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Cayman is a manufacturer, supplier, and vendor of biochemical reagents, assay kits, forensic chemistry standards, antibodies, and proteins for scientific research. Analytical testing services and custom synthesis are also available.

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Item № Product Sizes & Pricing CAS Purity Image Exclusive Introduction Date Mojo Plain Text Name Synonyms Keywords Interest
15929 10058-F4 403811-55-2 ≥95% 2014-04-18 1.862762430939 10058-f4 cancers apoptosis genes regulations transcription factors oncogenes Myc Max dimer regulates proteins c-Myc cells growth 10058F4 10058 F4 permeable thiazolidione inhibits inhibition inhibitors proliferation cycles arrest myeloid humans leukemia metabolized metabolism mice tumors in vivo nuclear neuroblastoma n-Myc n c lipids glucose 1.862762430939
16007 1,2,3,4,6-Penta-O-galloyl-β-D-glucopyranose 14937-32-7 ≥95% 2014-05-29 7.543149171271 1-2-3-4-6-penta-o-galloyl-d-glucopyranose 94008-​28-​3 98731-​29-​4 99935-​72-​5 102694-​50-​8 131647-​34-​2 anticancers anti-cancers anti cancers natural products inhibitors inhibits inhibitions anti-proliferation proliferation antiproliferation NF-κB NF-kappaB NF-.kappa.B NF-kB cells growth cycle roots P. suffruiticosa hepatocellular carcinoma SK-HEP-1 SKHEP1 SK HEP 1 arrest suppressing suppression activation trees 7.543149171271
10341 12-Lipoxygenase (platelet-type, mouse recombinant) - ≥85% estimated by SDS-PAGE 2010-03-24 27.855428176795 12-lipoxygenase-platelet-type-mouse-recombinant 12-LO; 12-LOX 12 LOs 12 LOXs 12 lipoxygenase P 12LO ALOX arachidonic acids platelet-type leukocyte-type epidermal-type 12-HETE 12 HETE 12-HpETE 12 HpETE 15-HETE 15 HETE 15-HpETE 15 HpETE active 27.855428176795
71220 1,4-DPCA 331830-20-7 ≥98% 2007-06-22 32.214627071822 1-4-dpca 1,4-dihydrophenonthrolin-4-one-3-Carboxylic acid HIF-1.alpha. normoxic HIF-.alpha. prolyl HIF-PH inhibitors collagen fibrosis 4-hydroxylase normoxia hypoxic hypoxia-inducible factor HIF1.alpha. HIF1alpha HIFPH inhibition inhibits 32.214627071822
12700 15-deoxy-Δ12,14-Prostaglandin D2 85235-11-6 ≥95% 43.906445672191 15-deoxy-12-14-prostaglandin-d2 15-deoxy-Δ12,14-PGD2 PPARs prostaglandins peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors 15-deoxy-DELTA12,14-PGD2 15-deoxy-.DELTA.12,14-PGD2 15-deoxy-d12,14-PGD2 leukemia cells cancer 15d-pgd2 43.906445672191
10007950 15-hydroxy Prostaglandin Dehydrogenase (human recombinant) - ≥95% estimated by SDS-PAGE 2007-01-16 52.586609116022 15-hydroxy-prostaglandin-dehydrogenase-human-recombinant 15-hydroxy PGDH 15-OH PGDH 15-PGDH proteins binding enzymes dehydrogenases recombinant tumors suppressors colon thyroid breast cells active 15pgdh 52.586609116022
10009742 15-hydroxy Prostaglandin Dehydrogenase Western Ready Control - ≥90% by SDS-PAGE 2007-04-03 49.686056629834 15-hydroxy-prostaglandin-dehydrogenase-western-ready-control 15-hydroxy PGDH blotting blots western WB oxidation enzymes tumors suppression cells proliferation 15pgdh 49.686056629834
10011677 15-Lipoxygenase-1 Western Ready Control Exclusive - Whole cell lysate 2008-06-17 15.443102422439 15-lipoxygenase-1-western-ready-control 15-LO-1 Western Ready Control; 15-LOX-1 Western Ready Control proteins 15LO1 lipoxygenases 15(S)-HETE 13(S)-HODE 15S-HETE 13S-HODE interleukins western blots WBs immunoblotting blotting 15.443102422439
10011263 15-Lipoxygenase-2 (human recombinant) - ≥95% estimated by SDS-PAGE 2008-03-25 49.503634131369 15-lipoxygenase-2-human-recombinant 15-LOX-2; 15-LO-2 arachidonic acids recombinant proteins 15-HETE 15-HpETE active 49.503634131369
34720 15(S)-HETE 54845-95-3 ≥98% 42.567572744015 15-s-hete soybean 15-LOs asthma airway 15-lipoxygenases monohydroxy fatty acids 15S-HETES 15-HETES arachidonic 15(S)-HETEs 15(S)HETEs potato polyunsaturated 15HETEs 42.567572744015
334720 15(S)-HETE-d8 84807-87-4 ≥99% deuterated forms (d1-d8) 56.006261510129 15-s-hete-d8 GC/MS deuterium isotopes 15-HETE-d8 standards 15S-HETE-d8 15(S)HETE-d8 deuterated GC-MS LC/MS LC-MS 15-HETEs 15(S)-HETEs 15S-HETEs 15(S)HETEs hydroxy fatty acids mass spectrometry 15HETE 56.006261510129
534721 15(S)-HETE EIA Kit - 95.668314917127 15-s-hete-eia-kit 15(S)-HETE ELISA Kit solid plates 15(S)-HETEs 15S-HETEs measures kits eias enzyme immunoassays ELISAs 15(S)HETEs 15HETEs assays 95.668314917127
10007251 15(S)-HETE Lipid Maps MS Standard 54845-95-3 ≥98% 2009-02-17 16.815410114747 15-s-hete-lipid-maps-ms-standard soybean 15-LOs asthma airway 15-lipoxygenases monohydroxy fatty acids 15S-HETES 15-HETES arachidonic 15(S)-HETEs 15(S)HETEs potato polyunsaturated MS mass spectrometry standards 15HETE 16.815410114747
15208 16α-hydroxy Estrone 566-76-7 ≥98% 2013-11-12 7.803996316759 16-hydroxy-estrone 16α-OHE1 steroids endocrinology cancers arthritis autoimmune diseases receptors agonists hormones estrones estradiols estriols E1 E2 E3 E-1 E-2 E-3 Es 1 2 3 one two three hydroxylated OHE1 OHE-1 OHEs interconversion cytochromes P450 CYP450 isoforms CYP1A1 CYP3A5 CYP3A4 Cyp3A7 CYP3A5 breast sulphatized glucuronidated rheumatoid arthritis estrogens metabolites cell proliferation therapy therapies risk factors hydroxyestrone 7.803996316759
11039 17-AAG 75747-14-7 ≥98% 2012-03-21 5.253988743739 17-aag BMS 722782; CP 127374; Tanespimycin; NSC 330507; KOS 953 17AAG 17 AAG inhibitors inhibits inhibition heat shock proteins Hsp90 geldanamycin cancers breasts HER2 hepatotoxicity analogs tumors prostate cells apoptosis NSC330507 NSC-330507 BMS722782 BMS-722782 CP127374 CP-127374 KOS-953 KOS953 5.253988743739
11036 17-DMAG 467214-20-6 ≥98% 2012-03-14 7.470839572468 17-dmag Alvespimycin; KOS-1022; NSC 707545 inhibitors inhibits inhibition heat shock proteins Hsp90 geldanamycin cancers inflammation renal failure tissues tumors NF-κB mice mouse diabetes KOS1022 KOS 1022 NSC-707545 NSC707545 7.470839572468
10009799 17(S)-HDoHE 92693-03-3 ≥98% 2007-03-12 22.207034990792 17-s-hdohe 17(S)-hydroxy Docosahexaenoic Acid resolvins 17-HDHA docosahexaenoic acid COX-2 .omega.-3 w-3 aspirin hydroxylated metabolites oxygenation aspirin-inhibited cyclooxygenase-2 polyhydroxylated TNFa TNF.alpha. IL-1b IL-1.beta. glioma cells COX2 PGHS2 PGHS-2 prostaglandin synthases neurochemistry 17(s)-hdohe 22.207034990792
13812 17β-hydroxy Wortmannin Exclusive 58053-83-1 ≥98% 2010-05-18 13.018514548297 17-hydroxy-wortmannin phosphoinositide 3-kinase PI3K mTOR inhibitors inhibits inhibition inhibitory cancers 17-hydroxywortmannins 17-hydroxy wortmannins hydroxywortmannins PI3-K HWT phosphatidylinositol 13.018514548297
17178 1-Deoxymannojirimycin (hydrochloride) New 73465-43-7 ≥98% 2015-02-03 210.863066827544 1-deoxymannojirimycin-hydrochloride class I α1,2-mannosidase ER α-mannosidase I Man9GlcNAc2-specific processing α-mannosidase N-linked oligosaccharide carbohydrate research misfolded protein degradation cancer antiviral 84444-90-6 biochemical inhibit inhibitor enzyme glycan endoplasmic reticulum Golgi target translocation proteasome mannose prevent glycoprotein anti-cancer viral therapy therapies 210.863066827544
12077 1-hydroxy Vitamin D2 54573-75-0 ≥98% 2012-10-10 9.963408839778 1-hydroxy-vitamin-d2 1-Hydroxyergocalciferol; Hectorol; TSA 840; Doxercalciferol 87649-67-0 125285-48-5 1α-hydroxyergocalciferol 1α-Hydroxyvitamin D2 TSA-840 TSA840 vitamins D bones cancers parathyroid hormones receptors kidney renal diseases prodrug pro-drug pro drugs hyperparathyroidism growth blastomas prostate 9.963408839778
16937 1-methyl Adenosine​ New 15763-06-1 ≥98% 2014-12-30 32.692420580110 1-methyl-adenosine NSC 92165; 1-methyl Ado 22002-​82-​0 760928-​60-​7 1021895-​92-​0 biochemical cancer arthritis nucleotide modified nucleoside biomarker NSC92165 1-methyladenosine N1 modified nucleoside tRNA methyltransferase cancer serum rheumatoid arthritis 32.692420580110
16456 1-methyl-D-Tryptophan 110117-83-4 ≥95% 2014-09-15 13.687837504063 1-methyl-d-tryptophan inhibitors cancers D-(+)-1-methyltryptophan D-1-methyltryptophan methyltryptophan D 1 + methyl tryptophan inhibits inhibitions indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase IDO dioxygenases 2 3 metabolizes kynurenine NAD+ NAD pathways overexpressions tumors tumor-draining draining lymph nodes immunes tolerances growths in vivo mice prevents T cells T-cell anergy dendritic antitumor anti-tumor immunoresponses CD8+ CD8 xenografts chemotherapy regressions survivals humans ovarians carcincomas SKOV-3 SKOV3 SKOV cultures antiviral anti-viral virals indoximod 13.687837504063
16604 1-Methylnicotinamide (chloride​) New 1005-24-9 ≥95% 2014-12-09 11.714327808471 1-methylnicotinamide-chloride N1-Methylnicotinamide chloride; Trigonellamide chloride; Nicotinamide methochloride 3106-60-3 776318-​66-​2 metabolite nicotinamide nicotinamide N-methyltransferase NNMT antithrombotic anti-inflammatory cancer methylation metabolism biochemical epigenetics inflammation vascular disease NADP NAD 11.714327808471
10954 1-NA-PP1 221243-82-9 ≥98% 2011-09-30 59.037348066299 1-na-pp1 1-Naphthyl-PP1; PP1 Analog inhibitors inhibits inhibition kinases mutated analogs sensitive v-Src vSrc c-Fyn cFyn Cdk2 c-Abl cAbl mammalian yeast 1NMPP1 1NA-PP1 cells permeable tyrosine cell-permeable AS Src-family Src I338G v-Src-AS1 59.037348066299
10010093 1-Oleoyl Lysophosphatidic Acid Exclusive 65528-98-5 >95% 2007-08-29 19.319806629833 1-oleoyl-lysophosphatidic-acid 1-Oleoyl LPA; Oleoyl-sn-3-Glycerophosphate LPAS 1-oleoyl-LPAS agonists GPCR G-proteins cell proliferation smooth muscle contraction platelet aggregation reurite retraction 19.319806629833
15108 1-O-Octadecyl-2-O-methyl-sn-glycerol 83167-59-3 ≥95% 2013-11-06 0.681252302026 1-o-octadecyl-2-o-methyl-sn-glycerol PIA 7; 2-Methyl-1-octadecyl-sn-glycerol ethers lipids ET-18-OCH3 ET 18 OCH3 ET18OCH3 edelfosine phosphotidylinositol analogs PIAs Akts anticancers anti-cancers anti cancers apoptosis octadecyl O methyl sn glycerols metabolites pleckstrin homology domains serine threonine serine/threonine kinases cells endogenous DAGs intracellular signaling signal transductions lipids 0.681252302026
10010094 1-Palmitoyl Lysophosphatidic Acid Exclusive 22002-85-3 ≥98% 2010-11-29 6.398825966850 1-palmitoyl-lysophosphatidic-acid 1-Palmitoyl LPA (free acid) GPCR G-proteins cells proliferation smooth muscles contractions platelets aggregation 6.398825966850
10010290 1-Palmitoyl Lysophosphatidic Acid (sodium salt) Exclusive 17618-08-5 ≥98% 2007-09-05 9.317829518547 1-palmitoyl-lysophosphatidic-acid-sodium-salt 1-Palmitoyl LPA 1-palmitoyl-2-hydroxy-sn-glycero-3-phosphate monopalmitoylphosphatidic acid MPPA LPAS GPCRs biological responses 9.317829518547
10009962 2-(14,15-Epoxyeicosatrienoyl) Glycerol 848667-56-1 ≥95% 2008-04-03 24.560570902394 2-14-15-epoxyeicosatrienoyl-glycerol 2-14,15-EG 2-AG CYP450 metabolism mitogens cancers kidneys endocannabinoids cannabinoids cbs synthetic 24.560570902394
10794 22-Oxacalcitriol 103909-75-7 ≥95% 2013-02-20 11.229526440410 22-oxacalcitriol Maxacalcitrol vitamins receptors agonists cancers psoriasis endocrinology nutrition D VDR PTH supress parathyroid hormones synthesis secretions hyperthyroidism renal failure 22 oxacalcitrol analogs calcitrol hypercalcemia inhibits inhibitors inhibition keratinocytes proliferation apoptosis tumors cells 11.229526440410
13373 2',3',5'-triacetyl-5-Azacytidine 10302-78-0 ≥95% 2010-08-05 4.384736648250 2-3-5-triacetyl-5-azacytidine inhibitors inhibits inhibition DNA methyltransferases epigenetics methylation myelodysplastic syndromes cancers prodrugs 5-azacytidine 5-azacitidine azacytidine azacitidine rapid absorption o rally 4.384736648250
10005229 2,3-DCPE (hydrochloride) 1009555-55-8 ≥98% 2006-09-15 13.611261510128 2-3-dcpe-hydrochloride apoptosis Bcl-XL p21 ERK cancers cells cycles proapoptotic in vitro S-phase arrest upregulate activates activation 418788-90-6 13.611261510128
71200 2,4-DPD 41438-38-4 ≥98% 32.185856353591 2-4-dpd 2,4-Diethylpyridine dicarboxylate inhibits inhibition inhibitors proline-hydroxylases P564 HIF-PH HIF-1alpha HIF-1.alpha. alpha-keto glutarate .alpha.-keto a-keto cancer 32.185856353591
10008887 (+)-2,5-epi Goniothalesdiol Exclusive 887927-59-5 ≥98% 2009-03-02 3.447513812155 -2-5-epi-goniothalesdiol tetrahydrofuran cytotoxic pesticide anticancers drugs antitumor styryl lactone 3.447513812155
11097 25-hydroxy Cholesterol 2140-46-7 ≥98% 2012-02-08 21.388929026774 25-hydroxy-cholesterol 16505-96-7 oxysterol cholesterol SREBP sterols regulatory elements binding proteins atherosclerosis anticancer apoptosis immunosuppressive Bcl-2 caspases atherosclerosis antitumor tumors LXR-RXR ligands T cells macrophages 21.388929026774
11099 25-hydroxy Cholesterol-d6 88247-69-2 ≥99% deuterated forms (d1-d6) 2012-01-27 3.910492214967 25-hydroxy-cholesterol-d6 deuterated deuterium GC/MS GC-MS LC/MS LC-MS mass spectrometry MS 16505-96-7 oxysterol cholesterol SREBP sterols regulatory elements binding proteins atherosclerosis anticancer apoptosis immunosuppressive Bcl-2 caspases atherosclerosis antitumor tumors LXR-RXR ligands T cells macrophages 3.910492214967
12078 25-hydroxy Vitamin D2 21343-40-8 ≥98% 2012-10-10 25.907010435850 25-hydroxy-vitamin-d2 25-Hydroxyergocalciferol; Ercalcidiol 21343-34-0 29864-49-1 50351-34-3 25-hydroxycalciferol vitamins D bones osteoporosis parathyroid hormones receptors kidneys renal diseases immunity cancers cytochromes P450 isoforms vertebrates agonists 25.907010435850
11879 2-HBA Exclusive 131359-24-5 ≥98% 2012-09-20 2.724454419889 2-hba Bis(2-hydroxybenzylidene)acetone Nrf2 antioxidant ARE Keap1 oxidative stress inflammations cancers curcumin apoptosis Nrf-2 Nrfs Keap-1 Keaps 1 2HBA HBAs inducer enzymes detoxification pathways Michael reaction acceptor cytoprotective NQO1 NQO-1 NQO 2.724454419889
13019 2-Hydroxyestradiol 362-05-0 ≥95% 2009-01-20 9.773480662983 2-hydroxyestradiol NSC 61711; 2-HE2 estradiols steroids metabolism catechol-O-methyltransferase COMT pre-eclampsia preeclampsia angiogenesis cancers anticancer HIF-1α HIF1α 9.773480662983
15271 2-hydroxy Flutamide 52806-53-8 ≥98% 2013-12-12 14.875824066203 2-hydroxy-flutamide SCH 16423; Hydroxyniphtholide prostates cancers flutamide metabolites CYP1A2 CYP3A4 antiandrogen antagonist androgen receptos hydroxy hydroxy-flutamide active CYPs P450 cytochromes testosterones ARs nuclear in vivo potent dihydrotestosterone steroids hormones Schs Sch-16423 16423 Sch16423 14.875824066203
13021 2-Methoxyestradiol 362-07-2 ≥95% 2009-01-06 53.381778001004 2-methoxyestradiol 2-Hydroxyestradiol 2-methyl ether; 2-ME2; NSC 659853; Panzem estradiol steroids catechol-O-methyltransferase COMT pre-eclampsia preeclampsia angiogenesis cancers anticaner HIF-1α HIF1α 2-methoxyestradiol 53.381778001004
582261 2-Methoxyestradiol EIA Kit - 2010-12-09 246.159355432780 2-methoxyestradiol-eia-kit 2-ME2 ELISA Kit; 2-Hydroxyestradiol 2-methyl ester metabolites estradiols antitumors antiangiogenics breast prostate cancers cardioprotective cytochromes P450 CYP450 P450-dependent hydroxylation 17β-estradiols 2-position O-methylation catechol-O-methyltransferases pre-eclampsia plasma urine urinary markers therapeutics supplements estrogen receptors pregnancy ELISAs EIAs enzymes immunoassays kits competitive quantification measures measurements sample matrices 246.159355432780
11046 2-NBDG 186689-07-6 ≥98% (mixture of α and β) 2012-09-06 127.782304656669 2-nbdg NBD-Glucose fluorescence fluorescent probes glucose uptake cells viability contrast reagents neoplasia cancers diabetes flow cytometry microscopy 213484-93-6 127.782304656669
10010494 2-PCPA (hydrochloride) 1986-47-6 ≥98% 2008-05-09 5.024292827424 2-pcpa-hydrochloride Tranylcypromine; trans-2-Phenylcyclopropylamine 2 PCPA 2PCPA LSD1 histones chromatin nucleosomes post-translational modifications posttranslational methylation demethylation inhibitors inhibits inhibition MAO A B I MAOA MAOB MAOI MAO-A MAO-B MAO-I depression anxiety parkinsons disease epigenetics monoamine oxidases lysine-specific demethylase 5.024292827424
10009651 2-thio-Acetyl MAGE 112014-15-0 ≥97% 2007-02-22 15.860331491713 2-thio-acetyl-mage KIAA1363 cancers colorimetric substrates activity inhibition inhibits inhibitory enzymatic activity 15.860331491713
11881 2-Trifluoromethyl-2'-methoxychalcone Exclusive 1309371-03-6 ≥98% 2012-08-10 3.236261510129 2-trifluoromethyl-2-methoxychalcone Nrf2 antioxidant response elements ARE oxidative stress inflammation Keap1 activator anti-cancer anti-inflammatory GCLM NQO1 activators activate active Nrf-2 Nrfs 2 Keap-1 Keaps 1 anticancer antiinflammatory in vitro bronchial epithelial cells Beas-2B Beas2B Beas 2B small intestines 3.236261510129
15927 3,3'-Diindolylmethane 1968-05-4 ≥98% 2014-05-19 2.564585635358 3-3-diindolylmethane DIM phytochemicals indole-3-carbinol indoles 3 three carbinol glucosinolate glucobrassicin cruciferous vegetables broccoli anticancers anti-cancer anti cancers chemoprevention Nrf2 Phase 2 enzymes apoptosis epigenetics radioprotectors radiomitigators antioxidants anti-oxidants oxidants intracellular signaling signals inhibitors inhibits inhibitions epigenetics DNAs damages repairs natural products transduction AhR agonists arundine HBs 236 HB236 HB-236 antiradiation anti-radiation chemopreventative metabolites cells cycles arrests proliferation histones deacetylases methylation Bis(3-indolyl)methane 2.564585635358
10004185 3,4',5-Trismethoxybenzophenone Exclusive 94709-12-3 ≥95% 2004-07-21 16.360018416206 3-4-5-trismethoxybenzophenone antimitotics antimitosis resveratrol analogs phenolic antioxidants antiproliferative antiproliferatory inhibits inhibition inhibitors cell growth 16.360018416206
10727 3,5-dimethyl PIT-1 701947-53-7 ≥98% 2011-05-25 8.596961325966 3-5-dimethyl-pit-1 PIP3 PtdIns-(3,4,5)-P3 PH domain cancers inhibitors Akts PDK1 PTENs proteins binding inhibits inhibited inhibition DM-PIT-1 8.596961325966
11672 3-Acetyl-11-keto-β-Boswellic Acid New 67416-61-9 2015-01-20 0E-12 3-acetyl-11-keto-boswellic-acid 3-O-Acetyl-11-keto-β-boswellic acid; AKBA biochemical phytochemical boswellia serrata plant herb natural product anit-inflammatory anti-tumor prostate cancer tumor cell-permeable pentacyclic triterpene phosphorylation degradation IκBα NF-κB 5-LO 5-lipoxygenase topo topoisomerase I topoisomerase II inhibit inhibitor 0E-12
10397 3-amino Benzamide 3544-24-9 ≥98% 2011-10-07 1.550279696132 3-amino-benzamide 3-(Aminocarbonyl) Aniline; 3-Carboxamidoaniline poly(ADP-ribose) polymerases PARPs DNA repairs DNA strands breaks apoptosis inflammation atherosclerosis neruogenesis cancers angiogenesis signaling cellular responses inhibits inhibitor inhibition telomere shortening shortens stimulates mediated mediates PARP-mediated 1.550279696132
15419 3-AP 143621-35-6 ≥95% 2014-01-22 11.545669731348 3-ap NSC 663249; 3-Aminopyridine-2-Carboxyaldehyde Thiosemicarbazone; Triapine™ 236392-​56-​6 ribonucleotide reductase inhibitors inhibits inhibitions DNA synthesis cancers anti-tumors tumors anti antitumor iron chelator R2/p53R2 subunits ER stress UPR unfolded proteins response apoptosis oxidative injury 3AP 3 APs aminopyridine carboxyaldehyde thiosemicarbazone in vitro NSCs 663249 NSC663249 NSC-663249 OCX-191 OCX191 OCXs 191 Pans pan-811 811 pan811 11.545669731348
13574 3-bromo-5-phenyl Salicylic Acid Exclusive 4906-68-7 ≥95% 2010-08-10 18.094756906077 3-bromo-5-phenyl-salicylic-acid NSC 109116 Aldo-keto reductases AKR, oxidoreductases hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases HSDs 20α-HSD progesterones cancers steroids brain functions AKR1C1 AKR1C2 AKR1C3 AKR1C4 endothelial cells 18.094756906077
13828 3-Deazaneplanocin A 102052-95-9 ≥97% 2011-02-18 175.058573581115 3-deazaneplanocin-a NSC 617989; DZNep EZH2 KMT6 methyltransferases histones cancer epigenetics panobinostat 3deazaneplanocin 3-cyclopentene-1,2-diol deriv Adenosine Adenocard 175.058573581115
11102 3-Deazaneplanocin A (hydrochloride) 120964-45-6 ≥98% 2012-06-22 24.145677858053 3-deazaneplanocin-a-hydrochloride 2,3-DMMC monohydrochlorides HCl 934968-81-7 lysines methyltransferases EZH2 KMT6 polycomb repressive complexes 2 catalyzes trimethylation 27 histones H3 proliferations aggressive cells growth neoplastic cyclopentyl analogs 3-deazaadenosine inhibitors inhibits inhibition S-adenosyl-L-homocysteines hydrolases levels cultured human acute myeloid leukemias AML HL-60 OCI-AML3 primary expression cell-cycle regulators p21 p27 FBXO32 cycles arrests apoptosis death regulated pan-histones deacetylases panobinostat antileukemic effects synergistically mice mouse cancers chromatins research epigenetics modifications HDACs SAM hydrolases HL60 HL 60 OCI AML3 p-21 p 21 p-27 27 FBOX-32 FBOX 32 24.145677858053
13242 3-Methyladenine 5142-23-4 ≥98% 2012-08-09 32.804836910327 3-methyladenine NSC 66389; 3-MA NSC66389 NSC-66389 autophagy lysosome mTOR phosphoinositide 3-kinases PI3K key regulator inhibitors proteins degradation class I class II class III metastasis inhibits inhibitions 3MA 3 Mas methyl-adenine methyl adenine autophagic cytoplasmic lysosome fibrosarcoma HT1080 HT-1080 HTs 1080 cells 32.804836910327
17219 4H-Cyclopenta[DEF]phenanthren-4-one New 5737-13-3 4H-​cyclopenta[def]​phenanthren-​4-​one 2015-01-27 0E-12 4h-cyclopenta-def-phenanthren-4-one 4,5-Phenanthrylene ketone; NSC 132541 NSC132541 ketone-bridged derivative phenanthrene mutagenic carcinogenic activity 0E-12
13265 4-hydroxy Nonenal Alkyne Exclusive 1011268-23-7 ≥98% 2010-06-16 84.812481756808 4-hydroxy-nonenal-alkyne Click Tag™ 4-HNE alkyne lipids peroxidation inflammation neurodegeneration atherosclerosis diabetes cancers click chemistry Click Tag™ 4-HNEs alkynes IT 84.812481756808
17308 4-hydroxy Tamoxifen New 68392-35-8 2015-02-20 42.837249846531 4-hydroxy-tamoxifen Afimoxifene; 4-OHT 71880-76-7 76702-42-6 68047-06-3 174592-47-3 TamoGel 4OHT 4-hydroxytamoxifen metabolite tamoxifen estrogen receptor antagonist antioxidant agonist intramembranous lipid peroxidation cell-permeable PKC inhibitor inhibit anti-estrogenic antiestrogenic modulator in vivo orally active antineoplastic anti-neoplastic chemotherapeutic agent cancer reproductive biology 42.837249846531
10495 4-iodo-SAHA 1219807-87-0 ≥98% 2011-01-10 13.981050001683 4-iodo-saha anti-cancers HDACs inhibitors anti-proliferation 4-Hydroxy-5-iodo-3-nitrophenyl)acetyl 4-Hydroxy-3-iodo-5-nitrophenyl)acetyl 5-Iodo-4-hydroxy-3-nitrophenacetyl 5 Iodo 4 hydroxy 3 nitrophenacetyl Nitrohydroxyiodophenylacetate Hydroxyiodonitrophenylacetate Hapten NIP Acetyl Acetyl Hapten NIP NIP Acetyl Hapten NIP-Hapten NIP Hapten 13.981050001683
9001510 4-methyl Erlotinib 1346601-52-2 ≥95% 2013-12-09 4.031878453038 4-methyl-erlotinib receptors biochemistry inhibitors cancers signals transductions inhibits inhibitions methylated analogs tyrosine kinase epidermal growth factors EGFRs binds binders bindings hydrophobic phenyls methyl 4 four NSCs 718781 NSC-718781 NSC718781 CPs 358774 CP-358774 CP358774 OSI597 OSI-597 OSIs 597 4.031878453038
10185 4-oxo-2-Nonenal Exclusive 103560-62-9 >98% 2004-01-21 61.945110497237 4-oxo-2-nonenal 4-ONE ROS Alkenals aldehydes free radicals peroxidation lipid autoxidation reactive oxygen species 61.945110497237
10004174 4-oxo 2-Nonenal-d3 Exclusive 1313400-91-7 ≥99% deuterated forms (d1-d3) 2004-03-10 33.254125230202 4-oxo-2-nonenal-d3 4-ONE-d3 ROS Alkenals aldehydes free radicals peroxidation lipid autoxidation reactive oxygen species 4-OH-2-nonenal-d3 4-hydroxy2nonenald3 internal standards mass spectrometry GC/MS LC/MS gc-ms ic-ms deuterium deuterateds 33.254125230202
10011049 4-phenyl-5-methyl-1,2,3-Thiadiazole 64273-28-5 ≥98% 2009-03-14 0.352417598352 4-phenyl-5-methyl-1-2-3-thiadiazole NSC 358739 cytochrome P450 CYP450 CYP2B4 CYP2E1 CYP1A2 inhibitors inhibits inhibition thiadiazoles fungicide herbicide plant growth regulator 0.352417598352
16090 5,15-DPP 22112-89-6 ≥95% 2014-06-18 11.033025587581 5-15-dpp 5,15-Diphenylporphyrin; STAT3 Inhibitor VIII 22124-41-0 395639-98-2 519154-31-5 521061-43-8 inhibitors inhibits inhibitions intracellular signaling signals transduction cancers inflammation DPPs diphenylporphyrin STATs STAT-3 STAT3 transducers activators three cell-permeable cells permeable porphyrin derivatives selective binds binding binder dimerization Src homologs 2 Sh2 domains DNA transcription 3 three homology 2 two 5,15-Diphenyl-21H,23H-porphine 11.033025587581
9001902 5-Aminolevulinic Acid (hydrochloride) 5451-09-2 ≥98% 2014-03-05 10.171270718232 5-aminolevulinic-acid-hydrochloride 5-ALA; δ-Aminolevulinic Acid 106-60-5 cancers fluorescence fluorescent probes ALAs 5ALA porphyrins hemes ROS reactive oxygen species light photodynamic dermatological cancers diseases levulan kerastick 5-amino-4-oxopentanoic 10.171270718232
11164 5-Azacytidine 320-67-2 ≥95% 2012-02-16 8.934013417521 5-azacytidine Ladakamycin; 5-AzaC; NSC 103-627; U 18496; WR 183027; NSC 102816; Mylosar; Antibiotic U 18496 52934-49-3 292869-98-8 ledakamycin azacitidine 5-azacitidine 5 azacitidine 5 azacytidine 5-AZCR 5-AZC 5-AC methyltransferases histones cancers epigenetics cytidine inhibitors DNA RNA inhibits inhibition diseases cells 8.934013417521
13379 5-bromo-3-phenyl Salicylic Acid 99514-99-5 ≥95% 2010-08-10 17.917243093922 5-bromo-3-phenyl-salicylic-acid Aldo-keto reductases AKR oxidoreductases hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases HSD 20α-HSD progesterone cancers steroids brain functions AKR1C1 AKR1C2 AKR1C3 AKR1C4 endothelial cells 17.917243093922
11635 5-Fluorocytosine 2022-85-7 ≥95% 2012-04-16 5.103830570902 5-fluorocytosine NSC 103805; 5-FC; Ancotil; Ancobon; Ro 2-9915 flucytosin fluocytosine fluorocytosine alcobon ancotyl prodrugs 5-fluorouracil cytotoxic inhibitors inhibits inhibition Candida species Cryptococcus neoformans viral infection cancers cytosine deaminase 5 fluorocytosine fluorine drugs DNA proteins sybthesis cells CT26 Tu-2449 tumors flucytosine 5.103830570902
13856 5-Nitroso-8-quinolinol 3565-26-2 ≥95% 2012-10-25 22.813066298342 5-nitroso-8-quinolinol Hydron III; NSC 3852 5-nitrosooxine NSC3852 NSC-3852 hydron 3 HDACs inhibitors antitumors oxidative stress ROS apoptosis antiproliferative cancers cells differentiation Toxoplasma gondii Plasmodium falciparum inhibits inhibitions Zn2+ chelation motif SAHA MCF-7 MCF7 tumors agents 22.813066298342
16105 5-Octyl-α-ketoglutarate Exclusive 1616344-00-3 ≥98% 2014-12-03 44.281107592019 5-octyl-ketoglutarate α-KG octyl ester biochemical aging intracellular signaling metabolism hypoxia cancer cell permeable Krebs citric acid TCA tricarboxylic cycle 2-oxoglutarate 2-oxo glutarate substrate enzyme modulator free hydrolysis ester bond cytoplasmic esterase increase level pathway glycolysis α-KG 44.281107592019
10009315 6-Aminonicotinamide 329-89-5 ≥98% 2008-11-21 37.514917127072 6-aminonicotinamide SR 4388; NSC 21206; 6-AN inhibitors inhibits inhibition 6-phosphoguconate dehydrogenase cancers ATPs oxidative injury neurodegeneration cardiovascular 37.514917127072
11707 6-Gingerol 23513-14-6 ≥98% 2014-05-15 52.627960405156 6-gingerol 1391-73-7 natural products receptors agonists inhibits inhibitions inhibitors pains inflammation cancers neurosciences TRPs transient potential vanilloid TRPV1 TRPV-1 TRPV 1 one ginger ankyrin zingiberis plants gingerol capsaicin TRPA1 TRPA-1 TRPA serotonin currents cyclooxygenases COX-1 COX-2 [6]-Gingerol (+)-[6]-Gingerol (5S)-[6]-Gingerol (S)-(+)-[6]Gingerol (S)-[6]Gingerol 52.627960405156
15774 6-Thioguanine 154-42-7 ≥95% 2014-04-16 0.227900552486 6-thioguanine 6-TG; NSC 752; NSC 76504 611-​67-​6 1125-​65-​1 1832-​72-​0 5632-​51-​9 153981-​50-​1 158476-​00-​7 thiopurines antimetabolites anti metabolites anti-metabolites chemotherapy purines analogs DNA damages double strands breaks cancers cytotoxicity thio purines cytosines methylation methyltransferases leukemia tumors BRCA2 BRCA-2 BRCAs 2 two mutated epigenetics thioguanine thioguanine six 6 lanvis S6G tabloid TGs thio-guanine NSCs 752 76504 NSC752 NSC76504 NSC-752 NSC-76504 genes regulations chemotherapeutics BRCA2-mutated repairs 2-Amino-6-mercaptopurine Tioguanin Tioguanine 0.227900552486
10009027 6α-hydroxy Paclitaxel 153212-75-0 ≥95% 2013-10-10 26.559650092080 6-hydroxy-paclitaxel 153720-55-9 172228-55-6 19027 cancers metabolism cytochromes P450 CYP450 metabolites paclitaxels anticancers anti-cancers anti isoforms CYP2C8 drugs fluvastatin diets dietary components genetic genes polymorphisms taxols 6α 6alpha 6.alpha. 6a 6 six alpha α a .alpha. 10927 26.559650092080
16225 7,8,9,10-Tetrahydrobenzo[a]pyren-7-ol 6272-55-5 ≥98% 2014-07-23 0.140055248619 7-8-9-10-tetrahydrobenzo-a-pyren-7-ol NSC 30871; 7-HTBP 91484-​77-​4 mutagenesis mutagenic carcinogenesis sulfotransferase sulfuric acids esters metabolites xenobiotic benzylic alcohols benzopyrene derivatives hepatic cytosol DNA covalent adducts mutations cancers damages repairs 0.140055248619
10009856 7-AAD Cell Viability Assay Kit - 2008-10-29 41.046140673968 7-aad-cell-viability-assay-kit 7-Amino Actinomycin D Cell Viability Kit kits 7AAD measurement cells fixation blocking cytoxicity effects environmental toxins drug fluorescence fluorescent cell-based assays cell based assay cba 41.046140673968
600120 7-AAD/CFSE Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity Assay Kit - 2009-08-05 56.477809786898 7-aad-cfse-cell-mediated-cytotoxicity-assay-kit 7-Amino Actinomycin D/5-(6)-Carboxyfluorescein Diacetate Succinimidyl Ester 7-amino actinomycin D/5-(6)-carboxyfluorescein diacetates succinimidyls esters assays kits measuring measurement kits 5-(6) 5,6 5-6 7AAD cells cytoxicity cell-based cba cytolysis target effector T lymphocytes NK natural killer autoimmune systems pathological cancers multiple sclerosis granule exocytosis pathways Fas diseases graft host 51chromium 51Cr green fluorescent fluorescence probes red propidium iodide dead effector carboxyfluorescein succinimidyl esters dyes damaged DNA deoxyribonucleic acids quantify quantification single staining 56.477809786898
15988 7-methyl Guanosine 20244-86-4 ≥98% 2014-05-19 13.387469785911 7-methyl-guanosine 34080-​10-​9 purines bases based nucleotides methylation biomarkers cancers 5’ terminal caps mRNA translation 7-methylguanosine methyl guanosines 7 seven bio-markers bio markers five analog m RNA additions 5 five eukaryotic rephosporylation re phosphorylation re-phosporylation de novo synthesis excretes excreted cells serums urines 13.387469785911
89300 8-hydroxy Guanosine 3868-31-3 ≥98% 10.433480662983 8-hydroxy-guanosine oxidative injury RNA stress damage 7,8-dihydro-8-oxo-guanosine markers inhibitors growth 29851-​58-​9 448192-​32-​3 10.433480662983
17232 9-amino Camptothecin New 91421-43-1 ≥95% 2015-02-17 89.480289748311 9-amino-camptothecin NSC 603071 130194-90-0 DNA topoisomerase I inhibitor anticancer cell cycle arrest antitumor alkaloid strand break damage NSC603071 biochemical cancer inhibit water-soluble analog camptothecin cytotoxic HT-29 89.480289748311
16499 A-443654 552325-16-3 ≥98% 2014-09-12 11.674962076454 a-443654 Akt1 Akt2 Akt3 proteins kinases B PKB cancers cells proliferation inhibitors biochemicals signals tranductions inhibits inhibitions Akt-1 Akt-2 Akt-3 Akts 1 2 3 PK A443654 A 443654 pan isoforms PKBα PKBβ PKBγ α β γ modulates metabolism survivals angiogenesis mitotic progressions bipolar spindles formations induces G2/M G2 M accumulations defects centrosomes separations monopolar arrays disorganized Akt-dependent dependent tumors in vivo mouses models phosphorylation Thr Thr308 308 Ser Ser473 473 humans lines mechanisms rapid feedback reactions 11.674962076454
16351 AAL-993 269390-77-4 ≥95% 2014-08-12 17.681919377941 aal-993 VEGFR Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor VI; ZK 260253 inhibitors angiogenesis cancers signals transductions hypoxia receptors biochemistry inhibits inhibitions VEGF inhibiting VEGFR VEGFR-1 VEGFR1 VEGFR-2 VEGFR2 VEGFR-3 VEGFR3 1 2 3 one two three c-Kit c Kit colony stimulating factors PGDF β EGF orally bioavailable in vivo blocks VEGF-induced induced prevents growths primary tumors spontaneous peripheral metastases mice hypoxia-mediated increases hypoxia-inducible factor-1 transcriptional activity ERK-dependent ERK dependents manners AAL993 AAL 993 ZK-260253 ZK 260253 potent 17.681919377941
15148 Abiraterone Acetate 154229-18-2 ≥98% 2013-11-06 286.231915285451 abiraterone-acetate Zytiga®; CB-7630 inhibitors inhibits inhibitions cancers steroids hormones cytochromes P450 endocrinology CYP17A1 CYPs CYP450 CYP-17A1 17A1 blocks blockage blocking inhibiting 17α-hydroxylases 17alpha-hydroxylases 17.alpha.-hydroxylases hydroxylases 17 20 lyases activity activities reactions synthesis androgens estrogens glucocorticoids mineralocorticoids mice mouse men human testosterones plasma luteinizing hormones LH radiographic progression-free free progression survival metastatic castration-resistant castration resistant prostates CB7630 CBs 7630 CB-7630 286.231915285451
16233 ABT-199 1257044-40-8 ≥98% 2014-08-07 4.364640883978 abt-199 GDC 0199 1379647-79-6 Bcl-2-selective inhibitor Bcl 2 Bcl2 Bcl-2 selectives apoptosis antitumor BH3 mimetic chronic lymphocytic leukemia cancer GDC0199 ABT199 4.364640883978
11500 ABT-263 923564-51-6 ≥98% 2013-12-19 14.734060773480 abt-263 Navitoclax; A-855071 inhibitors apoptosis cancers intracellular signaling ABTs ABT263 263 potent anti-apoptotic antiapoptotic anti apoptotic Bcl-2 Bcl2 Bcls 2 two proteins BH3 BH-3 BHs 3 three homology tumors therapeutics therapy chemotherapeutics cells 1000696-69-4 As 855071 A855071 A-855071 Bim regression .beta. b β catenin .beta.-catenin b-catenin β-catenin Bcl-XL XL BCL-w w 14.734060773480
11501 ABT-737 852808-04-9 ≥98% 2014-01-02 13.110414364640 abt-737 inhibitors apoptosis cancers intracellular signaling inhibits inhibitions anti-apoptotic antiapoptotic anti apoptotic Bcl-2 Bcl2 Bcl 2 two ABTs 737 ABT737 potent cell-permeable cells permeable mimetics BH3 BH-3 BHs 3 three homology Bcl-XL BclXL XL Bcl-w Bclw w proteins tumors therapeutics radiation 13.110414364640
13653 ABT-869 796967-16-3 ≥98% 2010-12-09 8.844470148961 abt-869 Linifanib inhibitors RTK tyrosine kinases VEGF PDGF cancers KDR Flt1 Flt3 Flt4 CSF-1R KIT acute myeloid leukemia antiproliferative anti-proliferative ABT 869 ABT869 Indazoles 8.844470148961
11505 ABT-888 (hydrochloride) 912445-05-7 ≥98% 2014-01-03 5.604465787869 abt-888-hydrochloride Veliparib inhibitors DNA damages repairs cancers apoptosis autophagy inhibits inhibitions ABTs ABT888 888 HCl poly(ADP-ribose) polymerases PARPs oral orally bioavailable PARP1 PARP2 PARPs PARP-1 PARP-2 1 2 one two breaks radiation alkylation chemotherapies cancers cells 912444-00-9 chemotherapy 5.604465787869
10008051 Acid Phosphatase Colorimetric Assay Kit - 2006-09-20 6.430718232044 acid-phosphatase-colorimetric-assay-kit AP aps hydrolase eznymes prostate pap tartrate resistant assays 6.430718232044
14003 Acivicin 42228-92-2 ≥98% 2012-11-27 9.485801104972 acivicin NSC 163501; Antibiotic AT-125; U 42126 AT125 AT-125 NSC163501 NSC-163501 U42126 U-42126 glutamines glutamine-dependent amidotransferases inhibitors nucleotides anthranilate synthases glutamates synthase γ-glutamyl transpeptidase glutathione metabolism anti-tumors anti-cancers analogs inhibits inhibitions amidotransferases biosynthesis anti-tumorigenic antitumorigenics 9.485801104972
11421 Actinomycin D 50-76-0 ≥95% 2012-10-03 5.998397790055 actinomycin-d Cosmegen; Dactinomycin; NCI C04682; Oncostatin K; Meractinomycin; NSC 3053 1402-51-3 1402-58-0 C1 AIV I1 IV X1 A IV 7 AD actinomycindioic D acid dilactone chounghwamycin B dactinomycin D lyovac NCIC04682 NCI-C04682 NSC3053 NSC-3053 antibiotics DNAs transcriptions RNAs synthesis anticancers cells deaths antitumors anti-cancers anti cancers anti-tumors anti tumors agents fluorescent derivative 7-aminoactinomycin 7-AAD AAD 7AAD markers actinomycin-d 5.998397790055
16605 Actinonin​ 13434-13-4 ≥98% 2014-11-05 6.544427327563 actinonin Ro 06-1467; (-)-Actinonin protease inhibitor aminopeptidase antibiotic matrix metalloproteinase MMP peptide deformylase PDF meprin α antitumor anticancer apoptosis mitochondria infectious disease cancer antibiotic inhibit mitochondrial biology biochemical peptidomimetic Actinomyces MMP-1 MMP1 MMP-2 MMP2 MMP-3 MMP3 MMP-7 MMP7 MMP-8 MMP8 MMP-9 MMP9 MMP-10 MMP10 MMP-12 MMP12 MMP-13 MMP13 herbicide plastid enzyme N-terminal processing plastid-encoded protein human zinc endopeptidase cleaves tumor cell invasion degradation induce animal model actinonine CONA 57 CON 57 6.544427327563
13975 AD57 (hydrochloride) Exclusive - ≥98% 2012-12-18 24.689502762431 ad57-hydrochloride 1093380-42-7 polypharmacological cancers therapeutics inhibitors inhibits inhibitions invasions proliferation growth metabolism tyrosines kinases receptors serine/threonine AD-57 ADs 57 HCl drosophila Ret Src Raf S6K therapeutic 24.689502762431
9001421 AD80 (hydrochloride) Exclusive - ≥98% 2014-04-03 24.689502762431 ad80-hydrochloride 1384071-99-1 cancers inhibitors inhibits inhibitions kinases proteins signals transductions Ads 80 AD-80 HCl MEN2B multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2B pote dRet Raf Src S6 cells tumor growth Ret rearranged during transfection dRetMEN2B AD80 mTOR 24.689502762431
10006908 Adipogenesis Assay Kit - 2006-08-18 73.583632933566 adipogenesis-assay-kit obese obesity cells cycle differentiation inhibits inhibitors inhibition adipocytes cancers origin 3T3-L1 model drug screening adipokines endocrinology cell-based assays cell based assay cba 73.583632933566
10009381 Adipolysis Assay Kit - 2007-07-30 47.007413767358 adipolysis-assay-kit obese obesity cells cycle differentiation inhibits inhibitors inhibition adipocytes cancers origin 3T3-L1 model drug screening adipokines lipolysis 3T3L1 kits assays FFA adipocytes endocrinology cell-based assay cell based assay cba 47.007413767358
11293 Aflatoxin B1 1162-65-8 ≥98% 2012-01-30 20.615659037095 aflatoxin-b1 AFB1; NSC 529592; HSDB 3453 11003-08-0 13214-11-4 27261-02-5 toxicology pathogens mycotoxins Aspergillus cancers HCC hepatocellular carcinomas p53 DNA adduct mold carcinogenic metabolism liver epoxide tumoors suppression genes food contaminant contamination D03.438.150.119.075 D03.830.219.119.07 NSC-529592 HSDB-3453 20.615659037095
11294 Aflatoxin B2 7220-81-7 ≥98% 2012-01-30 15.637695343330 aflatoxin-b2 Dihydroaflatoxin B1 dihydroaflatoxine B1 toxicology pathogens mycotoxins Aspergillus cancers HCC hepatocellular carcinoma p53 DNA adduct molds carcinogenic carcinogens liver epoxide tumors genes food contamination contaminants pathogens 15.637695343330
10010129 AG-041R Exclusive 199800-49-2 ≥98% 2008-12-16 16.929502762431 ag-041r CCKs gastrin receptors antagonist cancers proliferations apoptosis NS-398 NS398 NS 398 16.929502762431
14833 AG-1024 65678-07-1 ≥98% 2013-08-22 2.304446198369 ag-1024 AGS 200; Tyrphostin AG-1024 tyrphostin inhibitors inhibits inhibition AG1024 AGs 1024 IGF1 IGFs 1 one IGF-1 receptors proteins tyrosines kinases IGF-1R IGF1R 1R insulin-like insulin like growth factors cancers apoptosis proliferation stimulated cellular autophosphorylation apoptosis humans breasts MCF-7 MCF7 MCF 7 seven autocrine prostates DU145 DU-145 DU 145 AGS200 AGS-200 AGS 200 receptors biochemistry signals transduction IGF-1 insulin-stimulated stimulated stimulates 2.304446198369
14529 AG-1295 71897-07-9 ≥98% 2013-05-24 2.317974217311 ag-1295 NSC 380341; Tyrphostin AG-1295 biochemistry cardiology cancers Tyrphostins inhibitors inhibits inhibitions PDGFs receptors kinases proteins tyrosines PTKs anti proliferatives proliferations hyperactivity blocks blockers AGs 1295 AG-1295 AG1295 NSCs 380341 NSC-380341 NSC380341 platelet-derived growth factors platelets derived atherosclerosis restenosis pulmonary fibrosis gliomas quinoxaline-types quinoxalines types Swiss 3T3 cells PDGF-stimulated DNA synthesis PDGFs stimulated EGFs 2.317974217311
10010592 AG-1296 146535-11-7 >98% 2008-05-09 6.069767955801 ag-1296 Tyrphostin AG-1296 tyrphostins AG1296 PDGFR PTK SCF inhibitors inhibits inhibition receptors kinases proteins platelet-derived platelet derived growth factors in vitro cancer glioma athrosclerosis restenosis AG1296 AG 1296 6.069767955801
10010244 AG-1478 153436-53-4 ≥98% 2008-04-22 12.078066298342 ag-1478 Tyrphostin AG-1478; NSC 693255 NSC 693255 EGFR PTK inhibitors inhibits inhibition kinases receptors cancers antitumor leioyoma myometrium 175178-82-2 AG1478 AG 1478 t4182 10010244-t4182 12.078066298342
10010248 AG-17 10537-47-0 ≥98% 2007-09-18 2.519761740331 ag-17 Tyrphostin 9; Malonoben; Tyrphostin AG-17; SF 6847; GCP 5126; RG-50872; NSC 242557 proteins tyrosine kinases PTK inhibitors inhibits antiproliferative epidermal growth factor EGF receptors proliferations carcinomas AG17 AG 17 SF6847 SF-6847 GCP-5126 GCP5126 tyrphostin a9 2.519761740331
10010300 AG-18 118409-57-7 >98% 2007-12-20 2.500597375690 ag-18 RG-50858; Tyrphostin 23; Tyrphostin AG-18; TX 825; RG-50810 proteins tyrosines kinases PTKs inhibitors inhibition inhibits antiproliferative epidermal growth factors EGF receptors proliferations carcinoma cancers epidermoid cell lines A431 AG18 AG 18 A23 A-23 A23 RG50810 RG 50810 RG50858 RG 50858 TX-825 TX825 2.500597375690
10010315 AG-183 122520-90-5 ≥98% 2007-09-07 2.173484609312 ag-183 Tyrphostin 51 proteins tyrosine kinases PTKs inhibitors inhibition inhibits inhibition antiproliferative epidermal growth factors EGFs receptors proliferation carcinomas cancers epidermoid AG183 AG 183 2.173484609312
10010314 AG-213 122520-86-9 ≥97% 2008-02-05 2.215312367190 ag-213 Tyrphostin 47; Tyrphostin AG-213 protein tyrosine kinases PTKs inhibitors inhibits inhibition antiproliferative epidermal growth factors EGFs receptors proliferation carcinomas A431 epidermal AG213 Ag 213 118409-60-2 2.215312367190
10010568 AG-370 134036-53-6 >95% (cis/trans mixture) 2009-01-09 3.007663308417 ag-370 NSC 651712 PTK inhibitor tyrphostin tyrosine PDGF receptor kinase EGF receptor antiproliferative 3.007663308417
10010311 AG-490 133550-30-8 ≥98% 2007-12-01 11.428096685083 ag-490 Tyrphostin AG-490 PTK tyrosine kinase inhibitors inhibition inhibits antiproliferatives tyrphostins leukemia Jak-2 Jak2 AG490 134036-52-5 B 42 B-42 B42 11.428096685083
10010242 AG-494 133550-35-3 ≥98% 2008-02-08 8.053287292817 ag-494 Tyrphostin AG-494 protein tyrosine kinases PTKs inhibitors inhibits inhibition antiproliferative RG-13022 epidermal growth factors EGFs receptrors cancers proliferation 8.053287292817
15568 AG-538 133550-18-2 ≥98% 2014-04-14 0.377071823205 ag-538 tyrosine kinases inhibitors inhibits inhibitions insulin like factors 1 one insulin-like growth factor-1 receptors IGF-1 IGF-R Akt PKB Erk2 cancers IGFs IGF1 IGF1R 1R IGF-1R AGs 538 AG538 substrates competitive breast cells lines autophosphorylation signals transductions cancers 0.377071823205
10010312 AG-82 118409-58-8 ≥95% 2008-03-14 2.304383057089 ag-82 Tyrphostin 25; RG-50875; NSC 676484; Tyrphostin AG-82 proteins tyrosines kinases PTKs inhibitors inhibits inhibition antiproliferative epidermal growth factors EGFs receptors proliferation carcinomas blockers A431 AG82 AG 82 RG-50875 RG50875 A25 A-25 2.304383057089
10010243 AG-825 149092-50-2 ≥98% 2008-01-24 8.625222619434 ag-825 Tyrphostin AG-825 Her-2 Her-2/neu erbB tyrosine kinases EGF EGFR cancers anti-cancer prostate breast signal transduction inhibitors inhibition inhibits AG825 AG 825 8.625222619434
10793 AG-879 148741-30-4 ≥95% 2011-05-06 3.520571985699 ag-879 Tyrphostin AG-879 PTKs inhibitors tyrphostins tyrosine kinases antiproliferative NGF TrkA ErbB2 FLK-1 AG879 AG 879 inhibited inhibition 3.520571985699
10010313 AG-99 122520-85-8 ≥98% 2007-12-19 1.902608524072 ag-99 Tyrphostin 46 protein tyrosine kinase PTKs inhibitor inhibits inhibition antiproliferatives epidermal growth factors EGFs receptors proliferation carcinoma cancers blochers EGF-dependent A431 cell lines AG99 AG 99 1.902608524072
14624 AGI-5198 1355326-35-0 ≥98% 2013-06-14 22.922859116022 agi-5198 IDH-C35 IDHC35 IDH C35 inhibitors inhibits inhibitions isocitrates dehydrogenases IDH1 IDH-1 IDH 1 one α-ketoglutarate 2OG 2 OG two 2-OG gliomas antitumor anti tumors anti-tumors 2-hydroxyglutarate hydroxyglutarates HGs 2-HG R132H mutants histones demethylations gliogenesis AGI5198 AGI 5198 potent selectives R132C in vitro TS603 TS-603 xenografts H3K9me3 genes gliogenic differentiations cancers enzymes activity actives metabolisms NADs NADPs NAD-dependent NADP-dependent dependents tricarboxylic acids cycles catalyzes oxidatives decarboxylations alpha ketoglutarates alpha-ketoglutarate carbons dioxides IDH1 IDH2 mutated mutations maps arginines residues catalytic pockets gains of functions NADPH-dependent NADPHs conversion AGI-5198 wild-type wilds types cells lines growths treatments periods induces expressions 22.922859116022
14639 AGI-6780 1432660-47-3 ≥98% 2013-07-19 9.932872928177 agi-6780 IDH inhibitors IDH2 isocitrate dehydrogenase α-ketoglutarate 2-OG glioma anti-tumor 2-hydroxyglutarate 2-HG IDH1 R140Q mutant AML leukemias differentiations therapy cancers therapies AGI6780 AGIs 6780 AGI 6780 potent selective inhibits inhibitions two IDH-2 2 HGs U87 U-87 Us 87 TF-1 TF1 TFs 1 one cells growths suppresses slineages macrophages franulocytic 9.932872928177
13145 AGK2 304896-28-4 ≥98% 2009-10-22 18.150795580110 agk2 sirtuins SIRT2 histones deacetylase HDAC cells cycle progression tumorigenesis cancers SIRT1 SIRT3 dopamine neurons α-synuclein Parkinson's diseases neurodegeneration 18.150795580110
16152 AGK7 304896-21-7 ≥95% 2014-07-08 6.912817679558 agk7 SIRT2 Inhibitor (Inactive Control) cancers cells cycles epigenetics parkinson’s research inactive controls AGK2 cell-permeable permeable selective inhibitors inhibits inhibition SIRT2 SIRT1 SIRT3 SIRT 1 2 3 AGKs AGK-77 seven 6.912817679558
19023 AH 23848 (calcium salt) 81496-19-7 ≥90% 2009-02-26 37.697641511724 ah-23848-calcium-salt AH23848B AH 23848 TXBs thromboxane PGEs PGE2 receptors prostanoids TPs EP4 antagonist blockers inhibitors inhibits inhibition TXA2 platelets smooth muscle bronchial U-46619 U46619 fibroblasts cancers metastasis 81739-45-9 AH-23848 81496-19-7 81443-73-4 37.697641511724
10010241 AICAR 2627-69-2 ≥98% 2008-02-25 123.074226519336 aicar AICA Riboside; Acadesine; NSC 105823 AMPK lipids metabolism glucose fatty acids sterol HMG-CoA reductases inflammation cytokine iNOS COX-2 MnSOD glia macrophages TNF-.alpha. IL-1.beta. IL-6 aminoimidazole carboxamide ribonucleotide 123.074226519336
160773 AIF Polyclonal Antibody - 0E-12 aif-polyclonal-antibody Apoptosis-Inducing Factor; Programmed Cell Death Protein 8 apoptosis antibodies western blots blotting WB antisera antiserum factors cancers immunoblotting 0E-12
14004 AK-7 420831-40-9 ≥95% 2012-11-12 0.211878453039 ak-7 inhibitors sirtuins neurodegeneration cancers diabetes cholesterol Alzheimer’s diseases huntingtin Huntington’s Parkinson’s neurosciences AK7 AK 7 cell-permeable cells brain-permeable brains inhibits inhibitions SIRT-2 SIRTs 0.211878453039
13733 Akt1 (Phospho-Ser473) Monoclonal Antibody (Clone 104A282) - 2010-01-11 1.545351223362 akt1-phospho-ser473-monoclonal-antibody-clone-104a282 antibodies Akts PKBs peptides Akt-1 Akt 1 protein kinase B serine threonine western blots blotting immunoblotting WB IP Immunoprecipitation IP 1.545351223362
14870 Akt Inhibitor VIII 612847-09-3 ≥98% 2013-10-24 14.754447513811 akt-inhibitor-viii inhibitors cancers signals transductions angiogenesis apoptosis kinases Akts VIII potent allosteric inhibits inhibitions Akt-1 Akt-2 Akt1 Akt2 1 one 2 two serine-threonine serines threonines cells permeable blocking blocks blockage insulin regulation forkhead box 01 FOXO1 hepatoma Akti-1/2 ½ Akti proteins 14.754447513811
14863 Akt Inhibitor X 925681-41-0 ≥95% 2013-08-14 10.269668508287 akt-inhibitor-x 201788-90-1 phenoxazines Akts mTOR p70S6 kinases S6 ribosomal proteins apoptosis cells signalings inhibitors inhibits inhibitions permeable derivatives suppresses suppressions insulin-like insulin liked growth factors 1 one IGFs 1 IGF-1 IGF1 stimulated blocks blocking Rh1 Rh-1 Rhs Rh-18 Rh18 Rh-30 Rh30 p70S6 kinases S6 S-6 proteins apoptosis intracellular signals transduction 10.269668508287
700800 Aldehyde Dehydrogenase Activity Assay Kit - 2013-04-08 93.136114180479 aldehyde-dehydrogenase-activity-assay-kit ALDH kits assays measures measurements ALDHs enzymes oxidizes oxidations endogenous exogenous aldehydes dehydrogenases carboxylic acids metabolisms amino carbohydrates lipids biogenic amines vitamins steroids humans superfamily isozymes physiological toxicological ALDH1A subfamily embryogenesis developments mediates mediating retinoic signaling signals signalling ALDH2 acetaldehydes cells tissues alcohol ingestions carcinogenesis ALDH1A1 ALDH3A1 lens corneal crystallins cellular defenses mechanisms UV ultraviolet radiations radiation-induced damages ocular cancers stems pharmacologicals inhibits inhibitors inhibitions anticancers anti anti-cancers oxazaphophorines drugs diseases Type II 2 hyperprolinemia Sjogrens Sjogren-Larsson Syndromes Parkinson's cardiac hearts hyperammonemia fluoroescence-based methods fluorescent homogenates cultures samples purified preparations fluorometrics 93.136114180479
10009350 Aldehyde Reactive Probe (trifluoroacetate salt) 627090-10-2 ≥98% 2008-08-26 22.823121546961 aldehyde-reactive-probe-trifluoroacetate-salt ARP; O-(Biotinylcarbazoylmethyl) Hydroxylamine DNA damages AP sites synthesis mutations ROS biotin oxidative stress detection detecting 139585-03-8 22.823121546961
13876 Alexidine (hydrochloride) 1715-30-6 ≥98% 2013-01-16 0.902762430939 alexidine-hydrochloride 22573-93-9 217969-93-2 antibiotics bacteria infectious diseases inhibitors cancers inhibits inhibitions biguanide bis(biguanide) antiseptic mouthwash plaque microorganisms lipopolysaccharide lipoteichoic final phospholipase B PTPMT1 0.902762430939
10008335 all-cis-4,7,10,13,16-Docosapentaenoic Acid 25182-74-5 ≥98% 2014-11-17 17.389476106263 all-cis-4-7-10-13-16-docosapentaenoic-acid Osbond Acid biochemical fatty acids cancer nutrition diet Docosapentaenoic fish oil minor constituent serum unsaturated human dietary supplementation isomer ω-6 ω6 elongation desaturation arachidonic desaturase syndrome developemtn upregulated upregulation expression hepatic very long protein 6 ELOVL6 nonalcoholic non-alcoholic steatohepatitis preneoplastic condition hepatocellular carcinoma all-Z 17.389476106263
14002 (+)-Alliin 556-27-4 ≥98% 2012-11-27 1.044198895027 -alliin S-Allyl-L-cysteine sulfoxide 23358-38-5 S-Allyl-L-cysteine-(+)-sulfoxide cysteine garlic alliinase allicin anti-cancers anti-microbial anti-hypertensive cardioprotective anti-oxidant squalene monooxygenase inhibitors aromas flavors inhibits inhibitions anticancer cancers antimicrobial microbial antihypertensive hypertensive antioxidant oxidant anti cholesterol biosynthesis sulfoxide 1.044198895027
14001 (±)-Alliin 17795-26-5 ≥98% 2012-11-26 2.025552486187 -alliin (±)-Allyl-L-cysteine sulfoxide S-Allyl-L-cysteine sulfoxide SAllylcysteine cysteine garlic alliinase allicin anti-cancers anti-microbial anti-hypertensive cardioprotective anti-oxidant squalene monooxygenase inhibitors aromas flavors inhibits inhibitions anticancer cancers antimicrobial microbial antihypertensive hypertensive antioxidant oxidant anti cholesterol biosynthesis 2.025552486187
11677 Aloe-emodin New 481-72-1 2015-01-20 5.144475138121 aloe-emodin 3-Hydroxymethylchrysazine; NSC 38628; Rhabarberone 1,8-dihydroxy-3-hydroxymethylanthraquinone aloe-emodol NSC38628 3-hydroxymethylchrysazin biochemical inhibitor inhibit P-388 leukemia P388 cancer mice in vitro vivo antineuroectodermal tumor activity anti-neuroectodermal induce apoptosis disruption mitochondria membrane potential antitumor anti-tumor interferon-inducing agent 5.144475138121
14428 Alsterpaullone 237430-03-4 ≥98% 2013-04-04 8.348508188480 alsterpaullone NSC 705701; 9-Nitropaullone 959569-16-5 proteins kinases inhibitors inhibits inhibitions cells cycles cancers NSC705701 NSC-705701 kenpaullone cyclins cyclin-dependent glycogens synthases 3 GSK3 Cdk1/cyclin B Cdk2/cyclin A Cdk2/cyclin E Cdk5/p25 GSK-3α/β Wnt signaling proliferatins paullones CDKs GSKs signals signalling Alzheimer's diseases expressions antitumors anti tumors anti-tumors apoptosis inducers induction ATP-competitive adenosines triphosphates cytosolics degradations β-catenin b-catenin beta-catenin .beta.-catenin canonical pathways tau phosphorylations 8.348508188480
15261 AM580 102121-60-8 ≥98% 2014-03-26 1.108262774199 am580 Ro 40-6055; CD336; NSC 608001 synthetic retinoids retinobenzoic acids vitamin A retinoic acid RARs RARα receptor agonist nuclear differentiation induced pluripotent stem cells iPCS anticancer antiproliferation AMs 580 AM-580 CDs 336 CD-336 NSCs 608001 NSC608001 NSC-608001 Ros 40-6055 406055 40 6055 Ro-40-6055 Ro-406055 Ro-40 Ro40-6055 Ro406055 selective α .alpha. alpha a RARalpha RAR.alpha. RARa RARβ β b beta .beta. RARb RARbeta RAR.beta. RARg RARgamma RAR.gamma. gamma .gamma. g RARγ γ binding binds GSK3β GSK3b GSK3.beta. GSK3beta CHIR99021 CHIR 99021 induces humans immediates mesoderm inhibits inhibitors inhibitions tumors survival signaling pathways inducing apoptosis 1.108262774199
71770 AM80 94497-51-5 ≥98% 2014-03-26 0.243195266272 am80 NSC 608000; Amnolake; Retinobenzoic Acid; Tamibarotene synthetic retinoids retinobenzoic acids vitamin A retinoic RARs RARα receptors agonists nuclear anticancer anti cancers anti-cancers acute promyelocytic leukemia APL antiproliferation differentiation ATRA-resistance AM-80 AMs 80 NSCs 608000 NSC-608000 NSC608000 selective α .alpha. alpha a RARalpha RAR.alpha. RARa RARβ β b beta .beta. RARb RARbeta RAR.beta. RARg RARgamma RAR.gamma. gamma .gamma. g RARγ γ binding binds antiproliferative effects cells inducing induces induction humans HL-60 HLs 60 differentiation suppress growth myeloid lymphoid malignant 0.243195266272
11959 AMD 3465 (hydrobromide) 185991-07-5 ≥95% 2013-02-04 18.190400552486 amd-3465-hydrobromide receptors antagonist infectious diseases immunlogy cancers HIV CXCR4 CXCL12 chemokind ligands antagoinst chemotaxis T-cells activation immunology AMD3465 AMD-3465 C-X-C chemokine receptors CXCR-4 CXCL-12 blocks binds inhibits inhibitions inhibitors calcium mobilization SupT1 HIC eosinophil granuloma formations Tcell T cells lymphoid tissues tumor growth cAMP xenograft models medulloblastoma glioblastoma 185991-24-6 18.190400552486
13965 AMI-1 (sodium salt) - ≥99% 2012-10-26 3.153130755064 ami-1-sodium-salt Arginine N-Methyltransferase Inhibitor-1 epigenetics inhibitors PRMTs histones modification methyltransferases proteins arginines methyltransferases lysines methyltransferases genes expression cells signaling signals transductions AMI1 AMI 1 permeable inhibits inhibitions yeast type 1 Hmt1p PRMT1 PRMT3 PRMT4, PRMT6, peptide-substrate binding HIV-1 HIV 1 HIV1 reverse transcriptase 20324-87-2 3.153130755064
14398 Amifostine (hydrate) 112901-68-5 ≥95% 2014-04-30 0.662154696133 amifostine-hydrate Ethyol; WR 2721 20537-88-6 radiation protections radioprotective cytoprotective cytoprotection hypoxia DNA repairs thiols free radicals scavengers pro drugs p53 activators p21 cells cycles arrests apoptosis prodrugs pro-drugs dephosphorylation alkaline phosphatase active activated WR1065 WRs 1065 WR-1065 scavenging selective reduces reductions reducing toxicity chemo chemotherapeutic agents hydrates WR2721 2721 WR-2721 anifostine trihydrate broad-spectrum broad spectrums therapeutic protective inducing induces expressions normal neoplastic tissues mouse mice fibroblasts cancers cells p53 activates proteins cyclin-dependent cyclins dependents kinases inhibitors inhibits inhibitions p21 arrests G1 G 1 one S G1/S transitions p53-dependent mechanisms 0.662154696133
14741 AMPK activator 849727-81-7 ≥95% 2013-07-26 19.604677716390 ampk-activator D942 diabetes cancers signals transductions cells permeable activates activators AMPs proteins kinases inhibits inhibitors mitochondrial complex I uptake up-take up-takes phosphorylation acetyl-CoA carboxylase myeloma prostates mTORC1 signaling survivin L6 myocytes blood glucose Zucker rats PC3 19.604677716390
13144 Anacardic Acid 16611-84-0 ≥98% 2010-02-12 7.619075841285 anacardic-acid 6-pentadecyl Salicylic Acid HAT histones acetylation P300 pCAF transcription NF-κB IκBα p65 6-pentadecyl salicyclic acids NSC 623096 cyclogallipharic 229596 333857 7.619075841285
11987 Anastrozole 120511-73-1 ≥98% 2012-08-27 31.939926335175 anastrozole ICI-D 1033; Anastrol; Arimidex™; ZD 1033 aromatase inhibitors androgens estrogen estrodial steroids biosynthesis Arimidex estrogen receptor-positive breasts cancers inhibits inhibitions peripheral tissues placental post-menopausal post menopausal postmenopausal ZD1033 ZD-1033 anastrazole anastrozole ICI-D1033 ICI-D-1033 ICID 1033 ICID-1033 31.939926335175
11679 Andrographolide 5508-58-7 ≥98% 2012-06-25 2.544948697711 andrographolide andrographis andrographolid 5953-53-7 101060-34-8 diterpenoids medicinal plants immunosuppression antithrombosis anti-inflammatory anti-inflammatory anti inflammatory antineoplastic anti-neoplastic neoplastic anti-viral antiviral viral anti-bacterial antibacterial bacterial anti-diabetic antidiabetic diabetics anti-oxidative stress antioxidative oxiddative antipyretic anti-pyretic pyretic anti-oedematogenic antioedematogenic oedematogenic anti-nociceptive antinociceptive nociceptive nuclear factor kappa B NF-κB p50 CYP1A endothelial cells E-selectin neutrophils allergic inflammations asthma CYP450 eselectin E selectin signaling signalling Andrographis paniculata inhibits inhibition inhibitors NFκB NF κB DNA 2.544948697711
11308 Anisomycin 22862-76-6 ≥98% 2012-02-13 16.330911602210 anisomycin Wuningmeisu C; Flagecidin; NSC 76712 2322-08-9 11023-48-6 antibiotics inhibitors proteins DNA stress-activated kinases MAP caspase-8 cancers immunology immunosuppressant pyrrolidines Streptomyces griseolus synthesis signal transduction pathways T cells skin mice anoikis epithelial apoptosis ECM distal tumors prostate metastasis NSC76712 NSC-76712 16.330911602210
600300 Annexin V FITC Assay Kit - 2010-05-11 81.308786932500 annexin-v-fitc-assay-kit assays kits measures measurements apoptosis cells death cycles tissues homeostasis dysregulation neurodegenerative diseases ischemic damages autoimmune disorders cancers drugs discovery signaling pathways membranes phospholipids phosphatidylserines phosphatidylethanolamines leaflets bilayers externalizations residues plasma phospholipids binding proteins fluorochrome-labeled fluorochromes fluorescence microscopy flow cytometry FC plate readers TUNEL TdT-mediated dUTP Nick-End Labeling analysis ISEL in situ end labeling DNA laddering detection fragmentation FITC-conjugated fluoresceins 81.308786932500
160780 Apaf-1 Polyclonal Antibody - 0.440147329650 apaf-1-polyclonal-antibody Apoptosis Protease-Activating Factor 1 apoptosis cell death caspases CED-4 Apaf2 Apaf3 Apaf-2 Apaf-3 Apafs antibodies Apaf1 CED4 western blots blotting WB protease-activating factors proteases antisera antiserum cancers immunoblotting 0.440147329650
14532 Apafant 105219-56-5 ≥98% 2013-05-24 13.589107840965 apafant WEB 2086 platelet-activating platelets activating inflammations cancers WEB 2086 factors PAFs receptors antagonists allergy angiogenesis allergies WEB2086 WEB-2086 activates activators water solubles selectives selects binds binding binders humans anti-inflammatory anti inflammatory antiinflammatory anticancer anti-cancer angiogenic anti-angiogenic 2086Bs phospholipids polymorphonuclear leukocytes monocytes macrophages vascular permeability cardiac output hearts hypotension uterine contractions inhibits inhibitors inhibitions 13.589107840965
17082 Apamin​ New 24345-16-2 ≥95% 2014-12-11 44.094468999386 apamin Ro 23-6721 biochemical natural product ion channel blocker pump neuroscience vascular disease cancer cardiology Parkinson’s research signal transduction potent SK 11049-84-6 16812-94-5 28883-82-1 30797-89-8 peptide toxin bee venom small conductance Ca2+ activated K+ KCa2 SK2 cells tissues neuron vascular endothelium bladder smooth muscle cancer 44.094468999386
10575 Apicidin 183506-66-3 ≥90% 2012-01-27 26.377878129030 apicidin OSI 2040 funfal toxins malaria HDAC HAT histones deacetylase transcriptions epigenetics anticancer anti-cancer antiproliferation antiparasitic anti-proliferation anti-parasitic apicomplexan parasites HDAC3 HDAC-3 NcoR HDAC3/NcoR class I HDACs p21 WAF1/Cip1 WAF1 Cip1 gelsolin cells cycle morphology inhibits inhibitors inhibitions chromatin cancers deacetylase modification 26.377878129030
14867 Aprepitant 170729-80-3 ≥98% 2013-10-24 17.093701657459 aprepitant Emend; L-754,030; MK 869; ONO-7436 221350-96-5 MK 0869 MK0869 ONO7436 MK-0869 emesis antiemetic antagonists NK1 receptors stress responses chemotherapy-induced nausea vomiting vomit CINV substances P neurokinins neurokinin-1 GPCRs 1 one substance-P antiemetic anti-emetic anti emetic antiemetic antagonizes humans NKs hNKs in vivo clinical use prevents chemotherapy-induced chemotherapy induced L754030 L-754030 L 754030 L-754,030 L754,030 754,030 754,030 MK869 MKs 869 MK-869 ONOs 7436 ONO-7436 ONO7436 reflex NK1 inositol phosphates signals transduction pathway cancers neuroscience 17.093701657459
10006797 Araguspongin B 123000-02-2 >90% 2005-09-09 29.977409453652 araguspongin-b membrane-permeable antagonists inositols inositol-1,4,5-trisphosphates receptors marine products Pacific basin sponges vasodilatory properties signal transductions messengers IP3 promotes mobilization calcium Ca2+ intracellular stores antagonizes calcium-releasing actions cerebral microsomes Xestospongin C neuroscience 29.977409453652
160737 ARC Polyclonal Antibody - 5.410607734806 arc-polyclonal-antibody Apoptosis Repressor with CARD apoptosis cell death domain DD CARD caspase antibodies western blots blotting WB antisera antiserum cancers immunoblotting IP immunoprecipitation 5.410607734806
14913 Arctigenin 7770-78-7 ≥95% 2013-09-06 3.245939226520 arctigenin 26687-78-5 41328-87-4 natural products an extracts from Arctium lappa A. antioxidants anti oxidants anti-oxidants inflammatory antiiflammatory anti-proliferative proliferative anti-viral viral anti-inflammatory antiproliferative antiviral pancreatic cancers influenza A virus neuroprotective Japanese encephalitis burdock plants medicines PANC-1 PANC1 PANCs 1 one glucose starvation kampo therapeutic cerebral artery occluded ischemic strokes 3.245939226520
15375 Arctiin 20362-31-6 ≥98% 2014-01-16 2.016906077348 arctiin NSC 315527; Arctigenin-4-Glucoside natural products antioxidant anti-oxidant anti oxidant antiinflammatory inflammatory proliferative anti-proliferative viral anti-viral anti-inflammatory antiproliferative antiviral lignin glycoside arctigenin enterolactone cancers plants fruits burdock A. lappa influenza A intestinal bacteria metabolites MCF-7 MCF7 MCFs 7 seven infectious diseases arctii NSCs 315527 NSC315527 NSC-315527 aarctigenin glucosides 4 four 27193-46-0 2.016906077348
17132 ARN509 New 956104-40-8 ≥98% 2015-01-21 58.567772819567 arn509 1361232-32-7 biochemical receptor antagonist cancer endocrinology signal transduction A52 A-52 ARN-509 androgen suppress tumor growth mouse model castration-resistant prostate signaling in vitro vivo 58.567772819567
13321 ARP 100 704888-90-4 ≥98% 2009-10-07 5.207934259280 arp-100 CAY10609; MMP-2 Inhibitor III matrix metalloproteinases MMP-2 MMP2 MMP 2 ECM cancers cells migration inhibitors gelatinase A MMPs proteases HT1080 tumors invasive 5.207934259280
11815 Artemether 71963-77-4 ≥98% 2012-07-05 4.395142506358 artemether Paluther; Falcidol; SM 224; Larither; Malartem 159573-83-8 artemos artenam artesaph artesian dihydroartemisinin methyl ether gvither SM224 SM-224 β-artemether natural products malaria parasites schistosoma cancers inflammation antimalarial anti-malarial anti malarial artemisia plasmodium falciparum p. vivax p. falciparum lumefantrine trematodes schistosoma schistosomiasis 4.395142506358
11816 Artemisinin 63968-64-9 ≥98% 2012-08-01 3.578657151626 artemisinin NSC 369397 Arteannuin Artemef Artemisine Artemisinine 91487-93-3 plants artemisia malarials parasites genus Plasmodium combination therapy therapies trematodes Schistosomas Sesquiterpene lactones artemether artesunate cancers inflammatory inflammation kills natural products anti antimalarials anti-malarials Qinghosu Huanghuahaosu NSC-369397 NSC369397 QHS Qing Hau Sau Su Qinghaosu 3.578657151626
11817 Artesunate 88495-63-0 ≥98% 2012-07-09 5.780487262123 artesunate Zysunate; Armax 200; Saphnate; WR 256283; Arinate; Cosunate; Plasmotrin 83507-69-1 91487-94-4 112346-66-4 252637-87-9 1177476-35-5 1236362-31-4 armax200 armax-200 arsuamoon arsumax artesunata artesunate artesunic acid asumax dihydroqinghasu hemsuccinate gsunate forte plasmotrim qinghaozhi WR256283 WR-256283 malaria parasites schistosoma cancers inflammation anti-malarial antimalarial anti artemisinin plasmodium falciparum p. falciparum P. vivax trematodes artesunate artemether artemisinin inflammatory 5.780487262123
13250 (−)-AS 115 926657-43-4 ≥98% 2009-05-18 1.619742173112 -as-115 KIAA1363 MAGE monoacylglycerol LPA LPC lysophosphatidylcholine lysophosphatidic acid lipids signaling cancers signalling 1.619742173112
10009650 (+)-AS 115 - ≥98% 2009-05-19 1.619742173112 -as-115 KIAA1363 MAGE monoacylglycerol LPA LPC lysophosphatidylcholine lysophosphatidic acid lipids signaling cancer 1.619742173112
11226 AS-703026 1236699-92-5 ≥98% 2012-03-08 25.518256599140 as-703026 MSC1936369B; Pimasertib AS 703026 AS703026 1204531-26-9 MEKs MEK1/2 MEK-1/2 MEK1 MEK2 ERKs Ras Raf inhibitors inhibits inhibitions cancers multiple myeloma EGFR signals transductions kinases cells biology 25.518256599140
700420 Ascorbate Assay Kit - 2010-09-01 149.381452408490 ascorbate-assay-kit Vitamin C Assay Kit; L-Ascorbic Acid Assay Kit kits assays measures measurements ascorbates six-carbon 6-carbon six 6 carbons lactones glucose livers mammalian species humans non-human primates guinea pigs gulonolactones oxidases acids 2-keto-1-gulonolactone diets dietary scurvy electrons donors enzymes collagen hydroxylations hydroxyls groups prolines lysines molecules carnitines fatty mitochondrias ATP adenosine triphosphates generations biosynthesis norepinephrines dopamines amides groups peptides hormones tyrosines metabolisms antioxidants chronics diseases cancers cardiovascular cataracts foods industry colors tastes odors plasmas serums urines fruits juices condensations reactions dehydroascorbic DHA o-phenylenediamines OPDA fluorescent fluorescences 4-hydroxy-2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidinyloxy TEMPOL condensed DFQ 3-(dihydroxyethyl)-furo[34-b]-quinoxaline-1-one OPD 149.381452408490
10946 ASH2L (human recombinant) - ≥90% 2011-06-29 0.917722967640 ash2l-human-recombinant Absent, small, or homeotic discs 2-like; Set1/Ash2 Histone Methyltransferase Complex Subunit Ash2 Isoform A epigenetics methyltransferases histones H3K4 genes regulations MLL proteins complex human homolog Drosophilia ash2 transcription 0.917722967640
11818 Asiatic Acid 464-92-6 ≥98% 2013-02-21 5.282958103131 asiatic-acid Dammarolic Acid; NSC 166063 inhibits inhibitors inhibitions inflammation cancers natural products wounds healing alzheimer’s diseases neurosciences inhibitors plants C. asiatica medicines traditional heals collagen cells cyckes arrest MCF 7 MCF-7 BACE1 ADAM10 SY5Y triterpene NSC166063 NSC-166063 5.282958103131
16967 Astemizole 68844-77-9 ≥98% 2014-11-11 2.593912873417 astemizole NSC 329963 antihistamine antagonist histamine H1 receptor human ether-a-gogo-related gene HERG potassium K+ voltage-gated ion channel blocker KCNH2 cardiotoxicity long QT syndrome type 2 antiproliferation cancer ether a-go-go 1 Eag1 KCNH1 Eag-related gene Erg allergy asthma inhibitor pump blocker antineoplastic agent biochemical histmanal histazol laridal paralergin retolen 2.593912873417
11496 AT-9283 896466-04-9 ≥98% 2014-01-02 5.828213716960 at-9283 1133385-​83-​7 inhibitors inhibits inhibitions kinases proteins cancers signals transductions intracellulars signaling ATs 9283 AT9283 AT-9283 auroras A B aurora-A aurora-B JAKs JAK-2 JAK-3 2 3 two three JAK2 JAK3 c-ABL c ABL cABL serine threonine tyrosines mitosis therapy therapies proliferation cells in vitro in vivo chemotherapeutics broad spectrums serine/threonine receptors non-receptors 5.828213716960
14490 ATAD2 bromodomain (human recombinant) - ≥90% 2013-05-22 2.254585635358 atad2-bromodomain-human-recombinant ANCCA; ATPase Family AAA Domain-containing Protein 2 genes regulations epigenetics chromatins researchers ATPase containing contains H3K14ac cancers proteins recombinant histones acetylations bromodomains AAA nuclear coregulator cancer-associated proteins lysines residues genes regulates regulating transcriptions acetylated small complexes readers marks markers targets promoters AAA+ ATPase-containing adenosines triphosphates enzyme-containing estrogens androgens receptors tumors E2F MYC signals signaling pathways binds bindings oncogenes transcriptional activity activities modifying 14 H3 cells cycles progressions 2.254585635358
13375 Atrazine 1912-24-9 ≥98% 2010-02-11 0.954461797247 atrazine herbicides plants cancers reproductive systems reproduction homones endocrines frogs genes expressions humans animals Gesamprim Atrazine 0.954461797247
15316 Auranofin 34031-32-8 ≥98% 2014-02-17 1.375138121547 auranofin SKF 39162; NSC 321521; Ridauragold thiol Inhibitors inhibits inhibitions oxidative stress inflammation cancers arthritis infectious diseases gold-thiol gold thiol anti-inflammatory anti inflammatory antiinflammatory immunosuppressive complex bacteria viruses parasites aktil crisinor crisofin NSCs 321521 NSC321521 NSC-321521 ridaura ridauran SKF39162 SKFs 39162 SKF-39162 D 1.375138121547
14000 Auraptene 495-02-3 ≥98% 2012-11-27 0.787592081031 auraptene 7-Geranyloxycoumarin 5980-08-5 coumarin anti-inflammatory anti-carcinogenic anti-bacterial neuroprotective hepatoprotective leukocyte phase 2 enzymes Alzheimer's disease β-secretase β secretase .beta.-secretase beta-secretase b-secretase BACE1 BACE-1 inhibitors inhibits inhibitions antiinflammatory anticarcinogenic antibacterial chemopreventative citrus plants geranyloxyl moiety C-7 C7 C 7 aurapten 0.787592081031
600140 Autophagy/Cytotoxicity Dual Staining Kit - 2009-07-14 59.383280386740 autophagy-cytotoxicity-dual-staining-kit assays kits measuring measurement MDC cell-based autophagy cells cytotoxicity staining autofluorescent autofluorescence substances multilamellar body bodies ions trapping mechanisms membranes lipids probes autophagic vacuoles cultured degradation digestion intracellular lysosomes organelles misfolded proteins microorganisms cytoplasms double membranes autophagosomes autolysosomes homeostasis dysregulation cancers infections aging degenerative diseases stress death apoptosis 59.383280386740
10803 Autotaxin (human recombinant) - ≥95% estimated by SDS-PAGE 2011-04-04 19.370138121547 autotaxin-human-recombinant ENPP-2; Lysophospholipase D; Ectonucleotide Pyrophosphatase/Phosphodiesterase-2 lipids hydrolysis lysophophatidyl choline lysophophatidic acids secreated glycosylated active 19.370138121547
700580 Autotaxin Inhibitor Screening Assay Kit - 2011-06-28 30.105264404104 autotaxin-inhibitor-screening-assay-kit ATX Inhibitor Screening Assay Kit kits assays measures measurements Ectonucleotides Pyrophosphatase-2 ENPP-2 Lysopholipases D hydrolysis lysophosphatidylcholines LPC lysophosphatidic acid LPA lipids mediators G protein-coupled receptors GPCRs neurogenesis angiogenesis smooth-muscles contraction platelets aggregations wounds healings ATX-LPA signaling tumors progression inflammation serums proteolytically peptides proteins N-glycosylation Asn53 Asn410 adipocytes cerebrospinal fluid multiple sclerosis livers fibrosis cancers genes chips analysis upregulated metastatic inhibits inhibition human 30.105264404104
13813 Axitinib 319460-85-0 98% 2010-08-09 7.380345303867 axitinib AG-013736 tyrosine kinases inhibitors inhibition inhibits VEGF VEGFR-1 VEGFR-2 VEGFR-3 c-kit PDGFR-β angiogenesis cancers tumors 790713-39-2 receptors RTKs VEGFR1 VEGFR2 VEGFR3 7.380345303867
16875 AZ 505 1035227-43-0 ≥98% 2014-11-10 6.228768052728 az-505 biochemical inhibitor methyltransferase epigenetics gene regulation cancer SMYD2 lysine 6.228768052728
15336 AZ 628 New 878739-06-1 ≥98% 2015-01-20 79.795948108647 az-628 1007871-​84-​2 Raf kinase inhibitor mutation B-Raf BRAFV600E c-Raf-1 cancer inhibit inhibition cellular cell pathway melanoma AZ628 AZ-628 quinazilinone b c Raf c-Raf-1 tyrosine VEGFR2 DDR2 Lyn Flt1 FMS colon mutation anchorage cycle arrest apoptosis 79.795948108647
16731 AZ 960 905586-69-8 ≥98% 2014-10-07 3.277698017720 az-960 Janus-associated kinase JAK2 myeloproliferative disease V617F mutation leukemia lymphoma ATL cancer signal transduction apoptosis Bcl-2 inhibit JAK 2 cytoplasmic cytoplasm tyrosine signaling cytokine growth factor receptor mutation valine phenylalanine aggressive adult T cell leukemia lymphoma in vitro STAT3/5 phosphorylation proliferation SET-2 two human megakaryoblastic line induce death lymphotropic virus type 1-infected downregulation downregulate down regulate family protein Bcl2 AZ960 SET2 AZ 960 3.277698017720
14834 Azaserine 115-02-6 ≥98% 2013-08-22 5.908093922652 azaserine CN 15757; NSC 742; CI-337; O-Diazoacetyl-L-serine NSCs 742 NSC-742 NSC742 glutamines glutamine-dependent dependent amidotransferases inhibits inhibitions nucleotides biosynthesis anti-tumor anti-cancer antibiotic anti tumors cancers antitumors anticancers phosphoribosylformylglycinamidine synthetases N-formylglycineamidine ribotides synthetases FGAM glucosamine-6-phosphate isomerases GlcN-6-P hexosamines biosynthetics pathways UDP-N-acetylglucosamines UDP-GlcNAc O-linked glycoproteins antagonist active activity 438493-22-2 L-azaserine Ps 165 P-165 P165 CI-337 CIs 337 CI337 CNs 15757 CN-15757 CN15757 Streptomyces antioxidants hyperglycemic endothelial damages 5.908093922652
13111 AZD 4547 1035270-39-3 ≥98% 2013-12-17 32.039370779619 azd-4547 inhibitors inhibits inhibitions fibroblast growth factors receptors FGFRs tyrosines kinases FGFR1 FGFR2 FGFR3 antiproliferative antitumors 1 2 3 one two three anti-proliferative anti proliferative anti-tumors tumors AZDs 4547 AZD4547 AZD-4547 selective cells lines signal transduction biochemistry proteins cancers 32.039370779619
15406 AZD 5363 1143532-39-1 ≥98% 2014-03-04 25.138355037382 azd-5363 PKBα PKB.alpha. PKBalpha PKBa PKBβ PKB.beta. PKBbeta PKBb PKBγ PKB.gamma. PKBgamma PKBg PKBs Akts inhibitor Akt1 Akt2 Akt3 1 2 3 one two three P70S6K PKA ROCK2 MKK1 MSK1 MSK2 PKCγ PKC.gamma. PKCgamma PKCg PKCs PKGα PKG.alpha. PKGalpha PKGa PKGβ PKG.beta. PKGbeta PKGb PKGs PRKX RSK2 RSKS RSK3 cancers PIK3CA PTEN mutations antitumor tumors drugs resistances kinases pan-AKT pan inhibitors inhibitions inhibits pyrrolopyrimidine derived pyrrolopyrimidine-derived hematologic breast cancers intracellular signaling signals transduction AZD5363 AZD-5363 α .alpha. alpha a β .beta. beta b γ .gamma. gamma g 25.138355037382
11599 AZD 6244 606143-52-6 ≥98% 2013-10-29 28.198907876140 azd-6244 Selumetinib; ARRY-142886; NSC 741O78; Cl-1040 865610-​79-​3 inhibitors inhibits inhibitions cancers apoptosis proteins kinases signals transductions intracellular AZDs AZD-6244 6244 AZD6244 potent selective MEKs MEK1 MEK2 MEK-1 MEK-2 1 2 one two tumor growth suppressing suppression proto-oncogenes proto-oncogenes proto oncogenes Ras Raf MEK-1/2 MEK1/2 ½ NSCs 741O78 NSC-741O78 NSC741O78 ARRYs 142886 ARRY142886 ARRY-142886 Cl-1040 Cl4040 Cls 4040 Gs 00039805 G-00039805 G00039805 28.198907876140
11491 AZD 7762 860352-01-8 ≥98% 2012-04-11 1.414088397790 azd-7762 1019773-80-8 DNA damage repair checkpoints cells cycles kinases Chk1 Chk2 S phases G2 tumors cancers inhibitors inhibits inhibition AZD-7762 AZD7762 ATP Chk-1 Chk-2 Chk 1 Chk 2 1.414088397790
16978 AZD 8055 New 1009298-09-2 ≥98% 2015-01-20 81.445464045569 azd-8055 CCG-168 mTOR cancer inhibitor xenograft signal transduction AZD8055 potent selective ATP-competitive proliferation A549 H838 cells tumor protein kinase intracellular signaling biochemical inhibit A-548 H-838 81.445464045569
16237 AZD 9291 1421373-65-0 ≥98% 2014-09-12 0.521635742343 azd-9291 1421373-66-1 inhibitor epidermal growth factor receptor EGFR mutants tumor cancer biochemical inhibit kinase AZD9291 T790M mutation wild-type IGF1R hERG tumor growth xenograft mouse model mice oral non-small-cell lung 0.521635742343
16364 B32B3 294193-86-5 ≥95% 2014-11-11 0E-12 b32b3 VprBP Inhibitor biochemical inhibitor kinase cancer histone modification epigenetics gene regulation inhibit VprBP virus protein R Vpr-BR virion-associated lentiviruses HIV-1 HIV1 HIV-2 HIV2 cell cycle arrest infected binding mammalian Vpr-binding DDB1/CUL4 DDB1 CUL4 DDB-1 CUL-4 ubiquitin ligase complex DDB1/CUL4-associated factor 1 DACF1 DACF-1 adaptor B32-B3 B-32-B-3 cell-permeable ATP-competitive blocks phosphorylation 2A H2A Thr120 DU-145 DU145 human prostate suppresses proliferation overexpress xenograft tumor mice T120 T-120 in vitro 0E-12
11324 b-AP15 1009817-63-3 ≥98% 2014-03-17 5.319774057887 b-ap15 330450-45-8 inhibitors cancers ubiquitin proteasomes deubiquitinases USPs UCHLs USP-14 USP14 14 UCHL-5 UCHL5 proteasome-associated DUBs b AP15 bAP15 ubiquitin-specific-processing protease 14 specific processing process carboxyl-terminal hydrolase isozyme L5 carboxyl terminal in vivo tumor cells T cells apoptosis TNF IV 5.319774057887
14166 BARD1 BRCT domains (human recombinant) - ≥60% 2014-03-20 0.207845303867 bard1-brct-domains-human-recombinant BRCA1-Associated RING Domain Protein 1 DNA damages responses BRCT domains phosphoserines binding phosphothreonine binding Protein-protein interactions Double Strands breaks DSBs DNA Damages responses DDRs cancers BARD-1 EC 6.3.2 BRCA1 associated breast ovarian ovaries ovary tumors suppressors BRCA1 BRCA-1 repairs BRCA1/BARD1 heterodimers ubiquitin ligases p53 p53-dependent dependent apoptosis mRNA messengers RNA CstF-50 cleavage stimulating factor-50 factors DNA-damages DNA-repairs repairs one 0.207845303867
14742 Batimastat 130370-60-4 ≥98% 2014-01-28 2.725354320858 batimastat BB-94 inhibitors cancers inhibits inhibitions proteases potent broad MMPs matrix metalloproteinases anti-proliferative anti proliferative antiproliferative anti-invasive antiinvasive invasive anti-metastatic metastatic antimetastatic BBs BB94 94 BB-9 MMP-1 MMP-2 MMP-3 MMP-7 MMP-9 MMP-13 MMP-14 1 2 3 7 9 13 14 TNFα-converting enzymes TNF.alpha.-converting TNFa-converting TNFalpha-converting TNF α .alpha. a alpha converting anti-proliferative TACE 2.725354320858
10009644 BAY-43-9006 284461-73-0 ≥98% 2011-09-13 40.836312467133 bay-43-9006 Nexovar®; Sorafenib inhibitors raf-1 b-raf receptors tyrosine kinases VEGF VEGFR PDGF PDGFR cancers angiogenesis apoptosis tumors cells cellular proliferation Flt-3 c-KIT carcinoma growth factor tosylate 40.836312467133
15005 Bazedoxifene acetate 198481-33-3 ≥98% 2013-04-17 15.512658072437 bazedoxifene-acetate TSE 424; Viviant 252555-09-2 selective estrogen receptors modulator SERM ERα ERβ 17β-estradiol breasts cancers antagonists osteoporosis cells cycles arrest ERs indole-based based indoles ER-α ER-β 17β estradiol ERalpha ER-alpha ER.alpha. ER-.alpha. ERa ER-a ER-beta ER-.beta. ER-b ERb ER.beta. ERbeta 17β estradiol 17b 17beta 17.beta. MCF-7 MCF7 MCF 7 T47D cycling downregulating downregulations cyclin D1 TSE-424 TSE 424 TSE424 viviant WAYTES WAY-TES WAY 15.512658072437
15576 Becatecarin 119673-08-4 ≥98% 2014-02-27 1.078453038674 becatecarin BMY 27557; NSC 655649; XL 119; BMS 181176 134598-​30-​4 cancers DNA damage repairs inhibitors antibiotics 134598-30-4 analogs diethylaminoethyl antineoplastic rebeccamycin topoisomerases complexes inhibits inhibition cleavage apoptosis myelosuppressive in vivo transport substrates ATP binding cassette ABC transporters ABCG2 NSC655649 XL119 BMY27557 BMS181176 NSC-655649 XL-119 BMY-27557 BMS-181176 1.078453038674
11041 Betulin 473-98-3 ≥98% 2013-01-10 7.337403314916 betulin Trochol; NSC 4644 1406-58-2 1192133-66-6 betuline betulinic alcohol betulinol betulol NSC4644 NSC-4644 SREBP-2 cholesterol nuclear transcription factors natural products metabolic diseases anti-cancers atherosclerosis triterpene betulinic acids pentacyclic birch trees inhibits inhibitors inhibitions SREBPs SREBP2 SCAP-Insig binding binds ER lipids western-type atherosclerotic plaques LDLR Jurkat A549 carcinoma cells HeLa 7.337403314916
11686 Betulinic Acid 472-15-1 ≥97% 2013-10-29 8.746549111721 betulinic-acid Lupatic acid; NSC 113090 natural products receptors agonists obese obesity vascular diseases atherosclerosis cancers anti-viral anti viral antiviral inflammations oxysterols plants triterpenoid bile acids G proteins coupled protein-coupled TGR5 TGR-5 TGRs 5 five genes livers HIVs HIV1 HIV-1 cancers betulic b-betulinic beta-betulinic .beta.-betulinic β-butulinic NSCs 113090 NSC113090 NSC-113090 inhibitors inhibits oxysterols vascular NF-κB NF-.kappa.B NF-kB signaling microRNA-33 miR-33 ATP-binding cassette ABC ABCA1 cytotoxic miR33 mi R33 RNA33 8.746549111721
11571 Bexarotene 153559-49-0 ≥98% 2012-04-06 4.467044198895 bexarotene LG 100069; Targretin; LGD 1069; Ro 26-4455; SR 11247 retinoid X receptors ligands agonist RXR genes expression cancers alzheimers diseases apoptosis angiogenesis metastasis cells proliferations β-amyloid amyloids βamyloid LG 100069 1069 69 LG-100069 LG-1069 LG-69 LGD 1069 LGD-1069 LGD1069 LG100069 LG1069 LG69 RO 26-4455 RO26-4455 RO-26-4455 RO 264455 RO-264455 RO264455 SR 11247 SR-11247 SR11247 targret targretin targretyn targrexin 4.467044198895
16918 BG45 926259-99-6 ≥95% 2014-12-03 15.308643823126 bg45 HDAC3 inhibitor histone deacetylase tumor multiple myeloma biochemical cancer chromatin research epigenetics modification inhibit HDAC-3 BG-45 class I selectivity HDAC1 HDAC2 HDAC6 HDAC-1 HDAC-2 HDAC-6 bortezomib dose-dependently growth mouse model 15.308643823126
11022 BIBF 1120 656247-17-5 ≥95% 2011-11-10 65.941501688152 bibf-1120 Vargatef™ receptors tyrosine kinases inhibitors vascular endothelial growth factor VEGFR platelet-derived growth PDGFR fibroblasts FGFR angiogenesis cancers pulmonary fibrosis diseases 928326-83-4 65.941501688152
16608 BIBR 1532​ 321674-73-1 ≥95% 2014-10-10 1.447222328063 bibr-1532 Telomerase Inhibitor X biochemical inhibitor inhibit cancer apoptosis BIBR1532 mixed-type non-competitive noncompetitive telomerase reverse transcriptase catalytic subunit TERT induce senescence cell triple negative breast glucose restriction potent 1.447222328063
11492 BIBW 2992 439081-18-2 ≥95% 2013-11-05 3.521197053407 bibw-2992 Tomtovok™; Afatinib 915958-​11-​1 EGFR HER2 kinases erlotinib-resistance inhibitors anticancers erlotinib resistance inhibits inhibitions anti-cancers anti cancers BIBW2992 BIBW-2992 anilino-quinazoline aniline quinazoline in vtiro potent mutant forms isoforms tumors regression transgenic lungs selective dual EGFR/HER2 HER-2 HERs 2 two dual 3.521197053407
14250 Bicalutamide 90357-06-5 ≥98% 2013-03-26 12.770015307488 bicalutamide Casodex; ICI 176334; ZD 176334 151262-58-7 nuclear steroids hormones cosudex ICI176334 ICI-176334 ZD176334 ZD-176334 non-steroidal nonsteroidal steroidal antiandrogen anti-androgen anti antagonists prostate cancers SARM selective androgen receptors modulators binds binding proliferation therapy therapies non cells 12.770015307488
10011385 Bim/BOD (IN) Polyclonal Antibody - 2008-04-10 0.741988950276 bim-bod-in-polyclonal-antibody apotosis BH3 Bcl-2 Bcl-XL cancer immunoblotting WB IHC antibodies western blotting antiserum blots immunohistochemistry 0.741988950276
16996 Binimetinib New 606143-89-9 ≥98% 2015-01-16 63.031467157765 binimetinib ​ARRY 438162; MEK162 inhibitor MEK1/2 ERK cancer signal transduction kinase intracellular signaling inhibit biochemical ARRY162 ARRY 162 phosphorylation cell line xenograft tumor K-Ras KRas B-Raf BRaf mutation N-Ras NRas melanoma lung biliary tract 63.031467157765
10960 Bisdemethoxycurcumin 24939-16-0 ≥98% 2011-08-09 3.651519337016 bisdemethoxycurcumin BDMC curcumin activators macrophages phagocytosis 1α,25-dihydroxyvitamin D, amyloid-β Alzheimer’s diseases cancers transcription genes expression p300 Wnt/β-catenin iNOS inflammation bisdemethoxy curcumin 33171-05-0 3.651519337016
16999 BIX02189 New 1265916-41-3 ≥98% 2015-01-22 56.051388888889 bix02189 1094614-85-3 biochemical inhibitor signal transduction intracellular signaling protein kinase neuroscience cancer cardiology angiogenesis apoptosis inhibit signal transduction MEK5 ERK5 MEK ERK MAP2K5 MAP-2K5 MAPK7 MAP-K7 pathway stress-induced neuronal survival neuron cardiac development BIX-02189 transcriptional activation transcription downstream MEF2C MEF-2C MEK1/2 MEK-1/2 ERK1/2 ERK-1/2 sorbitol-induced phosphorylation HeLa cell nerve growth factor-mediated neurite outgrowth myeloid differentiation 56.051388888889
13877 Bleomycin (sulfate) 9041-93-4 ≥95% 2012-10-15 68.590220994475 bleomycin-sulfate Blenoxane 134171-41-8 blexane antitumors antibiotics DNA breaks cells cycles superoxide free radicals cleavage Hodgkin's lymphoma cancers pulmonary fibrosis anti-tumors anti tumors anti-biotics biotics Streptomyces verticillus s. verticillus chelating metalions pseudoenzyme glycopeptide Hodgkins 68.590220994475
16239 BMS 303141 943962-47-8 ≥98% 2014-09-24 0.465838509317 bms-303141 cell-permeable inhibitor inhibition ACL hyperlipidemia ATP citrate lyase acetyl-CoA lipogenesis cancer metabolism reduce weight gain plasma cholesterol triglycerides glucose BMS303141 0.465838509317
16667 BMS 345541​ (trifluoroacetate salt) - ≥98% 2014-10-14 33.122849200440 bms-345541-trifluoroacetate-salt IKK Inhibitor III biochemical NF-κB inflammation cancer signal transduction intracellular signaling gene regulation arthritis inhibitor inhibit 445430-58-0 547757-23-3 selective IKK-α IKK-β IKKα IKKβ III BMS345541 cell permeable IKB kinase nuclear factor-κB in vivo mice pharmacokinetic joint inflammation damage collagen-induce apoptosis melanoma vitro phosphorylation 33.122849200440
16240 BMS 833923 1059734-66-5 ≥98% 2014-11-21 4.442581731152 bms-833923 XL 139 biochemical inhibitor receptor antagonist stem cell research signal transduction cancer inhibit oral bioavailable SMO smoothened surface Patched mediate sonic hedgehog Shh block binding BODIPY cyclopamine Gli activation line expression wild-type activate mutant form prevention tumor growth medullablastoma pancreatic pancreas carcinoma xenograft model XL-139 BMS833923 4.442581731152
17202 BODIPY-aminoacetaldehyde Exclusive New 247069-94-9 ≥85% 2015-01-26 161.845282656325 bodipy-aminoacetaldehyde BAAA biochemical cancer stem cell research enzyme substrate cell-permeable fluorescent probe ALDH substrate BAA aldehyde dehydrogenase enzymatic action multidrug resistance MDR pump inhibitor 161.845282656325
9002056 BODIPY-aminoacetaldehyde diethyl acetal Exclusive New 247069-93-8 ≥95% 2015-01-22 329.448140786656 bodipy-aminoacetaldehyde-diethyl-acetal BAAA-DA biochemical cancer stem cell research enzyme substrate cell-permeable fluorescent probe BAAA ALDH substrate enzymatic action P-glycoprotein P-gp multidrug resistance pump MDR precursor aldehyde dehydrogenase aldefluor 329.448140786656
12030 Bosutinib 380843-75-4 ≥98% 2013-04-15 14.748600368324 bosutinib SKI 606 inhibitors cancers signals transduction potent dual inhibits inhibitions c-Src Abl cSrc regulating regulates tumors growth differentiation nanomolar SRC TEC Yes Fgr Lck Fyn kinases SKI606 SKI 606 SKIs SKI-606 14.748600368324
17224 BPIQ-I New 174709-30-9 2015-02-03 0.366211051852 bpiq-i PD 159121 PD159121 BPIQI potent specific inhibitor inhibit tyrosine kinase activity EGFR epidermal growth factor receptor biochemical intracellular signaling signal transduction biochemistry protein cancer 0.366211051852
17226 BPIQ-II (hydrochloride) New 171179-37-6 2015-02-03 0.366211051852 bpiq-ii-hydrochloride PD 158294 171179-32-1 PD158294 BPIQII potent specific inhibitor inhibit tyrosine kinase activity EGFR epidermal growth factor receptor biochemical intracellular signaling signal transduction biochemistry protein cancer 0.366211051852
14433 bpV(HOpic) (potassium salt) 722494-26-0 ≥90% 2013-04-11 8.635239269018 bpv-hopic-potassium-salt Bisperoxovanadium(HOpic) Inhibitors proteins tyrosines phosphatases signal transductions bisperoxovanadium PTPs PTEN PI3-kinase bpVs bpV-HOpic bpV-(HOpic) bpVHOpic inhibits inhibitions vascular endothelial PTP-1βB PTP-β PTP1βB PTP1β .beta. beta b 169291-75-2 8.635239269018
15438 bpV(HOpic) (potassium salt, technical grade) Exclusive 722494-26-0 ≥80% 2014-01-15 23.721701019975 bpv-hopic-potassium-salt-technical-grade Bisperoxovanadium(HOpic) 169291-75-2 inhibitors inhibitions inhibits proteins tyrosines phosphatases PTENs PTPs signal transduction bisperoxovanadium PI3-kinase cancers bpV HOpic potassium salts technical grades vascular endothelial in vitro cells viability upregulations 23.721701019975
13331 bpV(phen) (potassium hydrate) 171202-16-7 ≥99% 2013-02-06 16.969251411571 bpv-phen-potassium-hydrate Potassium Bisperoxo(1,10-phenanthroline) oxovanadate (V); Bisperoxovanadium(phen) diabetes inhibitis inhibitions inhibits phosphatases signals transductions insulin receptors cells signaling SHIP-2 SHIP2 SHIPs bisperoxovanadium bpV phens proteins tyrosines PTPs PTEN vascular endothelial SH2 domains containing inositol 5’-phosphatase signals PI3-kinase 42494-73-5 16.969251411571
14434 bpV(pic) (potassium hydrate) 148556-27-8 ≥96% 2013-04-11 7.924963025924 bpv-pic-potassium-hydrate Bisperoxovanadium(pic) Inhibitors proteins tyrosines phosphatases signal transductions bisperoxovanadium PTPs PTEN PI3-kinase insulin IRK bpVpic bpV-pic bpV-(pic) PTP-1βB PTP-β PTP1βB PTP1β .beta. beta b receptors 68782-50-3 inhibits inhibitions 7.924963025924
14167 BRCA1 BRCT domains (human recombinant) - ≥90% 2013-08-29 1.039226519337 brca1-brct-domains-human-recombinant Breast Cancer Type 1 Susceptibility Protein DNA damages responses BRCT domains phosphoserines binding phosphothreonines protein-protein interactions binds binders breasts ovarian 1.039226519337
11071 BRD2 bromodomain 1 (human recombinant; GST-tagged) - ≥95% estimated by SDS-PAGE 2011-10-21 4.006590956215 brd2-bromodomain-1-human-recombinant-gst-tagged RING3; Bromodomain containing protein 2; RNF3 BET proteins BRD2 BRD3 BRD4 I-BET genes expression histones chromatin acetylation IBET BRD BRD-2 BRD-3 BRD-4 bromodomain epigenetics lysine inflammatory inflammation mitosis viral host 4.006590956215
11070 BRD2 bromodomain 2 (human recombinant; GST-tagged) - ≥95% estimated by SDS-PAGE 2011-10-21 3.719606080469 brd2-bromodomain-2-human-recombinant-gst-tagged Bromodomain containing protein 2; RING3; RNF3 BET proteins BRD2 BRD3 BRD4 I-BET genes expression histones chromatin acetylation IBET BRD BRD-2 BRD-3 BRD-4 bromodomain epigenetics lysine inflammatory inflammation mitosis viral host 3.719606080469
11069 BRD2 bromodomains 1 and 2 (human recombinant) - ≥90% estimated by SDS-PAGE 2011-12-20 5.553058990943 brd2-bromodomains-1-and-2-human-recombinant RING3; RNF3; Bromodomain containing protein 2 BET proteins BRD2 BRD3 BRD4 I-BET genes expressions histones chromatin acetylation IBET BRD BRD-2 BRD-3 BRD-4 bromodomains epigenetics lysines regulations trandcription proteins domains nucleosomes BRDT BRD-T cells inflammatory inflammation mitosis viruses viral hosts binding binds molecules inhibitors inhibits inhibition humans diseases 5.553058990943
16516 BRD32048 433694-46-3 ≥98% 2014-09-12 0.331491712707 brd32048 oncogenes ETS variants 1 ETV1 transcription factors cancers E26 transformation-specific genes inhibitors p300 acetylation BRD 32048 BRD-32048 ETV-1 inhibits oncoproteins 0.331491712707
11285 BRD3 bromodomain 1 (human recombinant) - ≥95% estimated by SDS-PAGE 2012-07-05 2.338004078617 brd3-bromodomain-1-human-recombinant ORFX; Bromodomain containing protein 3; RING3L; RING3-like protein BRD3 genes expressions histones chromatin acetylation bromodomains epigenetics BRDs BETs BRD2 BRD 2 BRD-2 BRD 3 BRD-3 BRD4 BRD 4 BRD-4 2.338004078617
14658 BRD3 bromodomain 2 (human recombinant) - ≥95% estimated by SDS-PAGE 2013-06-06 1.056855170300 brd3-bromodomain-2-human-recombinant Bromodomain containing protein 3; RING3L; ORFX; RING3-like protein recombinant proteins genes regulations epigenetics chromatins research cancers BRD3 expressions histones acetylation bromodomains BRDs BRD2 BRD 2 BRD-2 BRD 3 BRD-3 BRD4 BRD 4 BRD-4 BRDT BRD-T RING3-like 1.056855170300
600640 BRD3 bromodomain 2 TR-FRET Assay Kit - 2013-12-03 15.734345303867 brd3-bromodomain-2-tr-fret-assay-kit ORFX; Bromodomain containing protein 3; RING3-like protein; RING3L kits assays measures measurements acetylations histones lysines residues roles epigenetics regulations genes transcriptions factors acetylated small molecules proteins domains bromodomains recruits recruiting regulatory complexes nucleosomes chromatins structures expressions BET family class tandem Extra Terminal BRD2 BRD4 BRDT 2 3 4 T BRDs BRD-2 BRD-3 BRD-4 BRD-T cells cellular processes inflammation inflammatory mitosis viral hosts viral/host interactions isolated binds binding tails couple marks transcriptional targets promoters inhibitors inhibits inhibitions bromodomain/histones I-BET JQ-1 IBET I JQ1 JQ 1 therapeutics human diseases disrupts disrupting formations activations activated macrophages protects protections bacteria bacteria-induced induced inductions sepsis lipopolysaccharide-triggered lipopolysaccharides triggered LPS-triggered LPS endotoxic shocks enantiomerically (+)-JQ1 (-)-JQ1 stereoisomers peptides bromodomain-peptides displacement chemical probes oncogenesis cancers tumorigenesis growths tumors TR-FRET time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy transfers characterizations bromodomain/acetylated interactions fluorophores europium Eu3+ chelates biotinylated ligands allophycocyanin APC-labeled avidins biotins 15.734345303867
14864 BRD3 bromodomains 1 and 2 (human recombinant) - ≥95% estimated by SDS-PAGE 2013-08-09 1.840224668112 brd3-bromodomains-1-and-2-human-recombinant ORFX; Bromodomain containing protein 3; RING3L; RING3-like protein BRD3 genes expressions histone chromatin acetylation epigenetics bromodomains extra terminals BETs BRD-3 BRD 3 three BRD2 BRD-2 2 two BRD-4 BRD4 4 four BRDT cellular processed inflammatory expressions mitosis viral host interactions promoters histones lysine regulation transcription domains nucleosomes tandem humans diseases 1.840224668112
11787 BRD4770 1374601-40-7 ≥98% 2014-12-01 4.880475988100 brd4770 HMTase Inhibitor VI biochemical inhibitor methyltransferase cancer epigenetic histone modification chromatin research inhibit EHMT2 G9a euchromatin 2 decrease dimethylation trimethylation lysine 9 3 induce senescence pancreas pancreatic cell line PANC-1 block anchorage-dependent independent proliferation 4.880475988100
11068 BRD4 bromodomain 1 (human recombinant; GST-tagged) - ≥60% estimated by SDS-PAGE 2011-10-21 4.064746140564 brd4-bromodomain-1-human-recombinant-gst-tagged HUNK1; Bromodomain containing protein 4; MCAP BET proteins BRD2 BRD3 BRD4 I-BET genes expression histones chromatin acetylation IBET BRD BRD-2 BRD-3 BRD-4 bromodomains epigenetics lysine nucleosomes cellular inflammatory mitosis viral hosts 4.064746140564
11720 BRD4 bromodomain 1 (human recombinant; His-tagged) - ≥95% 2012-07-05 7.466719036668 brd4-bromodomain-1-human-recombinant-his-tagged Bromodomain containing protein 4; MCAP; HUNK1 BET proteins BRD2 BRD3 BRD4 I-BET genes expression histones chromatin acetylation IBET BRD BRD-2 BRD 2 BRD-3 BRD 3 BRD-4 BRD 4 bromodomains epigenetics extra terminal 7.466719036668
11066 BRD4 bromodomain 2 (human recombinant; GST-tagged) - ≥80% estimated by SDS-PAGE 2011-10-21 4.072487732112 brd4-bromodomain-2-human-recombinant-gst-tagged HUNK1; Bromodomain containing protein 4; MCAP BET proteins BRD2 BRD3 BRD4 I-BET genes expression histones chromatin acetylation IBET BRD BRD-2 BRD-3 BRD-4 bromodomains epigenetics lysine nucleosomes cellular inflammatory mitosis viral hosts 4.072487732112
11721 BRD4 bromodomain 2 (human recombinant; His-tagged) - ≥95% 2012-07-05 1.952951052131 brd4-bromodomain-2-human-recombinant-his-tagged MCAP; Bromodomain containing protein 4; HUNK1 BETs proteins BRD2 BRD3 BRD4 I-BET genes expression histones chromatin acetylation IBET BRDs BRD-2 BRD 2 BRD-3 BRD 3 BRD-4 BRD 4 bromodomains epigenetics 1.952951052131
14822 BRD4 bromodomains 1 and 2 (human recombinant; aa 2-477) - ≥70% estimated by SDS-PAGE 2013-08-09 2.325960806680 brd4-bromodomains-1-and-2-human-recombinant-aa-2-477 MCAP; Bromodomain containing protein 4; HUNK1 BET proteins BRD2 BRD3 BRD4 I-BET genes expressions histones chromatin acetylation IBET BRDs BRD-2 BRD-3 BRD-4 bromodomains epigenetics extra terminals BRDs 2 3 4 two three four transcription 2.325960806680
11052 BRD4 bromodomains 1 and 2 (human recombinant; aa 49-460) - ≥90% 2011-12-20 6.295037715012 brd4-bromodomains-1-and-2-human-recombinant-aa-49-460 Bromodomain containing protein 4; MCAP; HUNK1 BET proteins BRD2 BRD3 BRD4 I-BET genes expressions histones chromatin acetylation IBET BRD BRD-2 BRD-3 BRD-4 bromodomains epigenetics lysines regulations trandcription proteins domains nucleosomes BRDT BRD-T cells inflammatory inflammation mitosis viruses viral hosts binding binds molecules inhibitors inhibits inhibition humans diseases 6.295037715012
600830 BRD4 bromodomains 1 and 2 TR-FRET Assay Kit - 2013-08-30 19.387255985267 brd4-bromodomains-1-and-2-tr-fret-assay-kit HUNK1; Bromodomain containing protein 4; MCAP kits assays measures measurements acetylations histones lysines residues roles epigenetics regulations genes transcriptions factors acetylated small molecules proteins domains bromodomains recruits recruiting regulatory complexes nucleosomes chromatin structures expressions BET family class tandem Extra Terminal BRD2 BRD3 BRDT 2 3 4 T BRDs BRD-2 BRD-3 BRD-T cells cellular processes inflammation inflammatory mitosis viral hosts viral/host interactions isolated binds binding tails couple marks transcriptional targets promoters inhibitors inhibits inhibitions bromodomain/histones I-BET JQ-1 IBET I JQ1 JQ 1 therapeutics human diseases disrupts disrupting formations activations activated macrophages protects protections bacteria bacteria-induced induced inductions sepsis lipopolysaccharide-triggered lipopolysaccharides triggered endotoxic shocks enantiomerically (+)-JQ1 (-)-JQ1 stereoisomers peptides bromodomain-peptides displacement chemical probes oncogenesis cancers tumorigenesis growths tumors TR-FRET time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy transfer characterization bromodomain/acetylated interactions fluorophores europium Eu3+ chelates biotinylated ligands allophycocyanin APC-labeled avidins biotins 19.387255985267
16919 BRD73954 1440209-96-0 ≥95% 2014-11-11 13.311027593906 brd73954 biochemical inhibitor histone deacetylase cancer histone modification epigenetics gene regulation small molecule HDAC6 HDAC8 BRD-73954 increase acetylation α-tubulin αtubulin HeLa cells dual inhibit 13.311027593906
14491 BRD7 bromodomain (human recombinant) - ≥40% 2013-06-14 0.661089187056 brd7-bromodomain-human-recombinant Bromodomain containing protein 7; Protein CELTIX-1 genes regulations epigenetics chromatin reseach cancers recombinants proteins histones acetylation bromodomain lysine residues domains transcriptions nucleosomes regulating regulates targets promoters subunits polybromo-associated BRG1 PBAF components SW1/SNF remodeling complexes tumors supressors cofactors p53 breasts tumorigenicity BRCA1 dependents estrogen receptors α expressions nasopharyngeal carcinomas colorectal transcriptional silencing PRMT5 PRC2 regions complex 2 switch sucrose breasts cancers type 1 proteins arginine methyltransferases 5 polycomb repressive non-fermentable 0.661089187056
11509 BRD9 bromodomain (human recombinant) - ≥95% 2012-04-20 0.747156422651 brd9-bromodomain-human-recombinant Bromodomain containing protein 9 BRD9 genes expressions histones chromatin acetylation bromodomains epigenetics BET domains transcription Extra Terminal domain BRDs BRDT inflammatory mitosis viral/host interactions Rhabdomyosarcoma antigen MU-RMS-40.8 0.747156422651
11649 BRDT bromodomain 2 (human recombinant) - ≥95% 2012-06-25 4.762436464088 brdt-bromodomain-2-human-recombinant Bromodomain testis-specific protein; CT9; RING3-like protein; Cancer/testis antigen 9; BRD6 gene expression histones chromatin acetylation bromodomain epigenetics RING3 transcriptional cofactors testis specific spermatogenesis lung cancer BRD-T BRD T BRDs 4.762436464088
11284 BRG1 bromodomain (human recombinant) - ≥95% estimated by SDS-PAGE 2012-03-05 1.034035844225 brg1-bromodomain-human-recombinant Protein BRG-1; BAF190A Mitotic growth and transcription activator; BRG1-associated factor 190A; ATP-dependent helicase SMARCA4 BRG1 genes expressions histones chromatin acetylation bromodomains epigenetics SWI/SNF SWI SNF cancers tumors suppressors Protein brahma homolog 1 1.034035844225
16899 BRL 50481 433695-36-4 ≥98% 2014-11-17 17.006823204420 brl-50481 biochemical inhibitor intracellular signaling immunology cancer cyclic nucleotide BRL50481 selective inhibit PDE7 phosphodiesterase 7 human recombinant PDE7A1 enhance effect PDE4 blocker rolipram monocytes lung macrophage CD8+ t-lymphocyte cell apoptosis programmed death chronic lymphocytic leukemia overexpressing PDE7B isoform PDE 7 4 7B 7A1 17.006823204420
11289 BRM bromodomain (human recombinant) - ≥95% estimated by SDS-PAGE 2012-03-01 1.145823503061 brm-bromodomain-human-recombinant SMARCA2A/B; SWI/SNF ATPase BRD1 genes expressions histones chromatin acetylation bromodomains epigenetics SWI/SNF SWI SNF ATP dependent chromatin SWI/SNF-related, matrix associated, actin-dependent regulator of chromatin 1.145823503061
11650 BRPF3 bromodomain 1 (human recombinant) - ≥95% 2012-06-25 0.658078575813 brpf3-bromodomain-1-human-recombinant Bromodomain and PHD Finger Containing 3; MGC:58603; KIAA1286 BRPF3 genes expression histones chromatin acetylation bromodomains epigenetics MOZ transcriptional cofactors MORF HAT MOZ/MORF 0.658078575813
14843 Busulfan 55-98-1 ≥98% 2013-08-29 4.960282523152 busulfan Mielosan; Myeloleukon; Mylecytan; Myleran; Milecitan; Busulphan; NCI C01592; NSC 750 alkyl sulfonate alkylsulfonate alkyl-sulfonate antineoplatic agents intrastrand interstrand intra strands inter crosslinks DNAs profound prolonged reduction hematopoietic progenitors alkylating ANs 33501 AN-33501 AN33501busilfex busulphan CBs 2041 CB2041 CB-2041 citosulfan GTs 2041 GT2041 GT-2041 41 GT41 GT-41 glyzophrol mablin mielevcin NCIs C01592 NCIC01592 NCI-C01592 NSCs NSC750 NSC-750 NSC750 sulfabutin sulphabutin tetramethylenes X149 X 149 X-149 Busilvex Leucosulfan Mielucin Mileran Mitostan Misulban 4.960282523152
15371 Butein 487-52-5 ≥95% 2014-01-23 17.117289309831 butein 2’,3,4,4’-tetrahydroxy Chalcone natural products oxidative injury injuries antioxidants anti-oxidants anti oxidants inflammation cancers inhibitors inhibits inhibitions histones deacetylases plants polyphenols phenols chalcones potent oxidant tones immune responses 5-lipoxygenase 5-LO 5-LOX P. falciparum angiotensins Src activators activates TSA tetrahydroxy enoyl-acyl-carrier proteins reductases kinases sirtuins activators trichostatins A 17.117289309831
14484 Buthionine Sulfoximine 83730-53-4 ≥98% 2013-05-21 40.289889502763 buthionine-sulfoximine L-Buthionine-S,R-Sulfoximine; BSO; NSC 326231 oxidative injury injuries inhibitors inhibits inhibitions cancers apoptosis cells deaths glutathiones stress γ-glutamylcysteine g-glutamylcysteine gamma-glutamylcysteine .gamma.-glutamylcysteine synthetases GSH drugs drug-resistance resistances BSO irreversibles synthases tissues damages toxicity chemotherapeutics agents tumors L-glutathiones rates limiting rate-limiting enzymes induces inductions synthesis toxic limits limiters 40.289889502763
16615 BVT 948 39674-97-0 ≥98% 2014-11-20 7.101034545565 bvt-948 biochemical inhibitor cytochrome P450 phosphatase methyltransferase epigenetic histone modification diabetes cancer neuroscience intracellular signaling BVT948 inhibit protein tyrosine phosphatase noncompetitive cell-permeable PTP facilitate oxidation catalytic cysteine residue hydrogen peroxide redox-sensitive CYP450 isoform insulin tolerance ob/ob obese/obese mice mouse suppress expression matrix metalloproteinase-9 MMP-9 MMP9 invasion breast increase NMDA-induced N-Methyl-D-aspartic acid N-Methyl-D-aspartate substance P release spinal cord slice 7.101034545565
16986 BYL719 New 1217486-61-7 ≥98% 2015-01-16 56.061581044799 byl719 NVP-BYL719 1361185-44-5 biochemical inhibitor kinase cancer signal transduction intracellular signaling inhibit protein phosphoinositide 3-kinase α PI3Kα equipotent wild type mutant isoform in vivo PI3Kα-dependent xenograft tumor mice mouse combination therapy BYL 719 combination therapy loss downsteam pathway component clinical resistance 56.061581044799
10549 C646 328968-36-1 ≥98% (mixture of isomers) 2013-02-18 17.186068139963 c646 cancers acetyltransferases chromatin research inhibitors inhibits inhibitions histones modifications genes regulations epigenetics histones modifications acetylation regulations acetyltransferases C-646 C 646 inhibitors inhibits inhibitions p300 p-300 blocks melanoma leukemia lungs prostates cells in vitro memory 17.186068139963
10005270 (±)-C75 191282-48-1 ≥98% 2004-09-22 40.707716390424 -c75 inhibits inhibitors inhibition fatty acids synthases FAS cerulenin cytotoxicity apoptosis cancers anorexigenic stable weight loss feeding endocrinology 40.707716390424
13999 Cafestol 469-83-0 ≥98% 2012-11-28 7.571823204420 cafestol natural products diterpenes cholesterol triglycerides receptors activation angiogenesis unfiltered coffee serum humans dietary ApoE3Leiden inhibits inhibitions inhibitors umbilical veins endothelial migration tubes formations forms Matrigel 7.571823204420
15279 CAL-101 870281-82-6 ≥98% 2014-01-21 15.680966850828 cal-101 GS-1101; Idelalisib GS-1101 phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase PI3K signaling cells growths cancers p110δ inhibitors B cells Akt apoptosis chemotaxis CLL leukemia GS1101 GSs 1101 CALs 101 CAL101 phosphatidylinositol 3 three kinases cell-permeable permeable inhibits inhibitions poly ADP ribose polymerases tumors Bcells B-cells signals selective transductions kinases chemokines poly(ADP-ribose) 15.680966850828
15383 Calphostin C 121263-19-2 ≥95% 2014-01-09 8.536883057090 calphostin-c PKF 115-584; Cladochrome E; UCN 1028C UCN-1028C UCNs 1028C UCN1028C inhibitors inhibits inhibitions proteins kinases C PKC D1 PLD1 phospholipases D2 PLD2 antitumors anti tumors anti-tumors apoptosis metabolites fungus C. cladosporioides polycylic hydrocarbons cancers intracellular signaling signals kinases transduction PKFs 115-584 115 584 115584 PKF115-584 PKF-115-584 UCNs 1028C UCN1028C UCN-1028C 125411-36-1 selective activation lights exposures 8.536883057090
17344 Campesterol New 474-62-4 ≥95% 2015-02-19 104.865897435897 campesterol NSC 224330 137764-28-4 steroid cholesterol cardiovascular disease phytosterol absorption agonist liver X receptors cancer atherosclerosis biochemical cancer cardiology nuclear nutrition diet lipid metabolism natural product 24(R)-Methylcholesterol 24α Campesterin Campasterol NSC224330 vegetable fruit nut seed inhibit inhibitor absorption intestinal transcription gene atherosclerotic plaque LXR signal signaling proliferation prostate breast 104.865897435897
12076 Canertinib (hydrochloride) 289499-45-2 ≥98% 2012-11-06 4.308176795580 canertinib-hydrochloride PD 183805; CI 1033 267243-28-7 338796-35-3 HCl dihydrochloride hydrochloride CI1033 CI-1033 PD183805 PD-183805 receptors tyrosine kinases EGFR HER-2 HER-3 HER-4 proliferation tumors inhibitors, anti-cancers inhibits inhibitions anticancer pan-ErbB ErbB quinazoline HERs HER2 HER3 HER4 proliferation malignant peripheral nerves sheath cells neuroblastoma acute myeloid leukemia T98G HCT8 breasts resistance proteins BCRP 4.308176795580
13285 Cannabidiol dimethyl ether 1242-67-7 ≥98% 2009-05-19 15.017638121547 cannabidiol-dimethyl-ether CBDD; Cannabidiol-2',6'-dimethyl ether 15-lipoxygenases 15-LOs dioxygenase fatty acids inflammation thrombosis cancer LDL oxidation inhibitions inhibition inhibiting cannabinoids cbs synthetic 15.017638121547
14589 Cantharidin 56-25-7 ≥98% 2013-06-04 27.675814917127 cantharidin NSC 61805 1351357-43-1 kantaridin NSC61805 NSC-61805 serine/threonine proteins phosphatases okadaic acids 1 PP1 2A PP2A inhibitors cells cycles anti-cancer anticancers anti cancers 2B PP-1 PP PP-2A PP2B PP-2B simulates progressions induces premature mitosis topically topical anti-wart warts antiwarts treatments active activates cervical tongues neuroblastoma bones leukemia ovarian colons cancers toxins produced produces blisters beetles inhibits inhibitions serines threonines 27.675814917127
10487 Capecitabine 154361-50-9 ≥98% 2010-08-16 11.641389609250 capecitabine Xeloda®; Ro 09-1978 Capecitibine Capecytabine Captabin 5-Fluorouracil 5-FU cancers prodrugs thymidine phosphorylase fluoropyrimidine carbamate inhibits inhibition inhibitors thymidylate synthase liver enzymes 158798-73-2 958887-39-3 Deoxyribonucleoside Cytosine Cytosine Deoxyribonucleoside Deoxyriboside Cytosine Cytosine Deoxyriboside Deoxycytidine CDR 11.641389609250
13112 Carboplatin 41575-94-4 ≥95% 2013-12-04 11.461767955801 carboplatin NSC 241240; NSC 201345; Paraplatin®; Ribocarbo-L platinum antineoplastic DNA repairs damages apotosis anti cancers anticancers anti-cancer cytotoxic agents ovarian lungs crosslinks crosslinking chemotherapy antineoplastic anti-neoplastic neoplastic adducts tumors solids inhibits inhibitions inhibitors CBDCA carbomedac carboplatinium carbosin cycloplatin JMs 8 JM8 JM-8 eight NSCs 201345 241240 NSC-201345 NSC-241240 NSC201345 NSC241240 paraplatin ribocarbo L 70903-55-8 110681-25-9 936543-00-9 replication transcription 11.461767955801
14243 Carmofur New 61422-45-5 ≥98% 2015-01-21 57.578829932280 carmofur HCFU biochemical cancer inhibitor intracellular signaling mifurol yamaful acid ceramidase inhibit inhibition anti-neoplastic anti neoplastic adjuvant enzyme tumor 57.578829932280
89820 Carnosic Acid 3650-09-7 ≥95% 2014-07-28 42.181282907849 carnosic-acid RoseOx®; Salvin; Rosamox™ rosemary extracts antioxidants anti-oxidants anti oxidants lipids peroxidation peroxyl radicals scavengers cytotoxicity anticancer anti-cancer antiproliferation anti-proliferation proliferation natural products diterpenes sage rosmarinus officinalis salvia inhibits inhibitions inhibitors cytotoxic cancers oxidative injury injuries 42.181282907849
89800 Carnosol 5957-80-2 >96% 68.980426203631 carnosol antioxidants tumors herbs carcinogenesis rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis extracts polyphenolic inhibits inhibitors inhibition 68.980426203631
360745 Caspase-3 (human) Blocking Peptide - 0.368847671665 caspase-3-human-blocking-peptide Apopain; CPP32; ICE3; Yama control peptides blots blotting western cpp-32 ice-3 apoptosis effectors caspases cell death wb antibodies 0.368847671665
160790 Caspase-9 Polyclonal Antibody - 6.663373707324 caspase-9-polyclonal-antibody Apaf-3; ICE-LAP6; MCH6 apoptosis cell death Apaf-1 apafs caspase-3 caspases antibodies Apaf1 western blots blotting WB an tisera antiserum cancers immunoblotting 6.663373707324
11695 Catharanthine 2468-21-5 ≥98% 2013-04-01 0E-12 catharanthine (+)-3,4-Didehydrocoronaridine 47416-77-3 catharanthin anticancers cancers anti anti-cancers alkaloids synthesis vinblastine vincristine antimitotic Vinca vindoline plants antibiotics catharanthus roseus c. chemotherapy 0E-12
600740 Cathepsin S Cell-Based Assay Kit - 2012-10-24 51.226192619876 cathepsin-s-cell-based-assay-kit kits assays CBAs measuring measurement enzymes activity activities lysosomes lysosomal cysteines proteases MHC II 2 antigens processing presentations expressed expressions spleen lymph nodes monocytes macrophages antigen-presenting cells immune systems immune-related system-relateds diseases levels tumors metastasis obesity diabetes diabetic progression cancers inflammatory proteins factors pathogenesis pharmaceuticals cell-based assays S-specific substrates Ac-KQKLR-AMC fluorescent high throughput screening HTS therapeutics activity RAW264.7 cells lysates supernatants positive controls inhibits inhibitors inhibitions Z-Phe-Leu-COCHO 51.226192619876
13704 Cav3.2 Calcium Channel Monoclonal Antibody (Clone S55-10) - 2009-11-12 0E-12 cav3-2-calcium-channel-monoclonal-antibody-clone-s55-10 antibodies CACNA1H genes epilepsy up-regulations up regulations upregulations prostate cancers androgen-independent androgen independent western blotting blots WB fusion protein immunohistochemistry IHC immunocytochemistry ICC 0E-12
89740 CAY10398 193551-00-7 ≥98% 13.837092541436 cay10398 PX 089274; MD 85 reversible inhibitors histone deacetylase HD1 inhibits inhibitions CAY-10398 hdacs HDAC-1 HDACs HDAC 1 HDAC1 HDACIS 519054-34-3 13.837092541436
70635 CAY10416 443919-96-8 ≥95% 2007-07-24 7.665107427870 cay10416 COX-2 cyclooxygenases 5-LO lipoxygenases inflammation inhibitors prostates cancers PC3 LNCaP carcinomas apoptosis inhibition inhibits chemotherapy cells lines 7.665107427870
10005019 CAY10433 537034-17-6 ≥95% 2005-01-05 17.969014732964 cay10433 N-phenyl-N'-(2-Aminophenyl)hexamethylenediamide; BML-210 HDAC deacetylases histone inhibits inhibitors inhibition cancer cells differentiation gene expression regulation Trichostatin A nuclear extracts deacetylation transcription factors FOXO3 SIRT1 H2O2 hydrogen peroxides BML210 17.969014732964
10005033 CAY10444 Exclusive 298186-80-8 ≥98% 2004-10-05 53.885090765588 cay10444 BML-241 receptors antagonists S1P3 EDG3 sphingosines sphingosine-1 sphingosine1 phosphates Hela cells G-proteins CAY-10444 BML241 53.885090765588
10075 CAY10452 170569-87-6 ≥98% 2004-10-18 28.040845303867 cay10452 PTPBS inhibits inhibitors inhibition cyclooxygenases cyclooxygenase-2 COX-2 antitumor cancers cells prostate CAY 10452 COX 2 two anti-tumor selectivity COX-1 1 one pro-apoptotic proapoptotic pro apoptotic celecoxib 28.040845303867
10006546 CAY10465 Exclusive 688348-33-6 >98% 2005-09-09 8.709917127072 cay10465 resveratrol analogs analogues aryl hydrocarbons receptors agonists AhRs ligand-dependents ligands xenobiotics PDM 11 PDM11 PDM-11 estrogen dioxin poisonings stilbene xenobiotics polyaromatics soot coal tar 8.709917127072
10008872 CAY10503 890854-82-7 ≥98% 2007-08-02 41.512928176796 cay10503 apoptosis antiproliferation cancers differentiation HL60 cells cycles proliferative positive markers CD14 CD11b CD11c monocytic granulocytic 41.512928176796
10009078 CAY10505 328960-84-5 ≥98% 2009-11-04 7.260148579743 cay10505 phosphoinositide 3-kinase immunity autoimmune inflammation PI3Kγ PI3Kα PI3Kβ PI3Kδ casein kinases 2 CK2 phosphorylation PKB/Akt macrophages neutrophil recruitment cancer PI3s T2Ds PI3Ks PI3K.gamma. PI3Kg 7.260148579743
10009536 CAY10512 Exclusive 139141-12-1 ≥97% 2007-07-18 7.507025782689 cay10512 analogs resveratrol nuclear factors NFkB NF-.kappa.B immunity inflammation stress growth apoptosis trans-stilbene activation cancers NF-kB inhibition inhibtors inhibits atherosclerosis 7.507025782689
10010301 CAY10554 267654-00-2 ≥95% 2007-12-01 13.925447360344 cay10554 BML-259 cell cycle Cdk5 Cdk2 inhibitors inhibits inhibition cancers BML 259 BML259 CDKs neurodegenerative diseases 13.925447360344
10010043 CAY10561 Exclusive 933786-58-4 ≥98% 2008-03-06 3.595994475137 cay10561 Pyrazolylpyrrole ERK Inhibitor MEK Ras Raf ERK2 proliferation cell cycles cancers apoptosis inhibition inhibit inhibitors 3.595994475137
18218 CAY10572 845714-00-3 ≥98% 2009-03-02 8.529088397790 cay10572 PHA 767491 inhibits inhibition inhibitors cdc7 kinases pyrrolopyridinone DNA synthesis cells death cycles apoptosis p53 cancers Cdk9 antitumor agents anti-tumor 8.529088397790
10011247 CAY10574 140651-18-9 >95% 2008-09-04 9.381381215470 cay10574 Cdk2 cyclin E Cdk9 inhibitors inhibits inhibition anticancer cell cycle CAN508 CDKs 9.381381215470
10011256 CAY10577 300675-28-9 ≥95% 2008-09-02 0.885716697361 cay10577 inhibitors inhibits inhibition CK2 kinase cell signaling apoptosis cancers 0.885716697361
10011264 CAY10578 19231-60-8 ≥95% 2008-08-26 0.793223987109 cay10578 inhibitors inhibits inhibition kinase cell signaling CK2 apoptosis cancers isoindolineacetic acids 0.793223987109
16835 CAY10580 Exclusive 64054-40-6 ≥96% 2009-03-16 53.224449899447 cay10580 PGEs PGE2 receptors inhibitors inhibits inhibition antagonist blockers EP4 cAMPs bones fromation resorption cancers atherosclerosis 53.224449899447
16838 CAY10581 Exclusive 1018340-07-2 ≥97% 2009-05-08 12.339058173546 cay10581 indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase IDO cancers inhibitors tumors inhibition inhibited naphthoquinones 12.339058173546
10012682 CAY10585 934593-90-5 ≥97% 2008-11-06 31.679459791282 cay10585 Hypoxia Inducible Factor-1α Inhibitor HIF-1α HIF1α hypoxia cancers transcriptions factors VEGFs erythropoietin inhibitors inhibits inhibition 31.679459791282
10009797 CAY10591 Exclusive 839699-72-8 ≥98% 2008-04-21 18.976626764886 cay10591 SIRT1 Activator 3; Sirtuin 1 Activator 3 p53 HDACs inhibits inhibitors inhibitions SIRTs sirtuins class III TNFalpha TNF.alpha. THP-1 cells anti-obesity anti-diabetic 18.976626764886
13281 CAY10598 346673-06-1 ≥98% 2010-05-07 99.536086556169 cay10598 Prostaglandins E2 PGE2 receptors EP4 bone formation cancers atherosclerosis agonists EP1 EP2 EP3 DP FP IP TP neuroprotection renal dysfunction inflammation neuro-protection TCS 2510 99.536086556169
10009796 CAY10602 374922-43-7 ≥95% 2009-07-15 11.808060159606 cay10602 SIRT1 Activator 1 SIRTs sirtuins inflammation deacetylase NF-kB NFkB NF-κB NFκB 11.808060159606
13146 CAY10603 1045792-66-2 ≥95% 2009-06-18 12.656284480911 cay10603 HDAC 6 inhibitors inhibits inhibition tubulin microtubule pancreatic cancers SAHA HDAC6 HDAC-6 HDACs HDACIs potent selective cells 12.656284480911
13291 CAY10616 Exclusive 586410-08-4 ≥98% 2009-12-01 10.268110497237 cay10616 resveratrols apoptosis cancers leukemia HL-60 cells HL60 HL 60 multidrug-resistance multidrug resistance multi-drug multi-drug-resistant daunorubicin etoposides citarabines phenols cytarabines HL60R 10.268110497237
13670 CAY10618 Exclusive 1202580-59-3 ≥95% 2011-03-18 6.787813733228 cay10618 NMPRTase Inhibitor nicotinamides phosphoribosyltransferases NAMPTs NAD+ cancers inhibitors autophagy inhibited inhibition inhibits 6.787813733228
13371 CAY10621 120005-55-2 ≥98% 2010-02-16 6.633950276243 cay10621 SPHK 1 Inhibitor 5C; SKI 5C sphingosines kinases Sphk sphingosine-1-phosphates S1P SphK1 SphK2 cancers inhibitors inhibits U937 cells proteins kinase C PKC SKI5C SKI-5C 6.633950276243
13836 CAY10625 137346-42-0 ≥95% 2010-06-23 5.206055248618 cay10625 apoptosis Smac Diablo Survivin cancers antagonists INCENP doxorubicin caspase-3 caspase-7 Aurora B kinases Borealin caspases cell-permeable antagonists smac/diable smac-diablo 5.206055248618
13838 CAY10626 Exclusive 1202884-94-3 ≥98% 2010-08-23 14.509316852395 cay10626 PI3Kα mTOR cancers signal transduction inhibitors inhibits inhibition phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase PtdIns PIs 14.509316852395
10791 CAY10647 Exclusive 1253697-49-2 ≥98% 2012-04-16 2.637734806630 cay10647 cancers inhibitors inhibits inhibition tumors tubulin polymerization cells CAY-10647 CAY 10647 growth 2.637734806630
10743 CAY10650 Exclusive 1233706-88-1 ≥98% 2011-06-14 1.149171270718 cay10650 cPLA2α cPLA2 inhibitors inflammation anti-inflammatory dermatitis metabolite phospholipase cytosolic prostaglandins PGs leukotrienes synthesis 10662 CAY-10650 CAY10641 CAY-10641 1.149171270718
11140 CAY10657 494772-86-0 ≥98% 2012-03-05 48.057658072437 cay10657 NF-κB, transcription factors inflammation arthritis chemotherapy IKK IKK2 inhibitors IKB thiophenecarboximide inhibits inhibitions IKK-2 IKK 2 NFkB NF kB Rel NF-kB/Rel pro-inflammatory genes cytokines chemokines interferons MHC proteins growth factors cells adhesion cancers 48.057658072437
9001252 CAY10668 Exclusive - ≥98% 2013-01-18 0E-12 cay10668 inhibitors cancers estrogen prostates breast hormones inhibits inhibitions CAY-10668 CAYs 10668 stilbene trans-stilbenoid CYPs CYP1B1 CYP450 4-[(E)-2-(2,6-Dimethoxy-phenyl)-vinyl]-3-methoxy-phenol 0E-12
14744 CAY10677 1443253-20-0 ≥98% 2013-08-20 1.054723756906 cay10677 Icmt Inhibitor 15 post-translational post translations posttranslations proteins prenylation cancers Isoprenylcysteine carboxyl methyltransferase analogs Icmt inhibitors cysmethynil antiproliferative inhibits inhibitions CAY-10677 CAYs 10677 anti-proliferative anti proliferative breasts MDA-MB-231 cells prostate PC3 signals transductions intracellular signaling c-terminus growth oncogenesis methylation prenylcysteine 1.054723756906
15573 CAY10681 Exclusive New 1542066-69-2 ≥98% 2015-02-10 96.631713109553 cay10681 biochemical inhibitor cancer intracellular signaling gene regulation inflammation NF-κB dual modulator p53-MDM2 interaction bind mediated turnover inhibit phosphorylation IκBα reduce reduction nuclear accumulation p65 block proliferation cell line oral bioavailability bioavailable tumor growth A549 xenograft in vivo vitro 96.631713109553
15403 CAY10683 Exclusive 1477949-42-0 ≥95% 2014-03-14 8.621235560019 cay10683 Santacruzamate A natural products inhibitors inhibits inhibitions histones deacetylases cancers epigenetics HDACs potent cyanobacterium symploca HDAC2 HDAC6 HDAC-2 HDAC-6 2 6 two six HCT116 HCTs 116 HCT-116 colon HuT78 HuT-78 HuTs 78 T cells dermal fibroblasts santacruzamate-A 8.621235560019
10004985 Caylin-1 Exclusive 1207480-88-3 ≥98% 2005-09-09 13.524191002367 caylin-1 caylin1 mdm-2 cancer Nutlin-3 analogs p53 inhibits inhibitors inhibition interaction Mdm2 negative regulators activity chlorine substituents phenyl rings growth HCT-116 cells promotes 13.524191002367
10005002 Caylin-2 Exclusive 1392830-09-9 ≥98% 2004-07-12 14.255628453038 caylin-2 apoptosis cancer p53 inhibits inhibitors induces apoptotic re-activation reactivation antioncogenic tumors xenografts HCT-116 caylin2 14.255628453038
16771 ​CBFβ Inhibitor​ 493028-20-9 ≥98% 2014-10-24 4.820273290878 -cbf-inhibitor Core Binding Factor-β Inhibitor biochemical inhibitor cancer transcription factor gene regulation CBFα-CBFβ CBFβRunx1 InhibitorI CBF disrupt bind function small molecule inhibit Runx1 block ME-1 cells acute myeloid leukemia AML dysfunctional reduce reducing proliferation toxicity 4.820273290878
13172 CBHA 174664-65-4 ≥98% 2009-06-24 12.612420428216 cbha m-Carboxycinnamic Acid bis-Hydroxamide; Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor II histones deacetylase HDACs HDAC1 HDAC3 apoptosis cancers neuroblastoma tumors retinoic acids inhibitors inhibits inhibition 12.612420428216
14768 CBX1 (human recombinant) - ≥95% 2013-08-06 1.974814522494 cbx1-human-recombinant Chromobox Protein Homolog 1; Heterochromatin Protein 1 Homolog β; HP1-β; HP1Hs-β; p25β; M31; Modifier 1 Protein; Heterochromatin Protein p25 epigenetics heterochomatin chromodomain histones H3K9 chromoshadow domains proteins HP1 HP-1 N-terminal CSD CBXs di-methylated tri-methylated lysine 9 H3 H3K9me2 H3K9me3 BRCA2 EMSY breasts ovarian cancers DNA chromatin DDR DNA damages responses 1.974814522494
14769 CBX2 chromodomain (human recombinant) - ≥90% 2013-10-03 1.628899631675 cbx2-chromodomain-human-recombinant Chromobox Protein Homolog 2 (Drosophila Pc Class); MGC10561; M33; SRXY5; CDCA6; Cell Division Cycle Associated 6; Modifier 3 chromobox chromodomains polycomb prc1 epigenetics transcriptional regulation Xist X inactivation 3 histones CBX-2 CBXs 2 two polycombs repressive complex 1 PRC1 PRC-1 PRCs 1 one H3Ks T cells T-cells chromosomes proteins 1.628899631675
11235 CBX5 (human recombinant) - ≥95% 2012-05-03 1.758364640884 cbx5-human-recombinant Antigen p25; Heterochromatin Protein 1-α; Chromobox Protein Homolog 5; HP1-α epigenetics heterochomatin chromodomains histones H3K9 Chromoshadow domains HP-1 HP1α HP1 α HP1s HP1β HP1ɣ hinges domain SETDB1 methylation homodimerization DNA damage response DDR CBX1 CBX3 chromatin-associated proteins chromatin associated genes regulations formations CBX lysines 9 H3 H3K9me2 H3K9me3 methylated silencing CSD DDR 1.758364640884
10787 CCG-100602 1207113-88-9 ≥98% 2011-11-22 8.412354972375 ccg-100602 Rho signaling signal transduction cancers inhibitors SRF serum response factors transcription CCG-1423 megakaryoblastic leukemia 1 MKL1 prostate analogs PC-3 CCG100602 CCG 100602 CCG1423 CCG 1423 cells DNA binding RHOA/C-mediated MKL-1 8.412354972375
10010350 CCG-1423 285986-88-1 ≥98% 2007-09-20 11.308870472682 ccg-1423 Rho signaling transduction cancers proliferations anti-proliferation anti-tumor serum response factor GTPase inhibits inhibitors inhibition signalling 11.308870472682
15075 CCG-203971 1443437-74-8 ≥90% 2014-03-11 36.434972375690 ccg-203971 cancers inhibitors genes regulations inhibits inhibitions CCG203971 CCGs 203971 SRE serum responses elements prostates cells lines PC-3 PC3 PC 3 three migrations Rho MLK1 MLK-1 MLKs 1 ones SRF megakaryoblastic leukemia factors transcriptional pathways RhoA RhoC transcription metastasis signals transduction intracellular signaling 36.434972375690
10012591 CCT018159 171009-07-7 ≥98% 2008-12-09 2.399531677595 cct018159 inhibitors inhibits inhibition cancers Hsp90s Hsp72 kinases tumor cells 17-AAG 17AAG CCT 018159 CCT-018159 2.399531677595
15552 CCT137690 New 1095382-05-0 ≥98% 2015-01-22 58.816471104095 cct137690 biochemical cancer kinase protein signal transduction receptor biochemistry intracellular signaling CCT 13769 CCT-13769 inhibitor inhibit inhibition Aurora A B C tyrosine FLT3 FLT3-ITD growth SW620 colon carcinoma xenografts mice body weight loss MYCN neuroblastoma cell N-myc expression proliferation D835Y mutation colorectal radiotherapy 58.816471104095
10004804 CD150 Monoclonal Antibody (Clone IPO-3) - 2005-03-21 1.496546961326 cd150-monoclonal-antibody-clone-ipo-3 CDw150; IPO-3; SLAM type transmembrane glycoproteins signals signalling transduction neoplastic cells antibodies antisera antiserum antioncogenic immunohistochemistry IHC flow cytometry immunoprecipitation IP immunocytochemistry ICC receptors ligation Hodgkins lymphoma leukemia tumors cancer ipo3 cd-150 b-cells t-cells tonsils cancers FC 1.496546961326
10004837 CD27 Monoclonal Antibody (Clone 203.6) - 2005-09-16 4.767016574585 cd27-monoclonal-antibody-clone-203-6 antibodies antisera antiserum IHC immunohistochemistry ICC immunocytochemistry FACS flow cytometry type II transmembranes glycoproteins leukocytes proteins tetraspanin superfamily antigens alternative splicing isoforms human B cells pro-B plasma T macrophages neutrophils platelets erythrocytes Anti-CD37 immunophenotyping neoplasia hairy chronic lymphocytic non-Hodgkin's lymphoma expression lymphocytes T cells NK activated memory monocytes granulocytes dendritic B anti-CD45 mAB lymphoid malignancies malignant cancer FC 4.767016574585
10004835 CD34 Monoclonal Antibody (Clone ICO-115) - 2005-09-16 3.187730556736 cd34-monoclonal-antibody-clone-ico-115 antibodies antisera antiserum ICC immunocytochemistry FACS flow cytometry type I transmembranes glycoproteins proteins antigens isoforms stem cells embryonic fibroblasts neurons Anti-CD34 differential staining acute leukemias cancers malignant malignancies ICO115 FC 3.187730556736
10208 CD34 Monoclonal FITC Antibody (Clone ICO-115) - 2008-07-23 21.713416206261 cd34-monoclonal-fitc-antibody-clone-ico-115 antibodies antiserum antisera flow cytometry immunofluorescence FC IF transmembranes glycoproteins leukemias stem cell lines 21.713416206261
10004718 CD37 Monoclonal Antibody (Clone IPO-24) - 2005-09-16 3.491275740833 cd37-monoclonal-antibody-clone-ipo-24 antibodies antisera antiserum IHC immunohistochemistry ICC immunocytochemistry FACS flow cytometry type III transmembranes glycoproteins leukocytes proteins tetraspanin superfamily antigens alternative splicing isoforms human B cells pro-B plasma T macrophages neutrophils platelets erythrocytes Anti-CD37 immunophenotyping neoplasia hairy chronic lymphocytic non-Hodgkin's lymphoma expression lymphocytes T cells NK activated memory monocytes granulocytes dendritic B anti-CD45 mAB lymphoid malignancies malignant cancer FC 3.491275740833
71610 CD437 125316-60-1 ≥95% 2013-12-12 4.260748962044 cd437 AHPN atypical retinoid RRM retinoid-related retinoid related molecules agonist retinoic acids receptors RARγ antitumors anti tumors anti-tumor cancers anti-cancers anticancers apoptosis cells cycles arrest DNA damage CDs CD-437 437 RARs RARgamma RARg RAR.gamma. cytotoxic melanoma breasts non-small lungs prostate 4.260748962044
10004597 CD45 Monoclonal Antibody (Clone BRA-55) - 2005-08-23 3.491275740833 cd45-monoclonal-antibody-clone-bra-55 antibodies antisera antiserum WB western blots blotting IHC immunohistochemistry ICC immunocytochemistry FACS flow cytometry type transmembranes glycoproteins leukocytes antigens alternative splicing isoforms CD45RA CD45RB CD45RC CD45RO expression lymphocytes cells NK activated memory monocytes granulocytes dendritic anti-CD45 mAB lymphoid malignancies malignant cancer BRA55 immunoblotting FC 3.491275740833
10004604 CD95 Monoclonal Antibody (Clone IPO-4) - 2004-06-17 0.423167587477 cd95-monoclonal-antibody-clone-ipo-4 APO-1; Fas; Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor Superfamily, Member 6; TNFRSF6; Apoptosis Antigen; APT glycoproteins blots blotting antibodies antisera antiserum DNA binding anti-oncogenic apoptosis cancers p53 re-activator reactivator induces apoptotic re-activation reactivation antioncogenic immunocytochemistry immunohistochemistry IHC icc FC flow cytometry 0.423167587477
81035 CDDO 218600-44-3 ≥95% 2012-10-26 9.308198895027 cddo Bardoxolone; RTA 401 Nrf2 antioxidant ARE Keap1 oxidative stress inflammations cancers apoptosis inducers inhibitors inhibits inhibitions iNOS COX-2 COX2 ROS RNS heme oxygenase-1 oxygenase eotaxins eotaxin-1 PPARgamma PPAR.gamma. PPARg PPAR-gamma PPAR-.gamma. PPAR-g PPARγ PPAR-γ oleanane triterpenoid cellular nitric oxide INFγ INF-γ INF-gamma INF-.gamma. INF-g INFg INF.gamma. INFgamma ROS/RNS peroxisome proliferator activated receptor RTA401 RTA-401 9.308198895027
11883 CDDO methyl ester 218600-53-4 ≥98% 2012-10-26 23.814276243094 cddo-methyl-ester RTA 402; NSC 713200; TP-155; Bardoxolone methyl iNOS COX-2 COX2 apoptosis inflammations cancers signalings antidiabetic activity oxidative stress NF-κB NFκB NF-kappaB NFkappaB NF.kappa.B NFkB NF-.kappa.B NF-kappaB NF-kB C28 C-28 CDDOs nitric oxide Nrf2 antioxidant ARE Keap1 oxidative stress inflammations cancers apoptosis inducers inhibitors inhibits inhibitions iNOS COX-2 COX2 ROS RNS heme oxygenase-1 oxygenase eotaxins eotaxin-1 PPARgamma PPAR.gamma. PPARg PPAR-gamma PPAR-.gamma. PPAR-g PPARγ PPAR-γ oleanane triterpenoid cellular nitric oxide INFγ INF-γ INF-gamma INF-.gamma. INF-g INFg INF.gamma. INFgamma ROS/RNS peroxisome proliferator activated receptor RTA402 RTA-402 NSC713200 NSC-713200 TP155 TP 155 23.814276243094
90001845 CDDO-TFEA Exclusive 932730-52-4 ≥95% 2014-05-14 9.495764272560 cddo-tfea RTA 404; CDDO-Trifluoethyl Amide; TP-500 neuroprotection anti-inflammatory anti inflammatory antiinflammatory multiple sclerosis cytokines triterpenoids Nrf2 antioxidants oleanolic acids experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis EAE myelin amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ALS Huntington’s Huntingtons Huntington disease neuroblastoma neurodegeneration apoptosis CDDOs TFEA CDDOTFEA signals transductions oxidative injury inhibitors inhibits inhibitions inflammation cancers steroids oxysterols RTAs 404 RTA404 RTA-404 TP500 TPs 500 Tp-500 synthetics anti-cancer anticancer neuroprotective blood brains blood-brains barriers ewing's sarcoma ewing ewings neurosciences CDDO trifluoroethyl amides CDDO-tfea 9.495764272560
15154 Cdk2 Inhibitor II 222035-13-4 ≥95% 2013-12-12 22.841211377122 cdk2-inhibitor-ii Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 2 Inhibitor II; SC-221409 inhibitors cells cycling cancers cycles Cdks Cdk2 Cdk-2 2 two II inhibits inhibitions selective potent cyclin-dependent cyclin dependent A E S phase G2-M benzylidne indolin analogs permeable reversible ATPs compound 3 SC-221409 SCs 221409 SC221409 22.841211377122
11495 Cediranib 288383-20-0 ≥98% 2013-10-22 12.684867505626 cediranib AZD 2171; Recentin™; ZD 2171 557795-​03-​6 790713-​41-​6 inhibitors inhibits inhibitions cancers angiogenesis vasculogenesis receptors tyrosine kinases growth factors VEGF VEGFR EGF EGFR PDGF PDGFR FGF FGFR biochemistry signals transductions potent VEGFR-1 VEGFR-2 VEGFR-3 VEGFR1 VEGFR2 VEGFR3 1 one 2 two 3 three non-receptors nonreceptors non AZD2171 AZD 2171 AZD-2171 ZD2171 ZD-2171 ZDs platelet-derived fibroblast endothelial tubules formations xenografts tumors proteins kinases signals transduction 12.684867505626
10008672 Celecoxib 169590-42-5 ≥98% 2013-08-08 21.552878453038 celecoxib Onsenal; Xilebao; SC-58635; Celebra; YM-177; Celebrex™ anti-inflammatory diaryl heterocycle inhibitors inhibits inhibitions COXs COX2 2 two cyclooxygenases cyclooxygenase-2 COX-2 antitumors anti-tumors anti tumors antiinflammatory inflammatory cancers apoptosis selective therapeutics gastrointestinal NSAIDs cardiovascular chemopreventive proapoptotic sulfonamides nonsteroidal drugs YM 177 YMs 177 YM177 SC58635 SC 58635 SCs 58635 eurocox medicoxib apopeotsis non-steroidal 21.552878453038
10009349 Cell Cycle Phase Determination Kit - 2007-04-20 42.203408149171 cell-cycle-phase-determination-kit assays kits measures measurements microscopy flow cytometry plate readers regulators cells transcription factors DNA proteins division proliferation induction inhibition fixation permeabilization staining sub-G1 G0 G2 S propidium iodide apoptosis cancer cell-based assay cell based assay cba 42.203408149171
16732 CEP-33779​ 1257704-57-6 ≥95% 2014-11-25 3.156088026473 cep-33779 biochemical inhibitor kinase protein signal transduction intracellular arthritis autoimmune disease cancer angiogenesis inflammation 1346168-57-7 CEP33779 potent orally available JAK2 JAK-2 reduce inflammatory cytokine decrease splenomegaly lymphomegaly survival clinical score improve mice collagen antibody induce type-II 2 colorectal tumor regression angiogenesis proliferation tumor cells 3.156088026473
11092 Ceranib-2 1402830-75-4 ≥98% 2011-12-19 3.350628453039 ceranib-2 ceramides ceramidase sphingosines sphingosine-1-phosphate S1P cells proliferation cancers paclitaxel tumors inhibitors lipids inhibits inhibition endogenous ovarian SKOV3 growth toxicity fatty acids N-acyl malignant apoptosis S1P non-lipid increases increased 3.350628453039
15500 Cercosporamide 131436-22-1 ≥95% 2014-01-28 8.245856353591 cercosporamide natural products inhibitors inhibits inhibitions infectious diseases cancers kinases protein diabetes phytotoxin cercosporidium fungus potent Pkc1 Pkc Pkc-1 1 one mammalian Mnk isoforms leaves cassava plants PKC-like candida oral orally (-) - 8.245856353591
10005647 Cerulenin 17397-89-6 ≥98% 2004-09-01 33.647642725598 cerulenin tumor cells fatty acid synthases FAS inhibits inhibitors inhibition cytotoxicity apoptosis cancer diet obesity D02.065.327 33.647642725598
10009853 CFSE Cell Division Assay Kit - 2010-01-15 41.881823204419 cfse-cell-division-assay-kit derivative carboxyfluorescein diacetate, succinimidyl ester CFDA-SE cells proliferation growth factors receptors surfaces signaling molecules transcription factors DNA deoxyribonucleases proteins divisions cascades human pathological diseases cancers cell-tracing fluorescent fluorescence dyes proliferative activity parent generations daughter acetate groups molecules cleaved background unstained staining CFSE-labeled radioactivity radioactive labeling divisions inductions inhibitors inhibits inhibitions in vitro models flow cytometry fluorochromes fluorescein 41.881823204419
16242 CGK733 905973-89-9 ≥98% 2014-08-07 1.968149171270 cgk733 ATM/ATR Kinase Inhibitor ATM ATR kinases inhibitor ATM/ATR CGK733 CGK-733 prematurely senescent cancer cells death apoptosis p21 antiproliferation DNA damage repair ataxia-telangiectasia mutated ATM RAD3 expression 1.968149171270
17253 CGP 74514A (hydrochloride) New 481724-82-7 2015-02-04 7.603514426028 cgp-74514a-hydrochloride 190653-73-7 190654-01-4 biochemical inhibitor inhibit Cdk CGP-74514 CGP74514 CGP74514A cyclin-dependent kinase-1 Cdk1 Cdk-1 cyclin B cell cycle intracellular signaling cancer 7.603514426028
17120 CH5183284 New 1265229-25-1 ≥95% 2015-01-21 66.424065596772 ch5183284 Debio 1347 biochemical inhibitor receptor biochemistry protein kinase signal transduction cancer inhibit CH-5183284 potent selective fibroblast growth factor FGFR1 FGFR2 FGFR3 FGFR4 FGFR platelet-derived β tyrosine serine/threonine gatekeeper mutation V564F cell genetic alteration in vitro xenograft mouse model 66.424065596772
13156 Chaetocin 28097-03-2 ≥95% 2010-10-18 22.754955110497 chaetocin histones methyltransferases HMTs genes expressions epigenetics inhibitors oxidative stress cancers theoredoxin reductase-1 TrxR1 inhibits inhibition chetocin chaetocin A (+)-chaetocin piperazines regulations 22.754955110497
10011286 Chenodeoxycholic Acid 474-25-9 ≥95% 2009-02-25 35.595250116709 chenodeoxycholic-acid CDCA; Fluibil; Hekbilin; Anthropodeoxycholic Acid; Kebilis; Ulmenide FXR biles acids cholesterol oxidative stress glutathione cancers atherosclerosis diabetes hyperlipidemia CDA 35.595250116709
14437 Chetomin 1403-36-7 ≥98% 2013-04-11 10.804861878453 chetomin NSC 289491 hypoxia cancers inhibitors inhibits inhibitions chaetomium species antibacteriasl antifungals anti-bacterials anti bacterials bacteria anti-fungals fungal fungus hypoxia-inducible factors HIFs signals signaling cells growths grow tumors xenografts 1390-81-4 35808-58-3 NSC289491 NSC-289491 natural products smal molecules binds bindings HIF-1α HIF-1a HIF-1alpha HIF-1.alpha. HIF-2α HIF-2a HIF-2alpha HIF-2.alpha. p300 attenuates attenuations pathways in vivo mice mouse HIF-dependent 10.804861878453
13686 Chidamide 743420-02-2 ≥98% 2010-08-10 31.279493898556 chidamide HDACs histones deacetylase H3 acetylation colons cancers cells inhibitors inhibits inhibiton LoVo HT-29 HT29 HT 29 cycle arrest chidamides oncogenic signalling signaling kinases Benzamides 31.279493898556
16553 CHIR124​ 405168-58-3 ≥98% 2014-09-22 0.853591160221 chir124 checkpoint 1 kinase inhibitor Chk1 topoisomerases I radiosensitizations p53 cells cycles antitumor anti-tumor apoptosis cancer DNA damage repair biochemical selective CHIR-124 permeable quinolone-based in vitro selective selectivity inhibit poison ionizing radiations growth mutant solid tumor xenograft model potentiate 0.853591160221
70930 Chlorogenic Acid 327-97-9 ≥95% 33.876028238183 chlorogenic-acid 3-O-Caffeoylquinic acid; Heriguard; NSC 407296 antioxidants acids plants metabolism polyphenolic 33.876028238183
14188 Chrysomycin A 82196-88-1 ≥98% 2013-02-13 17.838259668508 chrysomycin-a Albacarcin V; NSC 613946; Virenomycin V inhibitors inhibits inhibitions natural infectious diseases cancers antibiotics chrysomycin-a chrysomycin-V V A anti-tumors antitumor streptomyces DNA bacterias tumors transplants transplantable NSC-613946 NSC613946 17.838259668508
14189 Chrysomycin B 83852-56-6 ≥98% 2013-02-13 16.895067087608 chrysomycin-b Albacarcin M; Virenomycin M antibiotics natural products inhibitors cancers inhibitions inhibits infectious disease chrysomycin-B Streptomyces analogs antitumor anti-tumor transplant transplantable tumors DNA damage lungs topoisomerase II cross-linking cross linking histones 3 M chrusomycin-M GRP78 UVs lights 16.895067087608
11021 CHS-828 200484-11-3 ≥98% 2012-03-14 46.601823204420 chs-828 GMX 1778 pyridyl cyanoguanidine anti-tumor tumors inhibitors inhibits inhibition NAMPT NF-κB cancers CHS828 CHS 828 humans breasts lungs mice MCF-7 NYH GMX-1778 GMX1778 46.601823204420
11580 CI-1040 212631-79-3 ≥98% 2013-06-17 25.629609167178 ci-1040 PD 184352 PD184352 PD-184352 CI1040 CI 1040 MEKs inhibitors PD 0325901MAPKs ERKs cancers CI1040 CI 1040 benzhydroxamate inhibits inhibitions in vitro mitogen-activated mitogens activated proteins MAPs adenosine triphosphates tumors extracellular signal-regulated kinases signals regulated potent signaling intracellular transductions threonine methyl ethyl ketones RAS RAF pathways humans ATP phosphorylation mouse mice colons PD184352 PD-184352 25.629609167178
12084 CI-994 112522-64-2 ≥98% 2012-10-09 29.918750625198 ci-994 PD 123654; Goe 5549; Tacedinaline; N-Acetyldinaline 919788-39-9 Goe5549 Goe-5549 PD123654 PD-123654 inhibitors HDACs class I HDACs HDAC1 HDAC2 HDAC3 HDAC8 anticancer antitumor Cl994 Cl 994 HDAC-1 HDAC-2 HDAC-3 HDAC-8 anti-cancer anti-tumor anti cancers tumors in vitro recombinant in vivo therapy genes regulations 29.918750625198
15194 CID-1067700 314042-01-8 ≥95% 2013-11-19 0.625138121547 cid-1067700 ML-282 Molecular Libraries Initiatives SIDs 85747738 CIDs 1067700 Ras GTPases GTP GDP nucleotide inhibitors inhibitions inhibits SID85747738 SID-85747738 CID-1067700 CID1067700 Rab7 Rab-7 Rabs 7 MLs 282 ML-282 ML282 competitive Ras-related cancers intracellular signaling signals transduction family Arf Rho Rab subfamilies regulates cellular processes membrane trafficking control cells proliferation cell physiology switching active inactives conformational states binding binds alterations genetic diseases pockets preventing prevents BODIPY-linked BODIPY linked 0.625138121547
15924 CID-755673 521937-07-5 ≥98% 2014-04-30 1.161049723757 cid-755673 proteins kinases D PKDs inhibitors inhibits inhibitions PKD1 PDK2 PDK3 prostates cancers anti-proliferation antiproliferation anti proliferation PKD-1 PKD-2 PKD-3 1 2 3 one two three CIDs 755673 CID755673 selective small molecules cells migrations invasions signals transductions intracellular signaling signals ML044 1.161049723757
16042 Cinacalcet (hydrochloride) 364782-34-3 ≥95% 2014-07-03 1.011381215469 cinacalcet-hydrochloride Mimpara; AMG 073; Sensipar®; KRN 1493 226256-56-0 calcimimetics calcium homeostasis calcium-sensing sensing receptors secondary hyperparathyroidism hypercalcemia allosteric agonists CaSR activates activators allosterically inhibits inhibitors inhibitions parathyroid hormones secretions hyperparathyroidism renal diseases hypercalcemia carcinoma bone-related bones related research cancer endocrinology nutrition diets signals transduction AMG-073 AMG073 HCl KRN1493 KRN-1493 regpara 1.011381215469
10012583 cis-ACCP 777075-44-2 ≥95% 2009-02-10 0.623012873970 cis-accp MMP2 MMPs MMP 2 MMP9 MMP-9 9 tumors cancers extracellular matrix type IV collagen cell migration artritis osteoprosis 0.623012873970
13119 Cisplatin 15663-27-1 ≥95% 2014-05-22 18.511467236278 cisplatin Cisplatinum; CDDP; NSC 119875; cis-Diamminedichloroplatinum 96081-74-2 936542-99-3 cancers apoptosis infectious diseases DNA damages platinum-containing platinum containing alkylating agents therapy therapies treatments RecA recombinases M. tuberculosis blocking blocks blockages proteins splicing cells growths repairs chemotherapy chemo abiplatin biocisplatinum briplatin CACP CDDP CP ethypharm CPDC CPDD CPPD cismaplat cisplatino cisplatinum cisplatyl citoplatino DDP antitumor anti-tumor anti tumors fauldiscopla IA-call IA calls lederplatin liplacis lipoplatin NSCs 119875 NSC119875 NSC-119875 neoplatin platamine platiblastin platidiam platinex platinol AQ platinoxan platistin platosin rand randa SPIs 077 SPI077 SPI-077 SPI077B103 077B103 TRs 170 TR170 TR-170 cis-DDP cis-diaminedichloroplatinum cis-diaminodichloroplatinum cis-diamminedichloroplatinum cis-platin cis-platine cos-platinous cis-platinum testicular ovarian cervical bladders lungs inhibits inhibitions inhibitors cis-diamminedichloroplatinum(II) dichloride 18.511467236278
13199 cis-trismethoxy Resveratrol 94608-23-8 ≥98% 2009-03-25 8.239066298342 cis-trismethoxy-resveratrol cis-Trimethoxy Stilbene resveratrol anti-mitotic growth inhibitors colon cancers tubulin polymerization polyamines putrescine spermidine cis-Trimethoxy resveratrol 3,5,4'-trimethoxystilbene 3,5,4'-trimethoxy-cis-stilbene trismethoxy inhibitor inhibition caco-2 caco 2 cells AHR antagonists aryl hydrocarbon receptors 8.239066298342
16027 CITCO New 338404-52-7 ≥95% 2015-01-29 63.663522012578 citco biochemical receptor agonist nuclear receptor gene regulation regulated cytochrome P450 cancer toxicology androstane CAR toxic translocation hepatocytes 63.663522012578
11319 Citreoviridin 25425-12-1 ≥95% 2014-08-11 4.735138121547 citreoviridin mycotoxins inhibitors mitochondrial ATP synthetase ATPase mitochondria cancers cells metabolism inhibits inhibitions isolated Penicillium species ADP respiration rats livers NAD+ succinate ectopic activity modulate metabolic tumorigenesis citreoviridine A 4.735138121547
16172 Citrulline-specific Probe - ≥90% 2014-07-16 38.350363062352 citrulline-specific-probe Rh-PG; Rhodamine Phenylglyoxal 1401341-48-7 1401404-11-2 proteins arginines deiminases PADs histones citrulline rhodamine phenylglyoxal fluorophore citrullination fluorescence probes fluorescent genes regulations modifications immunology inflammation chromatin research cancers autoimmune diseases auto-immune auto immune epigenetics arthritis PAD4 4 four specifics chemicals NETs phenylglyoxal-based based chemoselective reactions glyoxal single isomers citrulline-containing containing imaging limits detections H3 H 3 autodeiminated auto-deiminated auto deiminated catalyzes posttranslational residues regulating hosts humans sensitives 38.350363062352
10010428 CJ-42794 847728-01-2 ≥98% 2014-05-27 13.912152875321 cj-42794 RQ-00015986 CJ 42794 receptors antagonists pains inflammation cancers CJs CJ42794 42794 selective EP4 E prostanoids EP4 EP-4 four gastric ulcers suppressing suppression suppress upregulation up-regulation ups regulation regulates VEGF expression angiogenesis blocks blocking blockage pains arthritis gastric tumorigenesis CJ-042794 13.912152875321
16928 CL-82198 307002-71-7 ≥95% 2014-11-18 2.107418037235 cl-82198 1188890-36-9 biochemical inhibitor cancer arthritis protease inhibit MMP-13 MMP13 matrix metalloproteinase-13 selective human collagenase-3 enzyme process cell migration acute lung pulmonary injury joint degeneration osteoarthritis CL82198 2.107418037235
12085 Cladribine 4291-63-8 ≥98% 2012-10-04 36.729513812154 cladribine Jk 6251; Biodribin; NSC 105014; RWJ 26251; Leustatin 24757-90-2 cladarabine CldAdo Jk6251 Jk-6251 leustat NSC105014 NSC-105014 NSC 105014-F NSC105014-F NSC-105014-F NSC-105014F NSC105014F NSC 105014-F cancers leukemia hairy cells inhibitors lymphocytes cytotoxic cytotoxicity 2-chlorodexoyadenosine analogs proliferating proliferation non-dividing nondividing non dividing inhibits inhibition inhibitors hematologic malignancies multiple sclerosis adenosine 2CdA 2-CdA CdA 36.729513812154
10599 Cl-Amidine (trifluoroacetate salt) 1043444-18-3 ≥95% 2011-08-29 99.857189226519 cl-amidine-trifluoroacetate-salt inhibitors PAD4 PAD-4 cancers epigenetics amidines proteins arginine deiminase 4 arthritis PADs cytotoxic HL-60 HL60 HT-29 mice joints auto antibodies HL 60 MCF7 MCF-7 MCF 7 HT29 citrulline IgG HT 29 cells lines ClA mouse serum autoantibodies auto-antibodies PAD3 PAD-3 3 PAD1 PAD-1 1 99.857189226519
16134 Clodronate (sodium salt hydrate) 88416-50-6 ≥95% 2014-08-12 4.641325966850 clodronate-sodium-salt-hydrate Clodronic acid bisphosphonates bones resorption osteoclasts inhibitors osteoporosis cancers macrophages apoptosis 10596-23-3 22560-50-5 non-nitrogenous non nitrogenous nonnitrogenous treatments metabolic metabolism metabolized diseases binds hyrdroxyapatite crystals affinity growths resorptions intracellular β-γ-methylene β γ methylene βγ-methylene analogs ATP cytotoxic cytotoxicity liposomes liposome-encapsulated encapsulated encapsulates biological selective selectively depletes depletion depleted macrophage-like like macrophagelike cells bone-related research immunology inhibitors inhibitions inhibiting signals signaling phosphonic acids disodium salts tetrahydrates clodronates 4.641325966850
14125 Clofarabine 123318-82-1 ≥98% 2013-04-11 3.885994475138 clofarabine Clolar; Evoltra nucleotides inhibitors inhibits cancers inhibitions apoptosis Clofarex CAFdA nucleosides analogs leukemias mitochondrial transmembranes potentionals ribonucleotides reductases DNA deoxyribonucleic acids polymerases polymerase-a polymerase-α polymerase-.alpha. polymerase-alpha alpha .alpha. a α cytoxins cytotoxic K562 K-562 K 562 myelogenous growths solid tumors induces inductions primary chronic lymphocytic lymphocytes 3.885994475138
16087 Clomiphene (citrate) 50-41-9 ≥98% 2014-06-24 30.901587476980 clomiphene-citrate Clomifene; NSC 35770; Omifin 911-45-5 receptors antagonist steroids cancers reproductive biology estrogen modulators SERMs impairs ERs estrogen receptors 17β-estradiol 17beta-estradiol 17.beta.-estradiol 17b-estradiol esteradiols ERα Era ERalpha ER.alpha. ERβ ERb ERbeta ER.beta. gonadotropin hormones ovulation ovulates chloramiphene clomhexal clomid clomifeno clomivid clomphid clostilbegit clostibegyt dyneric fertivet fertyl fertyl genozym ikaclomin ikaclomine klomen MRLs 41 MRL41 MRL-41 Mer-41 Mers Mer41 NSCs 35770 NSC35770 NSC-35770 omifin pergotime racemic serophene siphene Clomifene 14813 and clomiphene B 30.901587476980
580110 Clusterin (human) EIA Kit - 2011-08-02 4.620678768745 clusterin-human-eia-kit Apolipoprotein J; Apo-J; pADHC-9; TRPM-2; AAG4; SGP-2; CLI; KUB-1; Clusterin (human) ELISA Kit apolipoproteins Up-regulated in Azheimer's diseases brains Ku70-binding proteins 1 sulfated glycoproteins 2 aging-associated genes 4 complement lysis inhibitors testosterone-repressed prostate messages secreted disulfide-linked heterodimeric amyloid lipids bacteria leptin immunoglobulins endocytic receptors LDLs low-density lipoprotein-related LPR2 LPR8 8 endocytosis tissues mammals mammalian cells plasma serums semen cultures media medium developmental remodeling apoptotic neurodegeneration injury stress inhibits inhibition apoptosis carcinogenesis genes CLU ELISAs EIAs enzymes immunoassays kits measures measurements human supernatants 4.620678768745
16404 CMP-Sialic Acid (sodium salt) 1007117-62-5 ≥85% 2014-08-18 7.611049723757 cmp-sialic-acid-sodium-salt CMP-Neu5Ac 3063-71-6 infectious diseases inflammation cancers infections carbohydrates research cells biology nucleotides sugars CMP sialic acids N-acetylneuraminic N acetylneuraminic acids Neu5Ac cytidine-5’-monophosphate vertebrates nucleus CTP synthetases sialyltransferases acceptor substrates oligosaccharide glycoproteins glycolipids glycans cells 7.611049723757
16244 CO-1686 1374640-70-6 ≥98% 2014-10-16 0.406028805927 co-1686 AVL-301 EGFRL858R/T790M EGFRWT L858R/T790M WT L858R WTL858R T790M inhibitor epidermal growth factor receptor EGFR mutant-selective non-small cell lung cancer biochemical cancer kinase inhibit Rociletinib CO 1686 CO1686 AVL301 irreversible wild-type proliferation NSCLC in vitro apoptosis anti-tumor xenograft transgenic model 0.406028805927
9000760 Colchicine 64-86-8 ≥98% 2011-05-25 2.649911602209 colchicine microtubules polymerization mitosis anti-proliferation anti-inflammatory gout uric acids antiinflammatory antiproliferation 2.649911602209
10007412 Combrestatin A4 117048-59-6 ≥98% 2007-07-26 8.921270718232 combrestatin-a4 CA4; Combretastatin A4; CRC 87-09 inhibitors inhibition inhibits tubulin polymerization tumors CSA4 CSA-4 IMR32 neuroblastomas Hs746T carcinomas CFPAC-1 CFPAC1 MCF-7 MCF7 cancers inhibitory CA4 cells growth pancreatic breast gastric CA-4 combretastin 8.921270718232
10007415 Combrestatin A4 3'-O-Phosphate (sodium salt) 168555-66-6 ≥98% 2008-07-17 21.108674033149 combrestatin-a4-3-o-phosphate-sodium-salt CA4P; Combrestatin A4; CRC 87-09 cancer tumor blodd flow tubulin microtubules anticancer drug antiangiogenic angiogenesis AKA prodrugs CA-4-P 21.108674033149
14951 Concanavalin A 11028-71-0 2013-09-25 2.395690607735 concanavalin-a 12612-33-8 lectin jack beans C. ensiformis canavalia glycoproteins agglutination mitogenesis apoptosis glycolipids affinity chromatography purifications autoimmune hepatitis AIH immune response T cells T-cells cross-links cross links cell-surface surface concanacalin-A Con A ConA Con-A plants immunology biology carbohydrates 2.395690607735
14426 Cordycepin 73-03-0 ≥98% 2013-05-23 3.217753222836 cordycepin NSC 401022; 3'-Deoxyadenosine; NSC 63984 153-49-1 48171-89-7 nucleosides analogs 3’-deoxyadenosine polyadenylation inhibitors inhibits inhibitions DNA deoxyribonucleic acids ribonucleic synthesis RNA synthesis anti-proliferative pro-apoptotic anti-inflammatory antiproliferative anti proliferative proapoptotic pro apoptotic inflammatory antiinflammatory sinensis 3’-dATP NSCs NSC-401022 NSC-63984 NSC401022 NSC63984 anti-inflammatories cordyceps triphosphates ATP-dependent biological poly A tails mRNA length activates AMPK kinases mTOR signals signaling 3.217753222836
11832 Corilagin 23094-69-1 ≥98% 2014-05-20 15.604663392674 corilagin natural products inhibitors cancers inflammation tannins plants polyphenols squalene epoxidase enzymes cholesterol anti-inflammatory anti inflammatory antiinflammatory anti-cancer anticancer inhibits inhibition atherosclerosis 15.604663392674
14743 Costunolide 553-21-9 ≥98% 2013-08-19 6.213817305589 costunolide Costus lactone; Melampolide; NSC 106404 11028-78-7 25333-06-6 46814-17-9 62458-56-4 80750-19-2 126621-28-1 cancers inhibitors apoptosis sesquiterpenes lactones plants extracts medicines oils cells Akt endometriotic epithelial STAT3 STAT-3 STATs 3 three THP-1 THP1 THP 1 one telomerase NALM-6 NALMs NALM6 six 6 NSC106404 NSC-106404 NSCs 106404 costus 6.213817305589
360107 COX-2 (human) Blocking Peptide - 25.051583793738 cox-2-human-blocking-peptide PGHS-2; Cyclooxygenase 2; Prostaglandin H Synthase 2 peptides prostaglandins PGHS-2 COX2 PGHS2 western blots blotting synthases controls immunohistochemistry IHC cyclooxygenases WB antibodies 25.051583793738
160112 COX-2 Monoclonal Antibody (Clone CX229) - 67.507186003682 cox-2-monoclonal-antibody-clone-cx229 Cyclooxygenase 2; Prostaglandin H Synthase 2; PGHS-2 prostaglandins inflammation cancers arthritis western blots blotting immunohistochemistry IHC WB immunocytochemistry ICC antibodies cox2 pghs2 pghs-2 synthases cyclooxygenases antisera antiserum cyclooxygenase immunoblotting 67.507186003682
160126 COX-2 (mouse) Polyclonal Antibody (aa 584-598) - 48.849959484346 cox-2-mouse-polyclonal-antibody-aa-584-598 Cyclooxygenase 2; Prostaglandin H Synthase 2; PGHS-2 immunohistochemistry IHC Western blotting WB antibodies blots cox2 PGHS2 PGHS-2 synthases prostaglandins mouse cyclooxygenases antisera antiserum cancers immunoblotting 48.849959484346
10010096 COX-2 (mouse) Polyclonal FITC Antibody Exclusive - 2008-04-23 24.713324125229 cox-2-mouse-polyclonal-fitc-antibody Cyclooxygenase 2; PGHS2; Prostaglandin H Synthase 2 antibodies prostaglandins thromboxanes prostacyclins arachidonic acids FC flow cytometry ICC immmunocytochemistry WB western blots blotting immunoblotting IF immunofluorescence 24.713324125229
700200 COX Fluorescent Activity Assay Kit - 2008-07-24 81.231804724647 cox-fluorescent-activity-assay-kit Cyclooxygenase Fluorescent Activity Assay Kit cyclooxygenases synthases enzymes cox-1 cox1 cox-2 cox2 prostaglandins PGs synthase-1 synthase-2 pghs-1 pghs1 pghs-2 pghs2 assays kits peroxidase activity cellular homeostasis antiinflammatory NSAIDs nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs fluorescence human recombinant ovine isozyme-specific inhibits inhibitors inhibition ADHP 10-acetyl-3,7-dihydroxyphenoxazine resorufin 81.231804724647
15479 CPI-203 1446144-04-2 ≥98% 2014-06-13 30.961849876167 cpi-203 202591-23-9 inhibitors inhibits inhibitions cancers chromatin research epigenetics genes regulation histones modifications CPIs CPI203 203 arrests leukemic T cells T-cells Tcells in vitro analog amide JQ1 JQ-1 JQs 1 BRD4 BRD-4 BRDs 4 binding binds binders 30.961849876167
16981 CPI-613 New 95809-78-2 ≥98% 2015-01-16 55.897702864968 cpi-613 biochemical inhibitor cancer metabolism apoptosis mitochondrial biology CPI613 inhibit α-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase αketoglutarate lipoic acid analog tumor cells burst reactive oxygen species death in vivo in vitro antitumor anti-tumor apoptotic nonapoptotic pathway 55.897702864968
11288 CREB-binding protein bromodomain (human recombinant) - ≥95% estimated by SDS-PAGE 2012-04-24 1.172689307767 creb-binding-protein-bromodomain-human-recombinant cAMP-Response Element-binding Protein 1 CREB-1; CBP; CREBBP CREBBP genes expressions histones chromatin acetylation bromodomains epigenetics CREB p53 cAMP response element-binding protein 1.172689307767
12087 Crizotinib 877399-52-5 ≥98% 2013-02-28 9.224440607734 crizotinib Xalkori; PF 2341066 912279-98-2 PF-2341066 PF2341066 02341066 tyrosine RTK ALK anaplastic lymphoma kinases c-MET inhibitors inhibits inhibition hepatocyte growth factors receptors antitumors non-small lungs cancers anaplastic large lymphoma neuroblastoma fusion proteins cMET lower back pains GABAA receptors skeletal muscles relaxant 9.224440607734
16987 Cryptotanshinone New 35825-57-1 ≥95% 2015-01-20 64.868841706283 cryptotanshinone 4733-35-1 biochemical natural products anti-cancer inhibitors inhbit intracellular signaling signal transduction inflammation vascular disease alzheimer’s research diabetes obesity antioxidant quinoid diterpene diverse action AMPK C2C12 myotube p38MAPK DU145 cell SHP2 phosphorylation STAT3 MC-3 cell proliferation apoptosis angiogenesis, tanshinone c, salvia miltiorrhiza 64.868841706283
14747 Cucurbitacin I 2222-07-3 ≥98% 2013-08-05 22.965435007923 cucurbitacin-i Elatericin B; JSI-124; NSC 521777 204376-97-6 STAT3/JAK signalings pathways triterpenoids STAT3 JAK2 JSI-124 cancers tumors growths STAT-3 STATs three signals JAK-2 JAKs JAK twos JSI124 JSI 124 tyrosine phosphorylated V-Src NIH 3T3 NIH3T3 NIH-3T3 A549 A-549 As 549 DNA bindings binds genes transcriptions cucurbitacin-I dendritic macrophages immunotherapy clonogenicity nasopharyngeal carcinoma NPCs in vitro NSCs 521777 NSC521777 NSC-521777 elatericin-B elatericins b intracellular DNA 22.965435007923
16426 CUDC-101 1012054-59-9 ≥98% 2014-08-27 3.402028413575 cudc-101 inhibitors histones deacetylases cancers receptors biochemistry proteins kinases apoptosis epigenetics signals transductions intracellular signaling biochemicals 1012060-66-0 CUDC 101 CUDC101 multitargets multi-targets targets multi combines functional groups potent humans epidermal growths factors HERs HDACs blocks tyrosines EGFRs HER1s HER2 HER-1 HERs ones twos HER-2 2s 1s inhibits classes I II activities activity prevents preventions cells in vitro slows tumors induces inducing regressions xenografts models acquired resistances single-targets singletargets singles blocks blocked blocking proliferations proliferating proliferates reduces migrations 3.402028413575
14931 CUR 61414 334998-36-6 ≥98% 2013-11-01 19.905666130737 cur-61414 G-856 570431-20-8 inhibitors signal transduction cancers receptor antagonists inhibits inhibitions CUR61414 CUR-61414 CURs 61414 potent hedgehogs HH hedgehog-induced induced activity active cellular binds binders bindings pathway smoothened activator Smo smooth proliferation basal carcinoma regression basaloid lesions ultraviolet lights skin Gs 856 G856 19.905666130737
81025 Curcumin 458-37-7 ≥90% 5.801155992783 curcumin Indian Saffron; Turmeric yellow anti-oxidant anti-imflammatory NOS nitric oxide synthase 5.801155992783
81025.1 Curcumin (technical grade) 458-37-7 ≥65% 4.246502987935 curcumin-technical-grade Indian Saffron; Turmeric yellow anti-oxidant anti-imflammatory NOS nitric oxide synthase 4.246502987935
10011388 Cu/Zn SOD (human) Polyclonal Antibody - 23 kDa 2008-04-03 105.987428427925 cu-zn-sod-human-polyclonal-antibody SOD1; Cu/Zn Superoxide Dismutase SOD1 SOD2 SOD3 EC-SOD oxidative stress ROS superoxide antibodies antiserum WB western blots immunoblotting IP EIA IHC immunohistochemistry neurochemistry immunoprecipitation enzyme immunoassays neurochemistry blotting 105.987428427925
16779 CX-4945​ 1009820-21-6 ≥98% 2014-11-04 1.856783302640 cx-4945 Silmitasertib biochemical inhibitor kinase protein cancer apoptosis intracellular signaling CK4945 inhibit orally bioavailable casein CK 2α II two competes ATP adenosine triphosphate binding site catalytic CK2α subunit proliferation cell line overexpress overexpression tumor growth breast pancreatic xenograft mice mouse block stem glioblastoma acute myeloid leukemia Cdc2-like Clk 1 2 3 Clk1 Clk2 Clk3 interfering interfere alternative splice splicing 1.856783302640
14803 Cyanidin (chloride) 528-58-5 ≥98% 2013-09-17 12.948899218898 cyanidin-chloride Cyanidol chloride; IdB 1027 natural products antioxidants oxidative injury inflammation cancers obesity diabetes inflammatory anthocyanidins fruits vegetables flavonoids vasoprotective carcinogenesis cyanidine 12.948899218898
14748 Cyclic Pifithrin-α (hydrobromide) 511296-88-1 ≥95% 2013-08-16 7.144005524861 cyclic-pifithrin-hydrobromide Cyclic PFT-α; Pifithrin-β; PFT-β 60477-34-1 inhibitors cancers neurosciences intracellulars signalings apoptosis cells biology signals transductions autophagy inhibits inhibitions pifithrins pifithrin-a pifithrin-alpha pifithrin-.alpha. pifithrin-α pifithrin-beta pifithrin-β pifithrin-.beta. pifithrin-b β α beta alpha .beta. .alpha. b a h2O2 IGROV-1 IGROV1 IGROV 1 one A2780 A-2780 A 2780 HCT-116 HCT116 HCT 116 H460 H 460 H-460 antimicrotubules anti-microtubule anti microtubule DNA damages UV ultraviolet radiation melanocytes p53 transcription hydrogen peroxide H2O2 growth 7.144005524861
11321 Cyclopamine 4449-51-8 ≥98% 2012-02-20 27.319393939393 cyclopamine 11-Deoxojervine; Jervine 11051-96-0 26108-61-2 veratraman 11-deoxyjervine 11 deoxyjervine hedgehogs development teratogen cancers smoothened inhibitors cyclopia genes expressions signal transduction inhibits inhibition signaling steroids alkaloids pathways pax7 27.319393939393
13849 Cyclophosphamide (hydrate) 6055-19-2 ≥98% 2013-04-24 23.694663124748 cyclophosphamide-hydrate Endoxan 50-18-0 cancers autoimmune diseases alkylating agents treats treatments nitrogen mustard autoimmune disorders prodrug pro-drug pro drugs DNA deoxy ribonucleic acids cancers cells aldehydes dehydrogenases ALDHs cyclophosphamides metabolizes phosphoramides deaths apoptosis 23.694663124748
16622 Cyproterone Acetate​ 427-51-0 ≥98% 2014-09-29 15.421110875005 cyproterone-acetate Cyprostat; NSC 81430; CPA; SH 714; Androcur® endocrinology antiandrogen anti-androgen progestin antigonadotropin anti-gonadotropin antagonist agonist partial hormonal contraceptive prostate cancer biochemical signal transduction steroids hormone synthetic receptor clinical dependent prostate hirsutism alopecia suppress accessory accessories sexual glands induce apoptosis hepatocyte depot 17-O-acetate 17a-acetate Cyproviron NSC81430 15.421110875005
14745 Cysmethynil 851636-83-4 ≥98% 2013-08-06 5.765359116022 cysmethynil Icmt Inhibitor isoprenylcysteines carboxyl methyltransferases Icmts prenylation inhibitors inhibits inhibitions autophagy cancers post-translational modifications cells signaling methylation signals modify indole-based indoles based time-dependent times dependent substrates S-adenosylmethionine adenosylmethionine treatments Ras carboxylmethylation pathways PC3 prostates G1 phases G-1 Gs 1 one autophagy-mediated autophagy mediated deaths proteins 5.765359116022
16069 Cytarabine 147-94-4 ≥95% 2014-06-23 4.900511049723 cytarabine NSC 63878; NSC 287459; U-19920A; 1-β-D-Arabinofuranosylcytosine inhibitor inhibit cancer antiviral anti virals nucleoside analog DNA polymerase hydroxyl sugar reside triphosphorylated in vivo ara-CTP araCTP ara CTPs α β Ac 1075 Ac1075 Ac-1075 alexan ara-cells cells arabinocytosine arabinoside C arabitin aracytidine aracytin aracytine arafcyt CHXs 3311 CHX3311 CHX-3311 citozar cyclocide cylocide N cytarabin cytarabine cytarabinoside cytosar U cytosine arabinoside depocyt depo-cyt cyte erpalfa iretin NSCs 287459 63878 NSC-287459 NSC-63878 NSC287459 NSC63878 spongocytidine tarabine PFS Us U19920 U19920A 19920 19920A U-19920 U-19920A udicil ara-cytosine competitive leukemias β-D-arabinofuranoside .beta.-D-arabinofuranoside beta-D-arabinofuranoside b-D-arabinofuranoside 1-.beta.-D-Arabinofuranosylcytosine 1-beta-D-Arabinofuranosylcytosine 1-b-D-Arabinofuranosylcytosine 4.900511049723
11328 Cytochalasin B 14930-96-2 ≥98% 2012-02-22 27.135849447513 cytochalasin-b NSC 107658; Phomin 11032-95-4 11042-65-2 16006-03-4 21476-12-0 inhibitors actin proliferation migration phagocytosis glucose exocytosis cells division chemotaxis inhibits inhibition mycotoxins polymerization NSC-107658 NSC107658 27.135849447513
11329 Cytochalasin C 22144-76-9 ≥99% 2014-01-24 8.864961325966 cytochalasin-c inhibitors cells biology cytoskeletal research cytochalasins actin filaments polymerization cancers inhibitions inhibits polymerizes movements growths phagocytosis degranulation secretions cultures mice mouse D 11044-50-1 8.864961325966
11330 Cytochalasin D 22144-77-0 ≥95% 2013-06-25 19.804171270717 cytochalasin-d NSC 209835 11032-97-6 25852-72-6 28455-04-1 69401-32-7 zygosporin-A zygosporins A inhibitors cancers cells biology cytoskeletal research inhibits inhibitions cytochalasins D cell-permeable cells permeables filaments polymerizations prevents migrations tumors cells cytochalasin-d NSC-209835 NSCs 209835 NSC209835 fungal fungus fungi metabolites actins movements growths phagocytosis cellular eating drinking degranulations secretions 19.804171270717
11331 Cytochalasin E 36011-19-5 ≥98% 2012-07-24 9.321118784530 cytochalasin-e 12623-99-3 actin polymerization cytoskeleton inhibitors angiogenesis cancer cells biology inhibitions inhibits epoxide-containing epoxide analogs cytochalasin-b cytochalasin b endothelial impairment impairing impairing angiogenesis tumors growth cytochalasin-e 9.321118784530
10004600 Cytokeratin Monoclonal Antibody (Clone C-11) - 2008-06-05 5.658088397789 cytokeratin-monoclonal-antibody-clone-c-11 pan-Cytokeratin cytokeratins pan-cytokeratins antibodies antiserum antisera isoforms western blots WB flow cytometry FC immunocytochemistry ICC immunohistochemistry IHC immunoblotting proteins blotting 5.658088397789
10349 Cytokeratin Monoclonal FITC Antibody (Clone C-11) - 2010-04-14 3.489346224677 cytokeratin-monoclonal-fitc-antibody-clone-c-11 pan-Cytokeratin cytokeratins pan-cytokeratins antibodies antiserum antisera isoforms western blots WB flow cytometry FC immunofluorescence IF immunoblotting proteins blotting 3.489346224677
10478 Cytokeratin Monoclonal PE Antibody (Clone C-11) - 2010-10-28 0.350497237569 cytokeratin-monoclonal-pe-antibody-clone-c-11 pan-Cytokeratin cytokeratins pan-cytokeratins antibodies antiserum antisera anti-serum anti serum anti-ser anti sera isoforms flow cytometry FC immunoblotting proteins blotting IF immunofluorescence 0.350497237569
63500 Cytotrienin A 189010-85-3 ≥95% 2009-07-06 15.750563535911 cytotrienin-a anti-tumor anti-cancer apoptosis ROS caspace-3 p36 MBP kinase JNK 15.750563535911
13305 D 4476 301836-43-1 ≥98% 2009-07-29 17.841936107319 d-4476 Casein Kinase I Inhibitor inhibitors inhibits inhibition casein kinases 1 CK1 Ck1δ TGF-β TGFβ type-1 receptors ALK5 PKD1 p38α MAPK kinases phosphorylation FOXO1a RhoB p53 Smad3 D4476 17.841936107319
13307 D609 (potassium salt) 83373-60-8 ≥90% 2014-06-25 1.745248618785 d609-potassium-salt Tricyclodecan-9-yl xanthogenate 145764-52-9 100629-58-1 inhibitors inhibits inhibitions phospholipase signals transduction cancers anti oxidants anti-oxidants virals anti-virals antioxidants antivirals inflammation PC-PLC PCs PLCs PCPLC D-609 Ds 609 potassium salts sphingomelin reduction reduces synthase membrances anti-tumors tumors antitumors phosphatidylcholine tricyclodecan xanthogenate 1.745248618785
17282 DA-3003-2 New 383907-47-9 ≥98% 2015-02-20 90.578054020872 da-3003-2 NSC 663285 cell cycle Cdc25 phosphatase inhibitor antiproliferation cancer biochemical inhibit intracellular signaling anti-proliferation Cdc-25 dual specific protein tyrosine progression overexpressed removal inhibitory phosphate catalyze activation cyclin-Cdk complex DA30032 human recombinant Cdc25B arrest asynchronous PC-3 PC3 prostate G2/M phase NSC663285 90.578054020872
16989 Dabrafenib New 1195765-45-7 ≥98% 2015-01-12 73.921442460356 dabrafenib GSK 2118436 inhibitor mutant B-RafV600E BRAFV600E metastatic melanoma resistance cancer biochemical cancer inhibit intracellular signaling kinase signal transduction GSK2118436 Dabarefenib wild type mutation tumor MEK trametinib resistance Tafinlar® 73.921442460356
13202 Daidzin 552-66-9 ≥98% 2011-09-30 4.671749539595 daidzin Daidzoside; NPI 031D isoflavones soy kudzu anti-oxidants cancers oxidants stress atherosclerosis inhibitor inhibits inhibition mitochondrial aldehydes dehydrogenases 2 alcohols plants anticarcinogenic anti-carcinogenic anti carcinogenic antioxidants antidipsotropic dipsotropic anti-dipsotropic anti-atherosclerosis antiatherosclerosis atherosclerosis 1329-08-4 28572-56-7 NPI-031D NPI031D 7-glucoside glucosides 4.671749539595
16471 Danazol 17230-88-5 ≥98% 2014-09-05 9.259338015663 danazol Danocrine; Ladogal; NSC 270916; WIN 17,757 endocrinology androgen receptors agonists gonadotropins inhibitors endometriosis cancers synthetics steroids inhibits inhibitions derivatives testosterone ethisterone sex hormones globulin growth endocrine pancreatic pancreas breasts cells ovary ovaries ovarian bonzol chronogyn cyclamen danalem danatrol danazolum danol danovaol danzol winobanin NSC270916 NSC-270916 WIN17757 WIN-17757 9.259338015663
11498 Dasatinib 302962-49-8 ≥98% 2013-10-18 12.001533149171 dasatinib BMS 354825; Sprycel inhibitors inhibits inhibitions cancers kinases receptors non nonreceptors non-receptor tyrosines fibrosis drugs resistance signals transductions potent Abl Src Lck therapeutic diseases fibrotic BMS-354825 BMS354825 BMS 354825 spyrcel 35482513 12.001533149171
14159 Daunorubicin (hydrochloride) 23541-50-6 ≥98% 2013-04-10 5.041215469613 daunorubicin-hydrochloride NDC 0082-4155; Ondena; RP 13057 daunomycin antitumors antibiotics acute myeloid leukemia AMLs apoptosis drugs resistance anticancers anti-cancers anti cancers induces apoptosis U937 HL-60 HL60 HLs 60 cells tiggers ROS dependent sphingomyelin ceramide pathways DNA binding binds AP1 AP-1 AP 1 HCL 20830-81-3 52471-42-8 1087700-63-7 cerubidine daunoblastin chlorohydrate NDC0082-4155 NDC-0082-4155 NDC00824155 NDC-00824155 NDCs 00824155 00824-155 RP-13057 RP13057 Ribidomycin 5.041215469613
15318 DBeQ 177355-84-9 ≥98% 2014-01-16 3.981765835950 dbeq N,N'-Dibenzylquinazoline-2,4-diamine; JRF 12 AAA ATPase p97 inhibitors endoplasmic reticulum-associated reticulum associated degradation ERAD autophagy caspase-3 caspase -7 cancers ubiquitin-proteasome systems ubiquitin proteasome caspases autophagy apoptosis selective reversible ATPs JRFs 12 JRF12 JRF-12 3.981765835950
160755 DcR2 Polyclonal Antibody - 27.222222222222 dcr2-polyclonal-antibody TRAIL-R4; TRUNDD apoptosis cell death TNF DR4 DR5 DcR1 TRID TRAIL antibodies western blots blotting WB antisera antiserum immunoblotting 27.222222222222
10005432 DDA 25152-84-5 ≥98% 2004-07-22 32.619988950276 dda Decadienealdehyde; trans-2,4-Decadien-1-al lipoxygenases diatoms alkyls linoleic acids dihomo-gamma-linolenic dihomo-g-linolenic arachidonic dihomo-.gamma.-linolenic carcinoma Caco2 apoptosis 32.619988950276
11166 Decitabine 2353-33-5 ≥98% 2012-02-27 14.471193370165 decitabine DAC; NSC 127716; 5-aza-2’-Deoxycytidine; Dacogen β-decitabine 105597-46-4 123795-43-7 5-azadeoxycytidine 5-azadCyd 5-aza-CdR inhibitors inhibitions inhibits epigenetics DNA methylation genes expression methyltransferases hypomethylation mutagenic regulations 14.471193370165
16753 Deferasirox​ 201530-41-8 ≥98% 2014-10-24 3.981146092531 deferasirox Exjade®; ICL670A biochemical cancer stem cell research Asunra 670A ICL670A ICL 670 tridentate iron-selective ironselective chelator chelate synthetic reduce reduction liver blood transfusional overload transfusion orally bioavailable serum cardiac concentration β-thalassemia βthalassemia allogeneic stem cell transplantation transplant anemia hematopoietic malignancy malignancies 3.981146092531
10010706 (−)-Deguelin 522-17-8 ≥98% 2008-09-18 12.580110497237 -deguelin (−)-cis-Deguelin rotenoids flavonids cancers antiproliferative chemoprevention parkinsons diseases Akt PKB PI3K COX-2 COX2 apoptosis PI3-K 12.580110497237
11012 Delphinidin (chloride) Exclusive 528-53-0 ≥97% 2012-03-06 21.381210865561 delphinidin-chloride Ephdine diseases cancers cardiovascular tyrosines kinases vasorelaxation smooth muscles chlorides Cl vasorelaxants inhibitors inhibition inhibits EGFRs epidermal epidermis growth factors receptors HATs histones acetyltransferases anthocyanidins plants pigments anthocyanins blue red colors flowers fruits wines nitric oxides NOs vascular endothelium signaling signalling epithelial estrogens ERa ERalpha ER.alpha. ERα apoptosis cells death autophagy phagocytosis delphinidol 13270-61-6 IdB 1056 IdB-1056 21.381210865561
9001536 Deltarasin (hydrochloride) 1440898-82-7 ≥98% 2014-03-04 18.442872928177 deltarasin-hydrochloride 1440898-82-7 1440898-61-2 KRAS oncogene PDEδ PDEdelta PDEd PDE δ .delta. delta d inhibitors inhibits inhibitions RAS pancreatic cancers cells signaling signals RAS humans pancreatic pancreas ductal adenocarcinoma Panc-Tu-I tumors mice mouse carcinoma xenografts intracellular transduction HCl 18.442872928177
10961 Demethoxycurcumin 22608-11-3 ≥98% 2011-09-23 2.342928176795 demethoxycurcumin DMC curcumin cancers transcription genes expressions p300 Wnt/β-catenin iNOS inflammation proliferation cells p300 coactivator inhibits lipopolysaccharides inhibitor inhibition 2.342928176795
700390 Demethylase (Jumonji-type) Activity Assay Kit - 2010-05-26 16.525760589318 demethylase-jumonji-type-activity-assay-kit kits assays measures measurements histones nucleoproteins chromatins DNA deoxynucleic acids eukaryotic nucleus nucleosomal H3 H4 H2B H2A octamers amino termini acetylation phosphorylation ubiquitination methylation replication repair transcriptional activation repression dysregulation tumors suppressor genes cancers inhibitors enzymes catalyzes epigenetic marks methyls lysines arginines residues demethylases 1 JMJC JHDM1 JHDM2 JHDM3 JARID1 UTX/UTY cupin 2-oxoglutarate 2OG iron Fe(II) oxygenases hydroxylation JMJD2A JMJD2B JMJD2C JMJD2D JMJD2E JMJD2F fluorescence-based fluorescent cells lysates formaldehydes peptides substrates oxidation/decarboxylation acetoacetanilides ammonia H3K9(Me)3 16.525760589318
700400 Demethylase (LSD-type) Activity Assay Kit - 2010-08-05 13.626593001841 demethylase-lsd-type-activity-assay-kit kits assays measures measurements histones proteins nucleoproteins chromatins structures DNA deoxyribonuclease eukaryotics nucleus nucleosomals core particles H3 H4 H2B H2A octamers amino termini post-translationally acetylation phosphorylations ubiquitination methylations replication repair transcriptional activation repression dysregulation tumor suppressor genes cancers enzymes catalyze epigenetic marks therapeutics drugs development lysine-specific demethylases LSD1 KDM1 p110b BHC110 NPAO LSD2 flavin adenines dinucleotides FAD-dependent amines oxidases monoamines MAOs polyamines PAOs demethylates monomethylateds dimethylateds lysines 4 K4 repression deacetylases co-repressor complexes 1/2 CtBP neuronal CoREST p53 LYS370 53BP1 apoptosis C-terminal domains CW-type zinc finger motif zince-binding sites chromatin-remodeling fluorescence-based formaldehyde N-terminal tail acetoacetanilides ammonia 13.626593001841
11703 Demethylwedelolactone New 6468-55-9 2015-01-20 1.200739919550 demethylwedelolactone Norwedelolactone; 1,3,8,9-Tetrahydroxycoumestan desmethylwedelolactone DWEL inhibitor inhibit biochemical invasive growth in vitro lung metastasis MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cell nude mice MDAMB231 coumestan anchorage-independent motility invasion reduce activity expression matrix metalloproteinases MMP block IκB-α/NFκB IκB-α NFκB IκBα NFκ-B MEK/ERK signaling pathway MEK ERK tumor nude 1.200739919550
10165 D-erythro-MAPP 143492-38-0 ≥98% 2004-02-23 10.974875690608 d-erythro-mapp (1S,2R-D-erythro-2-N-myristoylamino)-1-phenyl-1-propanol ceramides inhibitors sphingolipids HL60 HL-60 cancer cells G0/G1 G0-G1 inhibits ceramidase 10.974875690608
14632 Dexrazoxane 24584-09-6 ≥98% 2013-06-20 8.164398139501 dexrazoxane ICRF 187; Totect®; Zinecard; NSC 169780 ICRF-187 ICRF187 ICRF 187 doxorubicin cancers cardiotoxicity irons chelators inhibitors inhibits inhibitions topoisomerase IIα anthracycline-induced antioxidant free radicals scavengers anthracycline induced induces intracellular reducing reduces reducer cardiotoxicity extravasation injury injuries hydroxyl superoxides lipids DPPH ABTS NSCs 169780 NSC-169780 NSC169780 ADR529 ADRs 529 ADR-529 savene oxidative cardiology 2,2’-azino-bis(3-ethylbenzthiazoline-6-sulphonic acid) diphenylpicrylhydrazyl 8.164398139501
10012577 Diallyl Trisulfide 2050-87-5 ≥95% 2009-04-07 13.234827348066 diallyl-trisulfide NSC 651936; DATS garlic hydrogen sulfides H2S cancers tumors smooth muscle cholesterol atherosclerosis donors supresses colon synthesis genes expression adenocarcinomas HCT-15 cells PC-3 xenografts 13.234827348066
10009081 Didox Exclusive 69839-83-4 ≥98% 2007-01-16 17.188760852407 didox antioxidants hydroxamic acids apoptosis cancers cells polyhydroxylated aromatic ocidative injury brains HIV dementia bcl-2 17.188760852407
10006876 Diethylstilbestrol 56-53-1 ≥98% 2005-10-03 4.815193370166 diethylstilbestrol synthetics receptors agonists pregnant pregnancies linked breasts cancers congenital abnormalities abnormality offspring 3H-estradiols binding affinities affinity sexes hormones globulins SHBG estrogens 4.815193370166
16372 Dihydrolipoic Acid 462-20-4 ≥95% 2014-08-15 2.013038674033 dihydrolipoic-acid DHLA 7516-​48-​5 119365-69-4 98441-85-1 36915-02-3 α-lipoic acids antioxidants ROSs reactive oxygens species apoptosis cells deaths dithiol-containing dithiols containing carboxylic embryonic stems cancers proliferations (±)​-​Dihydro-​α-​lipoic (±)​-​Dihydrolipoic 6,​8-​Dihydrothioctic 6,​8-​Dimercaptooctanoic 6,​8-​Dithiooctanoic DL-​Dihydro-​α-​lipoic DL-​Dihydro-​a-​lipoic DL-​Dihydro-​alpha-​lipoic DL-​Dihydro-.alpha.-​lipoic Dihydrothioctic Reduced lipoic thioctic dl-​Dihydrolipoic α-​Lipoic γ-​Lipoic 2.013038674033
10009986 Dimethoxycurcumin 160096-59-3 ≥90% 2007-08-03 8.779867008681 dimethoxycurcumin curcumins cancers ASCJ9 antitumors anti-tumor phytochemicals turmeric inhibits inhibition inhibitory growth expression cells ASC-J9 8.779867008681
14707 Dinaciclib 779353-01-4 ≥98% 2013-12-05 10.910831798650 dinaciclib SCH 727965 1000697-89-1 Sch 727965 Sch727965 Sch-727965 SCH 727965 anticancers anti-cancers anti cancers cyclin-dependent pan CDKs pan-CDK inhibitors CDK1 CDK2 CDK5 CDK9 flavopiridol cyclin dependent kinases CDK-1 CDK-2 CDK-5 CDK-9 1 2 5 9 one two five nine in vitro inhibits inhibitions tumors growths ovarian carcinoma potent 1000697-89-1 DNA synthesis 10.910831798650
15303 Disulfiram 97-77-8 ≥95% 2014-02-18 3.379195516515 disulfiram Tetraethylthiuram disulfide; NSC 25953 155-​01-​1 11078-​22-​1 Antabuse Antabus alcoholism alcohol abuse dependence metabolism anti-cancer anti cancers anticancers metal chelator copper zinc 20S proteasome 26S proteasome cocaine inhibitors inhibits inhibitions aldehydes dehydrogenase dopamine β-hydroxylase irreversible b-hydroxylase beta-hydroxylase .beta.-hydroxylase MDA-MB-0231 MDAMB0231 MDA MB 0231 breast reactive oxygen species ROS JNK p38 NF-kB NF-B NF-kappaB NF-.kappa.B stem cells abstensil abstinil abstinyl accel TET TET-R TETR R akrochem TETD alcophobin antadix antaethyl antalcol antetan antetil anticol antietanol antietil antikol antivitium aversan averzan contralin cronetal dicupral ekagom DTET TEDS TETDS espenal etabus ethyl thiram thiurad tuads tuex etiltox exhoran exhorran hoca krotenal tetraethyldithiuram disulfide NSCs 25953 NSC-25953 NSC25953 nocceler TET-G TETG G noxal refusal sanceler soxinol stopetyl TTs tetradin tetradine tetraethyldithiuram tetraethylthioperoxydicarbonic diamide tetraethylthiram tetraethylthiuram tetraetil teturam teturamin thiuram E thiuranide 3.379195516515
16098 DL-Sulforaphane N-acetyl-L-cysteine 334829-66-2 ≥98% 2014-06-26 6.803370165746 dl-sulforaphane-n-acetyl-l-cysteine SFN-NAC Nrf2 antioxidant anti-oxidant anti oxidant cancers anti-cancers sulforaphane anticancer Keap1 ARE iosthiocyanate acetyl cysteine metabolite sulforaphane chemopreventative enzymes Nrf2 genes expression HepG2-C8 cells agents SFN NAC SFNNAC SFN NAC transcriptions factors oxidative injury injuries intracellular signaling responses elements signals inflammation 6.803370165746
10005276 DL-threo-PDMP (hydrochloride) 80938-69-8 ≥98% 2004-08-10 26.858077041130 dl-threo-pdmp-hydrochloride analog analogue inhibit inhibitor cytotoxicity glucosylceramide synthase chirality stereoisomer sphingosine (±)PDMP ceramide cultured cell treatment cellular cycle arrest alkaline cereamidase isomer β-1,4-galactosyltransferase 6 lactosylceramide neuroinflammation promoter mice mouse chronic autoimmune encephalomyelitis multiple sclerosis MS 26.858077041130
16889 ​DL-α-Difluoromethylornithine (hydrochloride hydrate)​ 96020-91-6 ≥98% 2014-11-06 4.800847457627 -dl-difluoromethylornithine-hydrochloride-hydrate DFMO 70052-12-9 cancer angiogenesis inhibitor ornithine decarboxylase polyamine antiparasitic biochemical infectious disease inhibit suppress polyamine biosynthesis antiangiogenic cytostatic effect tumor cell chemotherapeutic agent synthesis pathway activity C. Cryptosporidium parvum infection 2-(difluoromethyl)-DL-ornithine 2-(difluoromethyl)-DL-α-difluoromethylarginine 4.800847457627
71210 DMOG 89464-63-1 ≥98% 111.098503683241 dmog Dimethyloxallyl Glycine nuclear receptors cancer hypoxia HIF-1alpha Hif1α HIF-1α HIF1α Pro-angiogenic proangiogenic factors HIF-PH HIFPH prolyl hydroxylase inhibits inhibitors inhibition 111.098503683241
14617 DMXAA 117570-53-3 ≥98% 2013-06-21 1.991712707182 dmxaa NSC 640488; Vadimezan; 5,6-Dimethylxanthenone-4-acetic Acid; ASA 404 inhibitors inhibits inhibitions cancers immunology angiogenesis signals transductions apoptosis xanthene vasculars agents disrupting apoptosis endothelium necrosis tumors cores TANKs bindings binds binders kinases 1 TBK1 TBK-1 TBKs 1 interferone factors regulatory 3 IRF3 IRFs 3 IRF-3 growths VEGF VEGFR-1 VEGFR-2 1 2 ASA404 ASA-404 ASAs 404 dimethylxanthenone acetic acids ASA1404 ASA-1404 1404 NSC640488 NSC-640488 signaling pathways leukocytes type I interferons kinases endothelial cells NSC640488 NSC-640488 1.991712707182
10009851 D-myo-Inositol-1,3,4,5,6-pentaphosphate (ammonium salt) - >98% 2007-06-04 10.713646408840 d-myo-inositol-1-3-4-5-6-pentaphosphate-ammonium-salt Ins(1,3,4,5,6)P5; 1,3,4,5,6-IP5 (sodium salt) inositols phosphate IP5 signal transduction InsP phosphitidylinositol phospholipase C PLC phosphioinositide 3-kinase PI3-K Akt cancer angiogenesis PKB protein kinase B 10.713646408840
660990 DNA Laddering Kit - 6.500331491713 dna-laddering-kit kits assays apoptosis 6.500331491713
589324 DNA Methylation EIA Kit - 2009-04-23 61.151491712706 dna-methylation-eia-kit 5-Methyl-2'-deoxycytidine ELISA Kit solid plates DNA deoxyribonucleic acids CpG islands dinucleotides genes genomes cancers genomic hypomethylation hypermethylation tumors suppressors malignancy carcinogenesis plasma blood urine leukemia tissues differentiation aging methyltransferases DNMTs DNMT1 DNMT3a DNMT3b nucleosides analogs azacitidine decitabine zebularine drugs suppression competitive assays EIAs ELISAs culture supernatants sample matrices 61.151491712706
13479 DNA Methyltransferase 1 Monoclonal Antibody (Clone 60B1220.1) - 2009-06-29 3.311331491713 dna-methyltransferase-1-monoclonal-antibody-clone-60b1220-1 DNMT1 WB Western blots immunoblotting IHC ChIP IP DNMT 1 blotting immunohistochemistry immunoprecipitation 3.311331491713
13483 DNA Methyltransferase 3a Monoclonal Antibody - Biotinylated (Clone 64B814.1) - 2009-07-15 1.004419889502 dna-methyltransferase-3a-monoclonal-antibody-biotinylated-clone-64b814-1 DNMT3a ELISA DNMT3a Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays 1.004419889502
13484 DNA Methyltransferase 3a Monoclonal Antibody (Clone 64B1446) - 2009-07-15 1.004419889502 dna-methyltransferase-3a-monoclonal-antibody-clone-64b1446 DNMT3a WB Western blots immunoblotting DNMT3a blotting ICC immunocytochemistry IHC immunohistochemistry 1.004419889502
13482 DNA Methyltransferase 3a Monoclonal Antibody (Clone 64B814.1) - 2009-07-01 1.335610804174 dna-methyltransferase-3a-monoclonal-antibody-clone-64b814-1 DNMT3a WB Western blots immunoblotting DNMT3a blotting ICC immunocytochemistry 1.335610804174
13485 DNA Methyltransferase 3b Monoclonal Antibody (Clone 52A1018) - 2009-07-01 5.502093308778 dna-methyltransferase-3b-monoclonal-antibody-clone-52a1018 DNMT3b WB Western blots immunoblotting DNMT3b immunoprecipitation immunofluorescence immunocytochemistry ChIP immunohistochemistry IHC IP ICC IF blotting 5.502093308778
10770 DNA Methyltransferase 3L (human recombinant) - ≥95% 2011-06-08 2.737415592388 dna-methyltransferase-3l-human-recombinant DNMT3-Like Protein; DNMT3L DNA methyltransferases s-adenosylmethionine CpG methylation lysines proteins DNMT3a DNMT3b histones cysteine ADD PWWP mTase 2.737415592388
589320 DNA/RNA Oxidative Damage EIA Kit - 2008-05-21 451.339644337016 dna-rna-oxidative-damage-eia-kit 8-OH-2dG; 8-OH-DG; 8-hydroxy-2'-Deoxyguanosine; DNA/RNA Oxidative Damage ELISA Kit kits EIAs mass spectrometry enzymes immunoassays elisas 8-OH-2-dG 8-OH-2'-dG 8OH2'dG 8OH2dG 8OH2d 8 oxo 8-oxo deoxyguanine deoxyguanosine hydroxy ohdg 2 EIA/ELISA assays 8-ohdg 8ohdg 8-hydroxy-2-deoxy guanosine immunosorbents 8-hydroxy-2'-dg 8-OH-2'-deoxyguanosine 8-OH-2-deoxyguanosine assays solid plates injury stress aging cancers oxidations diabetes DNA deoxyribonucleic ribonucleic acids diseases states guanines repair urine ribose-free bases nucleosides 8-oxo-guanine 8-hydroxyguanine 8-oxo-guanosine 8-hydroxyguanosine metabolites age-related cells cellular oxidized hydroxyl radicals peroxynitrite plasmas cells lysates tissues liquid chromatography mass-spectrometry LC-MS 451.339644337016
10006305 D-NMAPPD Exclusive 35922-06-6 ≥98% 2005-02-23 17.517355958958 d-nmappd (1R,2R)-B13; CAY10466 ceramides inhibitors cancers cells inhibits inhibition ceramidase apoptosis colorectal keratinocytes melanoma lines viability inducers induces 17.517355958958
11637 Docetaxel 114977-28-5 ≥98% 2012-05-17 10.131809392265 docetaxel Taxotel; RP 56976; NSC 628503 129522-72-1 216252-50-5 docetaxol taxol cancers breasts prostate cells proliferation microtubules replication hormones hormone-refactory refractory NSC628503 NSC-628503 RP56976 RP-56976 docetere taxotere 10.131809392265
11967 Dorsomorphin 866405-64-3 ≥98% 2013-06-03 37.551659546700 dorsomorphin Compound C compound-C inhibitors inhibits inhibitions AMPKs bones morphogenetics proteins types 1 type-1 ones receptors BMP ACTR-I ACTRs ACTRI ACRTs I ALK2 BMPR-IA ALK3 BMPR-IB ALK 6 Akt/mTOR autophagy cancers ALKs ALK-2 ALK-3 ALK-6 2 3 6 two three six BMPRIA BMPR s IA IB BMPRIB Akt mTOR potent selective reversible activity kinases doses denpendents dose-dependently dose-dependents downregulate pathways induces U251 humans glioma cells U-251 U 251 37.551659546700
10354 Dot1L (human recombinant) - ≥95% 2012-08-02 0.855756756307 dot1l-human-recombinant Disruptor of Telomeric Signaling 1-Like; Dot1-like methyltransferases epigenetics H3K79 histones histone 3 lysine 79 MLL-rearranged leukemias Dot 1L Dot-1L Dot1-L Dot1 L Dot 1 L KMT4 Histone H3K79 methyltransferase DOT1 DOT-1 DOT 1 KIAA1814 KIAA-1814 KIAA 1814 Lysine N-methyltransferase 4 H3K79 HMTase EC 0.855756756307
15220 Dovitinib 405169-16-6 ≥98% 2013-11-18 29.144398403928 dovitinib 804551-​71-​1 TKI258 TKIs 258 TKI-258 CHIRs CHIR-258 CHIR258 receptors tyrosines kinases inhibitors inhibits 804551-71-1 inhibitons proteins angiogenesis vascular endothelial growth factors VEGFR basic fibroblasts bFGFR platelet-derived platelet derived PDGFR anticancers anti-cancer anti cancers antiangiogenic angiogenic anti-angiogenic hepatocellular carcinoma HCC multi-targeted multi targeted PDGFb PDGFbeta PDGF.beta. PDGF-β PDGF-b PDGFβ PDGF-beta PDGF-.beta. PDGFs β b beta .beta. dovitinib targets factor-2 VEGFR-2 2 factor-1 signals impairing impair prevents motility pancreatic cells lines HPAF-II BxPC-3 MiaPaCa2 L3.6pl HPAF II BCPC 3 L3 6pl proliferation effects mechanisms metastasis clinical trials treatments advanced solid tumors 29.144398403928
10253 Doxifluridine 3094-09-5 ≥98% 2012-01-19 13.195448215382 doxifluridine 5-DFUR; Ro 21-9738 1226642-64-3 5-fluoro-5'-deoxyuridine 5-fluorodesoxyuridine 5-dFUrd flutron furtulon furtulon Ro 21-9738 Ro-21-9738 Ro219728 Ro 218738 intermediary metabolites metabolic conversions prodrugs 5 fluorouracils 5-fluorouracil pyrimidines analogs inhibitors inhibits inhibition thymidylates synthases antitumors anti-tumor anti tumors cancers interfering interferes DNA synthesis chemotherapeutics capecitabine cells 13.195448215382
15007 Doxorubicin (hydrochloride) 25316-40-9 ≥98% 2013-04-18 59.763650501330 doxorubicin-hydrochloride DOX; NSC 123127; Adriacin 23214-92-8 23257-17-2 24385-08-8 25311-50-6 29042-30-6 1394125-92-8 anthracyclines antitumors antibiotics inhibitors DNA topoisomerases II damage apoptosis p53 anti-tumors tumors anti anti-biotics biotics inhibits inhibitions nucleic acids induces suppressors proteins ADM Hcl ADR adriablastina CS adriablastin-CS Adriamycin adriblastin adriblastina adriblastina RD adriblastina-RD FI-106 FI 106 FI106 FI-6804 FI 6804 FI6804 Lipo-DOX LipoDOX lipo hydroxydaunorubicin NSC123127 NSC-123127 NSCs 123127 deoxyribonucleic induces induced cells deaths double-stranded dsDNA breaks breakages intercalating intercalations accumulations 59.763650501330
700210 DPP (IV) Inhibitor Screening Assay Kit - 2009-05-27 115.306522586935 dpp-iv-inhibitor-screening-assay-kit Dipeptidyl exopeptidases IV DPPIV DPP4 enzymes CD26 cluster of differentiation T-cells activation antigens adenosine deaminase complexing 2 membrane-bound glycoproteins immune regulation signal transduction apoptosis kidneys small intestines placentas humans serums seminal fluids proteolytic derivatives serines X-prolines X-alanines dipeptides N-terminus N-terminal polypeptides growth factors chemokines neuropeptides vasoactive inhibitors inhibits inhibition oral antidiabetic agents glucose homeostasis glucoregulatory hormones glucose-dependent insulinotropics GIP glucagon-like peptide-1 GLP-1 gastric therapeutics Type 2 tumors cancers markers neoplasms assays kits measures measurements fluorescences fluorescent fluorogenics substrates Gly-Pro-Aminomethylcoumarin AMC 115.306522586935
62237 DPPP 110231-30-6 ≥98% 2006-07-25 47.707667280540 dppp Diphenyl-1-pyrenylphosphine hydroperoxides oxidative stress injury fluorescence fluorescent lipids cholesterols LDL oxidation DPPPO DPPP=O atherosclerosis 47.707667280540
11178 DPY-30 (human recombinant) - ≥95% 2012-01-05 0.470873932697 dpy-30-human-recombinant hDPY-30; SAF19; DPY-30-like protein epigenetics methyltransferase histones H3K4 genes regulations MLL proteins subunits Ash2L MLL sore complex DPY30 methylation C. elegans XX mutations XO growth development homodimer monomers WDR5 WDR-5 WDR 5 RbBP5 basal rates DPY-30L DPY30L hDPY30 SAF-19 0.470873932697
10010302 DRB 53-85-0 ≥98% 2008-01-21 7.207707182320 drb NSC 401575; Benzimidazole cancers HIV P53 apoptosis Cdk7 Cdk9 CTD CKI CKII adenosine inhibitors inhibits inhibition transcription RNA polymerase cell cycles adenocarcinoma transactivator tat 7.207707182320
15981 DUB Activity Assay Kit - 2014-11-26 20.523662645168 dub-activity-assay-kit Deubiquitinating Enzyme kits assays measures measurements deubiquitinating enzymes cysteine proteases activity activities in vitro fluorogenic substrates ubiquitin-AMC ubiquitin AMC screening screens inhibits inhibitors inhibitions activators kinetic data IC50 EC50 Ki KM kcat Kcat/KM HTS high throughput proteases isopeptidases deubiquitinases hydrolases 20.523662645168
15956 Dutasteride 164656-23-9 ≥98% 2014-04-30 5.566629834255 dutasteride Avodart® 1169835-56-6 5α-reductase 5α 5a 5alpha 5.alpha. 5a-reductase 5alpha-reductase 5.alpha.-reductase steroids metabolism testosterone dihydrotestosterone DHT prostates cancers dihydro-testosterone dihydro types I II inhibitors benign prostatic hyperplasia one two 1 2 time-dependent times dependent dual avolve GGs 745 GG-745 GG745 GIs GI-198745 GI198745 198745 veltride androgen tumors receptors inhibits inhibitions 5.566629834255
10007963 E-64 66701-25-5 ≥98% 2009-11-12 12.083044812768 e-64 inhibitors cysteine proteases cathepsins papain calpain irreversible inhibition inhibited E64 E 64 12.083044812768
10007964 E-64c 76684-89-4 ≥98% 2006-08-02 16.925248618784 e-64c NSC 694279; Loxistatin Acid; EP 475 E-64 cysteine protease cell cycle inhibitor E-64d 16.925248618784
13533 E-64d 88321-09-9 ≥98% 2010-08-16 16.889370165745 e-64d Aloxistatin; E-64c ethyl ester; Loxistatin; NSC 694281; EST; EP 453 cysteine protease proteins degradation lysosome inhibitors inhibits inhibition calpain cathepsin E64d E 64d 64 207396-71-2 cells cancers carcinomas A431 E-64d Morphinans 16.889370165745
10005732 EAF2 Blocking Peptide - >75% 2004-09-01 1.012154696133 eaf2-blocking-peptide U19; ELL-Associated Factor 2 WB western blots blotting IHC immunohistochemistry immunoblot formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded sections apoptosis inhibits ihibitors inhibition prostate tumors testosterone antibodies paraffins signaling signalling controls peptides 1.012154696133
10005190 EAF2 Polyclonal Antibody - 2004-08-12 1.895348066298 eaf2-polyclonal-antibody U19; ELL-Associated Factor 2 WB western blots blotting IHC immunohistochemistry immunoblots formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded sections apoptosis inhibits inhibitors inhibition prostate tumors testosterone suppressive supression leukemogenesis cancers endocrinology immunoblotting 1.895348066298
14183 EBPC 4450-98-0 ≥98% 2013-03-18 3.024696132597 ebpc NSC 229530 metabolisms metabolic syndromes enzymes activity activities glucose diabetes PGF2α synthases aldoses reductases AKR1B1 sorbitol inhibitors drugs resistances cancers inhibits inhibitions improve cytotoxic effects anti-cancer anti cisplatin HeLa cervical carcinomas prostaglandins PGE2 potent NSC-229530 NSC229530 humans enzymes polyol pathways IL-1β IL-1.beta. IL-1B interleukins interleukin-1β interleukin-1B expressions diabetes chemotherapy chemotherapeutics in vitro doxorubicin cisplatin cells endometrial 3.024696132597
11049 Echinomycin 512-64-1 ≥98% 2012-03-21 3.391436464088 echinomycin Antibiotic A 654I; NSC 526417; Quinomycin A; NSC 13502; SK 302B 11016-61-8 NSC13502 NSC526417 NSC-13502 NSC-526417 SK302B SK-302B hypoxia HIF-1 cancers neuroscience VEGF inhibitors inhibits inhibition genes expression glycolysis angiogenesis migration invasion cells DNA HIF-1α HIF-1β U215 hippocampal neurons myeloma melphalan 3.391436464088
14168 ECT2 BRCT domains (human recombinant) - ≥95% 2014-01-07 0.207845303867 ect2-brct-domains-human-recombinant Epithelial Cell-transforming Sequence 2 Oncogene ECT2 Protein-Protein interactions (PPIs) DNA damages responses BRCT domains cancers Guanine nucleotides exchanges factors GEFs ECT-2 ECTs 2 epithelial cells transforming sequences 2 oncogenes guanines GDPs GTPs GTPases rho family RhoA RhoC Rac1 Cdc42 glioma cancers cytoskeletal research proteins cycles cytokinesis protein-DNA BRCA1 p53 binding RAD9 0.207845303867
10628 EED (human recombinant) - 95 2010-12-03 7.997679558011 eed-human-recombinant Embryonic Ectoderm Development EEDs histones modifications epigenetics chromatin research proteins recombinant cancers genes regulations bindings binders binds methyltransferase human embryonic ectoderm developments WD40 WD-40 WDs 40 7.997679558011
15363 EGFR Inhibitor 879127-07-8 ≥98% 2014-02-13 1.919329697995 egfr-inhibitor Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Inhibitor EGFR inhibitors inhibits inhibitions substituted pyrimidine kinases tyrosine L858R L861Q mutants apoptosis cell permeable selective antagonists signals transductions biochemistry proteins intracellular signals signaling cancers 1.919329697995
15137 eIF4E (human recombinant) - ≥90% 2014-02-28 1.828981846882 eif4e-human-recombinant mRNA Cap-binding Protein; Eukaryotic Translation Initiation Factor 4E; eIF-4F 25 kDa subunit Translations mRNA 5'-cap cancers inititaion factors MCM eukaryotic messengers RNA mRNA four F 4E E caps structures proteins synthesis mnk1 mitogen activated mitogen-activated kinases kinase-interacting interacting oncogene oncogenic humans malignancy malignancies breast colon heads necks carcinomas cells biology recombinant 1.828981846882
15564 eIF4E (human recombinant; GST-tagged) - ≥85% 2014-02-28 0.428192580899 eif4e-human-recombinant-gst-tagged eIF-4F 25 kDa subunit; Eukaryotic Translation Initiation Factor 4E; mRNA Cap-binding Protein translations mRNA 5'-cap cancers initiation factors eukaryotic messengers RNA mRNA four F 4E E caps structures proteins synthesis mnk1 mitogen activated mitogen-activated kinases kinase-interacting interacting oncogene oncogenic humans malignancy malignancies breast colon heads necks carcinomas cells biology recombinant 0.428192580899
10569 Ellagic Acid 476-66-4 ≥95% 2010-10-13 7.496973603437 ellagic-acid Gallogen; TBBD; Lagistase polyphenols, antioxidants, cancers inflammation cytochrome P450s CYP450 epigenetics genes expression histones modifications alizarin yellow G 91006 elagostasine 77415-21-5 124590-32-5 PRMTs inflammatory anti-carcinogenic anti-mutagenic organ-preserving antimutagenic antiinflammatory Acid Benzoaric Benzoaric Acid Acid Ellagic Ellagic Acid 7.496973603437
11838 Embelin 550-24-3 ≥95% 2012-10-01 0.212707182320 embelin NSC 91874 embelic acid emberine natural products cancers inflammation NF-κB apoptosis caspases XIAP inhibits inhibitors inhibitions benzoquinone plants Embelia binds cells inflammation IKK NFκB NF κB NF-kappaB NF-.kappa.B NFkappaB NF.kappa.B X linked inhibitor apoptosis X-linked 0.212707182320
13109 Emodin 518-82-1 ≥98% 2012-09-20 3.581849294045 emodin NSC 622947; Archin; NSC 408120; Frangulic Acid; Schuttgelb emodol frangula rheum NSC408120 NSC-408120 NSC622947 NSC-622947 natural products cancers inflammation estrogen receptors apoptosis dyslipidemia receptors agonists CSN ER anthraquinone plants suppression inhibits inhibition inhibitors casein kinases II tumors suppressors p53 phytoestrogen CK II 3.581849294045
17457 Enniatin A1 New 4530-21-6 ≥99% 2015-02-19 125.555555555556 enniatin-a1 1194751-33-1 cyclichexadepsipeptide ionophore antimicrobial inhibitor inhibit apoptosis anticancer biochemical fungi antibiotic cancer ion transport analog cell proliferation kinase ERK p44/p42 TNFα-induced NF-κB activation induce 125.555555555556
15382 Enniatin B 917-13-5 ≥99% 2014-01-13 35.040116635973 enniatin-b Antibiotic 86/88 528-​09-​6 11029-​11-​1 natural products inhibitors ions channels apoptosis cancers enniatins cyclihexadepsipeptides Pdr5p yeast inhibits inhibitions fungi pleiotropic drugs reistances proteins 5 five caspases cells channels blockers acyl-CoA cholesterol acyltransferase cholesteryl ester formations caspases ACAT 35.040116635973
17245 Enniatin B1 New 19914-20-6 ≥99% 2015-02-03 112.222222222222 enniatin-b1 cyclichexadepsipeptide ionophore antimicrobial inhibitor antibiotic apoptosis anticancer drug resistance biochemical cancer natural product inhibit ion channel pump peptide enniatinB1 analog enniatin complex cell proliferation kinase ERK p44/p42 multi-drug transporter Pdr5p S cerevisiae Saccharomyces 112.222222222222
9002040 Enniatin Complex​ 11113-62-5 ≥95% 2014-10-03 48.444444444444 enniatin-complex cyclichexadepsipeptide ionophore antimicrobial inhibitor acyl-CoA:cholesterol acyltranferase ACAT apoptosis anticancer biochemical natural products cancer inhibit ion channel pump mixture isolated fungi pore cellular membrane selective ion transport complex A A1 one B B1 C D E F component eukaryotic prokaryotic 48.444444444444
16956 Enoxacin 74011-58-8 ≥98%