)-Indan-1-yl 3,4-dichlorobenzylcarbamate DNA binding anti-oncogenic apoptosis cancer p53 re-activator reactivator induces apoptotic re-activation reactivation antioncogenic 2.073005524861
10008872 CAY10503 890854-82-7 ≥98% 2007-08-02 44.471270718232 cay10503 apoptosis antiproliferation cancers differentiation HL60 cells cycles proliferative positive markers CD14 CD11b CD11c monocytic granulocytic 44.471270718232
10010043 CAY10561 Exclusive 933786-58-4 ≥98% 2008-03-06 5.307624309392 cay10561 Pyrazolylpyrrole ERK Inhibitor MEK Ras Raf ERK2 proliferation cell cycles cancers apoptosis inhibition inhibit inhibitors 5.307624309392
10011256 CAY10577 300675-28-9 ≥95% 2008-09-02 0.533646408840 cay10577 inhibitors inhibits inhibition CK2 kinase cell signaling apoptosis cancers 0.533646408840
10011264 CAY10578 19231-60-8 ≥95% 2008-08-26 0.520791896869 cay10578 inhibitors inhibits inhibition kinase cell signaling CK2 apoptosis cancers isoindolineacetic acids 0.520791896869
13291 CAY10616 Exclusive 586410-08-4 ≥98% 2009-12-01 10.888674033149 cay10616 resveratrols apoptosis cancers leukemia HL-60 cells HL60 HL 60 multidrug-resistance multidrug resistance multi-drug multi-drug-resistant daunorubicin etoposides citarabines phenols cytarabines HL60R 10.888674033149
13836 CAY10625 137346-42-0 ≥95% 2010-06-23 3.822674033149 cay10625 apoptosis Smac Diablo Survivin cancers antagonists INCENP doxorubicin caspase-3 caspase-7 Aurora B kinases Borealin caspases cell-permeable antagonists smac/diable smac-diablo 3.822674033149
10004985 Caylin-1 Exclusive 1207480-88-3 ≥98% 2005-09-09 18.835153906866 caylin-1 caylin1 mdm-2 cancer Nutlin-3 analogs p53 inhibits inhibitors inhibition interaction Mdm2 negative regulators activity chlorine substituents phenyl rings growth HCT-116 cells promotes 18.835153906866
10005002 Caylin-2 Exclusive 1392830-09-9 ≥98% 2004-07-12 15.602306629834 caylin-2 apoptosis cancer p53 inhibits inhibitors induces apoptotic re-activation reactivation antioncogenic tumors xenografts HCT-116 caylin2 15.602306629834
13172 CBHA 174664-65-4 ≥98% 2009-06-24 12.622004838768 cbha m-Carboxycinnamic Acid bis-Hydroxamide; Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor II histones deacetylase HDACs HDAC1 HDAC3 apoptosis cancers neuroblastoma tumors retinoic acids inhibitors inhibits inhibition 12.622004838768
10339 CD25 Monoclonal PE Antibody (Clone 143-13) Exclusive - 2010-06-09 15.292058011049 cd25-monoclonal-pe-antibody-clone-143-13 Interleukin-2 receptor α subunit; Tac; IL-2Rα; p55 antibodies antiserum FC flow cytometry immunocytochemistry ICC interleukins 2 IL-2 IL2 cytokines immunochemical immunohistochemistry IHC frozen tissues sections 15.292058011049
10004837 CD27 Monoclonal Antibody (Clone 203.6) - 2005-09-16 1.685976896032 cd27-monoclonal-antibody-clone-203-6 antibodies antisera antiserum IHC immunohistochemistry ICC immunocytochemistry FACS flow cytometry type II transmembranes glycoproteins leukocytes proteins tetraspanin superfamily antigens alternative splicing isoforms human B cells pro-B plasma T macrophages neutrophils platelets erythrocytes Anti-CD37 immunophenotyping neoplasia hairy chronic lymphocytic non-Hodgkin's lymphoma expression lymphocytes T cells NK activated memory monocytes granulocytes dendritic B anti-CD45 mAB lymphoid malignancies malignant cancer FC 1.685976896032
10004835 CD34 Monoclonal Antibody (Clone ICO-115) - 2005-09-16 1.426595835104 cd34-monoclonal-antibody-clone-ico-115 antibodies antisera antiserum ICC immunocytochemistry FACS flow cytometry type I transmembranes glycoproteins proteins antigens isoforms stem cells embryonic fibroblasts neurons Anti-CD34 differential staining acute leukemias cancers malignant malignancies ICO115 FC 1.426595835104
10004718 CD37 Monoclonal Antibody (Clone IPO-24) - 2005-09-16 1.685976896032 cd37-monoclonal-antibody-clone-ipo-24 antibodies antisera antiserum IHC immunohistochemistry ICC immunocytochemistry FACS flow cytometry type III transmembranes glycoproteins leukocytes proteins tetraspanin superfamily antigens alternative splicing isoforms human B cells pro-B plasma T macrophages neutrophils platelets erythrocytes Anti-CD37 immunophenotyping neoplasia hairy chronic lymphocytic non-Hodgkin's lymphoma expression lymphocytes T cells NK activated memory monocytes granulocytes dendritic B anti-CD45 mAB lymphoid malignancies malignant cancer FC 1.685976896032
71610 CD437 New 125316-60-1 ≥95% 2013-12-12 53.333333333333 cd437 AHPN atypical retinoid RRM retinoid-related retinoid related molecules agonist retinoic acids receptors RARγ antitumors anti tumors anti-tumor cancers anti-cancers anticancers apoptosis cells cycles arrest DNA damage CDs CD-437 437 RARs RARgamma RARg RAR.gamma. cytotoxic melanoma breasts non-small lungs prostate 53.333333333333
10004604 CD95 Monoclonal Antibody (Clone IPO-4) - 2004-06-17 0.620081031307 cd95-monoclonal-antibody-clone-ipo-4 APO-1; Fas; Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor Superfamily, Member 6; TNFRSF6; Apoptosis Antigen; APT glycoproteins blots blotting antibodies antisera antiserum DNA binding anti-oncogenic apoptosis cancers p53 re-activator reactivator induces apoptotic re-activation reactivation antioncogenic immunocytochemistry immunohistochemistry IHC icc FC flow cytometry 0.620081031307
81035 CDDO 218600-44-3 ≥95% 2012-10-26 17.320583744346 cddo Bardoxolone; RTA 401 Nrf2 antioxidant ARE Keap1 oxidative stress inflammations cancers apoptosis inducers inhibitors inhibits inhibitions iNOS COX-2 COX2 ROS RNS heme oxygenase-1 oxygenase eotaxins eotaxin-1 PPARgamma PPAR.gamma. PPARg PPAR-gamma PPAR-.gamma. PPAR-g PPARγ PPAR-γ oleanane triterpenoid cellular nitric oxide INFγ INF-γ INF-gamma INF-.gamma. INF-g INFg INF.gamma. INFgamma ROS/RNS peroxisome proliferator activated receptor RTA401 RTA-401 17.320583744346
11883 CDDO methyl ester 218600-53-4 ≥98% 2012-10-26 21.179036783020 cddo-methyl-ester RTA 402; NSC 713200; TP-155; Bardoxolone methyl iNOS COX-2 COX2 apoptosis inflammations cancers signalings antidiabetic activity oxidative stress NF-κB NFκB NF-kappaB NFkappaB NF.kappa.B NFkB NF-.kappa.B NF-kappaB NF-kB C28 C-28 CDDOs nitric oxide Nrf2 antioxidant ARE Keap1 oxidative stress inflammations cancers apoptosis inducers inhibitors inhibits inhibitions iNOS COX-2 COX2 ROS RNS heme oxygenase-1 oxygenase eotaxins eotaxin-1 PPARgamma PPAR.gamma. PPARg PPAR-gamma PPAR-.gamma. PPAR-g PPARγ PPAR-γ oleanane triterpenoid cellular nitric oxide INFγ INF-γ INF-gamma INF-.gamma. INF-g INFg INF.gamma. INFgamma ROS/RNS peroxisome proliferator activated receptor RTA402 RTA-402 NSC713200 NSC-713200 TP155 TP 155 21.179036783020
10008672 Celecoxib 169590-42-5 ≥98% 2013-08-08 12.967107270120 celecoxib Onsenal; Xilebao; SC-58635; Celebra; YM-177; Celebrex™ anti-inflammatory diaryl heterocycle inhibitors inhibits inhibitions COXs COX2 2 two cyclooxygenases cyclooxygenase-2 COX-2 antitumors anti-tumors anti tumors antiinflammatory inflammatory cancers apoptosis selective therapeutics gastrointestinal NSAIDs cardiovascular chemopreventive proapoptotic sulfonamides nonsteroidal drugs YM 177 YMs 177 YM177 SC58635 SC 58635 SCs 58635 eurocox medicoxib apopeotsis non-steroidal 12.967107270120
10009349 Cell Cycle Phase Determination Kit - 2007-04-20 43.804986187845 cell-cycle-phase-determination-kit assays kits measures measurements microscopy flow cytometry plate readers regulators cells transcription factors DNA proteins division proliferation induction inhibition fixation permeabilization staining sub-G1 G0 G2 S propidium iodide apoptosis cancer cell-based assay cell based assay cba 43.804986187845
10005647 Cerulenin 17397-89-6 ≥98% 2004-09-01 87.625301821157 cerulenin tumor cells fatty acid synthases FAS inhibits inhibitors inhibition cytotoxicity apoptosis cancer diet obesity D02.065.327 87.625301821157
11988 Cinnabarinic Acid 606-59-7 ≥98% 2013-05-28 1.337637463825 cinnabarinic-acid 11129-24-1 receptors neurosciences apoptosis cells deaths agonists partial mGlu4 mGlu-4 4 mGlus phenoxazinones oxidatives dimerizations 3-hydroxyanthranilic hydroxyanthranilic 3-hydroxyl anthranilic acids 3-HAA 3HAA 3 HAA metabolisms tryptophan kynurenic pathways types 4 type-4 fours metabotropics glutamate subtypes cinnabaric T 1.337637463825
11320 Citrinin 518-75-2 ≥98% 2012-02-21 5.943174953959 citrinin NSC 186 11003-17-1 16051-41-5 mycotoxin food contaminants cytotoxin mycotoxic Balkan nephropathy yellow rice fever apoptosis tubulin polymerization microtubule organization Penicillium citrinum P. citrinum NSC-186 NSC186 5.943174953959
14125 Clofarabine 123318-82-1 ≥98% 2013-04-11 4.042799263351 clofarabine Clolar; Evoltra nucleotides inhibitors inhibits cancers inhibitions apoptosis Clofarex CAFdA nucleosides analogs leukemias mitochondrial transmembranes potentionals ribonucleotides reductases DNA deoxyribonucleic acids polymerases polymerase-a polymerase-α polymerase-.alpha. polymerase-alpha alpha .alpha. a α cytoxins cytotoxic K562 K-562 K 562 myelogenous growths solid tumors induces inductions primary chronic lymphocytic lymphocytes 4.042799263351
15364 Colcemid New 477-30-5 ≥98% 2014-01-07 83.712608962553 colcemid Demecolcine; NSC 3096 inhibitors cytoskeletal research apoptosis inhibits inhibitions microtubule colchicine derivative tubulin polymerization suppresses suppression microtubule dynamicity cells migrations blocks blockage assembly arrests metaphase synchronize synchronizing karyotyping cytogenetic alkaloid H3 alkaloid-H3 C12669 C-12669 Cs 12669 ciba 12669A colchamin deacetylmethylcolchicine demecolcin desacetylmethylcolchicine desmecolcine kolchamin NSCs NSC-3096 NSC3096 3096 omain omaine reichsteins F santavys substance 83.712608962553
14951 Concanavalin A 11028-71-0 2013-09-25 2.407438016529 concanavalin-a 12612-33-8 lectin jack beans C. ensiformis canavalia glycoproteins agglutination mitogenesis apoptosis glycolipids affinity chromatography purifications autoimmune hepatitis AIH immune response T cells T-cells cross-links cross links cell-surface surface concanacalin-A Con A ConA Con-A plants immunology biology carbohydrates 2.407438016529
14426 Cordycepin 73-03-0 ≥98% 2013-05-23 2.430405156537 cordycepin NSC 401022; 3'-Deoxyadenosine; NSC 63984 153-49-1 48171-89-7 nucleosides analogs 3’-deoxyadenosine polyadenylation inhibitors inhibits inhibitions DNA deoxyribonucleic acids ribonucleic synthesis RNA synthesis anti-proliferative pro-apoptotic anti-inflammatory antiproliferative anti proliferative proapoptotic pro apoptotic inflammatory antiinflammatory sinensis 3’-dATP NSCs NSC-401022 NSC-63984 NSC401022 NSC63984 anti-inflammatories cordyceps triphosphates ATP-dependent biological poly A tails mRNA length activates AMPK kinases mTOR signals signaling 2.430405156537
14743 Costunolide 553-21-9 ≥98% 2013-08-19 0.386075949367 costunolide Costus lactone; Melampolide; NSC 106404 11028-78-7 25333-06-6 46814-17-9 62458-56-4 80750-19-2 126621-28-1 cancers inhibitors apoptosis sesquiterpenes lactones plants extracts medicines oils cells Akt endometriotic epithelial STAT3 STAT-3 STATs 3 three THP-1 THP1 THP 1 one telomerase NALM-6 NALMs NALM6 six 6 NSC106404 NSC-106404 NSCs 106404 costus 0.386075949367
14748 Cyclic Pifithrin-α (hydrobromide) 511296-88-1 ≥95% 2013-08-16 6.915073264472 cyclic-pifithrin-hydrobromide Cyclic PFT-α; Pifithrin-β; PFT-β 60477-34-1 inhibitors cancers neurosciences intracellulars signalings apoptosis cells biology signals transductions autophagy inhibits inhibitions pifithrins pifithrin-a pifithrin-alpha pifithrin-.alpha. pifithrin-α pifithrin-beta pifithrin-β pifithrin-.beta. pifithrin-b β α beta alpha .beta. .alpha. b a h2O2 IGROV-1 IGROV1 IGROV 1 one A2780 A-2780 A 2780 HCT-116 HCT116 HCT 116 H460 H 460 H-460 antimicrotubules anti-microtubule anti microtubule DNA damages UV ultraviolet radiation melanocytes p53 transcription hydrogen peroxide H2O2 growth 6.915073264472
14126 Cycloheximide 66-81-9 ≥95% 2013-06-25 28.495509515039 cycloheximide NSC 185; Naramycin A 4630-76-6 6399-67-3 17974-04-8 21059-09-6 antibiotics inhibitors inhibits inhibitions proteins synthesis eukaryotes translation elongation apoptosis S. griseus Streptomyces cells types molecular biology biologies ribsome profiling profiles translational half-life half life NSCs 185 NSC185 NSC-185 naramycin-A acti-aid actiaid acti aids acti-dione actidione acti dione BR PM TGF actidion CHX cicloheximide FT 3422-2 FT-3422-2 FT3422-2 34222 3422 2 FT-34222 FT-3422 FT34222 FT3422 LDNs LDN97549 LDN-97549 97549 NM-MCD 80 NMMCD-80 naramycin microcapsule D 80 NM-MCU TZA Us 4527 U-4527 U4527 28.495509515039
14159 Daunorubicin (hydrochloride) 23541-50-6 ≥98% 2013-04-10 5.601823204420 daunorubicin-hydrochloride NDC 0082-4155; Ondena; RP 13057 daunomycin antitumors antibiotics acute myeloid leukemia AMLs apoptosis drugs resistance anticancers anti-cancers anti cancers induces apoptosis U937 HL-60 HL60 HLs 60 cells tiggers ROS dependent sphingomyelin ceramide pathways DNA binding binds AP1 AP-1 AP 1 HCL 20830-81-3 52471-42-8 1087700-63-7 cerubidine daunoblastin chlorohydrate NDC0082-4155 NDC-0082-4155 NDC00824155 NDC-00824155 NDCs 00824155 00824-155 RP-13057 RP13057 Ribidomycin 5.601823204420
15318 DBeQ New 177355-84-9 ≥98% 2014-01-16 92.222222222222 dbeq N,N'-Dibenzylquinazoline-2,4-diamine; JRF 12 AAA ATPase p97 inhibitors endoplasmic reticulum-associated reticulum associated degradation ERAD autophagy caspase-3 caspase -7 cancers ubiquitin-proteasome systems ubiquitin proteasome caspases autophagy apoptosis selective reversible ATPs JRFs 12 JRF12 JRF-12 92.222222222222
160755 DcR2 Polyclonal Antibody - 0E-12 dcr2-polyclonal-antibody TRAIL-R4; TRUNDD apoptosis cell death TNF DR4 DR5 DcR1 TRID TRAIL antibodies western blots blotting WB antisera antiserum immunoblotting 0E-12
10005432 DDA 25152-84-5 ≥98% 2004-07-22 11.094386740331 dda Decadienealdehyde; trans-2,4-Decadien-1-al lipoxygenases diatoms alkyls linoleic acids dihomo-gamma-linolenic dihomo-g-linolenic arachidonic dihomo-.gamma.-linolenic carcinoma Caco2 apoptosis 11.094386740331
10010706 (−)-Deguelin 522-17-8 ≥98% 2008-09-18 15.421546961326 -deguelin (-)-cis-Deguelin rotenoids flavonids cancers antiproliferative chemoprevention parkinsons diseases Akt PKB PI3K COX-2 COX2 apoptosis PI3-K 15.421546961326
11012 Delphinidin chloride Exclusive 528-53-0 ≥97% 2012-03-06 31.773040583162 delphinidin-chloride Ephdine diseases cancers cardiovascular tyrosines kinases vasorelaxation smooth muscles chlorides Cl vasorelaxants inhibitors inhibition inhibits EGFRs epidermal epidermis growth factors receptors HATs histones acetyltransferases anthocyanidins plants pigments anthocyanins blue red colors flowers fruits wines nitric oxides NOs vascular endothelium signaling signalling epithelial estrogens ERa ERalpha ER.alpha. ERα apoptosis cells death autophagy phagocytosis delphinidol 13270-61-6 IdB 1056 IdB-1056 31.773040583162
10165 D-erythro-MAPP 143492-38-0 ≥98% 2004-02-23 13.221390423573 d-erythro-mapp (1S,2R-D-erythro-2-N-myristoylamino)-1-phenyl-1-propanol ceramides inhibitors sphingolipids HL60 HL-60 cancer cells G0/G1 G0-G1 inhibits ceramidase 13.221390423573
10009081 Didox Exclusive 69839-83-4 ≥98% 2007-01-16 15.862636148381 didox antioxidants hydroxamic acids apoptosis cancers cells polyhydroxylated aromatic ocidative injury brains HIV dementia bcl-2 15.862636148381
14617 DMXAA 117570-53-3 ≥98% 2013-06-21 0E-12 dmxaa NSC 640488; Vadimezan; 5,6-Dimethylxanthenone-4-acetic Acid; ASA 404 inhibitors inhibits inhibitions cancers immunology angiogenesis signals transductions apoptosis xanthene vasculars agents disrupting apoptosis endothelium necrosis tumors cores TANKs bindings binds binders kinases 1 TBK1 TBK-1 TBKs 1 interferone factors regulatory 3 IRF3 IRFs 3 IRF-3 growths VEGF VEGFR-1 VEGFR-2 1 2 ASA404 ASA-404 ASAs 404 dimethylxanthenone acetic acids ASA1404 ASA-1404 1404 NSC640488 NSC-640488 signaling pathways leukocytes type I interferons kinases endothelial cells NSC640488 NSC-640488 0E-12
660990 DNA Laddering Kit - 7.808839779006 dna-laddering-kit kits assays apoptosis 7.808839779006
10006305 D-NMAPPD Exclusive 35922-06-6 ≥98% 2005-02-23 19.413057090239 d-nmappd (1R,2R)-B13; CAY10466 ceramides inhibitors cancers cells inhibits inhibition ceramidase apoptosis colorectal keratinocytes melanoma lines viability inducers induces 19.413057090239
15007 Doxorubicin (hydrochloride) 25316-40-9 ≥98% 2013-04-18 26.035905840084 doxorubicin-hydrochloride NSC 123127; DOX; Adriacin 23214-92-8 23257-17-2 24385-08-8 25311-50-6 29042-30-6 1394125-92-8 anthracyclines antitumors antibiotics inhibitors DNA topoisomerases II damage apoptosis p53 anti-tumors tumors anti anti-biotics biotics inhibits inhibitions nucleic acids induces suppressors proteins ADM Hcl ADR adriablastina CS adriablastin-CS Adriamycin adriblastin adriblastina adriblastina RD adriblastina-RD FI-106 FI 106 FI106 FI-6804 FI 6804 FI6804 Lipo-DOX LipoDOX lipo hydroxydaunorubicin NSC123127 NSC-123127 NSCs 123127 deoxyribonucleic induces induced cells deaths double-stranded dsDNA breaks breakages intercalating intercalations accumulations 26.035905840084
700210 DPP (IV) Inhibitor Screening Assay Kit - 2009-05-27 92.535672191528 dpp-iv-inhibitor-screening-assay-kit Dipeptidyl exopeptidases IV DPPIV DPP4 enzymes CD26 cluster of differentiation T-cells activation antigens adenosine deaminase complexing 2 membrane-bound glycoproteins immune regulation signal transduction apoptosis kidneys small intestines placentas humans serums seminal fluids proteolytic derivatives serines X-prolines X-alanines dipeptides N-terminus N-terminal polypeptides growth factors chemokines neuropeptides vasoactive inhibitors inhibits inhibition oral antidiabetic agents glucose homeostasis glucoregulatory hormones glucose-dependent insulinotropics GIP glucagon-like peptide-1 GLP-1 gastric therapeutics Type 2 tumors cancers markers neoplasms assays kits measures measurements fluorescences fluorescent fluorogenics substrates Gly-Pro-Aminomethylcoumarin AMC 92.535672191528
62237 DPPP 110231-30-6 ≥98% 2006-07-25 52.226372007366 dppp Diphenyl-1-pyrenylphosphine hydroperoxides oxidative stress injury fluorescence fluorescent lipids cholesterols LDL oxidation DPPPO DPPP=O atherosclerosis 52.226372007366
14450 DPQ 129075-73-6 ≥99% 2013-04-16 15.427187541895 dpq PARP Inhibitor III inhibitors oxidative injury apoptosis DNA damages inhibits inhibitions injuries injured poly(ADP-ribose) polymerases ADPribose ADP ribose poly PARPs potent PARP1 PARP-1 1 PARP-2 PARP2 2 cells animals 15.427187541895
10010302 DRB 53-85-0 ≥98% 2008-01-21 3.077486187845 drb NSC 401575; Benzimidazole cancers HIV P53 apoptosis Cdk7 Cdk9 CTD CKI CKII adenosine inhibitors inhibits inhibition transcription RNA polymerase cell cycles adenocarcinoma transactivator tat 3.077486187845
10005190 EAF2 Polyclonal Antibody - 2004-08-12 1.127060773480 eaf2-polyclonal-antibody U19; ELL-Associated Factor 2 WB western blots blotting IHC immunohistochemistry immunoblots formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded sections apoptosis inhibits inhibitors inhibition prostate tumors testosterone suppressive supression leukemogenesis cancers endocrinology immunoblotting 1.127060773480
15363 EGFR Inhibitor New 879127-07-8 ≥98% 2014-02-13 0E-12 egfr-inhibitor Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Inhibitor EGFR inhibitors inhibits inhibitions substituted pyrimidine kinases tyrosine L858R L861Q mutants apoptosis cell permeable selective antagonists signals transductions biochemistry proteins intracellular signals signaling cancers 0E-12
11838 Embelin 550-24-3 ≥95% 2012-10-01 1.106077348066 embelin NSC 91874 embelic acid emberine natural products cancers inflammation NF-κB apoptosis caspases XIAP inhibits inhibitors inhibitions benzoquinone plants Embelia binds cells inflammation IKK NFκB NF κB NF-kappaB NF-.kappa.B NFkappaB NF.kappa.B X linked inhibitor apoptosis X-linked 1.106077348066
15382 Enniatin B New 917-13-5 ≥99% 2014-01-13 111.867894413750 enniatin-b Antibiotic 86/88 528-​09-​6 11029-​11-​1 natural products inhibitors ions channels apoptosis cancers enniatins cyclihexadepsipeptides Pdr5p yeast inhibits inhibitions fungi pleiotropic drugs reistances proteins 5 five caspases cells channels blockers acyl-CoA cholesterol acyltransferase cholesteryl ester formations caspases ACAT 111.867894413750
11601 Enzastaurin New 170364-57-5 ≥98% 2013-11-01 79.804899295507 enzastaurin LY317615 Inhibitors inhibits inhibitions proteins kinases signals transductions cancers apoptosis angiogenesis potent PKs PKCs PKCβ PKCb PKCbeta PKC.beta. PKC-β PKC-b PKC-beta PKC-.beta. β b beta .beta. Akts proliferation tumor cells antineoplastic anti neoplastic anti-neoplastic Lys LY-317615 317615 79.804899295507
10022 F16 36098-33-6 ≥98% 7.276906077348 f16 apoptosis induces apoptotic mitochodrial membranes tumors inhibitors fluorescent F-16 cancer inhibits fluorescence lipophilic binding HER-1/EGFR-expressing inhibition cells breast 7.276906077348
13287 FK-866 658084-64-1 ≥98% 2009-07-21 37.109686924493 fk-866 K 22.175 nicotinamides phosphoribosyltransferase NAMPT NamPRT PBEF visfatin mononucleotides adenine dinucleotide NAD+ inhibitors inhibitis inhibition cancers apoptosis SIRT1 autophagy FK866 FK 866 K22.175 K 22175 K22175 NamPRT PBEF visfatin carcinoma cells autophagy 37.109686924493
14128 Fludarabine 21679-14-1 ≥98% 2013-04-11 3.748196456124 fludarabine F-ara-A; NSC 118218 nucleotides apoptosis NSCs 312878 antitumors DNA deoxyribonucleic acids synthesis inhibitors nucleosides analogs leukemia anticancers NSC-312878 NSC312878 inhibits inhibitions anti-cancers anti cancers adenosines deaminases reistant 9-β-D-arabinofuranosyladenine 9-b-D-arabinofuranosyladenine 9-.beta.-D-arabinofuranosyladenine 9-beta-D-arabinofuranosyladenine tumors systems LI210 leukemias CD8F mammary adenocarcinomas P388 LX-1 lungs xenograft hematological malignancies NSC-118218 NSC118218 NSC 118218H antiproliferatives cells lines blood Bax Bid XIAP survivin expressions in vivo purines 3.748196456124
13227 Fumonisin B2 116355-84-1 ≥95% 2009-11-11 39.207340392879 fumonisin-b2 mycotoxins fungus corn grains sphingosines inhibitors N-acyltransferase apoptosis sphingolipids hepatotoxicity nephrotoxicity fungi fumonisin-B2 D02.455.326.146.432 CCRIS4434 CCRIS-4434 CCRIS 4434 AR-1D1013 LS-121074 AC1MBZ19 CHBI:38225 LMSP01080023 NCGC00163557-01 C19242 39.207340392879
14761 Gambogic Acid 2752-65-0 ≥95% 2013-08-05 4.048517097704 gambogic-acid GA; β-Guttiferin 18833-83-5 apoptosis cancers anti-cancers anti-tumors antitumors anti tumors anticancer transferrin receptors ions channels inhibitors inhibits inhibitions proteasomes AMPK Akt mTor bcl-2 bcl2 bcl 2 two GA natural products garcinia hanburyi tree G. cellular cells pathways activates caspases binding binds anti-apoptotic antiapoptotic apoptotic proteins BH3 BH-3 peptides Bax 20S dose-dependent doses dependents manners gliomas EGFR Akt/mTORC1 mTORC1 expressions potent slow Kir2.1 Kir-2.1 Kir 2.1 chymotrypsins activity activities signaling signalling trees exhibits exhibiting BH 3 three Bcl-XL BclXL XL Bcl-W BclW W Bcl-B BclB B Bfl-1 Bfl1 Bfl 1 one Mcl-1 Mcl1 Mcl lines AMPK-initiated initiated effects deaths 4.048517097704
13355 Geldanamycin 30562-34-6 ≥98% 2010-07-29 12.101356660528 geldanamycin NSC 122750 NSC 212518 antibiotics heat shock proteins 90 Hsp90 GRP94 gp96 genes expression cells proliferation apoptosis angiogenesis c-jun adenocarcinoma cancers AP-1 steroids receptors 2,5-Cyclohexadiene-1,4-Diones 1,4-Benzoquinones 1,2-Benzoquinones p-Benzoquinones-o-Benzoquinones Benzoquinones Benzodiones Quinones geldanomycin GDM NSC122750 NSC-122750 NSC 122750 AC-6794 BRN 1633093 geldanamicin 30562-34-6 antibiotic U29135 U-29135 U 29135 AC1NQZ81 ligands GRP94 Hsp 90 12.101356660528
10010622 Genipin 6902-77-8 ≥98% 2008-05-09 121.455773480663 genipin (+)-Genipin obesity diabeties glucose insulin mitochondria UCP2 pancreatic .beta. cells anti-inflammatory antiinflammatory angiogenesis inhibitors inhibits inhibition uncoupling proteins 2 un-coupling angiogenesis apotosis diabetes inflammation metabolism obesity 121.455773480663
15319 Ginsenoside Rb1 New 41753-43-9 ≥98% 2014-01-13 144.666666666666 ginsenoside-rb1 NSC 310103; Gypenoside III 12770-​17-​1 52286-​61-​0 87700-​07-​0 212055-​66-​8 393829-​67-​9 natural products neurosciences inflammation obesity apoptosis ginesosides ginseng plants genus panax protopanaxadiol species P. quinquefolium in vitro vivo neuroprotective anti-inflammatory anti inflammatory antiinflammatory anti-obesity obesity antiobesity steroids Rb1 arasaponin E1 gynosaponin C gypenoside III NSCs 310103 NSC-310103 NSC310103 notoginsenoside panaxoside sanchinoside glycosides triterpenes squalene 144.666666666666
15332 Ginsenoside Rg3 New 14197-60-5 ≥95% 2014-01-13 144.666666666666 ginsenoside-rg3 11019-​45-​7 12770-​19-​3 47891-​53-​2 195711-​65-​0 natural products neurosciences inflammation hypertensions apoptosis angiogenesis ginsenosides ginseng plants panax steroids triterpene squalene Rg3 panaxadiol P. in vitro in vivo anti-cancers cancers anticancers neuroprotective anti-hypertensive hypertensive antihypertensive anti-inflammatory inflammatory antiinflammatory glycosides 20S-ginsendoside 144.666666666666
11433 Gliotoxin 67-99-2 ≥98% 2012-10-23 29.008526703499 gliotoxin Aspergillin; S. N. 12870 11000-18-3 11000-32-1 immune responses immunity proteasome inhibitors NF-kB inflammation apoptosis phagocytosis geranylgeranyltransferase farnesyltransferase viral infections viruses fungi aspergillosis inhibits inhibitions mycotoxin 20S proteasomal chymotrypsin monocytes dendritic cells Nipah Hendra in vitro immunosuppressive biological effects 29.008526703499
15069 Glucagon-like Peptide 1 (7-36) amide New 107444-51-9 2013-10-29 4.444444444444 glucagon-like-peptide-1-7-36-amide GLP-1 (7-36) amide; MKC 253 113789-12-1 873133-88-1 GLP-1 GLP1 GLPs 1 one peptides hormones intestinal L-cells L cells receptors GLP1R 1R GLP-1R pancreas antidiabetics anti diabetics anti-diabetics types two 2 diabetes glucose insulin pancreatic β-cells glucagon likes peptides peptide-1 amides hormones intestinal nutrients nutrition inhibiting inhibits inhibitors b-cell apoptosis beta-cells .beta.-cells β-cells neogenesis secretions gastric satiety peripheral disposals agonists MKCs 253 MKC253 MKC-253 signals transduction metabolism metabolic syndromes endocrinology diabetes 4.444444444444
14634 Gly-Phe-β-naphthylamide 21438-66-4 ≥95% 2013-07-23 15.078092387968 gly-phe-naphthylamide H-Gly-Phe-BNA dipeptidyl transferases cathepsins C lysosomes cysteines proteases post-translational processing apoptosis caspases substrates posttranslational post translational process cathepsin-C membranes intralysosomal inhibits inhibitors activation activates enzymes proteases cysteine exopeptidase dipeptides proteins polypeptides signaling pathways cytosolic proapoptotic hydrolysis membranes inhibition caspase-8 caspase 8 15.078092387968
10136 GPR17 (C-Term) Polyclonal Antibody - 2010-01-19 18.340578978241 gpr17-c-term-polyclonal-antibody G Protein-Coupled Receptor 17 proteins receptors antibodies western blots WB ICC signals signaling nucleotides CysLTs amino acids blotting immunoblotting FC flow cytometry immunocytochemistry cysteinyl leukotrienes 18.340578978241
10006798 GW 0742 317318-84-6 ≥98% 2007-07-25 18.699074585635 gw-0742 PPAR PPAR.beta. peroxisome proliferator activated receptor neurotoxicity agonists neuroprotection toxicity apoptosis lipids metabolism atherosclerosis endocrinology GW0742 GW-0742 18.699074585635
13127 GW 4869 (hydrochloride hydrate) 6823-69-4 ≥90% 2009-06-10 81.125650426921 gw-4869-hydrochloride-hydrate inhibitors sphingomyelin sphingomyelinase neutral acidic TNF-α ceramides cells death GW4869 gw-4869 81.125650426921
10008313 GW 610 872726-44-8 ≥98% 2006-05-10 32.234668508287 gw-610 NSC 721648 antitumors benzothiazoles inhibits inhibitors inhibition cancers antiproliferative isoflavones quercetin genistein cells MCF-7 MDA 468 NCI 60 32.234668508287
15504 Herbimycin A New 70563-58-5 ≥99% 2014-01-27 0E-12 herbimycin-a NSC 305978; Antibiotic TAN 420F 1258005-​88-​7 natural product inhibitors inhibits inhibitions kinases proteins angiogenesis cancers cells cycles apoptosis tyrosines Hsps 90 Hsp90 Hsp-90 heat shock proteins 90 ansamycin antibiotic benzoquinone Streptomyces PKs PKA PKC Rac Myc Raf NSCs 305978 NSC305978 NSC-305978 TANs 420F 420 F herbimycin-A herbicidal cell-permeable permeable non-receptor non receptors Bcr-Abl scr yes fps ros erbb NF-kappaB NF-.kappa.B NF-kB NF-κB phosphorylation eggshell formations erbb2 client proteins 0E-12
10007713 HMB-Val-Ser-Leu-VE 862891-04-1 ≥98% 2006-07-20 20.132308164518 hmb-val-ser-leu-ve 26S protease 20S ubiquitin-proteasomes pathway proteolysis proteins regulated degradation tripeptides C-terminal vinyl esters inhibits inhibition inhibitors trypsin tryptic chytotryptic cells permeable in vitro 20.132308164518
11512 HMGB1 Monoclonal Antibody (Clone IMG19N10B7) - 2012-01-16 0E-12 hmgb1-monoclonal-antibody-clone-img19n10b7 HMG1; High Mobility Group Protein B1 high mobility groups proteins family DNA-binding domains inflammation mediators DNA nuclear bindings sterile infection-associated responses Toll-like receptor 4 TLR4 advanced glycation endproducts RAGE IHC immunohistochemistry Western blot blotting flow cytometry FC WB paraffin embedded tissues paraffin-embedded 0E-12
11513 HMGB1 Monoclonal Antibody (Clone IMG19N15F4) - 2012-01-16 0E-12 hmgb1-monoclonal-antibody-clone-img19n15f4 High Mobility Group Protein B1; HMG1 high mobility groups proteins B1 HMGB family nuclei nucleus cytoplasm cells mediators inflammation DNA nuclear binding sterile infection-associated responses Toll-like receptors 4 TLR4 advanced glycation endproducts RAGE WB Western blots blotting flows cytometry FC immunohistochemistry IHC 0E-12
13782 I2PP2A/SET Polyclonal Antibody - 2010-05-10 0.933701657458 i2pp2a-set-polyclonal-antibody PHAPII; Inhibitor of granzyme A-activated DNase; Template-Activating Factor I; Phosphatase 2A Inhibitor antibodies WB western blots blotting immunoblotting histones INHAT1 INHAT 1 coactivators transcription cells TAF1α TAF 1α TAF1β TAF 1β SETs INHAT-1 protein SET SET/I2PP2A TAF-1 TAF 1 TAF1 TAF-1beta TAF-1.beta. IGAAD 0.933701657458
10008207 IGFBP5 Polyclonal Antibody - 2007-07-19 12.645147329650 igfbp5-polyclonal-antibody Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding Protein 5; IBP-5; IGF-Binding Protein 5 IGF-1 cell growth differentiation apoptosis receptors kidney heart placenta skeletal cancers amino acids neuroblastoma mammary glands antibodies wb western blots immunocytochemistry IGF1 IGFBP-5 endocrinology blotting immunoblotting 12.645147329650
15386 Ikarugamycin New 36531-78-9 ≥99% 2014-01-09 84.444444444444 ikarugamycin 11091-​37-​5 antibiotics antiprotozoal anti protozoal anti-protozoal cytotoxic anticancers anti-cancers cancers apoptosis inhibitors inhibits inhibitions clathrin coated pits mediated clathrin-coated pit-mediated endocytosis cholesteryl esters macrocyclic Streptomyces sp. Potent cells proliferation LDLs low density lipoprotein natural products infectious diseases 84.444444444444
13323 IM-54 861891-50-1 ≥95% 2009-10-14 0.503204419890 im-54 inhibitors necrosis necrotic cells death peroxide HL-60 leukemia apoptosis PKC S6K1 protein kinases C S6 1 indolymaleimide 0.503204419890
10239 IP6K2 Monoclonal Antibody (Clone 4F10) - 2013-02-11 6.600690607735 ip6k2-monoclonal-antibody-clone-4f10 Inositol Hexakisphosphate Kinase 2; IHPK2 cytoplasmic kinases inositol phosphates IP6 InsP5PP proapoptotic tumor necrosis factor HSP90 TNF TRAF cancer HSPs 90 6.600690607735
13925 IκBα (cleavage specific) Monoclonal Antibody (Clone 5D1623) - 2010-09-29 11.371270718232 i-b-cleavage-specific-monoclonal-antibody-clone-5d1623 antibodies IκBα IkBa IκBa IkBα IκB-α IκB α intracellular immunoblotting NF-κB NFκB NF κB slienced slience inhibitory inhibits inhibition inhibitor proteins asutoregulated auto-regulated auto regulated regulates phosphorylated kinase complex IKK IKK1 IKK2 IKK3 IKK-1 IKK-2 IKK-3 1 2 3 IKK1/a IKK1-a IKK1a IKK2/b IKK2-b IKK2b IKK3/g IKK3-g IKK3g degradation phosphorylation dimers translocates nucleus genes target cleaved caspases caspase-3 3 apoptosis amino-terminal amino terminals truncated DN-IκBα DNIκBα DN ΔN-IκBα ΔN .DELTA.N DELTAN .DELTA.N-IκBα DELTAN-IκBα DELTA-N .DELTA.-N degradation inducers dominant inhibitory molecule suppresses activity inflammation 11.371270718232
15003 JC-1 3520-43-2 ≥98% 2013-03-26 120.813425414365 jc-1 CBIC2; NK 1420 21527-78-6 cells biology NK1420 NK-1420 apoptosis fluorescent probes flows cytometry JC1 JCs 1 mitrochondrial transmembranes cationic dyes iodideindicates indicators J-aggregates aggregates FC ΔΨm CBIC CBIC-2 CBICs NK1420 NK-1420 NKs death cellular membrane-permeable DELTA Phi fluorescence monomers 120.813425414365
10009172 JC-1 Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Assay Kit - 2007-04-12 144.178893412167 jc-1-mitochondrial-membrane-potential-assay-kit apoptosis cells mitochondria caspases cytochrome C electrons transport transmembranes Dym DELTApsim .DELTA..psi.m fluorscence fluorescent cationic dyes rhodamine-123 Rh123 DiOC6 cytofluorimetric lipophilic tetrachloro-1,1',3,3'-tetraethylbenzimidazoylcarbocyanine iodide green red J-aggregates monomeric assays kits measures measurements microscopy flow cytometry plate readers fluorometric cancer JC1 cell-based assays cell based assay cba JC 1 144.178893412167
10641 JGB1741 1256375-38-8 ≥98% 2011-06-20 15.145643251775 jgb1741 ILS-JGB-1741 inhibitors SIRT1 breasts cancers cells proliferation apoptosis p53 histones acetylation genes energy homeostasis regulation deacetylases sirtuins NAD+ inhibits inhibition SIRT2 SIRT3 ILS JGB 1,741 1741 SIRTs JGB-1741 JGB-1,741 15.145643251775
15036 JSH-23 New 749886-87-1 ≥98% 2013-12-11 58.904040404040 jsh-23 NF-κB Activation Inhibitor II NF-κB cancers inflammation apoptosis intracellular signaling neurosciences inhibitors inhibits inhibitions JSHs 23 JSH23 NF-kappaB NF-.kappa.-B NF-kB translocation nucleus genes expressions RAW264.7 RAW-264.7 RAWs 264.7 cells lipopolysaccharides neurogenesis 58.904040404040
70980 Lactacystin 133343-34-7 >98% 43.450963781461 lactacystin selective inhibitors neuroblastoma pleiotropic neurites 20S proteasomes inhibits streptomyces cells Neuro2A apoptosis inhibition death 43.450963781461
10008882 LDH Cytotoxicity Assay Kit - 2006-12-15 170.318867581249 ldh-cytotoxicity-assay-kit Lactate Dehydrogenase Cytotoxicity Assay Kit cells death apoptosis necrosis measuring measurement cystolic enzymes cells membranes integrity cancer cell-based assays cell based assay cba 170.318867581249
13776 Mammalian STE-20-Like Kinase 1 Polyclonal Antibody - 2010-04-28 1.179696132596 mammalian-ste-20-like-kinase-1-polyclonal-antibody MST-1; KRS2; STK4 antibodies western blots blotting immunoblotting WB MST1 STE 20 STE20 KRS-2 KRS 2 STK-2 STK terminal terminus NES nuclear export signals proteins apoptosis epigenetics 1.179696132596
13320 MCI-186 89-25-8 ≥98% 2010-07-15 5.466637726914 mci-186 Edaravone; NSC 2629 free radical scavengers inhibitors inhibits inhibition ischemia-reperfusion injury transplants infections traumatic brain injury injuries Ketoquinolines Oxoquinolines Quinolinones Quinolones strokes reactive oxygen species apoptosis Norantipyrine Norphenazone Radicut 206195-95-1 115566-83-1 72134-66-8 62495-97-0 52224-17-6 12235-58-4 methylphenylpyrazolone NSC 26139 NSC 12 Edarabone 5.466637726914
15559 Mdivi 1 New 338967-87-6 ≥98% 2014-02-28 0E-12 mdivi-1 Mitochondrial Division Inhibitor 1 mitochondria mitochondrial fusion divisions proteins self assembly apoptosis GTP hydrolysis dynamin-1 endocytosis dynamin related-GTPase DRP Dnm1 inhibitors quinazolinone membranes permeabilization Bid Bax Bak cytochromes c cells death inhibits inhibition yeast mammals Mdivi1 Mdivi-1 blocks blocking in vivo vitro cancers hearts failure ischemia reperfusion injuries 0E-12
600160 Methionine Sulfoxide Immunoblotting Kit - 2009-12-17 192.514895027624 methionine-sulfoxide-immunoblotting-kit MetO Immunoblotting Kit proteins sulfoxides oxidative modifications residues MSRs reactive oxygen species ROSs methionines oxidations reductases sulfones phagocytosis phagocytotic mitochondrias mitochondrial respirations sulfoxidations age-related diseases cellular cells IgG-containing sera Alzheimer's diseases immunoblots immunoblotting western blots blotting kits assays measures measurements detection tissues lysates semi-pure purified reducing non-reducing sample buffers SDS-PAGE rabbit serums immunizations oxidized corn MetO-DZS18 192.514895027624
11620 MI-2 (hydrochloride) Exclusive - ≥98% 2012-07-10 11.733480062455 mi-2-hydrochloride 1271738-62-5 MLL leukemia cancers menin inhibitors cells proliferation apoptosis MI2 MI 2 MEN1 MEN-1 MEN 1 genes mixed lineage leukemia MI-nc MInc inhibitions inhibits hydrochloride HCl fusion proteins 11.733480062455
11621 MI-nc (hydrochloride) Exclusive - ≥98% 2012-06-07 4.334765043238 mi-nc-hydrochloride 1359873-35-0 MLL leukemia cancers menin inhibitors cells proliferation apoptosis MEN1 MEN-1 MEN multiple endocrine neoplasia histones methyltransferases mixed lineage leukemia inhibits inhibition MI2 11620 MI-2 MI 2 MInc MI nc hydrochloride dihydrochloride HCl fusion proteins MLL 4.334765043238
11434 Mithramycin A 18378-89-7 ≥98% 2012-05-01 7.622265193370 mithramycin-a Aureolic Acid; Plicamycin; NSC 24559; PA 144; Antibiotic LA 7017; A 2371 1395-17-1 1403-98-1 12708-66-6 12708-67-7 23973-19-5 97666-60-9 219612-19-8 744999-90-4 807260-73-7 826336-23-6 899900-19-7 1195235-16-5 mithracin NSC-24559 NSC24559 PA144 PA-144 A2371 A-2371 plicatomycin anti-tumors neuroprotective antibiotics chemotherapeutics histones acetylation transcription factors chromatin regulation Sp1 inhibitors inhibits inhibition oncogene TRAIL cancers Streptomyces grieseus S. grieseus DNA apoptosis 7.622265193370
11593 MK 2206 (hydrochloride) New 1032350-13-2 ≥98% 2014-01-03 87.051601324962 mk-2206-hydrochloride 1032349-93-1 kinases inhibitors Akt1 Akt2 Akt3 proteins B PKBα PKBβ PKBγ cells proliferation apoptosis anticancers anti-cancers anti cancers chemotherapy Akt-1 Akt-2 Akt-3 1 2 3 one two three Akts MKs 2206 MK-2206 HCl allosteric inhibits inhibitors hematopoietic chemotherapeutics signals transductions PKB.alpha. PKBa PKB.beta. PKBb PKB.gamma. PKBg metabolism survival angiogenesis humans 87.051601324962
14273 MS-1020 1255516-86-9 ≥95% 2013-03-12 22.988282688766 ms-1020 inhibitors signal transductions apoptosis cancers receptors biochemistry MS1020 MS 1020 cells permeable inhibits inhibitions JAK3 JAK-3 JAKs 3 STAT isoforms anti-apoptotic genes deaths activators janus kinase 3 apoptosis cancers 22.988282688766
600330 Multi-Parameter Apoptosis Assay Kit - 2010-08-18 56.735335481891 multi-parameter-apoptosis-assay-kit assays kits measures measurements apoptosis cells death cycles tissues homeostasis dysregulation neurodegenerative diseases ischemic damages autoimmune disorders cancers drugs discovery signaling pathways membranes phospholipids phosphatidylserines phosphatidylethanolamines leaflets bilayers externalizations residues plasma phospholipids binding proteins fluorochrome-labeled fluorochromes annexin V fluorescence microscopy flow cytometry FC plate readers TUNEL TdT-mediated dUTP Nick-End Labeling analysis ISEL in situ end labeling DNA deoxyribonucleic acids mitochondrial transmembranes tetramethylrhodamines ethyls esters TMRE lipophilics probes laddering detection fragmentation FITC-conjugated fluoresceins 56.735335481891
14219 Multiubiquitin Chain Monoclonal Antibody (Clone FK1) - 2013-08-01 14.499465999776 multiubiquitin-chain-monoclonal-antibody-clone-fk1 ubiquitin eukaryotic cells post-translational modifications substrates ubiquitination apoptosis cycles division DNA transcription immune responses modulations surfaces receptors viral infections viruses polyubiquinated conjugates free monoubiquitinated ELISA IHC immunohistochemistry western blots blotting WB mouse immunoblotting 14.499465999776
14220 Multiubiquitin Chain Monoclonal Antibody (Clone FK2) - 2013-08-01 21.648455898767 multiubiquitin-chain-monoclonal-antibody-clone-fk2 ubiquitin eukaryotic cells post-translational modifications substrates ubiquitination apoptosis cycles division DNA transcription immune responses modulations surfaces receptors viral infections viruses polyubiquinated conjugates free monoubiquitinated ELISA IHC immunohistochemistry western blots blotting WB mouse immunoblotting 21.648455898767
10008581 Myristoleic Acid methyl ester 56219-06-8 >98% 2007-04-17 2.109723756906 myristoleic-acid-methyl-ester Methyl myristoleate; cis-9-Tetradecenoate methyl ester cytotoxic Serenoa S. repens apoptosis necrosis prostate cancers cheese whey fatty acids Candida C. albicans MIC minimal inhibitory concentration in vivo esters hydrophobic 2.109723756906
10017 N-Ac-Asp-Glu-Val-Asp-CHO 184179-08-6 >98% 2004-04-29 3.984735595895 n-ac-asp-glu-val-asp-cho Ac-DEVD-CHO Valinamide caspases caspase 3 inhibitors Yama ICE3 CPP32 Apopain inhibition inhibits selective apoptosis intracellular signaling apoptosis Ac DEVD CHO AcDEVDCHO potent groups II caspase-3 caspase-7 aldehydes methyl ketones MKs forms CMKs 3.984735595895
10016 N-Ac-Tyr-Val-Ala-Asp-CHO 143313-51-3 >98% 2004-04-14 8.384585635358 n-ac-tyr-val-ala-asp-cho Ac-YVAD-CHO inhibitor inhibits apoptosis interleukins inhibition selective irreversible interleukin-1.beta.converting enzyme ICE Caspase-1-IL-1.beta. Il1beta neuroprotective cerebral ischemia alaninamides 8.384585635358
10014 N-Ac-Tyr-Val-Ala-Asp-CMK 178603-78-6 >98% 2004-04-13 18.420897790055 n-ac-tyr-val-ala-asp-cmk Ac-YVAD-CMK inhibitors inhibits interleukins neuroprotective cerebral ischemia inhibition selective irreversible interleukin-1.beta.converting enzyme ICE Caspase-1-IL-1.beth. IL1beta neuroprotective cerebral ischemia alaninamides neurochemistry chloromethyl ketones 18.420897790055
13754 NF-κB (p50) Polyclonal Antibody - 2010-04-27 14.869303867403 nf-b-p50-polyclonal-antibody NFκB NF κB NF-.kappa.B NF.kappa.B NFkB NF-kB nuclear transcription factors DNA p65 N-terminal binding western blots blotting immunoblotting WB antibodies 14.869303867403
13756 NF-κB (p65) Monoclonal Antibody-biotin (Clone 112A1021) - 2010-02-11 23.096795580110 nf-b-p65-monoclonal-antibody-biotin-clone-112a1021 NFκB NF κB NF-.kappa.B NF.kappa.B NFkB NF-kB genes apoptosis viral replications tumorigenesis diseases inflammations N-terminal DNA DNA-binding binding western blots blotting WB biotins biotinylated biontinylation 112A1021 clones 23.096795580110
13752 NF-κB (p65) Monoclonal Antibody (Clone 112A1021) - 2010-02-11 25.338816101026 nf-b-p65-monoclonal-antibody-clone-112a1021 NFκB NF κB NF-.kappa.B NF.kappa.B NFkB NF-kB genes apoptosis viral replications tumorigenesis diseases inflammations N-terminal DNA DNA-binding binding western blots blotting flow cytometry FC WB immunohistochemistry IHC 25.338816101026
13751 NF-κB (p65) NLS Polyclonal Antibody - 2010-02-11 23.096795580110 nf-b-p65-nls-polyclonal-antibody Nuclear Factor-κB (p65) Nuclear Localization Signal NFκB NF κB NF-.kappa.B NF.kappa.B NFkB NF-kB transcription factors N-terminal C-terminal terminals terminus signals tissues nuclear receptors western blots blotting immunoblotting WB immunocytochemistry ICC antibodies 23.096795580110
13757 NF-κB (p65) Polyclonal Antibody (aa 2-17) - 2010-02-11 15.738153117600 nf-b-p65-polyclonal-antibody-aa-2-17 NFκB NF κB NF-.kappa.B NF.kappa.B NFkB NF-kB genes apoptosis viral replications tumorigenesis diseases inflammations N-terminal DNA DNA-binding binding western blots blotting WB amino acids 2 7 15.738153117600
13753 NF-κB (p65) Polyclonal Antibody (aa 538-546) - 2010-02-11 23.912265193370 nf-b-p65-polyclonal-antibody-aa-538-546 NFκB NF κB NF-.kappa.B NF.kappa.B NFkB NF-kB genes apoptosis viral replications tumorigenesis diseases inflammations N-terminal DNA DNA-binding binding western blots blotting WB amino acids 538 546 23.912265193370
10011255 NSC 210902 51726-83-1 ≥95% 2008-09-15 0.734585635359 nsc-210902 Inhibitor inhibits inhibition CK2 kinase cell signaling apoptosis cancers NSC210902 0.734585635359
18585 (−)-Nutlin-3 675576-98-4 ≥98% 2008-08-06 69.085580110497 -nutlin-3 Nutlin 3a P53 cellular stress proliferation cells cycle apoptosis tumor suppressor MDM2 agents Nutlin-3 enantiomer a 69.085580110497
10009816 (+)-Nutlin-3 675576-97-3 ≥98% 2008-08-11 30.102066298342 -nutlin-3 Nutlin 3b p53 cellular stress proliferation cells cycle apoptosis tumer suppressor MDM2 inactive inhibitors inhibits inhibition Nutlin-3 enantiomer b 30.102066298342
10004372 (±)-Nutlin-3 548472-68-0 >98% 2004-04-06 79.616965272296 -nutlin-3 apoptosis cancers p53 inhibits inhibitors induces apoptotic re-activation reactivation antioncogenic tumors xenografts license:hoffmanlaroche Nutlin3 nutlins 79.616965272296
13858 NVP-231 362003-83-6 ≥98% 2013-01-16 9.364254143647 nvp-231 inhibitors ceramides sphingolipids cancers angiogenesis apoptosis ceramide-1-phosphate NVP231 NVPs 231 inhibits inhibitions kinases lipids sphingosines cells exogenous short chains death 9.364254143647
11499 Obatoclax (mesylate) New 803712-79-0 ≥98% 2013-11-01 58.583264637960 obatoclax-mesylate GX15-070 803712-67-6 inhibitors inhibits inhibitions apoptosis cancers autophagy mesylates antagonist Bcl family Bcl-2 Bcl2 2 two homology domains Bcl-W BclW W Bcl-XL BclX1 XL Mcl-1 Mcls 1 Mcl1 one embryo fibroblases HeLa cells lines isolates pro-survival prosurvival pro survival proteins GX15070 GX15 070 58.583264637960
10011490 Okadaic Acid 78111-17-8 ≥95% 2012-10-24 5.053015310189 okadaic-acid 35-Demethyl-DTX 1; Acanthifolicin; NSC 677083 77238-08-5 35- demethyldinophysistoxin 1 NSC677083 NSC-677083 inhibitors phosphorylation phosphatases cells signaling cancers Alzheimer’s diseases apoptosis marine sponge toxins inhibits inhibitions serine threonine proteins isoforms PP1 PP2A PP3 PP-1 Pp-2A PP-3 carcinogen tau symbiotic parasitic annelids 5.053015310189
11342 Oligomycin A 579-13-5 ≥98% 2012-03-05 7.337651933702 oligomycin-a MCH 32 11030-76-5 21307-25-5 31422-20-5 macrolide isomers mitochondria F1F0-ATP synthases apoptosis antifungals antitumors nematocidal Streptomyces toxic metabolism analogs MCH-32 MCH32 7.337651933702
11341 Oligomycin Complex 1404-19-9 ≥98% (Mixture of A, B, C) 2012-07-24 5.228508287293 oligomycin-complex 11098-49-0 ATPs ATP synthases oligomycin A B ischemia inhibitors apoptosis inhibits inhibitions oligomycins mitochondrial F1-F0 F1F0 F1 F0 5.228508287293
10008005 OSU03012 742112-33-0 ≥98% 2006-05-10 19.339365577049 osu03012 cyclooxygenases COX-2 COX2 celecoxib Akt signal signalling transduction cancers PDK-1 PI-3K kinases apoptosis anti-cancer analogs phosphatidylinositols tumors cells inhibits inhibitors inhibition CLL chronic lymphocytic leukemias caspases osu 03012 osu-03012 19.339365577049
13106 Oxaliplatin 61825-94-3 ≥98% 2012-11-09 17.276217091319 oxaliplatin Dacplat; Lipoxal; Elplat; Eloxatin™; RP 54780; NSC 266046 NSC266046 NSC-266046 oxalatoplatin oxalatoplatinum RP54780 RP-54780 I-OHP trans-l-diaminocyclohexane DNA damages chemotherapy anti-cancers apoptosis DNA adduct colon cancers antineoplastic agents adducts cells death colons ovarians lungs fluorouracil leucovorin FOLFOX coordination compound 17.276217091319
10011301 p38 MAPK Monoclonal Antibody (Clone 9F12) - 2008-05-22 1.169337016574 p38-mapk-monoclonal-antibody-clone-9f12 p38 MAPKα; p38 Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase serine threonine serine-threonine cell cycles development apotosis kinases stress signals cytokines gene expression western blots immunoblotting immunocytochemisty ICC WB flow cytometry signal transduction signalling signaling blotting FC 1.169337016574
10993 p53DINP1 Polyclonal Antibody - 2011-12-19 0.847375690607 p53dinp1-polyclonal-antibody SIP; TP53INP1 genes p53-dependents damage-inducible nuclear proteins apoptosis phosphorylation Ser46 p53AIP1 Western blots blotting p53 dependents WB 0.847375690607
10005291 p53 Product Pack - 2004-09-08 13.124594843462 p53-product-pack DNA binding anti-oncogenic apoptosis cancer p53 re-activators reactivators induces apoptotic re-activation reactivation antioncogenic packs 13.124594843462
10009317 PAC-1 315183-21-2 ≥98% 2007-07-12 6.601012891344 pac-1 Procaspase-activating Compound 1 in vitro procaspase-3 apoptosis cancers cells death drugs treatment acivators procaspases PAC1 6.601012891344
10461 Paclitaxel 33069-62-4 ≥98% 2010-08-23 28.488626428993 paclitaxel NSC 125973; Taxol® Microtubules cancers cervical HeLa lung A549 breast MCF-7 colon HT-29 ovarian OVG-1 pancreatic PC-Sh carcinomas chemotherapy mitotic arrest apoptosis JNK BCL-2 p53 Pacific yew tree c-Jun cyclin-dependent kinases multipolar spindle formation Capxol Mitotax Onxal QW 8184 Yewtaxan Tocosol Taxus Liberte Genexol-PM Genetaxyl EndoTAG 1 Ebetaxwl DHP 107 ABI 007 Bristol-Myers Squibb Brand of Paclitaxel Bristol-Myers Brand of Paclitaxel Paclitaxel (4 alpha)-Isomer Lemery Brand of Paclitaxel Ivax Brand of Paclitaxel Bull Brand of Paclitaxel 7-epi-Taxol 7 epi Taxol Paclitaxel NSC-125973 NSC 125973 Bris Taxol NSC125973 Taxol A Anzatax Praxel Paxene Taxol Onxol 28.488626428993
10007946 Palmitoyl Sphingomyelin 6254-89-3 ≥98% 2010-12-06 46.070585635359 palmitoyl-sphingomyelin N-palmitoyl-D-erythro-sphingosylphosphorylcholine membranes lipids sphingosines eggs brains cholesterol rafts ceramides sphingolipids apoptosis 16:0 SM (d18:1/16:0) hexadecanoyl sphingomyelin N-(hexadecanoyl)-sphing-4-enine-1-phosphocholine PCs 46.070585635359
13280 Panobinostat New 404950-80-7 ≥98% 2013-11-01 12.597262124002 panobinostat LBH-589 inhibitors inhibits inhibitions cancers histones deacetylases epigenetics genes regulations chromatins remodeling apoptosis antivirals anti-virals anti virals re-modeling re modeling LBH589 LBHs 589 HDACs HDAC1-11 HDAC1 11 HDAC111 cells cycles arrest spinal muscular atrophy HIV therapy therapies pan-HDAC pan human immunodeficiency virus 12.597262124002
70080 Parthenolide 20554-84-1 ≥98% 2012-05-18 1.866298342541 parthenolide 119325-19-8 120852-67-7 344906-67-8 leishmania apoptosis cancers genes regulations inflammation NF-kB lactones plats feverfew Tanacetum parthenium T. promastigote Leishmania amazonensis L. STAT mediated anti-apoptotic transcriptions inhibits inhibiting inhibition NOD2 1.866298342541
10444 PCI 34051 950762-95-5 ≥95% 2012-07-31 21.014675670145 pci-34051 1072027-64-5 histones deacetylase cancers epigenetics inhibitors HDAC8 caspases apoptosis T-cells leukemias HDACs potent inhibits inhibitions isoforms PCI34051 PCI-34051 Tcells T cells SMC3 SMC-3 SMC 21.014675670145
10010518 PD 146176 4079-26-9 ≥98% 2009-02-25 14.569088397789 pd-146176 NSC 168807 atherosclerosis 15-LOs 15-lipoxygenases oxidant injury injuries apoptosis amyloid β proteins inhibitors inhibits inhibitions Alzheimers disease oxidative stress pd146176 14.569088397789
13859 PD 150606 179528-45-1 ≥98% 2013-04-01 0.745064456722 pd-150606 426821-41-2 179461-53-1 inhibitors apoptosis signal transduction protease calpains PD-150606 PD150606 PDs inhibits inhibitions cell-permeable cells permeable apoptosis 0.745064456722
10012431 PD 184161 212631-67-9 ≥98% 2009-06-09 8.995305754888 pd-184161 MEK inhibitors MAP kinase ERK signaling cancer MEK 1/2 inhibition inhibited ERK 1/2 potent selective pd184161 8.995305754888
15627 Pelitinib New 257933-82-7 ≥98% 2014-03-13 0E-12 pelitinib EKB-569 epidermal growths factors receptors EGFR anti-cancers anticancers anti cancers apoptosis tyrosines kinases inhibitors TKI hepatocellular carcinoma inhibits inhibitions cyanoquinoline Akt MAPKs induces apoptosis suppress suppression tumors cells lines hepatocellular EKBs EKB569 569 WAY-EKB WAYEKB WAY intracellular signaling signals transduction biochemistry proteins 0E-12
10008112 Perifosine 157716-52-4 ≥98% 2006-05-11 10.224788213627 perifosine antitumors alkylphospholipids apoptosis leukemia prostate carcinomas cyclin kinases cancers antineoplastics antiproliferative cells death inhibits inhibition inhibitor PC-3 Akt p21WAF1 squamous p53-independent activation expression 10.224788213627
10007191 PH Domain Leucine-rich Repeat Protein Phosphatase 1 Polyclonal Antibody - 2006-01-04 6.484005524861 ph-domain-leucine-rich-repeat-protein-phosphatase-1-polyclonal-antibody KIAA0606 Protein; PHLPP1; PLEKHE1 Protein; SCOP; Suprachiasmatic Nucleus Circadian Oscillatory Protein proteins diseases antibodies antisera antiserum western blots blotting immunocytochemistry ICC immunohistochemistry IHC cancers WB immunoblotting PH Domain Leucine-rich Repeat Protein Phosphatase Polyclonal Antibody 6.484005524861
10009366 Piceatannol 10083-24-6 >98% 2008-06-04 15.874356748224 piceatannol trans-3,3',4,5'-Tetrahydroxystilbene; Astringenin; trans-Picetannol resveratrol antioxidant anti-inflammatory antiiflammatory anti-proliferative antiproliferative anticancer anti-cancer CYP450 tyrosine kinases serine/theronine NF-.kappa.B NF-kb NFkb NF.kappa.B I.kappaB.alpha IkBa 15.874356748224
13326 Pifithrin-α 63208-82-2 ≥95% 2009-07-16 22.313909306856 pifithrin PFT-α p53 apoptosis DNA damage cyclin D1 C8 cells HUVECs endothelial cells dependent independent inactivator 22.313909306856
10748 Pifithrin-μ 64984-31-2 ≥98% 2011-06-20 17.671159153388 pifithrin 2-Phenylethynesulfonamide; PFT-μ p53 apoptosis Bcl-xL Bcl-2 mitochondria inhibitors nutlin heat shock proteins 70 HSP70 PES PAS pifithrin-mu pifithrin mu PFTμ PFTu 2-phenylacetylenylsulfonamide 2-phenylacetylenesulfonamide BclxL Bc12 17.671159153388
14440 PJ-34 (hydrochloride) 344458-15-7 ≥98% 2013-04-16 46.778523951652 pj-34-hydrochloride 344458-19-1 PJ34 PJ 34 HCl inhibitors inhibits inhibition oxidative injury apoptosis DNA damage polymerases PARPs enzymes oxygen nitrogen cells tankyrase1 TNKS1 matrix metalloproteinase-2 poly(ADP-ribose) 46.778523951652
15323 PKR Inhibitor New 608512-97-6 ≥95% 2014-02-21 0E-12 pkr-inhibitor C16; Protein Kinase RNA-activated; GW 506033X 1159885-47-8 nootropics apoptosis neurosciences inhibitors inhibits inhibitions proteins kinases PKRs oxindole imidazole derivatives ATP autophosphorylation neuroblastoma cells FADD fas associated Fas-associated protein death domains caspases long-term long term memory storage contextual auditory fear memories GWs 506033X GW506033X GW-506033X PXRi double-stranded double stranded RNA-activated RNAs activated viral infections neuropathologies primary phosphorylation targets eukaryotic initiation factors 2 two subunit .alpha. alpha  eIF2 eIF2alpha eIF2.alpha. eIF2-alpha blocking blocks translation apoptosis ATP-binding site binding sites humans damages tunicamycin-mediated tunicamycin endoplasmic reticulum stress prevents protects intraperitoneal administrations rats brains mice 0E-12
15142 PLX4720 New 918505-84-7 ≥95% 2014-01-02 92.997520508957 plx4720 Raf Kinase Inhibitor V inhibitors kinases proteins intracellular signaling cancers apoptosis signals PLX-4720 PLX 4720 orally oral BRAFV600E BRAF V600E BRAF-600E induces inducer inducing cells cycles arrest apoptosis inhibits inhibitions mutants B-raf B rafs xenografts 92.997520508957
14289 Propidium Iodide 25535-16-4 ≥90% 2013-04-24 4.206574585635 propidium-iodide PI 36015-30-2 cells fluorescents probes fluorescence cells biology apoptosis viability deaths membranes impermeant penetrates dead damaged multicolor fluorescent techniques counterstains binds DNA RNA bindings microscopy cytometry FC diiodide viable deoxy ribonucleic acids intercalates intercalating bases flow 4.206574585635
9000185 Prostaglandin A2 methyl ester Exclusive 31753-19-2 ≥98% 2010-11-08 3.172750153468 prostaglandin-a2-methyl-ester Medullin methyl ester; PGA2 methyl ester hypertension cancers lipophilic analogs PGA2 prostaglandins 3.172750153468
14916 Protocatechuic Acid 99-50-3 ≥98% 2013-09-16 0.560000000000 protocatechuic-acid NSC 16631; PCA phenolic acids antioxidants polyphenols anti-inflammatory antihyperglycemic neuroprotectives anticancers PCA dihydroxybenzoic medicinal plants metabolites green tea free radicals DPPH antiinflammatory anti inflammatory anti-hyperglycemic hyperglycemic anti-cancer cancers in vitro carcinogenesis pro-apoptotic anti-proliferative apoptotic proliferative tissues tumors cells mouse mice melanomas B16/F10 B16 F10 Ras Akt NF-κB NFκB NF.kappa.B kappa κ RhoB MMP NSC -16631 NSC16631 0.560000000000
13527 Pseudolaric Acid B 82508-31-4 ≥98% 2009-12-04 14.949330877839 pseudolaric-acid-b PAB Pseudolarix kaempferi traditional Chinese fungal fungus infections cancers apoptosis angiogenesis tumors inhibits inhibitors inhibition P. therapy apoptosis cells 14.949330877839
15119 Psoralidin New 18642-23-4 ≥95% 2013-10-28 3.731123388582 psoralidin furanocoumarin cytotoxicity anti-cancer anticancers anti cancers TNFs related TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligands TRAIL apoptosis inducing P. corylifolia plants Asia cytotoxicity HeLa 3.731123388582
10005059 PTEN Polyclonal Antibody - 2005-05-04 7.444288142796 pten-polyclonal-antibody Phosphatase and Tensin Homolog on Chromosome 10; MMAC1; Phosphoinositide 3-phosphatase; TEP1 proteins antibodies antisera antiserum wb western blots blotting IHC immunohistochemistry dephosphorylates lipids AKT phosphatidylinositols triphosphates PIP3 tissues acids regulates cells division migrations apoptosis mutations cancers melanomas prostates carcinomas A431 HEK293 signals transductions cancers endocrinology immunoblotting 7.444288142796
10009594 Pyocyanin 85-66-5 ≥98% 2007-07-12 33.526464088398 pyocyanin Sanasin; Sanazin; Pyocyanine Pseudonomas aeruginosa phenazine metabolite neutrophil apoptosis Cystic fibrosis 33.526464088398
15260 Q-VD-OPH New 1135695-98-5 ≥95% 2013-11-18 43.418913718699 q-vd-oph Quinoline-Val-Asp-Difluorophenoxymethylketone inhibitors inhibits inhibitions apoptosis cancers inflammation protease caspases low cytotoxicity Q VD OPH QVDOPH broad spectrum 3 7 8 9 10 12 blocking blocks blockage in vivo prevents prevention ischemia-reperfusion ischemia reperfusion injury-induced injury induced injuries leukemic blasts leukemia cells therapy therapies caspase-3 caspase-7 caspase-8 caspase-9 caspase-10 caspase-12 broad spectrums cytotoxic Z-VAD-FMK ZVADFMK Z VAD FMK BOC-D-FMK BOCDFMK BOC D Q-VD-OPH prevents promotes differentiation applications QVD 43.418913718699
14917 Rasagiline 136236-51-6 ≥95% 2013-10-15 1.080271046441 rasagiline Azilect® Parkinson’s diseases inhibitors monoamine oxidases B MAOs neuroprotective antiapoptotics aminoindans selective irreversible propargylamine inhibits inhibitions MAO-B MAO-A MAOB MAOA A sopamine striatal receptors dopamine 1.080271046441
10970 Retinoblastoma Protein (Cleaved) Monoclonal Antibody (Clone 172C1094) - 2012-05-17 0E-12 retinoblastoma-protein-cleaved-monoclonal-antibody-clone-172c1094 pRb; Rb; pp110; p105-Rb tumors suppressors cells cycles regulators apoptosis cleavage caspase-3 likes proteases E2F-1 primary myeloid fetal livers bones marrow spleens cancer therapy therapies tumor-associated macrophages TAMs western blots blotting immunohistochemistry 0E-12
14501 RGD Peptide 114681-65-1 ≥95% 2013-06-17 0.108287292818 rgd-peptide H-Gly-Arg-Gly-Asp-Asn-Pro-OH; GRGDNP arginines glycines aspartate integrin extra cellulars matrix cells adhesions migrations growths differentiations apoptosis pro-caspase-3 pro caspases 3 procaspase three inhibitors inhibits inhibitions RGD-peptides peptides synthetics motifs arginine-glycine-aspartate s autoprocessing auto processing activations active integrin-ligands interactions biology clusters clusting signals signaling 0.108287292818
301785 RICK Blocking Peptide - 0.885635359116 rick-blocking-peptide apoptosis kinases CARD domains RIP-like interacting CLARP Fas western blots blotting WB controls peptides 0.885635359116
160785 RICK Polyclonal Antibody - 1.626887661141 rick-polyclonal-antibody CARDIAK; Rip2; Ripk2 apoptosis antibodies kinase CARD domains RIP Fas western blots blotting WB antisera antiserum RIP-2 cancers immunoblotting CCK CCKs CCCK 1.626887661141
10006426 RITA 213261-59-7 >98% 2006-01-11 49.518980969919 rita 2,5-bis(5-hydroxymethyl-2-thienyl) Furan; NSC 652287 HDM-2 human double minute-2 MDM-2 mouse murine negative regulator p53 proteasomal degradation tumors cancers apoptosis cells reactivation molecules inhibitors wild-type DNA-protein human renal SCID mice HCT116 A-498 xenografts nude HDM2 HDM-2 MDM2 49.518980969919
13697 (R)-MG132 1211877-36-9 ≥98% 2010-06-22 38.942612880647 -r-mg132 ubiquitin proteasomes inhibitors proteolytic degradation inflammation cells cycle regulation cancers NF-κB apoptosis inhibition inhibited 38.942612880647
15149 Ro 3306 872573-93-8 ≥95% 2013-10-17 9.989023870048 ro-3306 inhibitors cells cycles cancers apoptosis inhibits inhibitions cyclin dependent cyclin-dependent kinases 1 one CDKs Cdk1 Cdk-1 one 1 Ro-3306 Ros 3306 Ro3306 cell-permeable permeable reversible Cdk1/B1 B 1 B-1 Cdk2 two 2 Cdk-2 serum glucocorticoid induces induced kinases SGKs G2/M G-2 G2 G M phases acute myeloid leukemia AMLs nutlins 3 three nutlin-3 proteins Cdk1/A cycling 9.989023870048
14841 Rocaglamide 84573-16-0 ≥95% 2013-08-26 21.614238410596 rocaglamide Rocaglamide A; Roc-A; NSC 326408 tetrahydrobenzofurans anti-inflammatory anti inflammatory antiinflammatory insecticidal immunosuppressants anticancers anti-cancers Aglaia species TNFα TNFalapha TNF.alpha. TNFa TNF-α TNF-alpha TNF-.alpha. TNF-a NFkB NFkappaB NF,kappa.B NF-κB NF-kB NF-kappaB NF-.kappa.B NFκB inhibits inhibitions p38 MAPKs JNKs ERKs IFN-γ TNF-α IL-2 IL-4 ILs 2 4 two four IL2 IL4 NFAT NF AT NF-AT tumors necrosis factors mitogen-activated mitogen activated proteins kinases c-Jun C Juns cJun N-terminal N terminal extrallcellular-signal-regulated extracellular signals regulated interferon IFN-γ IFN-gamma IFN-.gamma. IFN-g IFNs gamma .gamma. γ g INFγ IFNg IFNgamma IFN.gamma. NSCs NSC326408 NSC-326408 326408 RocA Rocs A 21.614238410596
13628 Salidroside 10338-51-9 ≥97% 2010-05-28 11.495524861878 salidroside Rhodioloside glycosides plants Rhodiola Chinese medicine memory infections inflammation cancers diabetes fatigue apoptosis Glucosides 11.495524861878
15378 Siomycin A New 12656-09-6 ≥95% 2014-01-09 84.444444444444 siomycin-a NSC 285116 natural products antibiotics anti-biotics stems cells research cancers cycles apoptosis genes regulations S. sioyaensis rRNA 23S FoxM1 Fox M1 Fox-M1 mammalian transcription factors forkhead boxes NSCs 285116 NSC285116 NSC-285116 inhibitors inhibits inhibitions 84.444444444444
10010401 SIRT1 Direct Fluorescent Screening Assay Kit - 2008-02-26 24.356195379206 sirt1-direct-fluorescent-screening-assay-kit SIRT 1 assays kits measures sirtuins trichostatins A-intensive lysyl-deacetylases class III HDACs human homologs yeast SIR2 silent information regulators 2 tumors cancers suppressors inhibits inhitors inhibition apoptosis screening fluorescence activators fluorescent fluorometric 24.356195379206
10010991 SIRT1 FRET-Based Screening Assay Kit - 2008-02-19 11.134367152184 sirt1-fret-based-screening-assay-kit SIRT 1 assays kits measures sirtuins trichostatins A-intensive lysyl-deacetylases class III HDACs human homologs yeast SIR2 silent information regulators 2 tumors cancers suppressors inhibits inhitors inhibition apoptosis screening fluorescence activators fluorescent fluorometric 11.134367152184
10838 SMAD4 Polyclonal Antibody - 2011-05-05 0.345552486187 smad4-polyclonal-antibody WBs western blots immunoblotting SMADs SMAD-4 SMAD 4 antibodies serum IHC immunohistochemistry TGF-β TGFβ cancers 0.345552486187
10839 SMAD6 Polyclonal Antibody - 2011-05-02 0E-12 smad6-polyclonal-antibody WBs western blots immunoblotting SMADs MAD SMAD-6 SMAD 6 antibodies serum IHC immunohistochemistry TGF-β TGFβ Tcells intracellular proteins signaling serine threonine apoptosis bones cancers genes signal transduction 0E-12
10012628 (S)-MG132 133407-82-6 ≥98% 2009-02-18 88.268838298577 -s-mg132 Z-Leu-Leu-Leu-CHO ubiquitin proteasome inhibitors inhibits inhibition proteolytic degradation inflammation cell cycle regulation cancers NF-kB NFkB apoptosis NF-κB mg 132 mg-132 2-LLL-CHO 88.268838298577
13891 (S)-nitro-Blebbistatin 856925-75-2 ≥98% 2013-10-09 68.841408925835 -s-nitro-blebbistatin S-(-)-7-Desmethyl-8-nitro Blebbistatin inhibitors inhibits inhibitions apoptosis cells biology cycles signals transduction cytoskeletals research nitroblebbistatin nitro blebbistatins permeable cell-permeable ATPases Mg-ATPase Mg blue lights imaging muscles myosin cytotoxic intermediates irradiation 68.841408925835
10010466 SP 600125 129-56-6 ≥98% 2009-01-07 22.100441988950 sp-600125 NSC 75890; Pyrazolanthrone; 1PMV c-Jun cJun JNKs inhibitors inhibits inhibition reversible cell-permeable cells COX-2 COX2 MAP kinase MAPK genes expressions apoptosis autophagy differentiation IL-10 IL10 TNF-α TNFα IFN-γ IFNγ T-cells Tcells HeLa sp600125 22.100441988950
10008012 SPD-304 Exclusive 869998-49-2 ≥98% 2006-08-07 29.174143646409 spd-304 TNF-.alpha. TNF.alpha. signal transduction inflammation small-molecule inhibitor cytokine apoptosis NF-kB AP-1 inhibitor antagonist SPD304 SPD 304 CAY10500 CAY 10500 SPD00000304 SPD 00000304 29.174143646409
700330 Sphingomyelinase Inhibitor Screening Assay Kit - 2010-02-09 43.789829231542 sphingomyelinase-inhibitor-screening-assay-kit SMase assays kits measures measuring measurementsphingomyelinases SMases hydrolases enzymes sphingolipids metabolisms DNase I superfamily phosphocholines ceramides cellular cells stress pathophysiological lysosomal digestion ceramide-mediated signal transductions cytokine-induced apoptosis differentiation immune inflammatory lipoproteins aggregation vessels atherogenesis intracellular trafficking acidic neutral proliferation depressive disorders neurodegenerative disorders strokes Alzheimer's dementia diseases therapeutics cleavage conjugates free thiols 43.789829231542
62570 Sphingosine-1-Phosphate 26993-30-6 ≥98% 138.750445799200 sphingosine-1-phosphate Sphingosine-1-Phosphoric Acid; S1P sphingosines phosphates ceramides apoptosis Sphingosine-1-phosphoric acids cells death kinases sphingomyelin growth calcium 138.750445799200
10012201 Sphingosine Kinase 1 Polyclonal FITC Antibody Exclusive - 2008-06-06 3.984861878453 sphingosine-kinase-1-polyclonal-fitc-antibody SPHK 1 SPHK-1 metabolism sphingolipids phosphorylation sphingosine-1-phosphate cell proliferation death immunofluorescence IF flow cytometry FC western blots WB SPHKs blotting immunoblotting 3.984861878453
10846 STAT1α/β Polyclonal Antibody - 2011-05-31 0E-12 stat1-polyclonal-antibody Signal Transducers and Activators of Transcription transcriptions factors genes expressions growth TNFR-1 TNFR1 apoptosis WBs western blots blotting immunoblotting STAT1alpha/beta STAT1 alpha/beta signaling signalling STAT 1 STAT-1 STAT1a/b 0E-12
10847 STAT2 Polyclonal Antibody - 2011-05-31 0E-12 stat2-polyclonal-antibody Signal Transducers and Activators of Transcription transcription factors genes expressions growth TNFR-1 TNFR1 apoptosis WBs western blots blotting immunoblotting STAT-2 STAT 2 signaling signalling 0E-12
10861 STAT3 (Phospho-Tyr705) Polyclonal Antibody - 2011-05-31 0E-12 stat3-phospho-tyr705-polyclonal-antibody Signal Transducers and Activators of Transcription transcription factors genes expressions growth TNFR-1 TNFR1 apoptosis WBs western blots blotting immunoblotting STAT-3 STAT 3 signaling signalling 0E-12
10856 STAT5β Polyclonal Antibody - 2011-05-31 0E-12 stat5-polyclonal-antibody Signal Transducers and Activators of Transcription transcription factors genes expressions growth TNFR-1 TNFR1 apoptosis WBs western blots blotting immunoblotting STAT5beta STAT5 signaling signalling STAT 5 STAT-5 0E-12
10931 STAT6 Polyclonal Antibody - 2011-07-13 0E-12 stat6-polyclonal-antibody Signal Transducers and Activators of Transcription 6; IL-4 STAT transcription factors genes expressions growth TNFR-1 TNFR1 apoptosis WBs western blots blotting immunoblotting STAT-6 STAT 6 signaling signalling 0E-12
10008196 Stearic Acid ethyl ester 111-61-5 >98% 2006-05-30 1.215185477505 stearic-acid-ethyl-ester NSC 8919; Octadecoanoic acid ethyl ester; Ethyl Octadecanoate; Ethyl Stearate esters saturated acids animal vegetable fats lipid soluble ethanol metabolites cells cycle apoptosis HepG2 excessive alcohol hair 1.215185477505
14861 SU 11274 658084-23-2 ≥98% 2013-08-22 82.899641577061 su-11274 Met Kinase Inhibitor inhibitors receptors antagonists cancers apoptosis angiogenesis METs SU11274 SU-11274 potent selective ATPs inhibits inhibitions c-Met c Met cMet tyrosine kinases cells cycles arrest BaF3 transformed oncogene hepatocyte growth factors morphogenesis migration dysregulation cancers 82.899641577061
13873 SU 6668 252916-29-3 ≥98% 2012-10-29 9.564389389850 su-6668 TSU-68; NSC 702827; Orantinib 245036-27-5 TSU 68 TSU68 NSC-702827 NSC702827 inhibits inhibitors inhibition receptors tyrosines kinases cancers melanomas apoptosis cells death angiogenesis growth metastasis tumors suppresses suppression blocks induces vasculature regression orthotopic models mouse mice Aurora B C PDGF-Rβ VEGF-R2 FGF-R1 PDGFRβ PDGF Rβ PDGF-R.beta. PDGF-Rbeta PDGF-Rb PDGFR.beta. PDGFRbeta PDGFRb VEGFR2 VEGF R2 FGFR1 FGF R1 9.564389389850
14796 SU 9516 377090-84-1 ≥98% 2013-08-05 9.635632284734 su-9516 Cdk2 apoptosis cancers cyclins inhibitors leukemias pRb retinoblastomas proteins cells cycles SU9516 SU-9516 SU 9515 3-substituted indolinones 3 substituted anti-proliferatives anti proliferatives antiproliferatives pro-apoptotic proapoptotic pro apoptotic activity activities active tumors cyclin-dependent dependent kinases CDKs Cdk-2 2 two Cdk1 Cdk-1 1 one A B D1 cyclin-D1 cyclin-A cyclin-B retinoblastomas pRb cell-cycles arrests U-937 U 937 U937 jurkat HL-60 HL60 HL 60 Mcl1 Mcl-1 Mcl 1 mitochondrial mitochondrias injuries injury deaths inhibits inhibitions Cdk4 Cdk-4 4 Cdk2/cyclin Cdk1/cyclin Cdk4/cyclin 3 three substituted PKC p38 PDGFR EGFR phosphorylations pRb/E2F complexes formations downregulates downregulation transcriptions 9.635632284734
14323 Tanshinone IIA 568-72-9 ≥97% 2013-08-07 3.288888888889 tanshinone-iia TSA; NSC 686519; NSC 686518 inflammation cancers cytotoxic TNFα IL-1β IL-6 NO INFγ iNOSIl-12 smooth muscle migration signal transduction Akt ERK tumors necrosis factors salvia miltoiorrhiza s. Chinese herbal medicines anti-inflammatory antiinflammatory anti inflammatory active activity interferes inhibits inhibitors inhibitions MMP-9 MMP9 MMP9 natural products anti-cancer anticancer TNFa TNFalpha TNF.alpha. TNFα alpha .alpha. a α TNF-a TNF-alpha TNF-.alpha. TNF-α ILs interleukin IL-1 IL-6 IL-12 IL1 IL6 IL12 1 6 12 interelukin-1 interleukin-6 interleukin-12 IL-1beta IL-1b IL-1.beta. NO INFg INFgamma INF.gamma. INF-gamma INF-g INF-.gamma. INFs gamma .gamma. g γ INF-γ INFγ NQO1 ROS-mediated reactive oxygen speciese apoptotic cells deaths ROS NSCs 686518 686519 NSC-686518 NSC-686519 NSC686518 NSC686519 dan shen ketones tanshinons tanshinone-II tanshinone-B tanshinone-IIA B II A IIA apoptosis vascular diseases 3.288888888889
15374 Taurolidine New 19388-87-5 ≥98% 2014-01-22 98.888888888889 taurolidine antibiotics cancers immunology infectious diseases apoptosis autophagy taurines analogs synthetics antimicrobial anti-microbial anti microbial antineoplastic neoplastic anti-neoplastic bacterial bacteria bactericidal fungus fungi fungicidal modulates modulating immunogregulatory induces inducers autophagy apoptosis necrosis cells deaths mesothelioma oxidative stress Akt signals signaling inhibitions taurolin tauroline mannose mimics malignant inhibits inhibitors 98.888888888889
14425 Teniposide 29767-20-2 ≥98% 2013-05-30 1.889306107211 teniposide NSC 122819; VM-26 23362-13-2 31514-29-1 35317-44-3 952055-45-7 apoptosis cancers inhibitors inhibits inhibitions VM-26 VM26 VMs 26 podophyllotoxins topoisomerases II topoisomerase-II DNAs replications damages chemotherapy chemos therapy therapies dose-dependents doses dependents singles doubles strands stranded single-stranded double-stranded cellulars smalls cells lungs malignant lymphomas breasts oral squamous carcinomas acutes lymphoblastic leukemias ALLs EPTs NSC-122819 NSC122819 NSCs 122819 S-122819 S122819 S tenoposides vehems vehem-sandoz Sandoz vumons derivatives cytostatic effects stabilizes complex treatments 1.889306107211
70302 tetramethyl Nordihydroguaiaretic Acid Exclusive 24150-24-1 ≥95% 2008-09-24 5.575653775322 tetramethyl-nordihydroguaiaretic-acid EM-1421; M4N; Tetrameprocol; TMNDGA; tetramethyl NDGA tumors inhibitor inhibits inhibition cancers NDGAs survivin apoptosis Cdc2 HIV growing growth glioma brains antitumor organic melonomas 5.575653775322
14696 TG101209 936091-14-4 ≥98% 2013-07-19 26.706568446900 tg101209 inhibitors cancers apoptosis inhibits inhibitions JAKs JAK2 JAK-2 2 two FLTs 3 three FLT3 FLT-3 Rets JAK-3 JAK3 tyrosine kinases janus Fms-like Fms like proto-oncogne protooncogene proto oncogene leukemic cells lines CD45 myeloma TG-101209 TG 101209 intracellular signaling signals cycles arrest CD45+ 26.706568446900
10009813 thio-Miltefosine 943022-11-5 ≥98% 2007-08-13 3.908176795580 thio-miltefosine analogs inhibitors inhibit inhibition CTP phosphocholine cytidylyl transerases antimetastatic antiproliferatives ceramides apoptosis antiprotazoal thiomiltefosine sulfurs thios 3.908176795580
15039 Thymoquinone 490-91-5 ≥98% 2013-10-03 11.881988950276 thymoquinone NSC 2228 natural products inhibitors inflammation cancers angiogenesis apoptosis inhibits inhibitions anticancer anti anti-cancers phytochemical seeds N. sativa nigella antiinflammatory anti-inflammatory inflammatory leukotrienes LTs inhibits leukemia cells STAT3 genes expressions NSCs 2228 NSC2228 NSC-228 thymoquinon 11.881988950276
10322 TIM4 Monoclonal Antibody - 2012-12-20 31.652555248619 tim4-monoclonal-antibody T-Cell Membrane Protein 4; T-Cell Immunoglobulin and Mucin domain-containing protein 4 t-cell t cell mucin trans membrane protein immune responses allergy asthma transplant tolerance viral infections dendritic macrophages phosphatidylserine T helper type 2 Th2 immunity TIM-4 TIM 4 TIMs TIMD-4 TIM D4 TIMD4 31.652555248619
10038 TMS 24144-92-1 >98% 37.336906077348 tms 2,3',4,5'-Tetramethoxystilbene cytochromes inhibitors tetramethoxystilbene antimutagenesis CYP450-1B1 inhibits selective selectivity apoptosis cell growth 37.336906077348
11105 TNF Receptor-Associated Protein 1 (human recombinant) - ≥95% 2011-11-29 1.909116022100 tnf-receptor-associated-protein-1-human-recombinant Mitochondrial Heat Shock Protein 75 kDa; TRAP1; Hsp75; Hsp90L metabolism insulin non-insulin-dependent (type 2) diabetes mellitus glucose kinases tumors necrosis factor type 1 receptors-associated proteins TNFR-associated protein 1 ATP mitochondrial HSP90 heat shock ATPase cancers cardiomyocytes geldanamycin SNX-0723 SNX0723 SNX 0723 TNFR1 1.909116022100
10997 Torin 1 1222998-36-8 ≥95% 2012-10-11 43.367604809880 torin-1 inhibitors mTOR mTORC1 mTORC2 signaling cancers proliferation cells motility apoptosis autophagy diabetes torin-1 inhibits inhibitions mTORC-1 mTORC-2 ATM DNA-PK DNAPK protein kinases 43.367604809880
13340 TPEN 16858-02-9 ≥95% 2010-08-03 22.130462401603 tpen TPEDA zinc apoptosis hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstrictions cells proliferation differentiation caspases transition metals chelators cancers intracellular extracellular intracellular extra- intra- extra cellular ions concentrations vasoconstrictiors 22.130462401603
10855 TRAF2 Monoclonal Antibody (Clone 33A1293) - 2011-05-06 0E-12 traf2-monoclonal-antibody-clone-33a1293 TRAF 2 TRAF-2 WBs western blots TNF tumors necrosis antibodies signal transduction proteins blotting immunoblotting 0E-12
10872 TRAF3 Polyclonal Antibody - 2011-05-26 0.177127071823 traf3-polyclonal-antibody TRAF 3 TRAF-3 WBs western blots TNF tumors necrosis antibodies signal transduction proteins blotting immunoblotting 0.177127071823
10873 TRAF5 Monoclonal Antibody (Clone 55A219) - 2011-05-26 0.177127071823 traf5-monoclonal-antibody-clone-55a219 TRAF 5 TRAF-5 WBs western blots TNF tumors necrosis antibodies signal transduction proteins blotting immunoblotting 0.177127071823
10894 TRAF6BP Polyclonal Antibody - 2011-05-26 0.177127071823 traf6bp-polyclonal-antibody TAX1BP1; T6BP; TAX1-binding protein; TRAF6 Binding Protein TRAF 6BP TRAF-6BP WBs western blots TNF tumors necrosis antibodies signal transduction proteins blotting immunoblotting TAX1-binding protein 0.177127071823
10874 TRAF6 Polyclonal Antibody - 2011-05-26 0.177127071823 traf6-polyclonal-antibody TNF Receptor-Associated Factor 6 TRAF 6 TRAF-6 WBs western blots TNF tumors necrosis antibodies signal transduction proteins blotting immunoblotting 0.177127071823
160750 TRAIL Polyclonal Antibody - 0E-12 trail-polyclonal-antibody Apo-2L apoptosis cell death TNF DR4 DR5 NF-.kappa.B NF-kappab NF-kappab antisera antiserum antibodies WB western blots blotting cancers immunoblotting 0E-12
9000784 (−)-trans-C75 1234694-22-4 ≥98% 2011-07-20 22.060883977900 -trans-c75 (2S,3R)-C75 trans C75 transC75 inhibitors inhibits inhibition fatty acids synthases FAS apoptosis cancers obesity C-75 apoptosis 22.060883977900
9000783 (+)-trans-C75 Exclusive 1234694-20-2 ≥98% 2011-07-20 26.370276243094 -trans-c75 (2R,3S)-C75 transC75 trans C75 fatty acids synthases FAS apoptosis cancers obesity inhibitors inhibits inhibition C-75 26.370276243094
13791 TRF2 Polyclonal Antibody - 2010-06-24 1.408839779006 trf2-polyclonal-antibody TERF2; Telomeric Repeat Binding Factor 2; TRBF2; TTAGGG Repeat Binding Factor 2 antibodies proteins TRF-2 TRF 2 factors repeat DNA binding cells apoptosis western blots blotting immunoblotting telomere WB ICC IP ChIP IF immunoprecipitation immunofluorescence immunocytochemistry cancers apoptosis 1.408839779006
10009083 Trimidox Exclusive 95933-74-7 ≥98% 2008-02-13 49.661019030079 trimidox VF 233 apoptosis ribonucleotide reductases cells cycles cancers dNTP HIV caspase DNA synthesis chemotherapy dGTP HL-60 49.661019030079
10011124 Trimidox (hydrochloride) Exclusive 95933-75-8 >98% 2008-06-10 0.216574585635 trimidox-hydrochloride CF 233 (hydrochloride) apoptosis ribonucleotides reductases cells cycles cancers dNTP HIV caspases DNA synthesis chemotherapy dGTP HL-60 HCls 0.216574585635
15550 UCF 101 New 313649-08-0 ≥98% 2014-02-24 0E-12 ucf-101 Omi/HtrA2 serines proteases mitochondria chaperones apoptosis cells death caspase inhibitors inhibits inhibitions fluorescence cerebral ischemia neuroprotective cardioprotective Thanatos-associated proteins 5 THAP5 cycles UCFs UCF101 UCF-101 vascular diseases mitochondrial biology intracellular signals signaling cardiology apoptosis Omi HtrA2 0E-12
15116 Vitexin 3681-93-4 ≥98% 2013-10-22 4.443855942165 vitexin Orientoside 521-33-5 30108-44-2 53152-13-9 55555-34-5 antioxidant anti-oxidant anti oxidant antiinflammatory inflammatory anti-nociceptive nociceptive anti-inflamamtory antinociceptive apigenin falvone C-glycoside natural product inhibitors inhibits inhibitions tumors antitumors anti-tumor apoptosis C-glycosides C glycosides crataegus spp. Hawthorn passiflora spp passion flowers P. glaucum R. Br. Pearl millet P. nigra bamboo leaves. V. agnuscatus L. chasteberry tropical plants species carbohydrate hydrolyzing enzymes cancer xenograft TRPV1 apigenin flavones Isovitexin C-8 isomers C8 Cs 8 eight orientoside vitexina vitexine natural flavonoids immunology pains cancers apoptosis 4.443855942165
11352 Withaferin A 5119-48-2 ≥95% 2012-07-31 2.146408839779 withaferin-a NSC 101088; NSC 273757 NSC101088 NSC-101088 NSC273757 NSC-273757 5196-55-4 22848-77-7 47738-04-5 1246849-97-7 vimentin epithelial-mesenchymal transitions metastasis cancers cells aggregation intermediates filaments apoptosis anti-tumors angiogenesis peripherin neurofilament-triplet proteins keratin microtubules actin microfilaments epithelial mesenchymal neurofilament triplet Withania somnifera W. somnifera 2.146408839779
14248 Wogonin 632-85-9 ≥98% 2013-03-04 3.042219938041 wogonin BRN 0287152 oxidative injury injuries inflammation neurosciences flavonoids cancers natural products anti-inflammatory anti-oxidant neuroprotection antitumors apoptosis anti-tumors tumors anti antiinflammatory inflammatory oxidant antioxidant scutellaria baicalensis S. inhibits inhibitions inhibitors LPS TNF ILs caspase-3 osteocarcinoma cells BRN0287152 BRN-0287152 3.042219938041
10010591 Wortmannin 19545-26-7 ≥98% 2008-11-21 27.528630632582 wortmannin KY 12420 phosphoinositide 3-kinase PI3K cells growth differentiations cancers motility inhibitors inhibits inhibition irreversible polo-like kinases PLK1 PLK3 mTOR DNA-PK DNAPK PL4K MLCK p38 MAPK 27.528630632582
14736 WP1066 New 857064-38-1 ≥95% 2013-11-05 41.945821567423 wp1066 STAT Inhibitor III inhibitors inhibits inhibitions cancers apoptosis neurosciences cardiovascular diseases immunology transcriptions factors WP-1066 WP1066 WPs 1066 cell-permeable cells permeable STAT3 STAT-3 STATs 3 three U87-MG U373-MG U87 U373 MGs U87MG U373MG malignant glioma apoptosis blood brain barrier blood-brain in vivo CD80 CD86 CDs 80 86 CD-80 CD-86 T T-cells seizures dephosphorylation nuclear exports phosphorylated induces orally bioavailables immune activations up-regulation up regulations proliferation induction effector T T-cells suppresses vascular smooth muscles injury mice seizures rats 41.945821567423
10008883 WST-1 Cell Proliferation Assay Kit - 2006-09-07 61.031719780073 wst-1-cell-proliferation-assay-kit assays cells proliferation induction inhibitors inhibition inhibits growth factors signaling signalling molecules cycles regulatory factors cytokines mitogens drugs microtiter plates in vitro enzymes enzymatic cleavage tertrazolium salts formazan cellular mitochondrial dehydrogenases screen kits measures measurements cancers cell-based assay cell based assay cba 61.031719780073
10010199 WST-8 Cell Proliferation Assay Kit - 2007-09-11 50.162885539274 wst-8-cell-proliferation-assay-kit assays cells proliferation induction inhibitors inhibition inhibits growth factors signaling signalling molecules cycles regulatory factors cytokines mitogens drugs microwell plates in vitro enzymes enzymatic cleavage tertrazolium salts formazan cellular mitochondrial dehydrogenases screen kits measures measurements special:quarterly specialdiscount:50 specialstart:2007-12-01 specialend:2008-02-29 cell-based assay cell based assay cba 50.162885539274
14668 Xanthorrhizol 30199-26-9 ≥97% 2013-07-05 32.806785348884 xanthorrhizol antibiotics sesquiterpenoids curcumin inhibitors anti-metastasis anti-tumor anti-cancers apoptosis antimetastasis metastasis antitumor tumors anti anticancers cancers sesquiterpenoid rhizome curcuma xanthorrhiza antibacterials antifungals anti-bacterial anti-fungal bacterial bacteria fungals C. neuroprotectives chemotherapeutics drugs hepatotoxicity nephrotoxicity ornithine decarboxylase ODC COX COX-2 COX2 2 cyclooxygenase-2 cyclooxygenases inducible nitric oxides synthases iNOS NOS i-NOS carcinogenesis proliferation humans colons HCT116 HCT-116 HCTs 116 (R)-(-)-xanthorrhizol natural 32.806785348884
10010200 XTT Cell Proliferation Assay Kit - 2007-09-11 39.313835124910 xtt-cell-proliferation-assay-kit assays cells proliferation induction inhibitors inhibition inhibits growth factors signaling signalling molecules cycles regulatory factors cytokines mitogens drugs microtiter plates in vitro enzymes enzymatic cleavage tertrazolium salts formazan cellular mitochondrial dehydrogenases screen kits measures measurements special:quarterly specialdiscount:50 specialstart:2007-12-01 specialend:2008-02-29 cell-based assay cell based assay cba 39.313835124910
11168 (−)-YK-4-279 - ≥98% 2011-12-19 1.385359116022 -yk-4-279 ES-FLI1 oncogenes Ewing's sarcomas RNA helicases tumors cancers inhibitors apoptosis ETS transcription factors ERG ETV1 prostate fusion proteins diseases YK4279 YK 4279 growth xenografts cells chemotherapy resistant Ewings ESFLI1 ES FLI1 prostate 1.385359116022
11167 (+)-YK-4-279 1261038-93-0 ≥98% 2011-12-16 1.385359116022 -yk-4-279 ES-FLI1 oncogenes Ewing's sarcomas RNA helicases tumors cancers inhibitors apoptosis ETS transcription factors ERG ETV1 prostate YK4279 YK 4279 fusion proteins diseases growth orthotopic xenografts cells chemotherapy resistant Ewings EWS-FLI1 reduces in vitro in vivo family prostate cancers enantiomers EWSFLI1 EWS FLI1 1.385359116022
13661 YK-4-279 1037184-44-3 ≥98% 2010-02-05 2.770718232044 yk-4-279 ES-FLI1 oncogene Ewing's sarcomas RNA helicases A RHAs tumors cancers inhibitors apoptosis inhibition inhibited Ewings YK 4-279 YK4279 YK 4279 YK 4 279 Pentaacetic Acid, Diethylenetriamine Acid, Diethylenetriamine Pentaacetic Diethylenetriamine Pentaacetic Acid calcium trisodium pentetate Pentetic Acid DTPA pentacin penthanil 2.770718232044
11490 YM155 781661-94-7 ≥98% 2013-02-15 6.814419889503 ym155 Sepantronium bromide transcriptions factors cancers apoptosis sepantronium survivin IAP inhibitors inhibits inhibitions drugs 753440-91-4 resistances anti-tumors antitumors anti tumors YM-155 YMs 155 transactivation promoters suppresses suppression p53 prostate pancreatic lung 6.814419889503
15143 Z-Asp-CH2-DCB 153088-73-4 ≥98% 2013-10-24 10.199597474348 z-asp-ch2-dcb Z-Asp-2,6-Dichlorobenzoyloxymethyl Ketone caspases inhibitors inhibits inhibitions Z Asp CH2 DCB 2,6 dichlorobenzoyloxymethyl ketones dichlorobenzoyloxymethylketones Z-Asp-CH2-DCB proteases interleukins converts interleukin-1β-converting enzymes ICE apoptosis inflammation immunology caspase-1 one 1 T-cells T cells Tcells pan-caspases pans pancaspases CED-3 IL-1β IL-.beta. IL-b IL β .beta. b TNF-α TNF-.alpha. TNF-a TNF α .alpha. a IL-6 IL-six IL 6 six IFN-γ IFN-.gamma. IFN-g IFN γ .gamma. g 10.199597474348
14414 Z-DEVD-FMK 210344-95-9 ≥95% 2013-05-01 15.263551696921 z-devd-fmk 211292-26-1 inhibitors inhibits inhibitions apoptosis caspase3 3 caspase-3 caspases CPP32 cysteinyl cys aspartate-specific proteases cells death cell-permeable zdevdfmk CPP-32 CPPs 32 irreversible 15.263551696921
15400 Zerumbone New 471-05-6 ≥99% 2014-01-08 83.333333333333 zerumbone natural products antiviral anti-viral anti virals inflammation cancers apoptosis oxidative injury injuries sesquiterpene monocyclic wild rhizomes Z. zerumbet inhibits inhibitions inhibitor Epstein-Barr virus Epstein barr cells anti-oxidant antioxidant oxidant anti-inflammatory inflammatory antiinflammatory immunomodulatory hepatoprotective 83.333333333333
14462 Z-FA-FMK 197855-65-5 ≥98% 2013-05-14 3.812800679983 z-fa-fmk Z-Phe-Ala-Fluoromethyl Ketone inhibitors inhibits inhibitions apoptosis ZFAFMK Z FA FMK cysteines proteases cathepsins B L S cruzain papain caspases 2 3 6 7 8 10 caspase-2 caspase-3 caspase-6 caspase-7 infections bacteria parasites viruses modulates irreversible effectors initiators caspase-8 caspase-10 cells in vivo deaths 3.812800679983
14467 Z-VAD(OH)-FMK 161401-82-7 ≥98% 2013-07-24 15.480898765839 z-vad-oh-fmk Z-Val-Ala-Asp-(OH)-Fluoromethyl Ketone inhibitors apoptosis proteases inhibits FMKs irreversible tripeptides caspases non-methylated methylated nonmethylated non recombinant isolated purified enzymes in vitro pan-caspases pancaspases pan Z-VAD(OMe)-FMK ZVAD 15.480898765839
14463 Z-VAD(OMe)-FMK 187389-52-2 ≥95% 2013-05-14 23.610308540171 z-vad-ome-fmk Z-Val-Ala-Asp-(OMe)-Fluoromethyl Ketone 211292-24-9 inhibitors apoptosis inflammation inhibits inhibitions ZVADFMK Z VAD FMK cells permeable cell-permeables competitive irreversible caspases PARP poly ADP-ribose ADP riboses prevents preventing inflammasomes polymerases blocks in vivo actions deaths polymerases blocking caspase-mediated mediated mediating ZVAD 23.610308540171
15152 α-Crystallin (A Chain) (human recombinant) New - ≥95% 2013-10-30 11.111111111112 -crystallin-a-chain-human-recombinant HspB4; Heat Shock Protein β4; ACC cataracts opthamology heats shocks proteins chaperones crystallin A chains A-chains isoforms transparency transparent refractive index lens vertebrates eyes hetero-oligomeric hetero oligomeric heterooligomeric B crystallin Hsps chaperones chaperone-like like congenital stress resistance modulations redox apoptosis membranes fluids fluidity proteins recombinant a-crystallin alpha-crystallin .alpha.-crystallin a α alpha .alpha. αcrystallin acrystallin alphacrystallin .alpha.crystallin 11.111111111112
15153 α-Crystallin (B Chain) (human recombinant) New - ≥95% 2013-10-30 11.111111111112 -crystallin-b-chain-human-recombinant HspB5; Renal Carcinoma Antigen NY-REN-27; ABC; Heat Shock Protein β5; Rosenthal Fiber Component cataracts opthamology heats shocks proteins chaperones B chains ABCs vertebrates eyes lens tissues organs hetero-oligomeric hetero oligomeric heterooligomeric ACC Hsp Hsp-B5 B5 HspB5 renal carcinoma antigens NY REN Rosenthal fibers components redox inhibition apoptosis membranes fluids fluidty cancers neurologic diseases a-crystallin alpha-crystallin .alpha.-crystallin a α alpha .alpha. αcrystallin acrystallin alphacrystallin .alpha.crystallin 11.111111111112
15021 β-Lapachone 4707-32-8 ≥98% 2013-04-29 14.680761133434 -lapachone NSC 629749; ARQ 501; NSC 26326; SL 11001 natural products inhibitors inhibits inhibitions inflammation cancers apoptosis quinones anti-cancers anticancers anti anti-inflammatory antiinflammatory inflammatory antiinflammation anti-inflammation effects topoisomerases I transglutaminases cells cellular overexpress overexpressions NAD(P)H:quinone NADPH:quinone oxoreductases NQO1 b-lapachone beta-lapachone .beta.-lapachone lapachones .beta. beta b β hydroquinones reactive oxygens species ROS reversions senstizes radiation suppresses suppression NF-κB activations ROS ARQ 501 ARQ-501 ARQ501 NSCs 26326 629749 NSC-26326 NSC-629749 NSC26326 NSC629749 SLs 1101 SL-11001 SL1101 nuclear factors kappa-light-chain-enhancer activated B transcriptions 14.680761133434

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