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Item Number Product Sizes & Pricing CAS Purity Image Exclusive Introduction Date Mojo Plain Text Name Synonyms Keywords Interest
14459 Ac-DEVD-AFC 201608-14-2 ≥98% 2013-05-13 5.640847145488 ac-devd-afc Caspase-3 Substrate (Fluorogenic); N-Acetyl-Asp-Glu-Val-Asp fluorescents fluorescence detections probes enzymes substrates activity apoptosis N-Acetyl-Asp-Glu-Val-Asp-7-amido-4-trifluoromethyl coumarins caspase-3 caspases 3 CPP32 CPP-32 CPP 32 poly ADP adenosine diphosphates riboses polymerases PARP AcDEVDAFC Ac DEVD AFC amino acids sequences free fluorogenic 5.640847145488
14460 Ac-DEVD-pNA 189950-66-1 ≥95% 2013-05-23 5.842946593001 ac-devd-pna N-Acetyl-Asp-Glu-Val-Asp-p-Nitroanilide apoptosis enzymes substrates cells deaths dyes indicators CPP32 CPP-32 CPP 32 caspase-3 caspases 3 1 4 6 7 caspase-1 caspase-1 caspase-4 caspase-6 caspase-7 cleavages ADP-ribose adenosines diphosphates ADP riboses poly polymerases PARP DEVD aminos acids sequences chromophores AcDEVD pNAs para para-nitro anilines colorimetric stubstrates 5.842946593001
14498 Adenosine 5'-triphosphate (sodium salt) 987-65-5 ≥95% 2013-05-23 2.399779983376 adenosine-5-triphosphate-sodium-salt NSC 20268; ATP 56-65-5 56560-86-2 1181748-98-0 signals transductions enzymes substrates cells biology energy storage metabolisms coenzymes signals signaling adenylates cyclases cAMPs second messengers 2 2nd energies stores stored ATPs adenosines 5 triphosphates in vivo metabolic pumps co-enzyme co enzymes enzymatic reactions rxns cellular processes respirations biosynthetic motility divisions adetphos disodium sodium 2Na+ Na2+ salts NSCs 20268 NSC20268 NSC-20268 2.399779983376
14957 Adenosine 5'-(γ-thio)-triphosphate (lithium salt) 93839-89-5 ≥90% 2013-10-03 2.399779983376 adenosine-5-thio-triphosphate-lithium-salt ATPγS 35094-46-3 purinergic receptors ATP P2Y2 receptors P2Y11 P2Y substrates analogs agonists ATPγS adenosines thriphosphates lithium salts analogs ATP DNA kinases substrates RNA eIF4A eukaryotic initiations factors non-hydrolyzable G-protein-coupled G proteins coupled N-acetylglucosamines RNA-stimulated nucleotides hydrolysis RNA stimulated 2.399779983376
10168 Arachidonoyl p-Nitroaniline 119520-58-0 >98% 2004-12-01 6.111061562746 arachidonoyl-p-nitroaniline ApNA FAAH substrates anandamides hydrolases colorimetric cannabinoids fatty acids para-nitroaniline aea nitroanilines arachidonoyl ethanolamides neurochemistry neuroscience 6.111061562746
14681 D-Luciferin (potassium salt) 115144-35-9 ≥95% 2013-07-17 5.485966850829 d-luciferin-potassium-salt 2591-17-5 chemiluminescent substrates firefly fire flies fireflies luciferases luciferins potassiums K+ produces production lights oxidatives decarboxylations presence present ATP adenosines 5'-triphosphates triphosphates phosphates assays kits expressions genes gene-linked linked linkages promoters assesses assessing availability cells cellular biochemicals 5.485966850829
14682 D-Luciferin (sodium salt) 103404-75-7 ≥95% 2013-07-17 5.485966850829 d-luciferin-sodium-salt 2591-17-5 chemiluminescent substrates firefly fire flies fireflies luciferases luciferins sodiums Na+ produces production lights oxidatives decarboxylations presence present ATP adenosines 5'-triphosphates triphosphates phosphates assays kits expressions genes gene-linked linked linkages promoters assesses assessing availability cells cellular biochemicals 5.485966850829
10008610 Epoxy Fluor 7 Exclusive 863223-43-2 ≥98% 2006-08-30 19.418449585634 epoxy-fluor-7 epoxides hydrolases fluorescence enzymes activity inhibition screening hypertension inflammation sepsis EETs DHETs EpETrEs DiHETrEs fluorescent SEH soluble endocrinology 19.418449585634
14953 Glutathione ethyl ester New 92614-59-0 ≥98% 2014-01-20 105.164953959484 glutathione-ethyl-ester GSH ethyl ester 118421-50-4 glutathiones GSH oxidative injury toxicity injuries cell-permeable cells permeable derivative ethyl esters hydrolysis esterases radiation oxidants toxic heavy metals against damages enzymes substrates monoethyl protects protection 105.164953959484
14634 Gly-Phe-β-naphthylamide 21438-66-4 ≥95% 2013-07-23 15.078092387968 gly-phe-naphthylamide H-Gly-Phe-BNA dipeptidyl transferases cathepsins C lysosomes cysteines proteases post-translational processing apoptosis caspases substrates posttranslational post translational process cathepsin-C membranes intralysosomal inhibits inhibitors activation activates enzymes proteases cysteine exopeptidase dipeptides proteins polypeptides signaling pathways cytosolic proapoptotic hydrolysis membranes inhibition caspase-8 caspase 8 15.078092387968
10006809 Heptanoyl thio-PC - ≥98% 2005-10-05 4.241574105212 heptanoyl-thio-pc sPLA2s substrates colorimetrics phospholipases thioesters analogs glycerophospholipids Ellman's reagent measurements activity diheptanoyl thio-PC ether-linked saturated C16 moiety sn-1 position modifications resistant PLA1 pig porcine pancreatic bee venom 4.241574105212
10007542 KAPA (hydrochloride) Exclusive 177408-65-0 ≥98% 2007-07-12 4.970570902394 kapa-hydrochloride 7-keto-8-Aminopelargomic Acid biotins KAPAs DAPAs DTB vitamers growth factors proteins avidins assays intermediates vitamins reporters reactions biosynthetic 7,8-diamino desthiobiotins 4.970570902394
15555 Kemptide New 65189-71-1 ≥95% 2014-03-14 0E-12 kemptide NSC 332190 phosphates acceptors heptapeptides substrates cAMP-dependent proteins kinases PKA phosphorylations ATP cAMP ecto-proteins activity synthetics plasma membranes enzymes signals transductions NSCs 332190 NSC332190 NSC-332190 dependent 0E-12
10005851 N-Decanoyl p-Nitroaniline 72298-63-6 ≥98% 2004-12-07 5.665973756906 n-decanoyl-p-nitroaniline DepNA FAAH substrates anandamides hydrolases colorimetric cannabinoids aea para-nitroanalines fatty acids anandamide arachidonoyl ethanolamides neurochemistry neuroscience anilide 5.665973756906
10010521 Palmitoyl thio-PC 113881-60-0 ≥98% 2008-05-23 9.687308205167 palmitoyl-thio-pc thioesters PLA2s substrates sPLA2 cPLA2 sn-2 analogs absorbance micelle systems 9.687308205167
10009134 PHOME Exclusive 1028430-42-3 ≥98% 2007-01-16 22.810828729281 phome sEH epoxides hydrolase inhibitors inhibition inhibits substrates HTS fluorogenic high throughput screening fluorescent fluorescence hypertension endocrinology 22.810828729281
10006906 Renin Fluorogenic Substrate - >95% 2006-12-12 49.680598526703 renin-fluorogenic-substrate substrates aspartyl proteases angiotensinogens peptides peptide-EDANS non-fluorescent quenching molecules Dabcyl fluorescent excitation emission hypertension endocrinology 49.680598526703
11913 (S)-Mephenytoin 70989-04-7 ≥98% 2013-09-19 13.243622047244 -s-mephenytoin (S)-5-Ethyl-3-methyl-5-phenylhydantoin neurochemistry antiepileptic neurosciences metabolism substrates CYP2C19 cytochromes P450 CYP isoforms mephenytoin 4-hydroxylase omeprazole proguanil diazepam propranolol citalopram imipramine barbiturates genetic defects mutations metabolites urine anticonvulsants mesantoin 13.243622047244
14993 Suc-AAPF-pNA 70967-97-4 ≥95% 2013-10-02 12.101677628694 suc-aapf-pna Succinyl-Ala-Ala-Pro-Phe-p-nitroanilide 72534-95-3 103251-79-2 succinyl-Ala—Ala—Pro—Phe-p-nitroanilide chromogenic substrates cathepsin G subtilisins chymotrypsins chymases cyclophilin inhibitors inhibits inhibitions screening kinetics analysis AAPF Suc pNA Alas Pro Phe nitroanilides succinyl Suc-AAPF-pNA cleaved neutrophils elastases P 12.101677628694

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