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Item Number Product Sizes & Pricing CAS Purity Image Exclusive Introduction Date Mojo Plain Text Name Synonyms Keywords Interest
16300 5-iPF-VI Exclusive 180469-63-0 ≥95% 2006-02-06 11.934613259668 5-ipf2-vi iPF2α-I marker oxidative injury 8-isoprostanes prostaglandins PGs free-radical lipids peroxidations ipf2a arachidonic acids polyunsaturated fatty stereo- regioisomeric oxidative stress Type VI internal lactones facilitates extraction purification pgf2a 11.934613259668
10006654 5-iPF-VI-d11 936565-17-2 ≥99% deuterated forms (d1-d11) 2005-03-17 100.434038674033 5-ipf2-vi-d11 isoprostanes peroxidation oxidative injury deuterateds deuteriums isotopes 8,12-isoprostanes iPF2alpha-VI-d11 prostaglandins iPF2a-VI-d11 urine peroxidative damage enantiomers stress 100.434038674033
10006878 8,12-iso-iPF-VI-d11 Exclusive - ≥99% deuterated forms (d1-d11) 2005-09-01 10.557430939226 8-12-iso-ipf2-vi-d11 8,12-epi-iPF2α-VI-d11 GC/MS deuterium isotopes internal standards prostaglandins deuterated LC/MS GC-MS LC-MS mass spectrometry analogs internal standards isoprostanes prostaglandins free-radical lipid peroxidation stero- regioisomers arachidonic acids 8-isoprostane 8-epi-PGF2.alpha. iPF2.alpha.-III oxidative stress Type VI class internal lactones facilitates extraction and purification neurochemistry neuroscience 10.557430939226
10006546 CAY10465 Exclusive 688348-33-6 >98% 2005-09-09 9.742596685082 cay10465 resveratrol analogs analogues aryl hydrocarbons receptors agonists AhRs ligand-dependents ligands xenobiotics PDM 11 PDM11 PDM-11 estrogen dioxin poisonings stilbene xenobiotics polyaromatics soot coal tar 9.742596685082
14051 Coumarin Boronic Acid Exclusive 1357078-03-5 ≥98% 2013-05-23 14.012228006799 coumarin-boronic-acid CBA oxidative injuries frees radicals peroxynitrites ONOO- superoxides nitric oxides fluorescents probes acids intermediates in vivo agents lipids peroxidations oxidizes sulfhydryls nitrates proteins CBAs excitations emissions oxidizing aromatics residues coumarins boronics products hypochlorous HOCl hydrogen peroxides H2O2 14.012228006799
10818 Coumarin Boronic Acid pinacolate ester 190788-61-5 ≥98% 2013-05-22 11.337016574585 coumarin-boronic-acid-pinacolate-ester CBA pinacolate ester; CBE antioxidants ROS reactives oxygens species CBAs oxidative injury injuries NOs nitric oxides free radicals fluorescent fluorescence probes coumarins Coumarin-7-pinacolboronate esters hydrogens peroxides H2O2 CBE 7-hydroxycoumarin 7-OH 7OH 7 OH umbelliferones spectrophotometrically acids hydrolysis hydrolyzes detections peroxynitrites hypochlorous HOCl hydrogen ONOO- superoxides 11.337016574585
14905 L-(+)-Ergothioneine 497-30-3 ≥98% 2013-08-23 1.020584415584 l-ergothioneine 2-Mercaotohistidine betaine; NSC 7175 616-50-2 644-57-5 6330-63-8 natural products antioxidant oxidative stress injury inflammations NF-κB NF-kappaB NF-.kappa.B NFκb NFkB NFkappaB NF.kappa.B NF-kB autoimmune diseases arthritis free radicals ergothioneine amino acids histidine hercynine scavenges detoxifies oxidants intracellular thiol inhibitors inhibits inhibitions genes expression peroxynitrite nitrotyrosine DNA damage death xanthine hypoxanthine cation carnitine transporters 1 one OCTN1 OCTN-1 OCTN 1 one rheumatoid arthritis Crohn’s diseases trimethylbetaine 2-mercapto-histidine phytothioneine sympectothion thiasine thioneine thiotane 1.020584415584
10006594 Losartan (potassium salt) 124750-99-8 ≥98% 2005-05-10 11.199240331492 losartan-potassium-salt DuP-753; MK 954 AT1 receptors antagonists angiotensins II type 1 hormones regulates blood pressure regulating hypertension atherosclerosis renal functions vasodilation vasodilating platelets neutrophils aggregation endothelium losartans losartan potassium 11.199240331492
10006341 PDM 11 1032508-03-4 ≥98% 2005-03-23 8.827863720073 pdm-11 resveratrol analogs analogues aryl hydrocarbons receptors anatagonists AhRs ligand-dependents ligands xenobiotics PDM11 PDM-11 estrogen dioxin poisonings stilbene xenobiotics polyaromatics soot coal tar 8.827863720073
10006342 PDM 2 688348-25-6 >98% 2005-03-29 9.534815837937 pdm-2 AhRs antagonists stilbenes dioxins aryl hydrocarbons receptors ligand-dependent transcription factors resveratrol analogs ligands xenobiotics PDM2 PDM-2 estrogen poisonings xenobiotics polyaromatics soot coal tar cancers 9.534815837937
10004257 trans-4,5-epoxy-2(E)-Decenal 134454-31-2 ≥95% 2005-03-16 39.923646408839 trans-4-5-epoxy-2-e-decenal 3-(3-pentyloxiranyl)-2E-propenal aldehydes odorant peroxidation oxidative injury PUFAs polyunsaturated fatty acids reactive aldehydes tools peroxidative damages stress 39.923646408839

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