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Cayman is a manufacturer, supplier, and vendor of biochemical reagents, assay kits, forensic chemistry standards, antibodies, and proteins for scientific research. Analytical testing services and custom synthesis are also available.

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Research Area · Oxidative Injury

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Item № Product Sizes & Pricing CAS Purity Image Exclusive Introduction Date Mojo Plain Text Name Synonyms Keywords Interest
33400 (±)10-HDoHE 90780-50-0 ≥98% 14.401982044198 -10-hdohe 10-hydroxy Docosahexaenoic Acid racemic autoxidation DHA hydroxy fatty acids docosahexaenoic (+/-)10-HDoHEs (+/-)HDoHEs neurochemistry 14.401982044198
10008043 10-Nitrooleate 875685-46-4 ≥98% 2006-08-01 11.812232044199 10-nitrooleate 10-nitro-9-trans-Octadecenoic Acid; 10-Nitrooleic Acid oleic acids nitration 9-nitrooleate peroxynitrite myeloperoxidase MPO PPARg PPAR.gamma. PPARgamma LNO2 nitrolinoleate nitrated unsaturated fatty endogenous signaling ligands nitric oxides regioisomers OA-NO2 in vivo plasma phospholipids 3T3-L1 preadipocytes 88127-53-1 11.812232044199
10558 10-Nitrooleate-d17 Exclusive - ≥99% deuterated forms (d1-d17) 2014-08-04 7.930027624309 10-nitrooleate-d17 10-Nitrooleic Acid-d17; 10-nitro-9-trans-Octadecenoic Acid-d17 oleic acids nitration 9-nitrooleate peroxynitrite myeloperoxidase MPO PPARg PPAR.gamma. PPARgamma LNO2 nitrolinoleate nitrated unsaturated fatty endogenous signaling ligands nitric oxides regioisomers OA-NO2 in vivo plasma phospholipids 3T3-L1 preadipocytes deuterateds deuteriums internal quantifies quantify quantification GC-MS GC/MS gases chromatography masses spectrometry LC-MS LC/MS liquids isotopes 7.930027624309
33450 (±)11-HDoHE 87018-59-5 ≥98% 14.752594383057 -11-hdohe 11-hydroxy Docosahexaenoic Acid racemic autoxidation DHA hydroxy fatty acids docosahexaenoic (+/-)11-HDoHEs (+/-)HDoHEs neurochemistry 14.752594383057
37500 (±)11-HEDE 5598-37-8 ≥98% 3.514364640884 -11-hede racemic hydroxy fatty acids autoxidation (+/-)11-HEDEs (+/-)-HEDEs (+/-)HEDEs 3.514364640884
32500 (±)11-HEPE 99217-78-4 ≥98% 19.478737174427 -11-hepe racemic hydroxy acids EPA autoxidation (+/-)11-HEPEs eicosapentanoic fatty (+/-)-HEPEs (+/-)HEPEs 19.478737174427
34500 (±)11-HETE 73804-65-6 ≥98% 19.815055248619 -11-hete racemic hydroxy acids autoxidation (+/-)11-HETEs fatty (+/-)-HETEs (+/-)HETEs 19.815055248619
32540 (±)12-HEPE 81187-21-5 ≥98% 26.268497237568 -12-hepe racemic monohydroxy acids EPA autoxidation (+/-)12-HEPEs eicosapentanoic fatty (+/-)-HEPEs (+/-)HEPEs polyunsaturated 26.268497237568
34550 (±)12-HETE 71030-37-0 ≥98% 84.753383335474 -12-hete racemic hydroxy acids autoxidation (+/-)12-HETEs fatty (+/-)-HETEs (+/-)HETEs 12HETE 84.753383335474
33500 (±)13-HDoHE 90780-53-3 ≥98% 18.387377992633 -13-hdohe 13-hydroxy Docosahexaenoic Acid racemic autoxidation DHA hydroxy fatty acids docosahexaenoic (+/-)13-HDoHEs (+/-)HDoHEs neurochemistry 18.387377992633
38600 (±)13-HODE 73804-64-5 ≥98% 24.024364640884 -13-hode atherosclerosis LDL oxidized lipids racemic autoxidation (+/-)13-HODEs hydroxy fatty acids (+/-)-HODEs (+/-)HODEs 24.024364640884
38601 (±)13-HODE cholesteryl ester 167354-91-8 ≥98% 5.788213627993 -13-hode-cholesteryl-ester atherosclerosis LDL oxidized lipids autoxidation hydroxy fatty acids (+/-)13-HODEs esters racemic 5.788213627993
10704 (±)13-HpODE 23017-93-8 ≥98% 2011-02-24 24.139986187845 -13-hpode hydroperoxides lipids linoleic acids reactive oxygen species oxidative stress injury 24.139986187845
38606 13(R)-HODE cholesteryl ester 330800-94-7 ≥98% 1.124217311234 13-r-hode-cholesteryl-ester atherosclerosis LDL oxidized lipids autoxidation hydroxy fatty acids 13-HODEs 13R-HODEs esters 1.124217311234
38611 13(S)-HODE cholesteryl ester 141554-21-4 ≥98% 3.286602209944 13-s-hode-cholesteryl-ester atherosclerosis LDL oxidized lipids autoxidation hydroxy fatty acids 13-HODEs 13S-HODEs esters 13(S)HODEs 13(S)-HODEs 3.286602209944
10006998 (±)14,15-DiHETE Exclusive - ≥98% 2005-07-13 18.927679558011 -14-15-dihete (±)14,15-dihydroxy-eicosa-5,8,11,17-Tetraenoic Acid epoxygenases metabolites EPA eicosapentaenoic acids epoxidations hydroxylations w-3 .omega.-3 fatty acids marine organisms incubated rats livers microsomes colitis homogenates cytochromes P450-catlyzed epoxidations w-6 .omega.-6 double bonds conversion vicinal diols epoxides hydrolases excreted excretion humans ingesting fish oils supplements 14,15-dihete 18.927679558011
37700 (±)15-HEDE 77159-57-0 ≥98% 3.735395948434 -15-hede hydroxy fatty acids autoxidation racemic (+/-)15-HEDEs (+/-)-HEDEs (+/-)HEDEs 3.735395948434
32700 (±)15-HEPE 88852-33-9 ≥98% 46.990128913444 -15-hepe racemic hydroxy acids EPA autoxidation (+/-)15-HEPEs eicosapentaenoic (+/-)-HEPEs fatty (+/-)HEPEs 46.990128913444
34700 (±)15-HETE 73836-87-0 ≥98% 29.620364640883 -15-hete racemic hydroxy acids autoxidation (+/-)15-HETEs fatty (+/-)-HETEs 15HETE 29.620364640883
14438 1,5-Isoquinolinediol 5154-02-9 ≥98% 2013-04-11 3.173214261354 1-5-isoquinolinediol NSC 65585; 1,5-Dihydroxyisoquinoline Inhibitors oxidative injury apoptosis DNA damage inhibits inhibitions injuries poly(ADP-ribose) ADP PARPs PARP1 PARP-1 repari oxidant stress cells death induced 40048-26-8 NSC65585 NSC-65585 NSCs 65585 3.173214261354
33600 (±)16-HDoHE 90780-51-1 ≥98% 14.001282228360 -16-hdohe 16-hydroxy Docosahexaenoic Acid racemic autoxidation DHA hydroxy fatty acids docosahexaenoic (+/-)16-HDoHEs (+/-)HDoHEs neurochemistry 14.001282228360
10006999 (±)17,18-DiHETE Exclusive - ≥98% 2005-07-13 8.575264404104 -17-18-dihete (±)17,18-dihydroxy-eicosa-5,8,11,14-Tetraenoic Acid EPAs eicosapentaenoic acids epoxidations hydroxylations epoxygenases metabolites w-3 .omega.-3 fatty marine organisms metabolites produced incubated rat tissues homogenates cynomolgus monkey seminal vesicles cytochrome P450-catalyzed double bond conversion vicinal diols epoxides hydrolases metabolized Gaeumannomyces graminis 116477-53-3 140129-23-3 8.575264404104
33650 (±)17-HDoHE 90780-52-2 ≥98% 24.008387165320 -17-hdohe 17-hydroxy Docosahexaenoic Acid racemic autoxidation DHA hydroxy fatty acids docosahexaenoic (+/-)17-HDoHEs (+/-)HDoHEs neurochemistry 24.008387165320
32840 (±)18-HEPE 141110-17-0 ≥97% 42.206527229676 -18-hepe racemic hydroxy acids EPA autoxidation (+/-)18-HEPEs eicosapentanoic fatty (+/-)-HEPEs (+/-)HEPEs 42.206527229676
33750 (±)20-HDoHE 90906-41-5 ≥98% 15.939551104972 -20-hdohe 20-hydroxy Docosahexaenoic Acid racemic autoxidation DHA hydroxy fatty acids docosahexaenoic (+/-)20-HDoHEs (+/-)HDoHEs neurochemistry 15.939551104972
89355 22(R)-hydroxy Cholesterol 17954-98-2 ≥98% 12.993776243093 22-r-hydroxy-cholesterol Narthesterol receptors 22(R)-OH-Cholesterol 22R-OH-Cholesterol ABC1 liver LXRalpha LXR.alpha. LXRbeta LXR.beta. 7.alpha.-hydroxylase RXR regulation retinoid agonists nuclear receptors atherosclerosis hydroxycholesterol 12.993776243093
16290 2,3-dinor-8-iso Prostaglandin F 221664-05-7 ≥98% 47.234401473296 2-3-dinor-8-iso-prostaglandin-f2 2,3-dinor-8-iso PGF; 2,3-dinor-iPF-III 8-isoprostanes vasoconstriction 2,3-dinor-8-epi-PGF2.alpha. metabolites .beta.-oxidation beta-oxidation b-oxidation 2,3-dinor-8-epi-PGF2alpha 2,3-dinor-8-iso-PGF2.alpha. 2,3-dinor-8-iso-PGF2alpha prostaglandins 8-iso PGF2a 47.234401473296
11879 2-HBA Exclusive 131359-24-5 ≥98% 2012-09-20 2.724454419889 2-hba Bis(2-hydroxybenzylidene)acetone Nrf2 antioxidant ARE Keap1 oxidative stress inflammations cancers curcumin apoptosis Nrf-2 Nrfs Keap-1 Keaps 1 2HBA HBAs inducer enzymes detoxification pathways Michael reaction acceptor cytoprotective NQO1 NQO-1 NQO 2.724454419889
11881 2-Trifluoromethyl-2'-methoxychalcone Exclusive 1309371-03-6 ≥98% 2012-08-10 3.236261510129 2-trifluoromethyl-2-methoxychalcone Nrf2 antioxidant response elements ARE oxidative stress inflammation Keap1 activator anti-cancer anti-inflammatory GCLM NQO1 activators activate active Nrf-2 Nrfs 2 Keap-1 Keaps 1 anticancer antiinflammatory in vitro bronchial epithelial cells Beas-2B Beas2B Beas 2B small intestines 3.236261510129
16028 ​3,3',5-Triiodo-L-thyronine (sodium salt) 55-06-1 ≥98% 2014-09-17 14.093408730193 -3-3-5-triiodo-l-thyronine-sodium-salt T3; Liothyronine; ​​L-3,3',5-Triiodothyronine hormones receptors agonists cardiology signals transductions oxidatives injury metabolisms 6893-02-3 7013-53-8 57164-27-9 L-Tyrosine liothyronine triiodo-L-thyronine Tertroxin Triostat Triothyrone L Triiodothyronine L-Triiodothyronine thyroid deiodinations prohormones thyroxine T4 TRα TRβ signaling modulates cardiac functions growths redox reductions oxidations in vitro vivo TRs 14.093408730193
10004185 3,4',5-Trismethoxybenzophenone Exclusive 94709-12-3 ≥95% 2004-07-21 16.669631675874 3-4-5-trismethoxybenzophenone antimitotics antimitosis resveratrol analogs phenolic antioxidants antiproliferative antiproliferatory inhibits inhibition inhibitors cell growth 16.669631675874
15419 3-AP 143621-35-6 ≥95% 2014-01-22 11.535979632225 3-ap NSC 663249; Triapine™; 3-Aminopyridine-2-Carboxyaldehyde Thiosemicarbazone 236392-​56-​6 ribonucleotide reductase inhibitors inhibits inhibitions DNA synthesis cancers anti-tumors tumors anti antitumor iron chelator R2/p53R2 subunits ER stress UPR unfolded proteins response apoptosis oxidative injury 3AP 3 APs aminopyridine carboxyaldehyde thiosemicarbazone in vitro NSCs 663249 NSC663249 NSC-663249 OCX-191 OCX191 OCXs 191 Pans pan-811 811 pan811 11.535979632225
16347 3-deoxy Glucosone 4084-27-9 ≥95% 2014-08-15 0.743300230785 3-deoxy-glucosone 2-keto-3-Deoxyglucose; 3-deoxy-D-erythro-Hexosulose metabolism diabetes carbohydrates oxidative injury injuries intermediates maillard reactions oxidative stress glucose glycation advanced glycation endproducts AGES crosslinking cross-linking cross linking precursor end-products end deoxy glucosone 2-oxoaldehyde agents 0.743300230785
14845 4-Aminobenzoic acid hydrazide 5351-17-7 ≥98% 2013-08-19 6.351712707183 4-aminobenzoic-acid-hydrazide 4-ABAH; Myeloperoxidase Inhibitor 1; NSC 640 inhibitors inflammation immunology oxidative stress inhibits inhibitions inhibitor-1 one enzymes aminobenzoic acids hydrazide cells cultures in vivo NSCs 640 NSC640 NSC-640 4-aminobenzhydrazide 4-aminoebzoyl aminobenzoylhydrazines amben aminostimil 6.351712707183
33200 (±)4-HDoHE 90906-40-4 ≥98% 15.937739610858 -4-hdohe 4-hydroxy Docosahexaenoic Acid racemic autoxidation DHA hydroxy fatty acids docosahexaenoic (+/-)4-HDoHEs (+/-)HDoHEs neurochemistry 15.937739610858
10004413 4-hydroperoxy 2-Nonenal Exclusive 7439-43-2 ≥95% 2005-05-25 37.517502762431 4-hydroperoxy-2-nonenal 4-HpNE free radicals peroxidation lipids oxidized w-6 .omega.-6 omega-6 PUFAs polyunsaturated fatty acids linoleics arachidonics oxidative stress cytotoxicity growth inhibiting activity genotoxicity chemotactic 4-HNE 4-hydroxy nonenals 4-OH-nonenal 4-hydroxynonenal hydroperoxides injury 37.517502762431
32060 4-hydroxy Hexenal 17427-21-3 ≥98% 174.199834254144 4-hydroxy-hexenal 4-HHE ROS alkenal aldehydes radicals peroxidation lipids autoxidation reactive oxygen species free 4-OH-hexenal hydroxyhexenal 160708-91-8 174.199834254144
32100 4-hydroxy Nonenal 75899-68-2 ≥98% 169.636795580110 4-hydroxy-nonenal 4-HNE ROS alkenals aldehydes free radicals peroxidation lipid autoxidation reactive oxygen species 4-OH-nonenal 4-hydroxynonenal gs-hne gshne hne 169.636795580110
13265 4-hydroxy Nonenal Alkyne Exclusive 1011268-23-7 ≥98% 2010-06-16 84.941259378649 4-hydroxy-nonenal-alkyne Click Tag™ 4-HNE alkyne lipids peroxidation inflammation neurodegeneration atherosclerosis diabetes cancers click chemistry Click Tag™ 4-HNEs alkynes IT 84.941259378649
332101 4-hydroxy Nonenal-d3 148706-06-3 ≥99% deuterated forms (d1-d3) 2004-01-28 37.994080505130 4-hydroxy-nonenal-d3 4-HNE-d3 ROS alkenals aldehydes free radicals peroxidation lipid autoxidation reactive oxygen species 4-OH-nonenal 4-hydroxynonenal deuterium deuterateds 37.994080505130
9000876 4-hydroxy Nonenal Glutathione-d3 (trifluoroacetate salt) Exclusive - ≥99% deuterated forms (d1-d3) 2010-10-29 3.444988161010 4-hydroxy-nonenal-glutathione-d3-trifluoroacetate-salt 4-HNE-GSH-d3 oxidative stress lipids peroxidation 4-hydroxy nonenal 4-HNE deuterateds GSH-HNE internal standards mass spectrometry HNE-GSH-d3 deuteriums GC/MS LC/MS LC-MS MS 3.444988161010
10627 4-hydroxy Nonenal Glutathione (trifluoroacetate salt) Exclusive - ≥95% 2010-11-05 44.771878453038 4-hydroxy-nonenal-glutathione-trifluoroacetate-salt 4-HNE-GSH 204851-41-2 oxidative stress lipids peroxidation 4-hydroxy nonenal 4-HNE GSH-HNE internal HNE-GSH MS glutathione-HNE glutathiones HNEs 44.771878453038
32110 4-hydroxy Nonenal Mercapturic Acid Exclusive 146764-24-1 ≥98% 1.294972375690 4-hydroxy-nonenal-mercapturic-acid 4-HNE 4HNE b-cleavage .beta.-cleavage beta-cleavage urine enterohepatic circulation conjugates acids 4-hydroxynonenal 4-OH-nonenal 1.294972375690
9000348 4-hydroxy Nonenal Mercapturic Acid-d3 Exclusive - ≥99% deuterated forms (d1-d3) 2008-12-03 24.552762430939 4-hydroxy-nonenal-mercapturic-acid-d3 4-HNE 4HNE b-cleavage .beta.-cleavage beta-cleavage urine enterohepatic circulation conjugates acids 4-hydroxynonenal 4-OH-nonenal deuterium deuterateds 24.552762430939
10185 4-oxo-2-Nonenal Exclusive 103560-62-9 >98% 2004-01-21 61.723425414364 4-oxo-2-nonenal 4-ONE ROS Alkenals aldehydes free radicals peroxidation lipid autoxidation reactive oxygen species 61.723425414364
10004174 4-oxo 2-Nonenal-d3 Exclusive 1313400-91-7 ≥99% deuterated forms (d1-d3) 2004-03-10 33.193351749539 4-oxo-2-nonenal-d3 4-ONE-d3 ROS Alkenals aldehydes free radicals peroxidation lipid autoxidation reactive oxygen species 4-OH-2-nonenal-d3 4-hydroxy2nonenald3 internal standards mass spectrometry GC/MS LC/MS gc-ms ic-ms deuterium deuterateds 33.193351749539
32200 (±)5-HEPE 83952-40-3 ≥97% 31.263480662983 -5-hepe racemic hydroxy acids fatty EPA autoxidation (+/-)5-HEPEs eicosapentanoic (+/-)-HEPEs (+/-)HEPEs 31.263480662983
34210 (±)5-HETE 73307-52-5 ≥98% 8.928895027624 -5-hete racemic hydroxy acids autoxidation (+/-)5-HETEs fatty arachidonic AA (+/-)-HETEs (+/-)HETEs 5HETE 8.928895027624
34215 (±)5-HETE lactone 73279-37-5 ≥98% 6.241944751381 -5-hete-lactone racemic hydroxy acids lactones autoxidation (+/-)5-HETEs fatty (+/-)-HETEs (+/-)HETEs inhibitors inhibits 5-LOs 5-lipoxygenases 6.241944751381
34220 (±)5-HETE methyl ester 73279-38-6 ≥98% 7.593204419890 -5-hete-methyl-ester racemic hydroxy acids autoxidation (+/-)5-HETEs fatty (+/-)-HETEs esters AA (+/-)HETEs arachidonic (+/-)5-HETE-OMe 7.593204419890
16300 5-iPF-VI Exclusive 180469-63-0 ≥95% 2006-02-06 15.275994475138 5-ipf2-vi iPF-I marker oxidative injury 8-isoprostanes prostaglandins PGs free-radical lipids peroxidations ipf2a arachidonic acids polyunsaturated fatty stereo- regioisomeric oxidative stress Type VI internal lactones facilitates extraction purification pgf2a 15.275994475138
10006654 5-iPF-VI-d11 936565-17-2 ≥99% deuterated forms (d1-d11) 2005-03-17 96.308613259668 5-ipf2-vi-d11 isoprostanes peroxidation oxidative injury deuterateds deuteriums isotopes 8,12-isoprostanes iPF2alpha-VI-d11 prostaglandins iPF2a-VI-d11 urine peroxidative damage enantiomers stress 96.308613259668
13856 5-Nitroso-8-quinolinol 3565-26-2 ≥95% 2012-10-25 22.869005524861 5-nitroso-8-quinolinol Hydron III; NSC 3852 5-nitrosooxine NSC3852 NSC-3852 hydron 3 HDACs inhibitors antitumors oxidative stress ROS apoptosis antiproliferative cancers cells differentiation Toxoplasma gondii Plasmodium falciparum inhibits inhibitions Zn2+ chelation motif SAHA MCF-7 MCF7 tumors agents 22.869005524861
10007601 5α-hydroxy-6-keto Cholesterol 13027-33-3 ≥98% 2005-11-11 82.209236269093 5-hydroxy-6-keto-cholesterol Cholestane-6-oxo-3β,5α-diol; 6-Oxo-3,5-diol atherosclerosis cholesterols ozonolysis cytotoxicity metabolites ozone-oxidized lipids surfactants lungs epithelials lining fluids exposures cells bronchalveoalar lavaged homogenates inhibits inhibitors synthesis bronchial cytotoxicity toxic oxysterols hydroxycholesterol 82.209236269093
14247 6-Formylpterin 712-30-1 ≥98% 2013-10-10 6.695116022099 6-formylpterin 2-Amino-6-formylpteridin-4-one; Pterin-6-aldehyde 23663-21-0 inhibitors oxidative stress intracellular generators hydrogens peroxides xanthine oxidase XO oxygen species H2O2 formylpterin formyl pterin formul-pterin photolytic folic acids binds binding binder hetero-substrate heterosubstrate hetero substrate inhibits inhibitions 6-carboxylpterin carboxylpterin carboxyl pterin generator cellular 6.695116022099
10009856 7-AAD Cell Viability Assay Kit - 2008-10-29 40.472812574714 7-aad-cell-viability-assay-kit 7-Amino Actinomycin D Cell Viability Kit kits 7AAD measurement cells fixation blocking cytoxicity effects environmental toxins drug fluorescence fluorescent cell-based assays cell based assay cba 40.472812574714
33300 (±)7-HDoHE 90780-55-5 ≥98% 15.917631215469 -7-hdohe 7-hydroxy Docosahexaenoic Acid racemic autoxidation DHA hydroxy fatty acids docosahexaenoic (+/-)7-HDoHEs (+/-)HDoHEs neurochemistry 15.917631215469
16339 7-keto Cholesterol 566-28-9 ≥98% 2014-08-14 5.302436464088 7-keto-cholesterol SC-4722; Δ5-Cholesterol-3β-ol-7-one; 7-oxo Cholesterol oxysterols inhibitors oxidative injury analytical standards atherosclerosis 7-ketocholesterol 7-oxocholesterol 7 oxocholesterol ketocholesterol SC4722 SC-4722 bioactive sterols cholesterol homeostasis membranes cells survival inhibits inhibitions cytochromes P450 7A1 CYP7A1 7α-hydroxylase 7α hydroxylase oxidation ethanol lipids peroxidation photodamage 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases type 1 one LDL GC-MS HPLC 118984-45-5 SCs 4722 oxo keto 5.302436464088
10312 8,12-iso-iPF-VI-1,5-lactone Exclusive - ≥98% 2009-08-07 7.127615101289 8-12-iso-ipf2-vi-1-5-lactone lactone IPF2α -I iPF2α-VI F2-iP urine lipid peroxidation plasma biomarker oxidative stress 214894-81-2 214894-83-4 7.127615101289
10006878 8,12-iso-iPF-VI-d11 Exclusive - ≥99% deuterated forms (d1-d11) 2005-09-01 13.647790055249 8-12-iso-ipf2-vi-d11 8,12-epi-iPF-VI-d11 GC/MS deuterium isotopes internal standards prostaglandins deuterated LC/MS GC-MS LC-MS mass spectrometry analogs internal standards isoprostanes prostaglandins free-radical lipid peroxidation stero- regioisomers arachidonic acids 8-isoprostane 8-epi-PGF2.alpha. iPF2.alpha.-III oxidative stress Type VI class internal lactones facilitates extraction and purification neurochemistry neuroscience 13.647790055249
33350 (±)8-HDoHE 90780-54-4 ≥98% 14.336222375690 -8-hdohe 8-hydroxy Docosahexaenoic Acid racemic autoxidation DHA hydroxy fatty acids docosahexaenoic (+/-)8-HDoHEs (+/-)HDoHEs neurochemistry 14.336222375690
32340 (±)8-HEPE 99217-77-3 ≥98% 12.852404768828 -8-hepe racemic hydroxy acids EPA autoxidation (+/-)8-HEPEs eicosapentanoic (+/-)-HEPEs fatty (+/-)HEPEs 12.852404768828
34340 (±)8-HETE 79495-84-4 ≥98% 10.805887924230 -8-hete racemic hydroxy acids autoxidation (+/-)8-HETEs (+/-)-HETEs (+/-)HETEs 10.805887924230
89320 8-hydroxy-2'-deoxy Guanosine 88847-89-6 ≥98% 18.754554064719 8-hydroxy-2-deoxy-guanosine 8-OH-dG oxidative injury stress DNA hydroxyl radicals peroxynitrite 8-hydroxy-2-deoxy guanosine 18.754554064719
89290 8-hydroxy Guanine (hydrochloride) 1246818-54-1 ≥90% 11.762693370165 8-hydroxy-guanine-hydrochloride NSC 22720; 8-Oxoguanine oxidative injury DNA RNA peroxynitrite radicals 5614-64-2 8-hydroxyguanine 11.762693370165
89300 8-hydroxy Guanosine 3868-31-3 ≥98% 10.395451197053 8-hydroxy-guanosine oxidative injury RNA stress damage 7,8-dihydro-8-oxo-guanosine markers inhibitors growth 29851-​58-​9 448192-​32-​3 10.395451197053
16380 8-iso-13,14-dihydro-15-keto Prostaglandin F 191919-02-5 ≥98% 29.897679558011 8-iso-13-14-dihydro-15-keto-prostaglandin-f2 8-iso-13,14-dihydro-15-keto PGF 8-isoprostanes lipid peroxidation metabolites prostaglandins 8-epi-13,14-dihydro-15-keto-PGF2.alpha. 8-epi-13,14-dihydro-15-keto-PGF2alpha 8-iso-13,14-dihydro-15-keto-PGF2.alpha. 8-iso-13,14-dihydro-15-keto-PGF2alpha 29.897679558011
16390 8-iso-15-keto Prostaglandin F 191919-01-4 ≥95% 1.414604051565 8-iso-15-keto-prostaglandin-f2 8-epi-15-keto PGF; 8-iso-15-keto PGF 8-isoprostanes metabolites prostaglandins 8-epi-15-keto-PGF2.alpha. 8-epi-15-keto-PGF2alpha 8-iso-15-keto-PGF2.alpha. 8-iso-15-keto-PGF2alpha 1.414604051565
10008539 8-iso-15-keto Prostaglandin F 1621482-36-7 ≥95% 2006-06-21 1.654622467771 8-iso-15-keto-prostaglandin-f2 prostaglandins PGF2a PGF2.alpha. 15-hydroxy PGDH isomers free radicals peroxidation arachidonic acids contractions umbilical veins artery human canine porcine pulmonary isoprostanes metabolites 1.654622467771
16395 8-iso-15(R)-Prostaglandin F 214748-65-9 ≥98% 25.331854775058 8-iso-15-r-prostaglandin-f2 8-iso-15-epi PGF 8-isoprostanes prostaglandins 8-epi-15R-PGF2.alpha. 8-epi-15R-PGF2alpha 8-iso-15R-PGF2.alpha. 8-iso-15R-PGF2alpha 8-epi-15(R)-PGF2.alpha. 8-epi-15(R)-PGF2alpha 8-iso-15(R)-PGF2.alpha. 8-iso-15(R)-PGF2alpha 25.331854775058
10009278 8-iso-16-cyclohexyl-tetranor Prostaglandin E2 53319-30-5 >97% 2007-07-12 1.663535911602 8-iso-16-cyclohexyl-tetranor-prostaglandin-e2 8-iso-16-cyclohexyl-tetranor PGE2 8-iso PGE2 isoprostanes polyunsaturated fatty acids lipids peroxidation analogs PGs PUFAs 1.663535911602
10035 8-iso Prostaglandin A1 211186-29-7 >97% 27.996556169429 8-iso-prostaglandin-a1 8-epi PGA1; 8-iso PGA1 8-iso-pga1 8-epi-pga1 8-isoprostanes prostaglandins prostanoids 27.996556169429
10235 8-iso Prostaglandin A2 474391-66-7 ≥98% 2006-08-22 5.234718232044 8-iso-prostaglandin-a2 8-epi PGA2 prostaglandins vasodilation 8-iso-pga2 8-epi-pga2 8-isoprostanes prostanoids oxidative stress peroxidation dehydration rat liver 5.234718232044
10010500 8-iso Prostaglandin A2-biotin Exclusive - ≥95% 2011-03-22 2.201243093923 8-iso-prostaglandin-a2-biotin 8-iso PGA2-biotin Isoprostanes free radicals oxidative stress peroxidation arachidonic acids affinity probes 2.201243093923
13360 8-iso Prostaglandin E1 21003-46-3 >98% 65.794419889502 8-iso-prostaglandin-e1 8-epi PGE1; 8-iso PGE1; Ovinonic acid 8-iso-PGE1 8-epi-PGE1 8-isoprostanes vasoconstriction prostaglandins 65.794419889502
14350 8-iso Prostaglandin E2 Exclusive 27415-25-4 ≥99% 10.080939226519 8-iso-prostaglandin-e2 8-epi PGE2; 8-iso PGE2 8-isoprostanes 8-epi-PGE2 8-iso-PGE2 renal vasoconstriction prostaglandins 10.080939226519
14352 8-iso Prostaglandin E2 isopropyl ester 330589-21-4 >98% 82.288314917127 8-iso-prostaglandin-e2-isopropyl-ester 8-iso PGE2 isopropyl ester 8-isoprostanes 8-epi-PGE2 8-iso-PGE2 esters prostaglandins vasoconstriction renal 82.288314917127
15350 8-iso Prostaglandin F 26771-96-0 >99% 0.993554327808 8-iso-prostaglandin-f1 8-epi PGF 8-isoprostanes 8-epi-PGF1.alpha. 8-epi-PGF1alpha 8-iso-PGF1.alpha. 8-iso-PGF1alpha prostaglandins 0.993554327808
15370 8-iso Prostaglandin F 26771-95-9 >99% 3.274877663772 8-iso-prostaglandin-f1 8-epi-9β-PGF; 8-iso PGF 8-isoprostanes 8-epi-PGF1beta 8-epi-PGF1.beta. 8-iso-PGF1beta 8-iso-PGF1.beta. prostaglandins 8-iso-9.beta.-PGF1.alpha. 8-iso-9beta-PGF1alpha 8-iso-9b-PGF1alpha 3.274877663772
16350 8-iso Prostaglandin F 27415-26-5 ≥99% 123.754054634745 8-iso-prostaglandin-f2 15-F2t-isoprostane; 8-Isoprostane; 8-epi PGF; iPF-III 8-isoprostanes vasoconstriction 8-epi-PGF2.alpha. 8-epi-PGF2alpha 8-iso-PGF2.alpha. 8-iso-PGF2alpha prostaglandins 123.754054634745
316350 8-iso Prostaglandin F-d4 211105-40-7 ≥99% deuterated forms (d1-d4) 79.980455801104 8-iso-prostaglandin-f2-d4 8-Isoprostane-d4; 8-epi PGF-d4; iPF-III-d4; 15-F2t-Isoprostane-d4 GC/MS deuterium isotopes 8-isoprostanes 8-epi-PGF2.alpha.-d4 8-epi-PGF2alpha-d4 8-iso-PGF2.alpha.-d4 8-iso-PGF2alpha-d4 internal standards prostaglandins mass spectrometry LC/MS GC-MS LC-MS deuterated 8-iso-PGF2a-d4 8-epi-PGF2a-d4 ipf2a neurochemistry 316351 79.980455801104
10005764 8-iso Prostaglandin F Ethanolamide - >98% 2004-09-24 15.019488950276 8-iso-prostaglandin-f2-ethanolamide iPF-III Ethanolamide; 8-iso PGF Ethanolamide; 8-epi PGF Ethanolamide; 8-Isoprostane Ethanolamide ethanolamides prostaglandins anandamides AEA COX-2 cox2 cyclooxygenases synthases isoprostanes 8-epi-PGF2alpha 8-iso-PGF2alpha arachidonoyl prostamides congeners decomposition standards non-enzymatic iPF2a-III PGHS2 PGHS-2 ethanolamines 714966-38-8 cannabinoids cbs sythetic 15.019488950276
16370 8-iso Prostaglandin F 177020-26-7 >98% 20.190678768744 8-iso-prostaglandin-f2 8-epi PGF; 8-iso PGF; 8-iso-9β-PGF 8-isoprostanes 8-epi-PGF2beta 8-epi-PGF2.beta. 8-iso-PGF2beta 8-iso-PGF2.beta. prostaglandins 8-iso-9b-PGF2alpha 8-iso-9beta-PGF2alpha 8-iso-9.beta.-PGF2.alpha. 8-epi-9b-PGF2alpha 8-epi-9beta-PGF2alpha 8-epi-9.beta.PGF2.alpha. 20.190678768744
16992 8-iso Prostaglandin F Exclusive 7045-31-0 ≥98% 5.428839779006 8-iso-prostaglandin-f3 8-epi PGF; 8-iso PGF 8-isoprostanes 8-epi-PGF3.alpha. 8-epi-PGF3alpha 8-iso-PGF3.alpha. 8-iso-PGF3alpha omega-3 prostaglandins .omega.-3 w-3 5.428839779006
401111 8-Isoprostane Affinity Column - 2014-06-19 134.352624309392 8-isoprostane-affinity-column 8-isoprostanes 8-isos 8isoprostanes 8isos 8 isoprostanes isos columns antibody antibodies antiseras covalently bound Sepharose 4B mouse mice 8-iso prostaglandin F2α PGF2α 8-iso prostaglandin F2a PGF2a 8-iso prostaglandin F2alpha PGF2alpha 8-iso prostaglandin F2.alpha. PGF2.alpha. 134.352624309392
501110 8-Isoprostane Affinity Purification Kit - 2014-06-19 130.562935082873 8-isoprostane-affinity-purification-kit 8-iso Prostaglandin F Affinity Purification Kit; iPF-III Affinity Purification Kit; 8-epi Prostaglandin F Affinity Purification Kit immunoassays samples 8-iso PGF2α purified kits 8-iso prostaglandin F2α PGF2α 8-iso prostaglandin F2a PGF2a 8-iso prostaglandin F2alpha PGF2alpha 8-iso prostaglandin F2.alpha. PGF2.alpha. 130.562935082873
401113 8-Isoprostane Affinity Sorbent - 2014-06-19 147.520764272560 8-isoprostane-affinity-sorbent anti-8-isoprostanes anti-8-isos anti8isoprostanes anti8isos anti 8 isoprostanes isos sorbents antibody antibodies antiseras covalently bound Sepharose 4B mouse mice 8-iso prostaglandin F2α PGF2α 8-iso prostaglandin F2a PGF2a 8-iso prostaglandin F2alpha PGF2alpha 8-iso prostaglandin F2.alpha. PGF2.alpha. 147.520764272560
516351 8-Isoprostane EIA Kit - 789.288727376643 8-isoprostane-eia-kit 8-Isoprostane ELISA Kit; 8-iso Prostaglandin F; 8-epi Prostaglandin F; iPF-III solid plates oxidative injury stress reactive oxygen species 8-isoprostanes 8-epi-PGF2.alpha. 8-epi-PGF2alpha 8-iso-PGF2.alpha. 8-iso-PGF2alpha prostaglandins free radicals ROS peroxidation lipids measures kits eias enzyme immunoassays ELISAs assays 789.288727376643
516360 8-Isoprostane Express EIA Kit - 2009-10-26 92.239360694554 8-isoprostane-express-eia-kit 8-iso Prostaglandin F; 8-Isoprostane Express ELISA Kit; iPF-III; 8-epi Prostaglandin F solid plates oxidative injury stress reactive oxygen species 8-isoprostanes 8-epi-PGF2.alpha. 8-epi-PGF2alpha 8-iso-PGF2.alpha. 8-iso-PGF2alpha prostaglandins free radicals ROS peroxidation lipids measures kits eias enzyme immunoassays ELISAs 92.239360694554
53400 (±)9,10-DiHOME 263399-34-4 ≥98% 7.721712707181 -9-10-dihome Leukotoxin diol epoxides epoxygenase leukotoxin cytochrome P450 (+/-)9(10)-DiHOMes (+/-)9,10-DiHOMes CYP450 7.721712707181
10009993 (±)9,10-DiHOME-d4 - ≥99% deuterated forms (d1-d4) 2007-06-01 5.102624309391 -9-10-dihome-d4 Leukotoxin diol-d4 epoxides epoxygenase leukotoxin cytochrome P450 (+/-)9(10)-DiHOMes (+/-)9,10-DiHOMes CYP450 deuterated duteriums 5.102624309391
32400 (±)9-HEPE 286390-03-2 ≥98% 9.552651933702 -9-hepe racemic hydroxy acids EPA autoxidation (+/-)9-HEPEs eicosapentanoic fatty (+/-)-HEPEs (+/-)HEPEs 9.552651933702
34400 (±)9-HETE 79495-85-5 ≥98% 5.779613259668 -9-hete racemic hydroxy acids autoxidation (+/-)9-HETEs fatty (+/-)-HETEs (+/-)HETEs 5.779613259668
38400 (±)9-HODE 98524-19-7 ≥98% 27.451629834254 -9-hode racemic hydroxy fatty acids autoxidation (+/-)9-HODEs (+/-)HODEs (+/-)-HODEs oxidized 27.451629834254
38401 (±)9-HODE cholesteryl ester 33783-76-5 ≥98% 8.626546961325 -9-hode-cholesteryl-ester atherosclerosis LDL oxidized lipids autoxidation hydroxy fatty acids esters (+/-)9-HODEs (+/-)-HODEs (+/-)HODEs racemic 8.626546961325
10705 (±)9-HpODE Exclusive 5502-91-0 ≥98% 2011-02-15 11.932016574586 -9-hpode lipoxygenases oxylipins hydroperoxides plants defense LDLs inflammation 11.932016574586
10008042 9-Nitrooleate 875685-44-2 ≥98% 2006-08-11 19.882552486187 9-nitrooleate 9-nitro-9-trans-Octadecenoic Acid; 9-Nitrooleic Acid oleic acids nitration 10-nitrooleate peroxynitrite myeloperoxidase MPO PPARg PPAR.gamma. PPARgamma LNO2 nitrolinoleate nitrated unsaturated fatty endogenous signaling ligands nitric oxides regioisomers OA-NO2 in vivo plasma phospholipids 3T3-L1 preadipocytes 19.882552486187
10557 9-Nitrooleate-d17 Exclusive - ≥99% deuterated forms (d1-d17) 2014-08-04 7.701758747698 9-nitrooleate-d17 9-Nitrooleic Acid-d17; 9-nitro-9-trans-Octadecenoic Acid-d17 oleic acids nitration 10-nitrooleate peroxynitrite myeloperoxidase MPO PPARg PPAR.gamma. PPARgamma LNO2 nitrolinoleate nitrated unsaturated fatty endogenous signaling ligands nitric oxides regioisomers OA-NO2 in vivo plasma phospholipids 3T3-L1 preadipocytes deuterateds deuteriums internal quantifies quantify quantification GC-MS GC/MS gases chromatography masses spectrometry LC-MS LC/MS liquids isotopes 7.701758747698
38406 9(R)-HODE cholesteryl ester 330800-93-6 ≥98% 0.675322283609 9-r-hode-cholesteryl-ester atherosclerosis LDL oxidized lipids autoxidation hydroxy fatty acids esters 9R-HODEs 9-HODEs 9(R)-HODEs 9(R)HODEs 0.675322283609
38411 9(S)-HODE cholesteryl ester 143442-54-0 ≥98% 1.918383977900 9-s-hode-cholesteryl-ester atherosclerosis LDL oxidized lipids hydroxy fatty acids 9-HODEs esters 9S-HODEs 9(S)-HODEs 9(S)HODEs 1.918383977900
9000593 A1-Phytoprostane-I Exclusive 1035557-09-5 ≥90% (trans isomer mix) 2012-04-27 5.683270718232 a1-phytoprostane-i 16-A1-Phytoprostane; Phytoprostane A1; PPA1 A1 Phytoprostane I A1 Phytoprostane-I A1-Phytoprostane I PPAs phytoprostanes cyclopentenones isoprostanes reactive oxygen species ROS α-linolenic acids plants ketones groups ring structures isoforms cyclizations carbons glutathiones glutathione-S-transferases phytoalexins biosynthesis genes expressions metabolisms oxidative stress regulations 1094529-42-6 5.683270718232
14580 A-438079 (hydrochloride) 899431-18-6 ≥98% 2013-05-20 10.676906077348 a-438079-hydrochloride 899507-36-9 receptors antagonists pains apoptosis oxidative stress neurosciences nucleotides P27 inhibits inhibitors inhibitions calcium flux animals cells A438079 A-438079 A 438079 HCl 10.676906077348
82235 AAPH 2997-92-4 ≥98% 15.365491712707 aaph free radicals generators generation lipid peroxidation compounds azo oxidative injury 13217-66-8 15453-05-1 4139-​50-​8 60345-​43-​9 89491-​81-​6 15.365491712707
10007686 Acetyl Podocarpic Acid Anhydride 344327-48-6 ≥98% 2007-07-11 25.342799263352 acetyl-podocarpic-acid-anhydride APD receptors ABC1 ABCA1 oxysterol cholesterol LXRalpha LXR.alpha. LXRbeta LXR.beta. 7.alpha.-hydroxylase RXR retinoid agonists nuclear receptors atherosclerosis acetyls podocaysics acids anhydrides livers hormones atherosclerosis 25.342799263352
705502 Aconitase Assay Kit - 2008-10-21 166.792769183547 aconitase-assay-kit iron-sulfurs proteins catalyzes isomerizations isocitrates cis-aconitates pro-oxidants oxidatives damages injury tissues homogenates cells lysates a-ketoglutarate alpha-ketoglutarate .alpha.-ketoglutarates dehydrogenases NADPH assays 166.792769183547
700600 Aconitase Fluorometric Assay Kit - 2011-09-14 145.876463494326 aconitase-fluorometric-assay-kit kits assays measures measurements [Fe4S4]2+ iron-sulfur proteins cluster catalyzes stereo-specific isomerization citrate isocitrate cis-aconitate tricarboxylic acids Krebs cycles glyoxylate citric substrates eukaryotes enzymes cytosolic cAcn mitochondrial mAcn genes bacteria prokaryotes aconitase A B AcnA AcnB enzymatic oxidants superoxides hydrogen peroxides H2O2 cells pro-oxidants oxidative damage aging in vitro reactivation ferrous ions cardiac ischemia/reperfusion events fluorescence-based tissues homogenates lysates coupled reactions a-ketoglutarate alpha-ketoglutarate .alpha.-ketoglutarate α-ketoglutarate quantifying isomerized decarboxylation dehydrogenases concomitant formations NADPH NADP+ fluorescent nicotinamides adenines dinucleotides phosphates 145.876463494326
14321 AEBSF (hydrochloride) 30827-99-7 ≥98% 2013-05-03 15.177733578883 aebsf-hydrochloride Pefabloc SC 34284-75-8 oxidative injury proteases enzymes inhibitors inhibits inhibitions inflammations serines water solubles irreversibles broad spectrum broad-spectrum trypsins chymotrypsins plasmins thrombins kallikreins activations ROS reactive oxidations oxidatives species generators NADPH oxidases attenuates airways mouse mice models allergy allergies acids acidic aqueous solns solutions non toxic toxins non-toxic nontoxic alternatives organophosphates PMSF DFP HCl prevents preventions 15.177733578883
10005254 AFMK 52450-38-1 >98% 2004-10-28 3.534447513812 afmk melatonin metabolites metabolism radicals scavengers neurotransmitters eukaryotes circadean rhythms antioxidants plasma synthesis endocrinology neurochemistry 3.534447513812
10009350 Aldehyde Reactive Probe (trifluoroacetate salt) 627090-10-2 ≥98% 2008-08-26 22.823121546961 aldehyde-reactive-probe-trifluoroacetate-salt ARP; O-(Biotinylcarbazoylmethyl) Hydroxylamine DNA damages AP sites synthesis mutations ROS biotin oxidative stress detection detecting 139585-03-8 22.823121546961
14002 (+)-Alliin 556-27-4 ≥98% 2012-11-27 1.349723756906 -alliin S-Allyl-L-cysteine sulfoxide 23358-38-5 S-Allyl-L-cysteine-(+)-sulfoxide cysteine garlic alliinase allicin anti-cancers anti-microbial anti-hypertensive cardioprotective anti-oxidant squalene monooxygenase inhibitors aromas flavors inhibits inhibitions anticancer cancers antimicrobial microbial antihypertensive hypertensive antioxidant oxidant anti cholesterol biosynthesis sulfoxide 1.349723756906
14001 (±)-Alliin 17795-26-5 ≥98% 2012-11-26 2.331077348066 -alliin (±)-Allyl-L-cysteine sulfoxide S-Allyl-L-cysteine sulfoxide SAllylcysteine cysteine garlic alliinase allicin anti-cancers anti-microbial anti-hypertensive cardioprotective anti-oxidant squalene monooxygenase inhibitors aromas flavors inhibits inhibitions anticancer cancers antimicrobial microbial antihypertensive hypertensive antioxidant oxidant anti cholesterol biosynthesis 2.331077348066
10012597 Allopurinol 315-30-0 ≥98% 2009-12-07 8.786132596685 allopurinol xanthine oxidoreductase oxidation hypoxanthine uric acids dehydrogenases oxidases superoxides inhibitors inhibition inhibits gout hyperuricemia oxypuriol 8.786132596685
14398 Amifostine (hydrate) 112901-68-5 ≥95% 2014-04-30 0.662154696133 amifostine-hydrate Ethyol; WR 2721 20537-88-6 radiation protections radioprotective cytoprotective cytoprotection hypoxia DNA repairs thiols free radicals scavengers pro drugs p53 activators p21 cells cycles arrests apoptosis prodrugs pro-drugs dephosphorylation alkaline phosphatase active activated WR1065 WRs 1065 WR-1065 scavenging selective reduces reductions reducing toxicity chemo chemotherapeutic agents hydrates WR2721 2721 WR-2721 anifostine trihydrate broad-spectrum broad spectrums therapeutic protective inducing induces expressions normal neoplastic tissues mouse mice fibroblasts cancers cells p53 activates proteins cyclin-dependent cyclins dependents kinases inhibitors inhibits inhibitions p21 arrests G1 G 1 one S G1/S transitions p53-dependent mechanisms 0.662154696133
10006212 AN-7 691410-93-2 ≥98% 2004-12-09 98.205930018416 an-7 .alpha.-lipoic acids antioxidants cofactors diabetes glucose metabolism cyclic disulfides dithiol decarboxylation lipophilic analogs myocytes citric endocrinology 98.205930018416
709001 Antioxidant Assay Kit - 2004-04-14 409.993187154696 antioxidant-assay-kit measures kits oxidative stress antioxidants total endogenous food-derived extracellular fluids plasma serum urine saliva cell lysates analysistools:antiox assays TACs antioxidants capacity capacities small molecules proteins enzymes free radicals oxidizers oxidizing trolox nonenzymatics T-AOC TAOC TACA power 409.993187154696
10157 APF 359010-70-1 >98% 2004-08-24 9.474944751381 apf fluorescence oxidants oxidation radicals gerontology free fluorescent biological hydrogen peroxide H2O2 NO nitric oxides DCDHF dichlorohydrofluorescein 9.474944751381
11976 Apocynin 498-02-2 ≥98% 2013-01-31 4.642182320442 apocynin Acetovanillone; Acetoguaiacone; NSC 2146; NSC 209524 antioxidants NADPH oxidase superoxide O2- immunology inflammations arthritis atherosclerosis anti-inflammatory antiinflammatory inflammatory plants picrorhiza kurroa p. vanillin inhibitors inhibits inhibitions nicotinamide adenine dinucleotides phosphates reactive oxygen species ROS immune systems treatments arthritis bowl movements diseases asthma atherosclerosis familial amyotropic lateral sclerosis ALS oxidative injury natural immunology NSC2146 NSC-2146 NSC209524 NSC-209524 acetoguaiacon apocynine acetoguaicone 4.642182320442
700420 Ascorbate Assay Kit - 2010-09-01 147.472032128813 ascorbate-assay-kit Vitamin C Assay Kit; L-Ascorbic Acid Assay Kit kits assays measures measurements ascorbates six-carbon 6-carbon six 6 carbons lactones glucose livers mammalian species humans non-human primates guinea pigs gulonolactones oxidases acids 2-keto-1-gulonolactone diets dietary scurvy electrons donors enzymes collagen hydroxylations hydroxyls groups prolines lysines molecules carnitines fatty mitochondrias ATP adenosine triphosphates generations biosynthesis norepinephrines dopamines amides groups peptides hormones tyrosines metabolisms antioxidants chronics diseases cancers cardiovascular cataracts foods industry colors tastes odors plasmas serums urines fruits juices condensations reactions dehydroascorbic DHA o-phenylenediamines OPDA fluorescent fluorescences 4-hydroxy-2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidinyloxy TEMPOL condensed DFQ 3-(dihydroxyethyl)-furo[34-b]-quinoxaline-1-one OPD 147.472032128813
13644 Aspalatone Exclusive 147249-33-0 ≥98% 2010-02-19 1.725011838989 aspalatone Acetylsalicylic Acid Matol ester antioxidants platelet aggregation thrombosis epilepsy kainic acid thromboembolism anti-platelets antiplateles 2-(Acetyloxy)benzoic Acid Acid, Acetylsalicylic Acetylsalicylic Acid Aloxiprimum Polopiryna Polopirin Micristin Endosprin Acylpyrin Solupsan Magnecyl Colfarit Acetysal Zorprin Solprin Ecotrin Easprin Dispril Aspirin 1.725011838989
70685 Astaxanthin 472-61-7 ≥97% 39.867209944752 astaxanthin Lucantin Pink; NatuRose; Ovoester; Carophyll Pink; AstaREAL; AstaXin; BioAstin antioxidants carotenoids marine reactive oxygen species natural ROS 7542-45-2 346585-67-9 39.867209944752
10005292 Atherosclerosis Product Pack - 2004-09-09 3.308331491712 atherosclerosis-product-pack Acyl-coenzyme A: cholesterol acyltransferase-1 esters ACAT1 atherosclerosis inhibitors inhibits inhibition CETP WB blots blotting IHC immunohistochemistry JTT-705 89450 packs SOAT1 Sterol O-acyltransferase 1 3.308331491712
15316 Auranofin 34031-32-8 ≥98% 2014-02-17 1.375138121547 auranofin SKF 39162; NSC 321521; Ridauragold thiol Inhibitors inhibits inhibitions oxidative stress inflammation cancers arthritis infectious diseases gold-thiol gold thiol anti-inflammatory anti inflammatory antiinflammatory immunosuppressive complex bacteria viruses parasites aktil crisinor crisofin NSCs 321521 NSC321521 NSC-321521 ridaura ridauran SKF39162 SKFs 39162 SKF-39162 D 1.375138121547
14000 Auraptene 495-02-3 ≥98% 2012-11-27 0.784874689727 auraptene 7-Geranyloxycoumarin 5980-08-5 coumarin anti-inflammatory anti-carcinogenic anti-bacterial neuroprotective hepatoprotective leukocyte phase 2 enzymes Alzheimer's disease β-secretase β secretase .beta.-secretase beta-secretase b-secretase BACE1 BACE-1 inhibitors inhibits inhibitions antiinflammatory anticarcinogenic antibacterial chemopreventative citrus plants geranyloxyl moiety C-7 C7 C 7 aurapten 0.784874689727
60924 Azelaoyl PAF 354583-69-0 ≥98% 24.789012430939 azelaoyl-paf PPAR gamma oxidized LDL lipids agonist atherosclerosis nuclear receptors 24.789012430939
70610 Baicalein 491-67-8 ≥95% 31.787541436464 baicalein flavonoid scutellaria baicalensis georgi 12- LO inhibitors lipoxygenases lipids peroxidation apoptosis 31.787541436464
89910 BHT 128-37-0 >98% 2004-03-30 9.503397790055 bht Butylated Hydroxy Toluene antixoidants 9.503397790055
17161 Bilirubin New 635-65-4 ≥95% 2015-02-26 116.890439942705 bilirubin Hematoidin; NSC 26685 114-24-9 493-86-7 917-01-1 11053-42-2 19245-52-4 39372-61-7 55527-40-7 856927-39-4 1076199-07-9 biochemical antioxidant inflammation oxidative injury Z,Z 4Z,15Z NSC26685 Cholerythrin heme catabolism oxygenase carbon monoxide biliverdin reductase radical scavenger anti-inflammatory NO nitric oxide liver kidney breakdown product 116.890439942705
17170 Bilirubin Conjugate (sodium salt) New 68683-34-1 ≥95% 2015-02-12 106.520069572335 bilirubin-conjugate-sodium-salt Bilirubin Ditaurate water-soluble bilirubin glucuronide anti-oxidant antimutagenic 39084-19-0 79002-15-6 108518-45-2 109839-84-1 21H-Biline biochemical antioxidant metabolism oxidative injury bile pigment stable ditaurate derivative mimic endogenous in vivo plasma hepatocyte acid UDP glucuronidase mono diglucuronide excrete liver feces converted urobilinogen urine disposal dispose heme gut barrier function 106.520069572335
13877 Bleomycin (sulfate) 9041-93-4 ≥95% 2012-10-15 69.868305709024 bleomycin-sulfate Blenoxane 134171-41-8 blexane antitumors antibiotics DNA breaks cells cycles superoxide free radicals cleavage Hodgkin's lymphoma cancers pulmonary fibrosis anti-tumors anti tumors anti-biotics biotics Streptomyces verticillus s. verticillus chelating metalions pseudoenzyme glycopeptide Hodgkins 69.868305709024
14958 BMPO 387334-31-8 ≥98% 2013-10-29 7.567292817679 bmpo BocMPO oxidative stress injury spins traps reactives probes injuries cyckic nitrones detection characterization thiyl radicals hydroxyl superoxide anions in vitro vivo 7.567292817679
11103 Branched Chain Amino-Acid Transferase 2 (human recombinant) - ≥95% 2011-11-29 24.812307692308 branched-chain-amino-acid-transferase-2-human-recombinant Branched-Chain Amino Acid Transferase 2; ECA40; PP18; Placental Protein 18; BCATm metabolism insulin non-insulin-dependent (type 2) diabetes mellitus glucose kinases enzymes amino acids cells leucine isoleucine valine endothelial nitric oxide reactive oxygen species ROS PLP mitochondrial BCATm cytosolic BCATc brain BCAAs BCAT-2 BCAT2 BCT2 BCT 2 24.812307692308
15371 Butein 487-52-5 ≥95% 2014-01-23 16.603498202227 butein 2’,3,4,4’-tetrahydroxy Chalcone natural products oxidative injury injuries antioxidants anti-oxidants anti oxidants inflammation cancers inhibitors inhibits inhibitions histones deacetylases plants polyphenols phenols chalcones potent oxidant tones immune responses 5-lipoxygenase 5-LO 5-LOX P. falciparum angiotensins Src activators activates TSA tetrahydroxy enoyl-acyl-carrier proteins reductases kinases sirtuins activators trichostatins A 16.603498202227
60929 Butenoyl PAF 474944-25-7 ≥98% 4.455447513812 butenoyl-paf ox-LDL signaling molecules oxLDL oxidized low-density lipoproteins PMNL polymorphonuclear leukocytes platelet-activating factors atherosclerosis 4.455447513812
14484 Buthionine Sulfoximine 83730-53-4 ≥98% 2013-05-21 41.334088397790 buthionine-sulfoximine L-Buthionine-S,R-Sulfoximine; BSO; NSC 326231 oxidative injury injuries inhibitors inhibits inhibitions cancers apoptosis cells deaths glutathiones stress γ-glutamylcysteine g-glutamylcysteine gamma-glutamylcysteine .gamma.-glutamylcysteine synthetases GSH drugs drug-resistance resistances BSO irreversibles synthases tissues damages toxicity chemotherapeutics agents tumors L-glutathiones rates limiting rate-limiting enzymes induces inductions synthesis toxic limits limiters 41.334088397790
89820 Carnosic Acid 3650-09-7 ≥95% 2014-07-28 41.950041759825 carnosic-acid RoseOx®; Rosamox™; Salvin rosemary extracts antioxidants anti-oxidants anti oxidants lipids peroxidation peroxyl radicals scavengers cytotoxicity anticancer anti-cancer antiproliferation anti-proliferation proliferation natural products diterpenes sage rosmarinus officinalis salvia inhibits inhibitions inhibitors cytotoxic cancers oxidative injury injuries 41.950041759825
89800 Carnosol 5957-80-2 >96% 68.577474348856 carnosol antioxidants tumors herbs carcinogenesis rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis extracts polyphenolic inhibits inhibitors inhibition 68.577474348856
707002 Catalase Assay Kit - 438.450231890730 catalase-assay-kit CAT peroxidases reductases oxidative stress injury assays kits detoxification antioxidants CAT H2O2 hydrogen peroxide analysistools:catalase measures measurements oxidoreductases ubiquitous antioxidants enzymes aerobic cells detoxes reactive oxygens species ROS metabolisms pathogenics productions catalyzes conversions molecular molecules water H2O activity activities peroxidatic lower weights alcohols electrons donors aliphatics substrates livers kidneys erythrocytes decompositions determines determinations reactions 438.450231890730
700910 Catalase Assay Kit (without Hydrogen Peroxide) - 2013-09-12 130.939878660963 catalase-assay-kit-without-hydrogen-peroxide CAT peroxidases reductases oxidative stress injury assays kits detoxifications antioxidants CAT H2O2 hydrogens peroxides analysistools:catalase measures measurements oxidoreductases ubiquitous antioxidants enzymes aerobic cells detoxes reactive oxygens species ROS metabolisms pathogenics productions catalyzes conversions molecular molecules water H2O activity activities peroxidatic lower weights alcohols electrons donors aliphatics substrates livers kidneys erythrocytes decompositions determines determinations reactions 130.939878660963
70940 (+)-Catechin (hydrate) 225937-10-0 >98% 13.144761426418 -catechin-hydrate Catechuic Acid; Cyanidol; D-(+)-Catechin polyphenolic flavonoids antioxidants lipid peroxidation oxidative injury stress inhibitors inhibits COX-1 COX1 PGHS-1 PGHS2 cyclooxygenases prostaglandin synthases cyclooxygenase-2 synthase-2 antitumor procyanidin d-catechin inhibition hydrates epicatechin 13.144761426418
10006546 CAY10465 Exclusive 688348-33-6 >98% 2005-09-09 9.515736648251 cay10465 resveratrol analogs analogues aryl hydrocarbons receptors agonists AhRs ligand-dependents ligands xenobiotics PDM 11 PDM11 PDM-11 estrogen dioxin poisonings stilbene xenobiotics polyaromatics soot coal tar 9.515736648251
10009536 CAY10512 Exclusive 139141-12-1 ≥97% 2007-07-18 7.787062615101 cay10512 analogs resveratrol nuclear factors NFkB NF-.kappa.B immunity inflammation stress growth apoptosis trans-stilbene activation cancers NF-kB inhibition inhibtors inhibits atherosclerosis 7.787062615101
10012682 CAY10585 934593-90-5 ≥97% 2008-11-06 32.887378759975 cay10585 Hypoxia Inducible Factor-1α Inhibitor HIF-1α HIF1α hypoxia cancers transcriptions factors VEGFs erythropoietin inhibitors inhibits inhibition 32.887378759975
300011 CD36 Blocking Peptide - 10.350041436464 cd36-blocking-peptide GPIIIb; GPIV; Hexarelin Receptor; oxLDL Receptor; Thrombospondin Receptor type scavengers receptors atherosclerotic lesions glycoprotiens membranes PPAR.gamma. PPARgamma CD-36 western blots blotting atherosclerosis controls peptides peroxisome proliferator-activated GP-IV GP-4 GP-3b GP-IIIb 10.350041436464
188150 CD36 Monoclonal Antibody (Clone JC63.1) - 19.920966850829 cd36-monoclonal-antibody-clone-jc63-1 GPIIIb; GPIV; Hexarelin Receptor; oxLDL Receptor; Thrombospondin Receptor antibodies antisera antiserum flow cytometry PPAR.gamma. CD-36 glycoprotein fatty acids PPARgamma blocking apoptosis oxidative injury atherosclerosis FC 19.920966850829
10009893 CD36 Monoclonal Antibody (Clone JC63.1) (azide free) Exclusive - 2010-03-03 27.590428176796 cd36-monoclonal-antibody-clone-jc63-1-azide-free GPIIIb; Hexarelin Receptor; Thrombospondin Receptor; oxLDL; GPIV antibodies antisera antiserum flow cytometry PPAR.gamma. CD-36 glycoprotein fatty acids PPARgamma blocking apoptosis oxidative injury atherosclerosis FC leukemia lymphocytic 27.590428176796
10009870 CD36 Monoclonal FITC Antibody (Clone JC63.1) - 2008-03-17 65.239848066298 cd36-monoclonal-fitc-antibody-clone-jc63-1 GPIV; OxLDL Receptor; GPIIIb; Hexarelin Receptor; Thrombospondin Receptor type-B atherosclerotic lesions fatty acids PPAR.gamma. expression flow cytometry immunocytochemistry FC ICC IF immunofluorescence 65.239848066298
100011 CD36 Polyclonal Antibody - 18.334373848987 cd36-polyclonal-antibody GPIIIb; GPIV; Hexarelin Receptor; oxLDL Receptor; Thrombospondin Receptor type scavengers receptors atherosclerotic lesions glycoprotiens membranes PPAR.gamma. PPARgamma antibodies atherosclerosis CD-36 western blots blotting peroxisome proliferator-activated GP-IIIb GP-IV GP-3b GP-4 WB atherosclerosis immunoblotting 18.334373848987
81035 CDDO 218600-44-3 ≥95% 2012-10-26 9.831160220994 cddo Bardoxolone; RTA 401 Nrf2 antioxidant ARE Keap1 oxidative stress inflammations cancers apoptosis inducers inhibitors inhibits inhibitions iNOS COX-2 COX2 ROS RNS heme oxygenase-1 oxygenase eotaxins eotaxin-1 PPARgamma PPAR.gamma. PPARg PPAR-gamma PPAR-.gamma. PPAR-g PPARγ PPAR-γ oleanane triterpenoid cellular nitric oxide INFγ INF-γ INF-gamma INF-.gamma. INF-g INFg INF.gamma. INFgamma ROS/RNS peroxisome proliferator activated receptor RTA401 RTA-401 9.831160220994
11883 CDDO methyl ester 218600-53-4 ≥98% 2012-10-26 23.025767955801 cddo-methyl-ester RTA 402; NSC 713200; TP-155; Bardoxolone methyl iNOS COX-2 COX2 apoptosis inflammations cancers signalings antidiabetic activity oxidative stress NF-κB NFκB NF-kappaB NFkappaB NF.kappa.B NFkB NF-.kappa.B NF-kappaB NF-kB C28 C-28 CDDOs nitric oxide Nrf2 antioxidant ARE Keap1 oxidative stress inflammations cancers apoptosis inducers inhibitors inhibits inhibitions iNOS COX-2 COX2 ROS RNS heme oxygenase-1 oxygenase eotaxins eotaxin-1 PPARgamma PPAR.gamma. PPARg PPAR-gamma PPAR-.gamma. PPAR-g PPARγ PPAR-γ oleanane triterpenoid cellular nitric oxide INFγ INF-γ INF-gamma INF-.gamma. INF-g INFg INF.gamma. INFgamma ROS/RNS peroxisome proliferator activated receptor RTA402 RTA-402 NSC713200 NSC-713200 TP155 TP 155 23.025767955801
90001845 CDDO-TFEA Exclusive 932730-52-4 ≥95% 2014-05-14 9.310276243094 cddo-tfea RTA 404; CDDO-Trifluoethyl Amide; TP-500 neuroprotection anti-inflammatory anti inflammatory antiinflammatory multiple sclerosis cytokines triterpenoids Nrf2 antioxidants oleanolic acids experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis EAE myelin amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ALS Huntington’s Huntingtons Huntington disease neuroblastoma neurodegeneration apoptosis CDDOs TFEA CDDOTFEA signals transductions oxidative injury inhibitors inhibits inhibitions inflammation cancers steroids oxysterols RTAs 404 RTA404 RTA-404 TP500 TPs 500 Tp-500 synthetics anti-cancer anticancer neuroprotective blood brains blood-brains barriers ewing's sarcoma ewing ewings neurosciences CDDO trifluoroethyl amides CDDO-tfea 9.310276243094
70950 Celastrol 34157-83-0 ≥98% 2004-02-12 18.452039594844 celastrol triterpenes triterpenoids tryptergium wilfordic chinese thunder of god peroxidation inhibition inhibits flavonoids antioxidants lipids 18.452039594844
9000595 CEP-Lysine-d4 Exclusive - ≥99% deuterated forms (d1-d4) 2010-08-23 31.092265193370 cep-lysine-d4 Docosahexaenoic acid DHA oxidative stress 2-(ω-carboxyethyl)pyrrole CEP carboxyethylpyrrole advanced glycation end products biomarkers age-related macular degeneration deuterateds internal standard GC LC chromatography mass spectrometry GC-MS LC-MS GC/MS LC/MS deuterium 31.092265193370
15545 CFTR Inhibitor-172 307510-92-5 ≥98% 2014-07-23 4.292541436463 cftr-inhibitor-172 Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator Inhibitor 172; CFTR(inh)-172 535962-​74-​4 ions potent CFTR channels channel blockers blocks pumps oxidative injury signals transduction infectious diseases thiazolidinones cholera toxins GSH ROS regulators inhibitors inhibits inhibition 4.292541436463
13156 Chaetocin 28097-03-2 ≥95% 2010-10-18 22.833373618784 chaetocin histones methyltransferases HMTs genes expressions epigenetics inhibitors oxidative stress cancers theoredoxin reductase-1 TrxR1 inhibits inhibition chetocin chaetocin A (+)-chaetocin piperazines regulations 22.833373618784
10011286 Chenodeoxycholic Acid 474-25-9 ≥95% 2009-02-25 34.787921225580 chenodeoxycholic-acid CDCA; Fluibil; Hekbilin; Anthropodeoxycholic Acid; Kebilis; Ulmenide FXR biles acids cholesterol oxidative stress glutathione cancers atherosclerosis diabetes hyperlipidemia CDA 34.787921225580
70930 Chlorogenic Acid 327-97-9 ≥95% 33.762191528544 chlorogenic-acid 3-O-Caffeoylquinic acid; Heriguard; NSC 407296 antioxidants acids plants metabolism polyphenolic 33.762191528544
48001 Cholesteryl Linoleate Hydroperoxides - ≥98% hydroperoxide content 7.086574585635 cholesteryl-linoleate-hydroperoxides autoxidation atherosclerosis LDL HDL hydroperoxy fatty acids 7.086574585635
10004235 cis-Resveratrol 61434-67-1 >98% (may contain 1-5% trans) 2008-02-05 18.641609576427 cis-resveratrol (Z)-Resveratrol antioxidant oxidative stress reactive oxygen species reactive nitrogen species ROS RNS NF-kb inflammations monoamine oxidase noradrenaline inhibits inhibitor inhibitions NF.kappa. atherosclerosis sirtuins AHR antagonists aryl hydrocarbon receptors salvestrols 18.641609576427
15605 Conoidin A 18080-67-6 ≥98% 2014-03-21 2.756077348066 conoidin-a Peroxiredoxins antioxidants redox signaling reactive oxygens species ROS cancers cardiovascular diseases neurodegeneration hosts defenses parasitic invasions parasites T. gondii II I hookworms A. ceylanicum nematodes inhibitors inhibits inhibitions hyperoxidations III PrxI PrxII PrxIII conoidin-A cysteines catalytic anti-oxidants infectious oxidative injury 2.756077348066
14051 Coumarin Boronic Acid Exclusive 1357078-03-5 ≥98% 2013-05-23 12.157425414365 coumarin-boronic-acid CBA oxidative injuries frees radicals peroxynitrites ONOO- superoxides nitric oxides fluorescents probes acids intermediates in vivo agents lipids peroxidations oxidizes sulfhydryls nitrates proteins CBAs excitations emissions oxidizing aromatics residues coumarins boronics products hypochlorous HOCl hydrogen peroxides H2O2 12.157425414365
10818 Coumarin Boronic Acid pinacolate ester 190788-61-5 ≥98% 2013-05-22 8.473403314917 coumarin-boronic-acid-pinacolate-ester CBA pinacolate ester; CBE antioxidants ROS reactives oxygens species CBAs oxidative injury injuries NOs nitric oxides free radicals fluorescent fluorescence probes coumarins Coumarin-7-pinacolboronate esters hydrogens peroxides H2O2 CBE 7-hydroxycoumarin 7-OH 7OH 7 OH umbelliferones spectrophotometrically acids hydrolysis hydrolyzes detections peroxynitrites hypochlorous HOCl hydrogen ONOO- superoxides 8.473403314917
81025 Curcumin 458-37-7 ≥90% 5.815791633780 curcumin Indian Saffron; Turmeric yellow anti-oxidant anti-imflammatory NOS nitric oxide synthase 5.815791633780
81025.1 Curcumin (technical grade) 458-37-7 ≥65% 4.237258089976 curcumin-technical-grade Indian Saffron; Turmeric yellow anti-oxidant anti-imflammatory NOS nitric oxide synthase 4.237258089976
15955 CV-6209 (chloride) New 100488-87-7 ≥95% 2015-01-16 45.909146715777 cv-6209-chloride 760912-44-5 117064-​08-​1 116953-66-3 131729-40-3 116953-65-2 biochemicals receptors antagonists platelet-activating factors signals transduction hypertension vascular diseases inflammation atherosclerosis oxidative injury signaling CV6209 CV 6209 platelets PAF inhibits inhibitors inhibitions aggregation rabbits humans arachidonic acid ADP collagen histamine bradykinin isoproterenol 45.909146715777
14803 Cyanidin (chloride) 528-58-5 ≥98% 2013-09-17 12.874595191876 cyanidin-chloride IdB 1027; Cyanidol chloride natural products antioxidants oxidative injury inflammation cancers obesity diabetes inflammatory anthocyanidins fruits vegetables flavonoids vasoprotective carcinogenesis cyanidine 12.874595191876
10009660 CYPMPO 934182-09-9 ≥95% 2007-07-25 14.081570639305 cypmpo RR 071 free radicals spin trap superoxides oxidative stress ESR EPR xanthine oxidase DEPMPO DMPO hydroxyl neutrophils adduct 14.081570639305
10005166 Daidzein 486-66-8 ≥95% 2004-07-28 6.339011781934 daidzein Isoflavone legumes phytoestrogenics genisteins estrogens agonists antagonists antioxidants inhibits inhibitors inhibition plants proteins kinases 6.339011781934
13202 Daidzin 552-66-9 ≥98% 2011-09-30 4.671749539595 daidzin Daidzoside; NPI 031D isoflavones soy kudzu anti-oxidants cancers oxidants stress atherosclerosis inhibitor inhibits inhibition mitochondrial aldehydes dehydrogenases 2 alcohols plants anticarcinogenic anti-carcinogenic anti carcinogenic antioxidants antidipsotropic dipsotropic anti-dipsotropic anti-atherosclerosis antiatherosclerosis atherosclerosis 1329-08-4 28572-56-7 NPI-031D NPI031D 7-glucoside glucosides 4.671749539595
16429 Darapladib 356057-34-6 ≥98% 2014-10-22 7.239074098147 darapladib SB 480848 biochemical phospholipase inhibit atherosclerosis vascular disease inflammation oxidative injury SB480848 SB 435445 SB435445 reversible inhibitor Lp-PLA2 LpPLA2 plasma activity humans atorvastatin therapy coronary atherosclerotic plaque reduce reduction 7.239074098147
14159 Daunorubicin (hydrochloride) 23541-50-6 ≥98% 2013-04-10 5.192044198895 daunorubicin-hydrochloride NDC 0082-4155; Ondena; RP 13057 daunomycin antitumors antibiotics acute myeloid leukemia AMLs apoptosis drugs resistance anticancers anti-cancers anti cancers induces apoptosis U937 HL-60 HL60 HLs 60 cells tiggers ROS dependent sphingomyelin ceramide pathways DNA binding binds AP1 AP-1 AP 1 HCL 20830-81-3 52471-42-8 1087700-63-7 cerubidine daunoblastin chlorohydrate NDC0082-4155 NDC-0082-4155 NDC00824155 NDC-00824155 NDCs 00824155 00824-155 RP-13057 RP13057 Ribidomycin 5.192044198895
13173 DAz-1 1112977-84-0 ≥98% 2012-03-01 6.304337016574 daz-1 Click Tag™ DAz-1 sulfenic acids click chemistry ROS oxidative stress cysteines oxidation LC-MS/MS analysis Staudinger ligations LC MS RNA-binding proteins double-stranded double stranded RNA binding deleted in azoospermia 1 elegans Caenorhabditis ds C elegans DAz1 azides 6.304337016574
13382 DAz-2 1176905-54-6 ≥98% 2009-11-05 17.313745856353 daz-2 DCP-N3; Click Tag™ DAz-2 Daz1 Daz-1 Daz 1 sulfenic acids click chemistry ROS oxidative stress cysteine oxidation LC-MS/MS analysis standinger DCPN3 DCP N3 azoospermia protein 2 genes redox sensitive cysteine ROS oxidative modification stress signaling cells hydrogen peroxide alkyl hydroperoxides peroxynitrite adducts dimedone biotin fluorophores labels labeling lysis staudinger ligation LC-MS MS LC analysis sulphenic acids 17.313745856353
10006435 DEPMPO 157230-67-6 ≥99% 2013-02-06 74.820089247768 depmpo 5-(Diethoxyphosphoryl)-5-methyl-1-pyrroline-N-oxide DEPMPO DMPO 10006436 spins traps adducts superoxides free radicales increase increased stability trapping 74.820089247768
14632 Dexrazoxane 24584-09-6 ≥98% 2013-06-20 8.348093628150 dexrazoxane ICRF 187; Totect®; Zinecard; NSC 169780 ICRF-187 ICRF187 ICRF 187 doxorubicin cancers cardiotoxicity irons chelators inhibitors inhibits inhibitions topoisomerase IIα anthracycline-induced antioxidant free radicals scavengers anthracycline induced induces intracellular reducing reduces reducer cardiotoxicity extravasation injury injuries hydroxyl superoxides lipids DPPH ABTS NSCs 169780 NSC-169780 NSC169780 ADR529 ADRs 529 ADR-529 savene oxidative cardiology 2,2’-azino-bis(3-ethylbenzthiazoline-6-sulphonic acid) diphenylpicrylhydrazyl 8.348093628150
501140 DHN-MA EIA Kit - 2014-10-30 140.589508287292 dhn-ma-eia-kit 1,4-Dihydroxynonane Mercapturic Acid ELISA enzyme immunoassay immunosorbent ELISA competitor competition sensitive kinetic AChE acetylcholinesterase tracer rabbit anti-DHN-MA antiserum site urinary metabolite HNE 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal rat human urine lipid peroxidation PUFA polyunsaturated fatty alimentation colorimetric spectrophotometry Spi-Bio spibio Bertin A05033.96 well 140.589508287292
10009081 Didox Exclusive 69839-83-4 ≥98% 2007-01-16 17.010418310970 didox antioxidants hydroxamic acids apoptosis cancers cells polyhydroxylated aromatic ocidative injury brains HIV dementia bcl-2 17.010418310970
11547 Dieosinediglutathione - 2012-03-23 1.780110497237 dieosinediglutathione IMCO proteins Grx DiEGSSG fluorescent disulfide eosin isothiocyanate eosinglutathione EGSH 1.780110497237
12013 Dihydroethidium 104821-25-2 ≥98% 2012-12-11 9.196022099447 dihydroethidium PD-MY 003; Hydroethidine 38483-26-0 51273-95-1 fluorescent dyes superoxide probes oxyethidium reactive oxygen species cells permeable cell-permeable blues nucleic acids reds fluorescence fluorescent ROS phagocytic respiratory cultured 9.196022099447
16372 Dihydrolipoic Acid 462-20-4 ≥95% 2014-08-15 2.013038674033 dihydrolipoic-acid DHLA 7516-​48-​5 119365-69-4 98441-85-1 36915-02-3 α-lipoic acids antioxidants ROSs reactive oxygens species apoptosis cells deaths dithiol-containing dithiols containing carboxylic embryonic stems cancers proliferations (±)​-​Dihydro-​α-​lipoic (±)​-​Dihydrolipoic 6,​8-​Dihydrothioctic 6,​8-​Dimercaptooctanoic 6,​8-​Dithiooctanoic DL-​Dihydro-​α-​lipoic DL-​Dihydro-​a-​lipoic DL-​Dihydro-​alpha-​lipoic DL-​Dihydro-.alpha.-​lipoic Dihydrothioctic Reduced lipoic thioctic dl-​Dihydrolipoic α-​Lipoic γ-​Lipoic 2.013038674033
10009986 Dimethoxycurcumin 160096-59-3 ≥90% 2007-08-03 8.800356906077 dimethoxycurcumin curcumins cancers ASCJ9 antitumors anti-tumor phytochemicals turmeric inhibits inhibition inhibitory growth expression cells ASC-J9 8.800356906077
14714 Dimethyl fumarate 624-49-7 ≥95% 2013-07-26 0.873756906077 dimethyl-fumarate trans-Butenedioic acid dimethyl ester; NSC 25942; NSC 167432 Oxidative injury genes regulation inflammation angiogenesis regulates dimethylfumarate lipophilic electrophiles oxidative immunological pathways Michael addition Nrf2 Nrf-2 Nrfs 2 nuclear factors erythroid 2 related factors 2 antioxidant heme-oxygenase-1 heme oxygenase 1 one HO-1 flutathione levels pro-inflammatory pro inflammatory proinflammatory cytokines inhibits inhibitors inhibitions angiogenesis psoriasis multiple sclerosis MS fumaric acid dimethyl esters AZL-O 211089 allomaleic BG 00012 BG-00012 BG00012 boletic methyl NSCs 167432 25942 NSC-167432 NSC-25942 NSC167432 NSC25942 dimethyl fumarate glutathione monomethyl HO1 HOs 1 0.873756906077
16098 DL-Sulforaphane N-acetyl-L-cysteine 334829-66-2 ≥98% 2014-06-26 6.803370165746 dl-sulforaphane-n-acetyl-l-cysteine SFN-NAC Nrf2 antioxidant anti-oxidant anti oxidant cancers anti-cancers sulforaphane anticancer Keap1 ARE iosthiocyanate acetyl cysteine metabolite sulforaphane chemopreventative enzymes Nrf2 genes expression HepG2-C8 cells agents SFN NAC SFNNAC SFN NAC transcriptions factors oxidative injury injuries intracellular signaling responses elements signals inflammation 6.803370165746
10005728 DL-α-Lipoic Acid 1077-28-7 >95% 2004-10-26 114.028038674033 dl-lipoic-acid Thioctic acid decarboxylation reactions antioxidants cyclic disulfides citric acids cycles radicals scavengers glutathione metal chelators dithiol 114.028038674033
10006436 DMPO 3317-61-1 ≥98% 2010-07-19 87.094875690608 dmpo 5,5-Dimethyl-1-Pyrroline-N-Oxide spins traps free radicals electrons resance immunospin immun-spin traps trapping in vitro in vivo bi-layers bilayers low toxicity Imidazolidines 87.094875690608
10006170 DMPO Nitrone Adduct Polyclonal Antiserum - 2004-11-24 116.679854344550 dmpo-nitrone-adduct-polyclonal-antiserum 5,5-Dimethyl-1-Pyrroline-N-Oxide Nitrone Adduct proteins radicals EPR spin trap antibodies antisera antiserum western blots blotting WB ELISA enzyme-linked immunosorbent immunoassays adducts electrons paramagnetics resonance antibodies antibody immunodetection immunoblotting assays 116.679854344550
600170 DNA Damage (Aldehyde Site) Detection Kit - 2009-12-10 176.799116022099 dna-damage-aldehyde-site-detection-kit CBAs assays kits measuring measurement oxidative damage reactive oxygen species ROS proteins degradation mitochondria mitochondrial DNA deoxyribonucleases nuclear mutations genomic cancers liquid chromatography gas LC-mass spectrometry GC-mass antibody-based immunoassays repair glycosylases comet assays slot blot aldehydes reactive probes ARP O-(biotinylcarbazoylmethyl) hydroxylamine biotin-tagged avidin-conjugated probes sites cells Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) culture medium hydrogen peroxides H2O2 positive controls high throughput screenings HTS 176.799116022099
589320 DNA/RNA Oxidative Damage EIA Kit - 2008-05-21 464.363432320441 dna-rna-oxidative-damage-eia-kit 8-OH-2dG; 8-hydroxy-2'-Deoxyguanosine; 8-OH-DG; DNA/RNA Oxidative Damage ELISA Kit kits EIAs mass spectrometry enzymes immunoassays elisas 8-OH-2-dG 8-OH-2'-dG 8OH2'dG 8OH2dG 8OH2d 8 oxo 8-oxo deoxyguanine deoxyguanosine hydroxy ohdg 2 EIA/ELISA assays 8-ohdg 8ohdg 8-hydroxy-2-deoxy guanosine immunosorbents 8-hydroxy-2'-dg 8-OH-2'-deoxyguanosine 8-OH-2-deoxyguanosine assays solid plates injury stress aging cancers oxidations diabetes DNA deoxyribonucleic ribonucleic acids diseases states guanines repair urine ribose-free bases nucleosides 8-oxo-guanine 8-hydroxyguanine 8-oxo-guanosine 8-hydroxyguanosine metabolites age-related cells cellular oxidized hydroxyl radicals peroxynitrite plasmas cells lysates tissues liquid chromatography mass-spectrometry LC-MS 464.363432320441
14805 DPPH 1898-66-4 ≥95% 2013-09-05 6.443213627993 dpph 2,2-Diphenyl-1-Picrylhydrazyl; DPPH radical 56537-16-7 111051-84-4 oxidative stress free radicals diphenyl picrylhydrazyl cells permeable cell-permeable stable scavengers hydrogens donors activity active tissues extracts DPPH2 DPPH-2 2 two purple to yellow 6.443213627993
62237 DPPP 110231-30-6 ≥98% 2006-07-25 47.499736034377 dppp Diphenyl-1-pyrenylphosphine hydroperoxides oxidative stress injury fluorescence fluorescent lipids cholesterols LDL oxidation DPPPO DPPP=O atherosclerosis 47.499736034377
14450 DPQ 129075-73-6 ≥99% 2013-04-16 4.176608105079 dpq PARP Inhibitor III inhibitors oxidative injury apoptosis DNA damages inhibits inhibitions injuries injured poly(ADP-ribose) polymerases ADPribose ADP ribose poly PARPs potent PARP1 PARP-1 1 PARP-2 PARP2 2 cells animals 4.176608105079
11220 DYn-2 1354630-46-8 ≥98% 2012-03-29 36.531012891344 dyn-2 Click Tag™ DYn-2 oxidative stress cells signaling click chemistry, redox sulfenic acids probes reporters proteins 36.531012891344
70530 Ebselen 60940-34-3 ≥99% 79.776596611663 ebselen glutathione peroxidase peroxynitrite oxidative injury stress cyclooxygenases lipoxygenases LOX 5-LO 12-LO 15-LO cyclooxygenases inhibitors COX-1 COX-2 cox1 cox2 pghs1 pghs2 pghs-1 pghs-2 prostaglandin H synthases synthase-1 synthase-2 inhibits mimics scavengers 79.776596611663
10012298 Ebselen Oxide 104473-83-8 ≥98% 2009-05-07 13.773066298342 ebselen-oxide NSC 639772 antioxidants oxidants ebselen selenoxide scavenger peroxynitrite cerebral infarctions negative controls 13.773066298342
10569 Ellagic Acid 476-66-4 ≥95% 2010-10-13 7.402498465315 ellagic-acid Gallogen; TBBD; Lagistase polyphenols, antioxidants, cancers inflammation cytochrome P450s CYP450 epigenetics genes expression histones modifications alizarin yellow G 91006 elagostasine 77415-21-5 124590-32-5 PRMTs inflammatory anti-carcinogenic anti-mutagenic organ-preserving antimutagenic antiinflammatory Acid Benzoaric Benzoaric Acid Acid Ellagic Ellagic Acid 7.402498465315
10004111 Endothelial Lipase (human) Blocking Peptide - 2004-01-26 4.048618784530 endothelial-lipase-human-blocking-peptide EL; EDL peptides western blots blotting wb icc immunocytochemistry atherosclerosis controls special:month specialdiscount:15 specialstart:2008-03-01 specialend:2008-03-31 4.048618784530
10010380 ent-8-iso-15(S)-Prostaglandin F 214748-66-0 ≥98% 2008-04-24 12.102440147329 ent-8-iso-15-s-prostaglandin-f2 ent-15-epi-F2t-Isoprostane; ent-8-iso-15-epi-PGF inhibitors inhibits inhibition 8-iso-PGF2.alpha. vasoconstriction platelet aggregation oxidative stress isoprostanes 15-F2t-isoprostane prostaglandins 12.102440147329
10011545 ent-8-iso Prostaglandin F 159812-83-6 ≥98% 2008-05-28 10.471791633780 ent-8-iso-prostaglandin-f2 ent-8-iso PGF; ent-15-F2t-Isoprostane; ent-8-epi PGF vasoconstrictor oxidative stress isoprostanes prostaglandins iPs PGF2a PGF2.alpha. 10.471791633780
10011721 ent-8-iso Prostaglandin F-d9 Exclusive - ≥99% deuterated forms (d1-d9) 2008-08-11 14.069060773480 ent-8-iso-prostaglandin-f2-d9 ent-8-iso PGF-d9; ent-15-F2t-Isoprostane-d9; ent-8-epi PGF-d9 deuterated deuterium inhibitors inhibits inhibition 8-iso-PGF2.alpha. vasoconstriction platelet aggregation oxidative stress isoprostanes 15-F2t-isoprostane GC/MS GC-MS LC/MS LC-MS mass spectrometry 14.069060773480
10008294 ent-Prostaglandin E2 65085-69-0 >98% 2006-03-30 111.352965009208 ent-prostaglandin-e2 ent-PGE2 prostaglandins enantiomers enzymatically-derived optically free radical-catalyzed peroxidation arachidonates racemic in vitro in vivo oxidative stress isoprostanes 15-E2t-IsoP 8-iso endoperoxides 111.352965009208
10008122 ent-Prostaglandin F 54483-31-7 >98% 2006-03-30 22.170331491713 ent-prostaglandin-f2 ent-PGF; (−)-Prostaglandin F prostaglandins enantiomers optically free radical-catalyzed peroxidation racemic isoprostanes lipids oxidative stress human urine cigarette smokers hpercholesterolemia COX cyclooxygenase oxidative stress 22.170331491713
11807 (−)-Epicatechin 490-46-0 ≥90% 2013-07-01 5.753430453934 -epicatechin epi-Catechin; NSC 81161 2545-08-6 863644-80-8 863644-83-1 antioxidants flavonoids oxidatives injury injuries cancers natural products epicatechins catechins anti-oxidants oxidants anti COXs COX-1 COX1 cyclooxygenase-1 cyclooxygenases 1 cyclooxygenase1 apoptosis induces inducers adenocarcinomas PC-9 PC9 PCs 9 cells inhibitions inhibitors inhibits TNFs tumors necrosis factors factor-.alpha. factor-a factor-alpha factor-α α TNF-.alpha. TNF-a TNF-alpha TNF-α alpha .alpha. a stereoisomer isomers BALBc BALB-c BALBs c 3T3 epigallocatechin gallate en tent-catechin NSCs 81161 NSC81161 NSC-81161 L-epicatechin epicatechol I-acacatechin I-epicatechin I-epicatechol 2R,3R 2R/3R 2R3R 2R 3R tea leaves leaf grapes seeds woods barks trees acacia mahogany ascorbate α-tocopherols alpha-tocopherols .alpha.-tocopherols a-tocopherols tocopherols in vitro lipids peroxidations assays stereoisomers BALB-c/3T3 5.753430453934
70935 (−)-Epigallocatechin Gallate 989-51-5 ≥98% 26.669915002125 -epigallocatechin-gallate NVP-XAA723; Tea catechin; EGCG; Teavigo 863-65-0 phenolic flavonoids antioxidants lipoproteins oxidative injury stress plants green black teas oxidation nitric oxide epicatechin 26.669915002125
14017 Erucin 4430-36-8 ≥98% 2012-11-29 15.219654696132 erucin isothiocyanate glucoerucin glucosinolate sulforaphane antiapoptotic antioxidant cells cycles regulation cancers neuroprotective effects arugula Eruca sativa Mill veggies vegetables induces growth inhibition apoptosis induction detoxification enzymes prostates lungs livers colon 15.219654696132
10271 EUK 118 186299-34-3 ≥95% 2008-07-28 2.440128913444 euk-118 superoxide free radicals hydrogen peroxide scavenger catalase SOD superoxide dismutase ROS reactive oxygen species 2.440128913444
12500 EUK 124 186299-35-4 ≥95% 2008-07-24 2.375672191528 euk-124 superoxide free radicals hydrogen peroxide scavenger catalase SOD superoxide dismutase ROS reactive oxygen species EUK124 EUK-124 2.375672191528
10006329 EUK 134 81065-76-1 ≥98% 2005-03-02 7.171961325966 euk-134 salen manganese SOD ROS catalse stroke oxidative injury porphyrin scavengers peroxynitrites superoxides hydrogen peroxides arteries artery cerebral H2O2 infarct volumes EUK 134 EUK-134 EUK134 7.171961325966
14606 FBBBE - ≥95% 2014-03-06 9.034953959484 fbbbe Fluorescein bis (benzyl boronic ester) oxidative stress injury fluorescent probes injuries H2O2 hydrogen peroxide intracellular fluorescence bis benzyl boronic esters 9.034953959484
14127 Febuxostat 144060-53-7 ≥98% 2013-04-02 8.402127071823 febuxostat TEI 6720; Uloric; TMX 67; FBX TEI6720 TEI-6720 TMX67 TMX-67 feburic gout hyperuricemia xanthine oxidase allopurinol inhibitors antihyperuricemic antihyperuricemic nonpurine inhibits inhibitions serum urate hyperuricemia feburic 8.402127071823
11880 Ferulic Acid ethyl ester 4046-02-0 ≥98% 2012-07-25 9.900699815838 ferulic-acid-ethyl-ester BBR 3222; NSC 14879 BBR3222 BBR-3222 ethyl ferulate NSC14879 NSC-14879 antioxidants neuroprotective cytoprotective inflammation cancers FAEE ferula communis F. communis fennel plants lipophilic derivatives cross cells membranes increases expressions heme oxygenase-1 oxygenase HSP70 HSP-70 HSP 70 HSP-72 HSP72 HSP 72 neuroprotection peptides 9.900699815838
75854 FeTMPyP 133314-07-5 ≥98% 30.115704419889 fetmpyp porphyrin peroxynitrite 30.115704419889
17187 FeTPPS New 90384-82-0 ≥95% 2015-02-25 97.373314917127 fetpps 98312-37-9 biochemical oxidative injury intracellular signaling nitric oxide 5,10,15,20-Tetrakis(4-sulfonatophenyl)porphyrinato Iron (III) chloride peroxynitrite decomposition catalyst ferric porphyrin complex decomposition decompose catalytic isomerization nitrate in vitro vivo reactive nitrogen species cytoprotection stress cellular damage 97.373314917127
15246 Fisetin New 528-48-3 ≥90% 2015-02-26 97.019431553100 fisetin CI-75620; NSC 407010; NSC 656275 biochemical natural product antioxidant inhibitor cancer oxidative injury intracellular signaling signal transduction flavonoid inflammation inhibit flavonol anti-inflammatory activator sirtuin 1 SIRT1 spleen tyrosine kinase SYK suppressor CD36 gene expression 3,3',4',7-tetrahydroxyflavone 5-Desoxyquercetin Bois Bleu de Honqrie C.I. 75620 C.I.75620 CI Natural Brown 1 Cotinin Fiestin Fietin Fisetholz Fisitin Fustel Fustet Junger Fustik LDN 0058389 LDN0058389 Superfustel K Ungarisches Gelbholz Ventin Sumach Viset Young Fustic Crystals Zante 97.019431553100
11618 Fluorescent Substrate for Glutaredoxin Assay - 2012-03-23 11.965303867403 fluorescent-substrate-for-glutaredoxin-assay Lyophilized fluorescent substrate Grx 11.965303867403
11528 Fluorescent Substrate for Thioredoxin or Thioredoxin Reductase Assay - 2012-03-23 8.272099447513 fluorescent-substrate-for-thioredoxin-or-thioredoxin-reductase-assay Lyophilized fluorescent substrate Trx TrxR IMCO 8.272099447513
15494 Fluorescent Substrate for Thioredoxin Reductase Activity Assay - 2014-01-14 7.363772691397 fluorescent-substrate-for-thioredoxin-reductase-activity-assay Lyophilized fluorescent substrate Trx TrxR IMCO 7.363772691397
15495 Fluorescent Substrate for Thioredoxin V2 Assay - 2014-01-14 8.272099447513 fluorescent-substrate-for-thioredoxin-v2-assay Lyophilized fluorescent substrate Trx TrxR IMCO 8.272099447513
16722 Fudosteine 13189-98-5 ≥95% 2014-10-28 7.581234574992 fudosteine SS320A 1023971-15-4 1023971-10-9 biochemical inhibitor inflammation oxidative injury NF-kB antioxidants NF-κB NFκB mucoactive cysteine derivative goblet cell expression mucin MUC5AC MUC-5AC secretion airways agonized tobacco smoke isoproterenol lipopolysaccharide TNF-α TNFα oxidant thiol compound limit reduce inflammatory gene signaling bioavailable Cleanal Spelear SS 320A 7.581234574992
15948 Galangin 548-83-4 ≥98% 2014-10-10 2.792221950821 galangin 3,5,7-Trihydroxyflavone; NSC 407229 50306-94-0 biochemical natural product inflammation cancer apoptosis antioxidant inhibitor inhibit receptor antagonist cytochrome P450 NF-kB oxidative injury flavonoid P 450 NF-κB NFκB Norizalpinin herbs traditional medicine anti-inflammatory antiinflammatory suppression signaling mice aryl hydrocarbon cell isoform 1A1 1-A-1 AhR CYP1A1 CYP NSC407229 2.792221950821
11846 Gallic Acid 149-91-7 ≥98% 2013-07-26 6.483149171271 gallic-acid NSC 674319; 3,4,5-Trihydroxybenzoic acid; NSC 20103 benzoic acids antioxidants free radicals scavengers lipids peroxidation inhibitors phenols standards inhibits inhibitions DPPH HO diphenylpicrylhydrazyl hydroxyl gallotannins ellagitannins phenols analytes Folin-Ciocalteau assays folin ciocalteau NSCs 20103 674319 NSC20103 NSC674319 NSC-20103 NSC-674319 natural products oxidative injury injuries antioxidants gallic acids trihydroxybenzoic plants esterified scavenging microsomal gallic acid monohydrate 6.483149171271
10005167 Genistein 446-72-0 ≥98% 2004-08-04 8.180540327054 genistein isoflavonoids phytoestrogenics legumes glycosides carcinogenic tumors inhibits inhibition inhibitors estrogenic isoflavones uterine DES diethylstilbestrol histones H2B endocrine tyrosine chemopreventitive 8.180540327054
15330 Ginsenoside Re 52286-59-6 ≥98% 2014-01-20 3.208121546960 ginsenoside-re Chikusetsusaponin IVc; Sanchinoside Re; Panaxoside Re; NSC 308877 75139-​46-​7 212055-​74-​8 324018-​82-​8 natural products hypertension inhibitors oxidative injury diabetes angiogenesis cancers inhibits inhibitions ginsenosides panax genus panaxatriol saponin P. quinquefolium in vitor vivo vasorelaxants antioxidants antihyperlipidemic anti hyperlipidemic anti-hyperlipodemic angiogenic anti-oxidant oxidants chemotherapeutics agents steaming heating plants steroids diverse effects B2 NSCs 308877 NSC308877 NSC-30877 glycosides squalene multidrug resistance proteins 1 ones P-glycoprotein B2 3.208121546960
10009445 Glucoraphanin 21414-41-5 ≥95% 2013-07-30 17.347990331491 glucoraphanin naturals products cancers inflammations antioxidants protectives effects glycoinsolate cruciferous vegetables broccoli isothiocyanate sulforaphane myrosinase sulforaphane anti oxidants anti-oxidant anti-inflammatory antiinflammatory inflammatory carcinogenic anti-carcinogenic anticarcinogenic nuclears factors erythroid 2 related two Nrf2 Nrf-2 Nrfs 2 detoxification enzymes sulforaphane flucosinolate flucorafanin methylsulfinylbutyl 457655-34-4 1245747-40-3 glucoraphanin phase II 17.347990331491
700300 Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Activity Assay Kit - 2011-07-28 82.592730556736 glucose-6-phosphate-dehydrogenase-activity-assay-kit G6PDH kits assays measures measurements Glucose 6 six phosphates Glucose-6-phosphates dehydrogenases cytosolic enzymes catalyzes pentose pathway ribose-5-phosphates precursor RNA ribonucleic acids DNA deoxyribonucleic ATP adenosine triphosphates CoA coenzymes A NAD nicotinamides adenine dinucleotides FAD flavin NADPH phosphates energy cells fatty oxidations lipids biosynthesis substrates oxidases macrophages polymorphonuclear leukocytes oxygen radicals pathogens intracellular metabolic de novo amino red blood RBC mitochondria pentose oxidative damage stress hemolytic anemia neonatal hyperbilirubinemia acute hemolysis chronic X-linked sex-linked hereditary genetics defect mutations G6PD genes malaria Plasmodium falciparum upregulated rat mouse murine obesity hyperglycemia hyperinsulinemia mediator insulin resistance post-translationally preneoplastic lesions tumors suppressors p53 human dimers fluorescence-based erythrocytes lysates tissues homogenates cultures samples 6-phospho-D-gluconate fluorometrics fluorescent 82.592730556736
700750 Glucose-6-Phosphate Fluorometric Assay Kit - 2012-05-25 79.880065409841 glucose-6-phosphate-fluorometric-assay-kit G6P; Robison ester; D-glucose-6-phosphate assays kits measures measurements cells C6H12O6 hexokinases glucokinases intracellular glycolysis phosphoglucose isomerases cellular energy carbons skeletons biosynthesis glucose-1-phosphates phosphoglucomutases glycogen metabolized dehydrogenases G6PDH NADPH Nicotinamides adenines dinucleotides phosphates hexoses monophosphates reducing nucleic acids precursors de novo pathways amino acids pentoses oxidative damages glutathiones reductases GSH deficiency red blood RBCs stress hemolytic anemias livers enzymes glucose-6-phosphatases storage diseases Type 1 I von Gierke's inherited Ia Ib fasting tolerances hypoglycemias growth retardation hepatomegaly accumulation fats fluorescence-based tissues homogenates culture samples 6-phospho-D-gluconate reduction NADP+ detectors fluorescent 79.880065409841
11530 Glutaredoxin 1 from E. coli - 2012-03-16 4.705954573357 glutaredoxin-1-from-e-coli Grx1 glutaredoxins e. coli salt free Grx1 EDTA glutaredoxin-S2 4.705954573357
11534 Glutaredoxin 1 from E. coli (mutant C14S) - 2012-03-16 5.589932473910 glutaredoxin-1-from-e-coli-mutant-c14s Grx1 Grx Grx1 Grx-1 proteins 1C14S e. coli lyophilized recombinant mutant active 5.589932473910
11546 Glutaredoxin 1 (human) Polyclonal Antibody - biotinylated - 2012-03-23 3.751187845303 glutaredoxin-1-human-polyclonal-antibody-biotinylated Grx1 IMCO antibodies Grx1 Grx-1 Grx IHC WB goat western blots blotting immunohistochemistry ELISA biotin biotinylated 3.751187845303
11545 Glutaredoxin 1 (human) Pure Polyclonal Antibody - 2012-03-23 10.151740331491 glutaredoxin-1-human-pure-polyclonal-antibody Grx1 IMCO antibodies Grx1 Grx-1 Grx IHC WB goat western blots blotting immunohistochemistry 10.151740331491
11533 Glutaredoxin 1 (human recombinant) - 2012-03-16 3.630448127685 glutaredoxin-1-human-recombinant Grx1 human IMCO active lyophilized recombinant Grx1 GRX-1 GRX 1 3.630448127685
11544 Glutaredoxin 2 (human) Polyclonal Antibody - 2012-03-23 5.351325966850 glutaredoxin-2-human-polyclonal-antibody Grx2 IMCO antibodies Grx2 Grx Grx-2 rabbit WB western blots blotting immunoblotting 5.351325966850
11532 Glutaredoxin 2 (human recombinant) - 2012-03-16 2.004910988336 glutaredoxin-2-human-recombinant Grx2 Grx2 Grx-2 human proteins 2.004910988336
11536 Glutaredoxin Fluorescent Activity Assay Kit - 2012-03-20 72.740656077347 glutaredoxin-fluorescent-activity-assay-kit Grx kits assays measures measurement IMCO fluorescent Grx1 Grx-1 Grx human substrateGSH NADPH 72.740656077347
703002 Glutathione Assay Kit - 494.139906648885 glutathione-assay-kit GSH Assay Kit GSH GSSG peroxidase reductase oxidative stress injury assays kits detoxification analysistools:gsh 494.139906648885
600360 Glutathione Cell-Based Detection Kit (Blue Fluorescence) - 2011-01-11 89.028163925403 glutathione-cell-based-detection-kit-blue-fluorescence GSH Cell-Based Detection Kit (Blue Fluorescence) kits assy kits measuring measurement glutathiones GSH tripeptides thiols animal cells oxygen radicals hydrogen peroxides H2O2 oxidative stress anti-oxidant antioxidents environmental toxins damages mitochondrial degeneration age-related aging apoptosis intracellular levels indicators cell-permeable dyes monochlorobimane MCB high-throughput screening 89.028163925403
14953 Glutathione ethyl ester 92614-59-0 ≥98% 2014-01-20 14.511187845303 glutathione-ethyl-ester GSH ethyl ester 118421-50-4 glutathiones GSH oxidative injury toxicity injuries cell-permeable cells permeable derivative ethyl esters hydrolysis esterases radiation oxidants toxic heavy metals against damages enzymes substrates monoethyl protects protection 14.511187845303
703102 Glutathione Peroxidase Assay Kit - 519.497164640883 glutathione-peroxidase-assay-kit GPx Assay Kit GPx oxidative injury stress free radicals assays kits GR GSSG GSH hydroperoxides selenocysteine GSH GSSG analysistools:gshases 519.497164640883
703202 Glutathione Reductase Assay Kit - 209.828099447514 glutathione-reductase-assay-kit GR Assay Kit antioxidants oxidative stress injury activity assays kits GR GSSG GSH oxidized analysistools:gshases 209.828099447514
703302 Glutathione S-Transferase Assay Kit - 189.945666052793 glutathione-s-transferase-assay-kit GST Assay Kit GST assays kits S-transferases GSH activity detoxification antioxidants oxidative injury stress enzymes analysistools:gshases 189.945666052793
10005256 GPx4 Blocking Peptide - 2004-12-27 118.096415745856 gpx4-blocking-peptide PhGPx; Glutathione Peroxidase 4 antibodies western blotting blots signaling signalling IHC WB formalin immunohistochemistry controls peptides glutathione peroxidases selenium-dependent selenoprotein SnGPx 118.096415745856
10005258 GPx4 Polyclonal Antibody - 2004-12-29 111.315340699816 gpx4-polyclonal-antibody PhGPx; Glutathione Peroxidase 4 WB western blots blotting synthases antibodies antisera antiserum glutathione peroxidases selenium-dependent selenoprotein SnGPx phospholipases hydroperoxides monomeric homotetramer immunoblotting 111.315340699816
15733 GR (human) Reporter Assay Kit - 2014-04-24 45.788968692449 gr-human-reporter-assay-kit kits assays measures measurement glucocorticoid NR3C1 IB0020-32 IB00201 IB00202 cryomite cryo indigo nuclears receptors oxidative injury genes regulation signals transduction steroids endocrinology inflammation cells based cell-based IB0020 45.788968692449
10340 Griffithsin - ≥95% 2010-02-15 2.426718232044 griffithsin GRFT HIV AIDS glycoproteins 120 lectins receptors cells binding inhibits antiviral anti-viral anti viral GRFTs SARS 2.426718232044
10011424 GRP94 Monoclonal Antibody (Clone 9G10) - 2008-04-23 1.524861878453 grp94-monoclonal-antibody-clone-9g10 Glucose Regulated Protein 94; GP94 chaperones heat shock proteins immunoblots antibodies glucose stress oxidative WB IP FC western blots immunoblotting immunoprecipitation flow cytometry antiserum blotting 1.524861878453
70430 Guaiacol 90-05-1 ≥98% 53.434419889502 guaiacol oxidation heme hydroperoxidases 2-methoxy-phenol hydroperoxides 2-methoxyphenols phenolic guaiac resin cyclooxygenases COX PGHS prostaglandins synthases 53.434419889502
10006084 Hesperetin 520-33-2 ≥98% 2005-02-16 7.971223969401 hesperetin hesperitin hesperidin atherosclerosis citrus nutraceuticals flavonoids flavanoids hypocholesterolemic ACAT2 ACAT-2 mRNA transcription inhibits inhibition inhibitors ApoB proteins histamines azelastine atherosclerosis 7.971223969401
34002 (±)-HETE HPLC Mixture - ≥98% for each compound 11.554325177584 -hete-hplc-mixture racemic hydroxy acids arachidonic autoxidation (+/-)-HETEs fatty chromatography (+/-)HETEs 11.554325177584
10006910 HIF-1α Transcription Factor Assay Kit - 2007-10-31 78.645893186003 hif-1-transcription-factor-assay-kit Hypoxia Inducible Factor- tf HIF-1alpha factors HIF1.alpha. cancers basic-helix-loop-helix bHLH cellular oxygen homeostasis cells tissues ischemia infections embryos tumors drugs target breast prostate cardiovascular diseases nuclear extracts whole lysates assays kits ELISAs enzyme-linked immunosorbent double stranded dsDNA HIF1 HIF1alpha HIF1 alpha HIF-1 alpha 78.645893186003
14597 Honokiol 35354-74-6 ≥98% 2013-06-11 0.930828729282 honokiol NSC 293100 natural products inflammations cancers oxidative injury injuries NF-kB lignins diverse physiological effects plants M. grandiflora M.grandiflora oriental herbals medicines therapeutics effects anxiolytics mice mouse murine inhibits inhibitors inhibitions prevents preventing prevention inflammation interferes angiogenesis tumors growths in vivo scavenges superoxide peroxyl radicals NSCs 293100 NSC-293100 NSC293100 derived dervatives therapeutics NF-κB NF-kB NF-.kappa.B PI3K/Akt signaling signals nuclear factors 0.930828729282
10159 HPF 359010-69-8 ≥98% 2005-09-09 12.637182320442 hpf cell-permeable fluorescent fluorescence dyes detects detection highly reactive oxygen species radicals neurodegenertion aging cancer infectious diseases reagents free 2,7-dichlorohydrofluorescein DCDHF hydrogen peroxide H2O2 aromatics amino-derivatives oxidation hROS hydroxyls peroxynitrites peroxidases hypochlorites ions NO nitric oxides superoxides oxidants molecules biologicals 12.637182320442
600050 Hydrogen Peroxide Cell-Based Assay Kit - 2009-03-18 174.536837016574 hydrogen-peroxide-cell-based-assay-kit H2O2 Fluorometric Assay Kit kits assays cells cell-based measuring measurement oxidative stress injury oxygen metabolisms oxidizer oxidizing ROS reactive species cytotoxic agents regulates regulators signals transductions fluorometrics cultured cells ADHP HRPfluorescents resorufins scavengers 174.536837016574
44001 Hydroperoxy HPLC Mixture - >98% for each compound 10.640690607734 hydroperoxy-hplc-mixture HPLC 12-HpETEs 5-HpETEs 15-HpETEs hydroperoxides 10.640690607734
89420 Hydroxy Linoleins - ≥98% (A mixture of 132 isomers) 7.485911602210 hydroxy-linoleins fatty acids trilinoleins autoxidation lipid peroxidation triglycerides 7.485911602210
89360 Hydroxymethyl Uracil 4433-40-3 ≥98% 7.751312154696 hydroxymethyl-uracil oxidative injury stress DNA hydroxyl radicals Fenton reactions 7.751312154696
15475 Idebenone 58186-27-9 ≥98% 2014-02-11 2.154972375691 idebenone CV-2619; Mnesis antioxidants neurosciences oxidative stress injury mitochondrial biology injuries analogs coenzyme Q10 neuroprotective effects benzoquinone natural quinone potent lipid anti oxidants anti-oxidants cytoprotection friedreich ataxia CVs 2619 CV2619 avan daruma 2.154972375691
13323 IM-54 861891-50-1 ≥95% 2009-10-14 0.721988950276 im-54 inhibitors necrosis necrotic cells death peroxide HL-60 leukemia apoptosis PKC S6K1 protein kinases C S6 1 indolymaleimide 0.721988950276
16926 ​Indoxyl Sulfate (potassium salt)​ 2642-37-7 ≥98% 2014-12-05 0E-12 -indoxyl-sulfate-potassium-salt uremia chronic kidney disease metabolite protein metabolism NF-κB TGF-β1 Smad3 biochemical NFκB TGFβ1 oxidative injury renal uremic toxin tryptophan indole intestinal bacteria absorbed blood liver stress disease progression induce activation promote expression profibrotic activity 487-94-5 1309597-66-7 Potassium indol-3-yl sulfate Potassiumindol-3-ylsulfate 0E-12
601020 Intracellular O2 Respiratory Burst Imaging Kit Exclusive - 2014-07-24 47.383858195212 intracellular-o2-respiratory-burst-imaging-kit kits assays measuring cellular cells respirations detections MitoImage™ NanO2 nano particles O2 molecular molecules oxygens detecting living nuclei nucleus open environments exchanges depletions induced inductions 47.383858195212
16230 iPF-IV 190664-75-6 ≥98% 2006-07-27 9.416961325966 ipf2-iv isoprostanes prostaglandins lipids peroxidation arachidonic acids PUFAs polyunsaturated fatty oxidative stress injury 331962-00-6 9.416961325966
316300 iPF-VI-d4 214977-79-4 ≥99% deuterated forms (d1-d4) 25.577200736648 ipf2-vi-d4 8-iso-5(R),6E,14Z-Prostaglandin F-d4 deuteriums isotopes 8-isoprostanes iPF2.alpha.-VI-d4 iPF2alpha-VI-d4 lipid peroxidation oxidative ipf2a injury stress prostaglandins deuterated iPF2a-VI-d4 pgf2a deuterium GC/MS GC-MS LC/MS LC-MS mass specrometry 25.577200736648
10739 Isoliquiritigenin 961-29-5 ≥98% 2011-04-01 12.223922651933 isoliquiritigenin GU 17; ISL antioxidants flavonoids chemoprevention quinones reductase-1 reductase1 hepatoprotection hepatoma cells flavanoids 12.223922651933
16496 Isorhamnetin 480-19-3 ≥98% 2014-10-08 38.018965623081 isorhamnetin 3'-O-methyl Quercetin 98006-95-2 biochemical natural product antioxidant inhibitor oxidative injury flavonoid cancer cardiology neuroscience flavonol aglycone 3-methyl metabolitequercetin activity XO xanthine oxidase human multidrug toxic comounds extrusion transporter 1 one MATE1 excretion xenobiotic kidney liver neurological nerve growth factor cardiotoxic doxorubicin hydrochloride HCl anti-cancer anticancer C.I. 75680 C.I.75680 3'-methylquercetin 3'-methoxyquercetin 38.018965623081
12093 Kaempferitrin 482-38-2 ≥97% 2012-10-23 20.338988131778 kaempferitrin BRN 0073958; Lespedin; Kaempferol natural products inflammation anti-inflammtory diabetes insulin oxidative stress infectious diseases infections antinflammtory anti inflammatory kaempferol glycoside flavonols antimicrobial anti-microbial microbial antioxidant oxidant LPS 3T3-L1 3T3L1 glucose 25242-92-6 27938-38-1 28553-22-2 50818-96-7 138079-61-5 156780-61-9 642474-46-2 BRN0073958 BRN-0073958 lespenefril lespenephryl 3,7-dirhamnoside 20.338988131778
62935 KDdiA-PC Exclusive 439904-34-4 ≥98% 2005-09-09 10.509187056037 kddia-pc CD36 ligands oxidized oxLDL low density lipoproteins particles cytotoxics pro-atherogenic phosphatidylcholines species short-chain fatty acids sn-2 scavengers receptors structural determinants binding affinity atherosclerosis 10.509187056037
15778 Keracyanin (chloride) 18719-76-1 ≥98% 2014-05-19 4.062798510729 keracyanin-chloride Sambucin; Cyanidin 3-rutinoside; Meralop 28338-59-2 1329-​47-​1 16067-​08-​6 27661-​63-​8 28603-​07-​8 29894-​06-​2 31921-​38-​7 31939-​23-​8 52918-​66-​8 64577-​68-​0 65941-​77-​7 141914-​92-​3 natural products antioxidants anti-oxidants anti oxidants oxidative injury injuries apoptosis cancers obesity diabetes inhibitors inhibits inhibitions Cl polyphenolic anthocyanin erythrocytes tumorigenic tumors RE-149 DHD proteases mammalian mammals bacterial bacteria neutrophil elastases matrix metalloproteinases metalloproteinase-1 metalloproteinase-9 MMP-1 MMP-9 3-O-Rutinosylcyanidin 7,4'-Dihydroxyflavilium chloride Antirrhinin Cyanidin 3-O-rutinoside Cyanidin 3-O-rutinoside chloride Cyanidin 3-rhamnoglucoside Cyanidin 3-rhamnosylglucoside Cyanidol 3-rhamnoglucoside Cyaninoside Prunicyanin 3-O-Rutinoside Cyanidin 4.062798510729
62945 KOdiA-PC Exclusive 439904-33-3 ≥98% 2004-01-28 25.570745856353 kodia-pc oxidative injury lipids oxLDL oxidized low-density lipoproteins phosphatidylcholines CD36 CD-36 scavengers receptors binding atherosclerosis 25.570745856353
16406 Kuromanin (chloride) 7084-24-4 ≥95% 2014-08-15 5.773107734806 kuromanin-chloride Cyanidin 3-O-β-glucopyranoside; Chrysontemin 47705-70-4 1329-​20-​0 11019-​11-​7 19471-​39-​7 27554-​23-​0 30677-​11-​3 93913-​29-​2 143637-​10-​9 natural products antioxidants oxidatives injury inhibitors neurosciences flavonoids inhibits inhibitors CD38 CDs CD-38 38 anthocyanins fruits plants polyphenols polyphenolics scavengers scavenges superoxides anions radicals neurons neural oxidative stresses ADP-ribosyl cyclases ADP ribosyl metabolisms NAD+ NADP+ nicotinamides adenines dinucleotides phosphates Cl- Asterin Chrysanthenin Chrysontemin Cyanidin 3-O-glucoside 3-glucoside 3 O glucosides glucocyanidin 3-O-b-glucopyranoside 3-O-beta-glucopyranoside 3-O-.beta.-glucopyranoside 5.773107734806
14656 L-Ascorbic Acid 50-81-7 ≥95% 2013-06-20 92.878921500921 l-ascorbic-acid NSC 33832; Ascorbate; Vitamin C; NSC 218455 14536-17-5 30208-61-8 50976-75-5 56172-55-5 56533-05-2 57304-74-2 57606-40-3 88845-26-5 89924-69-6 129940-97-2 154170-90-8 259133-78-3 623158-95-2 882690-91-7 884381-69-5 885512-24-3 1018124-03-2 vitamins C ascorbate electrons donors reducing agents glucose antioxidants reduces ascorbic acids livers mammalian species enzymes collagen hydroxylation carnitine synthesis adenosine triphosphate ATP norepinephrine cancers cardiovascular diseases cataracts cardiology metabolism agents oxidative injury injuries humans primates guinea pigs diet dietary tyrosine amidating peptides adenex allercorb antiscorbic antiscorbutic ascoltin ascorbajen ascorbalox ascorbicap ascorbutina ascorell ascorin ascorteal ascorvit C-L 6/PW c-quin c-vimin cantan cantaxin catavin C Ce-Mi-Lin; Ce-Vi-Sol cebicure cebion cebione cecon cegiolan ceglion ceklin celaskon celin cell C cemagyl cenetone quin vimin Ce Mi Lin Ce Vi Sol CL6/PW cereon cergona cescorbat cetamid cetane cetane-caps caps TC cetebe cetemican cevalin cevarol cevatine cevex cevimin cevital cevitamic acids cevitamin cevitan cevitex cewin chewcee ciamin cinal cipca citrovit colascor concemin davitamon C E 300 E300 E-300 hicee hybrin IDO-C IDOC juvamine kangbingfeng L-(+)-ascorbic L-3-keto-threo-hexuronic lactones L-lyxoascorbic L-xyloascorbic L-threo-ascorbic L-threo-hex-2-enonic γ-lactone laroscorbine lemascorb liqui-cee monovitan C liqui cee monovitan-C NSC218455 NSC-218455 NSC33832 NSC-33832 neo-valdrin P1110 pascorbin neo valdrin P 1110 P-1110 planavit C proscorbin redoxon ribena ronotec 100 rontex 100 rovimix C C-EC scorbu C secorbate suncoat VC 40 tanvimil CEC ronotec-100 rontex-100 rovimix-C scorbu-C VC-40 tanvimil-C testascorbic VC 40 VC 97 vaginorm-C vasc vicelat vicin viforcit viscorin viscorin 100M vitace vitacee vitacimin vitacin vitamin C VC-97 VC40 VC97 viscorin-100M vitamisin vitascorbol vitashure 160 xitix xyloascorbic vitashure-160 vitashure160 92.878921500921
14014 L-Deoxyalliin 21593-77-1 ≥98% 2012-11-28 1.718093922652 l-deoxyalliin S-Allyl-L-cysteine; NSC 96449 20820-68-2 S-allyl-L-cysteine SAC garlic alliinase allicin neuroprotective anti-oxidant inhibitors Alzheimer's diseases antioxidant oxidant inhibits inhibitions water soluble organosulfur AGE extracts edema ischemic brain lipids peroxidation neuronal cells deaths peroxynitrite antiamyloidogenic 1.718093922652
14905 L-(+)-Ergothioneine 497-30-3 ≥98% 2013-08-23 16.857016574586 l-ergothioneine 2-Mercaotohistidine betaine; NSC 7175 616-50-2 644-57-5 6330-63-8 natural products antioxidant oxidative stress injury inflammations NF-κB NF-kappaB NF-.kappa.B NFκb NFkB NFkappaB NF.kappa.B NF-kB autoimmune diseases arthritis free radicals ergothioneine amino acids histidine hercynine scavenges detoxifies oxidants intracellular thiol inhibitors inhibits inhibitions genes expression peroxynitrite nitrotyrosine DNA damage death xanthine hypoxanthine cation carnitine transporters 1 one OCTN1 OCTN-1 OCTN 1 one rheumatoid arthritis Crohn’s diseases trimethylbetaine 2-mercapto-histidine phytothioneine sympectothion thiasine thioneine thiotane 16.857016574586
15491 L-Glutathione, oxidized (sodium salt) 103239-24-3 ≥98% 2014-02-13 9.052651933702 l-glutathione-oxidized-sodium-salt GSSG 27025-41-8 1033693-​26-​3 glutathiol GSSG glutathione disulfide oxidative injury stress redox antioxidant S-glutathionylation hydrogen acceptors GSH oxidized NADPH NADPH sodium salts gluthoxim glutoxim NOVs 002 glycine NOV002 NOV-002 9.052651933702
89430 Linolein Hydroperoxides - >98% (A mixture of 132 isomers) 8.149263351750 linolein-hydroperoxides trilinoleins autoxidation atherosclerosis isomers hydroperoxy fatty acids 8.149263351750
705002 Lipid Hydroperoxide (LPO) Assay Kit - 193.774726826273 lipid-hydroperoxide-lpo-assay-kit lipids peroxidation oxidative injury inflammation free radicals colorimetric hydroperoxides stress atherosclerosis assays 193.774726826273
705003 Lipid Hydroperoxide (LPO) Assay Kit (96 well) - 68.133241252301 lipid-hydroperoxide-lpo-assay-kit-96-well lipids peroxidation oxidative injury inflammation free radicals colorimetric hydroperoxides stress assays 68.133241252301
16005 L-Selenomethionine 3211-76-5 ≥98% 2014-05-20 4.314088397790 l-selenomethionine Selenomax®; SEM; SeMet 61125-47-1 67463-21-2 amino acids selenium cells cycles antioxidants thioredoxin reductase glutathione peroxidases apoptosis cancers natural products naturally occurring selenium Brazil nuts grains soy beans legumes oxidative injury injuries seleno-L-methionine SelenoSource AF 2000 600 Selenomethionine Vitaselenium SeMet Se Met L-(+)-selenomethionine 2-amino-4-(methylseleno)butanoic acid 2-amino-4-(methylselenyl)-butyric 2-amino-4-(methylseleno)-butanoic 4.314088397790
14797 L-Sulforaphane 142825-10-3 ≥98% 2013-07-30 15.876158627284 l-sulforaphane (R)-Sulforaphane antioxidants inflammations cancers genes regulations sulforaphane L- isothiocyanate glucoraphanin cruciferous vegetables broccoli antioxidants anti oxidant anti-oxidant anti-inflammatory inflammatory inflammations antiiflammatory anti-carcinogenic carcinogenic anticarcinogenic nuclear factors erythroid 2-related factor 2 two Nrfs expressions Kelch-like ECH-associated proteins Keap1 Keap-1 Nrf2 Nrf-2 detoxifications enzymes activates actives (R)- naturals compounds effects associations nucleus transcriptions induces phases II 15.876158627284
17152 L-Sulforaphene New 592-95-0 ≥98% 2015-01-20 54.771790055248 l-sulforaphene Raphanin; (S)-Sulforaphene biochemical cancer gene regulation inflammation oxidative injury apoptosis antioxidant natural isothiocyanate cruciferous vegetable L-sulforaphane anti-inflammatory antiinflammatory anti-carcinogenic anticarcinogenic radish root extract induce sulforaphen 54.771790055248
14872 Lucigenin 2315-97-1 ≥95% 2013-10-25 9.064910358722 lucigenin NSC 151912; L-6,868 151237-32-0 fluorescents probes chemiluminescence inflammation oxidative stress injury injuries dual purpose chemiluminescent superoxide enzymatic cellular cells chloride-sensitive chlorides sensitive indicator phosphates sulfates nitrate detects detections Ls 6868 L6868 L-6868 lucigenine NSC151912 NSCs 151912 NSC-151912 9.064910358722
10010811 Lutein 127-40-2 ≥95% 2014-08-13 19.845400552486 lutein Xanthophyll; FloraGLO®; E 161b natural products inflammation angiogenesis oxidative injury antioxidants ophthalmology carotenoids plants eggs yolks humans retinas lipids plasma cardioprotective anti-inflammatory anti inflammatory antiinflammatory anti-angiogenic antiangiogenic angiogenic dietary zeaxanthin vitamins ω-3 fatty acids ω3 omega 3 three macular degeneration cataracts 1407-74-5 25312-96-3 28368-07-2 34026-62-5 34445-91-5 148124-35-0 luteine lutein A vegetable luteol trans-lutein bo-xan E161 E-161 E 161 E-161b E161b 161b OS 24 OS24 OS-24 Oro Glo 7 flora-Glo flora 19.845400552486
70945 Lycopene 502-65-8 ≥98% 2013-12-05 17.030621546961 lycopene NSC 407322 7634-65-3 25453-98-9 360790-67-6 natural products cancers vascular diseases antioxidants nutrition diets oxidative injury injuries red-colored reds colors colored carotenoid fruits vegetables anti-oxidants anti oxidants singlet oxygen cardiovascular stress stresses C.I. 75125 C.I.-75125 C.I.75125 E160d E 160d lyco vit lyconat lycopene 7 seven base lycored mexoryl SAQ NSCs 407322 NSC-407322 NSC407322 redivio tomat-O-red all trans 17.030621546961
10005174 Matairesinol 580-72-3 ≥95% 2004-07-28 127.733121546960 matairesinol lignans plants antioxidants cancer oxidative injury stress enterobacterial fiber dietary enteric isoprostanes enterolactone 127.733121546960
13320 MCI-186 89-25-8 ≥98% 2010-07-15 5.607537490134 mci-186 Edaravone; NSC 2629 free radical scavengers inhibitors inhibits inhibition ischemia-reperfusion injury transplants infections traumatic brain injury injuries Ketoquinolines Oxoquinolines Quinolinones Quinolones strokes reactive oxygen species apoptosis Norantipyrine Norphenazone Radicut 206195-95-1 115566-83-1 72134-66-8 62495-97-0 52224-17-6 12235-58-4 methylphenylpyrazolone NSC 26139 NSC 12 Edarabone 5.607537490134
14427 Melatonin 73-31-4 ≥98% 2013-05-23 2.692688766114 melatonin NSC 113928; Regulin; NSC 56423 NSC113928 NSC-113928 NSC56423 NSC-56423 indoleamines neurohormones circadian rhythm MT1 receptors MT2 MT3 antioxidants MT-1 MT-2 MT-3 1 2 3 hormones animals plants microbes subtypes lipids proteins DNA oxidative damages glutathione peroxidases superoxide dismutases catalases upregulated up-regulated up regulated free radicals terminals melovine N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine circadin melatol deoxyribonucleic acids neurohormones biological functions subtypes c13h16n2o2 2.692688766114
15997 Mildronate (hydrate) 86426-17-7 ≥98% 2014-06-13 0.244646262162 mildronate-hydrate Meldonium; THP; MET-88; Quaterine 76144-81-5 inhibitors inhibits inhibitions nootropics oxidative injury injuries cardiology neuroscience Alzheimer’s diseases mitochondrial biology analogs γ-butyrobetaine γ-BB g-butyrobetaine g-BB gamma-BB gamma-butyrobetaine .gamma.-BB .gamma.-butyrobetaine γ g gamma .gamma. butyrobetaine BB hydroxylases carnitine acetyltransferases cardioprotective neuroprotective cognition pathology amyloid-b amyloid-b amyloid-beta amyloid-.beta. amyloid b β biosynthesis γBB .gamma.BB gammaBB gBB Alzheimers dihydrate Mildronāts Mildronats 0.244646262162
16621 Mito-TEMPO (hydrate) 1569257-94-8 ≥95% 2014-10-14 3.341666666667 mito-tempo-hydrate mitochondria superoxide dismutase SOD antioxidant radical scavenging properties piperidine nitroxide triphenylphosphonium biochemical mitochondrial targeted target biology oxidative injury stress 1261297-06-6 alkyl radical scavenger lipophilic cation lipid bilayer accumulate therapeutic dysfunction excessive oxygen species 3.341666666667
15172 ML-090 531-46-4 ≥95% 2013-12-04 2.932651933702 ml-090 CCG-44699; CID-616479; NSC 179821; Fluoflavin molecular library initiatives NADPH oxidase 1 NOX1 CID 616479 inhibitors inhibits inhibitions NOXs NOX-1 one 1 MLs ML090 090 specific HEK293 HEK-293 HEKs 293 quinoxaline scaffolds xanthine ROS inflammatory bowels diseases IBD prostates cancers fluoflavine 55977-58-7 reactive oxygen species 2.932651933702
15173 ML-095 (hydrochloride) 1135318-57-8 ≥98% 2014-05-06 0E-12 ml-095-hydrochloride CID-25067483 1135683-24-7 molecular library libraries initiatives CIDs 25067483 CID25067483 placental alkaline phosphatases PLAPs inhibitors inhibits inhibitions alkaline phosphatases ROS cancers oxidative injury injuries ML095 ML 095 HCl 0E-12
75850 Mn(III)TBAP - >95% 5.752909760588 mn-iii-tbap SOD mimic superoxide dismutase mntbap 5.752909760588
75852 Mn(III)TMPyP - >95% 6.255193370165 mn-iii-tmpyp SOD mimetic peroxynitrite superoxide dismutase 6.255193370165
17097 Monobromobimane New 71418-44-5 ≥98% 2015-01-12 61.762150385956 monobromobimane MBBr; NSC 608544 biochemical fluorescence fluorescent probe oxidative injury thiol-reactive fluorogenic mBrB Thiolyte MB NSC608544 Bromobimane cell-permeable physiological pH group signal evaluate quantify reactive sulfur thiol H2S glutathione protein nucleotide 61.762150385956
585001 Myeloperoxidase (human) EIA Kit - 2009-05-05 21.688197513812 myeloperoxidase-human-eia-kit MPO (human) ELISA Kit myeloperoxidases controls standards EIAs ELISAs enzymes immunometrics assays leukocytes oxidants atherosclerotic atherosclerosis plaques prothrombogenicity cytotoxic cytotoxins nitric oxides vasocontrictions vasocontrictors plasma blood ACS acute coronary syndromes cardiac myocardial infarction revascularization death assays 21.688197513812
10012600 Myricetin 529-44-2 >98% 2009-02-20 29.532911649431 myricetin Cannabiscetin; NSC 407290 flavonoid antioxidant oxLDL CD36 atherosclerosis cancers JAK1 STAT3 MEK1 29.532911649431
16093 Myrtillin 6906-38-3 ≥98% 2014-06-26 6.399212707182 myrtillin Delphinin; Delphinidin-3-O-glucoside; Delphinidin-3-β-D-glucoside chloride 50986-17-9 1400-​45-​9 1400-​47-​1 27554-​24-​1 30373-​84-​3 30965-​59-​4 908574-​76-​5 natural products oxidative injury anthocyanins plants antioxidants potent mirtillin delphinin 3 three β beta .beta. b D glucosides delphinidin 3-O-glucoside 3-O-β-Dglucopyranoside 3-O-β-glucopyranoside 3-glucoside 3-monoglucoside 3-β-D-monoglucoside delphinidin-3-O-β-D-glucoside chlorides delphinidol 6.399212707182
16115 N-Acetyl-4-benzoquinone imine 50700-49-7 ≥90% 2014-10-24 3.965828316978 n-acetyl-4-benzoquinone-imine NAPQI; N-Acetyl-p-benzoquinonimine liver toxicity hepatotoxicity acetaminophen paracetamol cytochrome P450 oxidative stress glutathione biochemical CYP450 metabolism injury ox toxicology N-Acetyl-p-benzoquinonimine Acetimidoquinone N-Acetyl-1,4-benzoquinonimine N-acetylbenzoquinoneimine 3A4 2E1 CYP3A4 CYP2E1 metabolite conjugation hepatic protein hepatocyte necrosis 3.965828316978
16077 NAD+ (free acid) 53-84-9 ≥95% 2014-05-30 19.793719620342 nad-free-acid Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide 30429-​30-​2 159929-​29-​0 1083039-​67-​1 1354693-​98-​3 signals molecules transductions intracellular signaling oxidative oxidizing agents reduced stress genes regulations histones modifications NADs NADH enzymes cofactors substrates nicotinamides adenines dinucleotides metabolisms poly(ADP)-ribose polymerases cADP-ribose synthases ribose poly(ADP) cADP sirtuins mediates proteins deacetylations O-acetyl-ADP-ribose deacetylated 19.793719620342
600610 Neutrophil Elastase Activity Assay Kit - 2012-06-21 76.109068139963 neutrophil-elastase-activity-assay-kit kits assays measures measurement neutrophils elastases enzymes leukocytes humans blood cytoplasmic cytoplasms azurophilic granules cells cellular stimulation pathogens phorbol myristate acetate PMA excreted excretion exocytosed exocytosis proteins networks of extracellular traps NET proteases released degrades degrading invading immune immunity systems responses expression non-small lung cancers tumors lines U937 HL-60 invasion metastasis insoluble elastins matrix mutations ELA2 genes encoding hereditary neutrophenia inflammatory chronic diseases therapeutics non-fluorescent substrates (Z-Ala-Ala-Ala-Ala)2Rh110 R110 whole regulates regulating releases 76.109068139963
601130 Neutrophil/Monocyte Respiratory Burst Assay Kit New - 2015-02-06 124.696885069231 neutrophil-monocyte-respiratory-burst-assay-kit kit cell assay measuring measurement cell-based CBA neutrophil inducing quantify response flow cytometry FC whole blood culture media medium primary peripheral leukocyte bone marrow peritoneal exudate species NADPH nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate oxidase-dependent 124.696885069231
89540 Nitrotyrosine 621-44-3 ≥98% 7.975980662983 nitrotyrosine peroxynitrite oxidative injury nitration stress 3-nitrotyrosine protein 3-nitro-L-tyrosine 7.975980662983
389549 Nitrotyrosine Affinity Sorbent - 8.681450276243 nitrotyrosine-affinity-sorbent immunoprecipitation nitrated proteins sorbents IPP NO peroxynitrite nitric oxide Western blots blotting matrix resins IP antibodies 8.681450276243
89542 Nitrotyrosine BSA - 8.982421731123 nitrotyrosine-bsa Peroxynitrite-treated BSA nitrotyrosine controla western blots blotting 8.982421731123
189542 Nitrotyrosine Monoclonal Antibody - 22.038149171270 nitrotyrosine-monoclonal-antibody peroxynitrite nitric oxide superoxide oxidative injury stress Alzheimer's diseases antibodies NO western blots blotting WB nitration proteins antisera antiserum IHC immunohistochemistry immunoprecipitation IP atherosclerosis immunoblotting EIA enzyme immunoassays 22.038149171270
10006966 Nitrotyrosine Monoclonal Antibody - Biotinylated - 2005-04-15 8.217587476979 nitrotyrosine-monoclonal-antibody-biotinylated antibodies western blots blotting WB antisera antiserum peroxynitrite western blots blotting nitric oxide nitration proteins NO superoxide alzheimer's diseases oxidative injury stress IHC immunohistochemistry IP immunoprecipitation EIA enzyme immunoassay species independent detection immunoblotting Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays 8.217587476979
10006778 Nitrotyrosine (Peptide) Polyclonal Antibody - 2005-05-04 5.412817679557 nitrotyrosine-peptide-polyclonal-antibody antibodies western blots blotting WB antisera antiserum peroxynitrite nitric oxide nitration proteins NO superoxide alzheimer's diseases oxidative injury stress immunoblotting 5.412817679557
10189540 Nitrotyrosine Polyclonal Antibody - 12.253417521704 nitrotyrosine-polyclonal-antibody 189540 peroxynitrite antibodies western blots blotting nitric oxide nitration proteins NO superoxide WB alzheimer's diseases oxidative injury stress antisera antiserum immunoblotting 12.253417521704
10214 Nrf2 (C-Term) Polyclonal Antibody - 2013-01-09 221.550702446724 nrf2-c-term-polyclonal-antibody Nuclear Factor Erythroid 2-related factor 2; GABPA; HEBP1; NF-E2-related factor 2 transcription factors heterodimer Maf ARE antioxidative Kelch ECH CUL3 Keap-1 Keap 1 ubiquination inflammatory NRF2 Nrf-2 NFE2-related factor 2 c-terminal cterm NF-E2-related factor 2 221.550702446724
14114 Nrf2 (N-Term) Polyclonal Antibody - 2013-01-09 221.550702446724 nrf2-n-term-polyclonal-antibody GABPA; HEBP1; Nuclear Factor Erythroid 2-related factor 2; NF-E2-related factor 2 transcription factors heterodimer Maf ARE antioxidative Kelch ECH CUL3 Keap-1 Keap 1 ubiquination inflammatory NRF2 Nrf-2 NFE2-related factor 2 n-terminal nterm NF-E2-related factor 2 221.550702446724
600590 Nrf2 Transcription Factor Assay Kit - 2013-07-17 51.595101997450 nrf2-transcription-factor-assay-kit HEBP1; Nuclear Factor Erythroid 2-related factor 2; NF-E2-related factor 2; GABPA assays kits measuring measurement TFs factors NF-E2-related 2 Nuclear (erythroid-derived 2)-like 2 NFE2L2 E2 related leucines zippers types zipper-types transcriptions ubiquitously expressed expressions kidneys muscles lungs livers redox homeostasis oxidations reductions interactions cysteines cysteine-rich proteins Kelch like Kelch-like ECH-associated ECH associated 1 Keap1 resting cells complexes targets targeted targeting degrades degradations proteasomes oxidatives stresses undergoes conformational changes phosphoryateds phosphorylations releases releasing Nrf2/Keap1 translocations nucleus nuclei induced inductions genes encodes encoding cytoprotections cytoprotectives antioxidatives antioxidants enzymes activates activations defenses systems cellular molecules molecular damages cancers developments diseases diabetes neurodegenerative neurodegenerations diets dietary factors curcumin downstream lowers lowering inflammations inhibitors inhibits inhibitions carcinogenesis protections xenobiotics drugs interventions disorders nonradioactives non-radioactives non radioactives methods specifics DNA deoxyribonucleic acids binds bindings activity activities nuclear extracts double stranded dsDNA response elements primary antibody antibodies secondary 1 2 HRP horseradish peroxidases colorimetric ELISA EMSA enzyme-linked immunosorbents assays immunoassays radioactives electrophoretics mobility shift genes regulation 51.595101997450
15412 N-tert-butyl-α-Phenylnitrone 3376-24-7 ≥98% 2014-01-24 6.975524861878 n-tert-butyl-phenylnitrone PBN 50643-​08-​8 68315-​30-​0 115995-​20-​5 154345-​12-​7 165047-​88-​1 173777-​90-​7 PBN spins traps frees radicals oxidative damages inflammation antioxidants events neuroprotective antidiabetics inflammatory injury injuries cells permeable cell-permeable anti-aging anti aging lipopolysaccharide LPS LPS-induced NF.kappa.B NFkB NFκB NFkappaB DNA binding activity activities inhibits inhibitors inhibitions COX2 COX-2 COX two 2 6.975524861878
16483 Nε-​(1-Carboxymethyl)-L-​lysine 5746-04-3 ≥95% 2014-09-30 1.297097699140 n-1-carboxymethyl-l-lysine CML oxidative stress diabetes vascular disease aging cancer receptor agonist cardiology atherosclerosis injury biochemical advanced glycation endproduct AGE RAGE sRAGE modification glycated protein activates activator membrane-bound signals signaling MAPKs NF-κB NFKB soluble binds binding reduce reduction N6 Carboxymethyl lysine 1.297097699140
11439 Ochratoxin A 303-47-9 ≥90% 2012-10-22 9.619944751382 ochratoxin-a NSC 221991; OTA; NSC 201422 19850-84-1 26153-09-3 3R,14S-ochratoxin A NSC201422 NSC-201422 NSC221991 NSC-221991 phenylalanine-ochratoxin A mycotoxins Aspergillus ochraceus carbonarius Penicillium verrucosum food contaminants nephropathy renal skin cancers oxidative stress Nrf2 MAPK DNA damage ochratoxin-A A. ochraceus A. carbonarius P. verrucosum neurons immune systems liver kidneys organs adenomas tumors tolerable weekly intake Phe-OTA 9.619944751382
16092 Oenin 7228-78-6 ≥95% 2014-06-26 8.013845303867 oenin NSC 70532; Malvidin-3-O-glucoside 18470-06-9 27576-​52-​9 28986-​87-​0 140674-​82-​4 natural products neurosciences autophagy oxidative injury Alzheimer’s research chlorides anthocyanin amyloid b β beta .beta. cytotoxicity neuro-2A cells neuro 2A U20S cells plants NSCs 70532 NSC70532 NSC-70532 anthocyanidin neuroprotective reactive oxygens species ROS malvidin 3-O-glucoside 3-O-β-D-glucopyranosides 3-glucosides 3-monoglucosides 3-β-Dglucopyranosides 3-β-D-monoglucosides malvidol 8.013845303867
15118 Oltipraz 64224-21-1 ≥98% 2013-10-22 5.412429925490 oltipraz RP 35972; NSC 347901 anticarcinogen anti carcinogen anti-carcinogen cancers phases I detoxifying enzymes II detoxifying detox enzymes glutathiones S transferases S-tranferases GSTs UDP-glucuronosyltransferases UGTs UDP glucuronosyltransferases NADs NAD(P)H:quinone oxidoreductase NQO1 microsomal epoxide hydrolase aflatoxins aldehydes reductase transcriptions factors nuclears factors E2–related 2 Nrf2 E2 related antioxidants anti-oxidants oxidants responses elements ARE CYP2B constitutive androstane CARs NSCs 347901 NSC-347901 NSC347901 RPs RP35972 35972 RP-35972 transcriptions antischistosomiasis anti-schistosomiasis schistosomiasis 5.412429925490
13521 Oxalomalic Acid (sodium salt) 89304-26-7 ≥95% 2010-02-05 64.749447513812 oxalomalic-acid-sodium-salt aconitases citric acids glutamate oxidative injuries inhibitors inhibition inhibits oxalomalics oxaloacetate glyoxylate iron regulatory proteins IRP Oxalate Monohydrogen Monopotassium Monohydrogen Monopotassium Oxalate oxalates 64.749447513812
34004 Oxidized Lipid HPLC Mixture - >98% for each compound 13.430484960098 oxidized-lipid-hplc-mixture ROS peroxidation LDL atherosclerosis autoxidation reactive oxygen species (+/-)9-HODEs (+/-)13-HODEs esters (+/-)15-HETEs (+/-)-HODEs (+/-)-HETEs hydroxy fatty acids racemic (+/-)HODEs (+/-)HETEs cholesteryl esters 13.430484960098
600880 Oxygen Consumption/MitoMembrane Potential Dual Assay Kit Exclusive - 2013-11-25 93.999470263243 oxygen-consumption-mitomembrane-potential-dual-assay-kit kits cells assays CBAs cell-based measures measuring measurement mitochondria eukaryotes eukaryotic cells organelles biochemical energy ATP adenosines triphosphates cellular physiological processes signals signaling growth differentiations deaths apoptosis dysfunctions diseases pathological developments cancers aerobic glycolysis consumes consuming O2 oxygens oxidatives phosphorylations metabolisms pharmacological targets assessments functions multiplex mitochondial electrodes phosphorescents probes MitoXpress® - Xtra MitoXpress®-Xtra MitoXpress - Xtra MitoXpress-Xtra Luxcel Biosciences analysis analyzing consumptions whole phosphorescence rates JC-1 cationic dyes color membranes potentials fluorescence living live Antimycin A inhibits inhibitors inhibitions oxidations ETC electrons transports chains controls glucose oxidases references depletions HTS high throughput screenings compounds modulates modulating 93.999470263243
12028 Oxyresveratrol 29700-22-9 ≥98% 2012-09-13 3.674596685082 oxyresveratrol trans-2',3,4',5-Tetramethoxystilbene 33626-05-0 resveratrol antioxidant free radical scavenger neuroprotection strokes ischemia tyrosinase melanin depigmentation skin whitening natural analogs mulberry woods H2O2 NO DPPH 2,2-diphenyl-I-picrylhydrazyl cytochromes c caspase 3 caspase-s inhibits inhibiting inhibitors inhibitions pigments kojic acids hyperpigmentation disorders B16 B 16 B-16 3.674596685082
62924 PAz-PC 117746-89-1 ≥98% 3.038170656845 paz-pc 1-Palmitoyl-2-Azelaoyl PC; Azelaoyl PC PPAR.gamma. PPARgamma receptors thiazolidinediones binding sites atherosclerosis 3.038170656845
10007186 PCSK9 (human) Blocking Peptide - 2006-01-11 7.200063141278 pcsk9-human-blocking-peptide NARC-1 proteins diseases antibodies antisera antiserum WB western blots blotting ICC immunocytochemistry serines proteases family lipoproteins subtilisin metabolisms mutations genes autosomal doimant dominance hypercholesterolemia low density LDLs overexpressions plasmas total cholesterols livers kidneys lungs spleens jejunums ileums colons muscles golgi cancer cells tissues 7.200063141278
10009581 PCSK9 (mouse) Blocking Peptide - 2007-01-22 8.315202578269 pcsk9-mouse-blocking-peptide NARC-1; Proprotein Convertase Subtilisin Kexin 9 neural apoptosis regulated convertase 1 proteins antibodies antisera antiserum WB western blots blotting ICC immunocytochemistry serines proteases lipoproteins subtilisin metabolisms mutations genes autosomal doimant dominance hypercholesterolemia low density LDLs overexpressions plasmas total cholesterols cancer cells 8.315202578269
10010518 PD 146176 4079-26-9 ≥98% 2009-02-25 20.136664364640 pd-146176 NSC 168807 atherosclerosis 15-LOs 15-lipoxygenases oxidant injury injuries apoptosis amyloid β proteins inhibitors inhibits inhibitions Alzheimers disease oxidative stress pd146176 20.136664364640
10006341 PDM 11 1032508-03-4 ≥98% 2005-03-23 8.686823204420 pdm-11 resveratrol analogs analogues aryl hydrocarbons receptors anatagonists AhRs ligand-dependents ligands xenobiotics PDM11 PDM-11 estrogen dioxin poisonings stilbene xenobiotics polyaromatics soot coal tar 8.686823204420
10006342 PDM 2 688348-25-6 >98% 2005-03-29 9.757766377269 pdm-2 AhRs antagonists stilbenes dioxins aryl hydrocarbons receptors ligand-dependent transcription factors resveratrol analogs ligands xenobiotics PDM2 PDM-2 estrogen poisonings xenobiotics polyaromatics soot coal tar cancers 9.757766377269
10005983 Pentafluorobenzenesulfonyl fluorescein 728912-45-6 ≥98% 2005-02-22 8.706956303365 pentafluorobenzenesulfonyl-fluorescein fluoresceins hydrogen peroxides oxidative stress fluorescents probes ROS reactive oxygen species perhydrolysis H2O2 8.706956303365
10010254 Pentosidine 124505-87-9 ≥98% 2011-02-10 31.092265193370 pentosidine advanced glycation end products AGEs RAGE glycosylation diabetes uremia aging rheumatic arthritis biomarkers 31.092265193370
10044 PGPC 89947-79-5 >98% 2004-01-21 5.412917127071 pgpc PPAR.gamma. PPARgamma oxidized LDL lipds agonists atherosclerosis nuclear receptors thiazolidinediones sites peroxisome low-density lipoproteins e-selectin vcam1 vcam-1 binding 5.412917127071
11745 Phyllanthin New 10351-88-9 2015-01-22 0E-12 phyllanthin (+)-1,4-dimethoxy-2S,3S-diveratryl-butane; NSC 619043 NSC619043 Phyllanthus amarus lignan biochemical hepatoprotective ethanol-induced oxidative stress rat liver cell damage antioxidant activity 0E-12
14044 Pinostilbene 42438-89-1 ≥98% 2013-01-10 6.925064456721 pinostilbene resveratrols methoxylation bioavailability stilbene Parkinson’s diseases neuroprotective derivative reduces reduction neurotoxicity SH-SY5Y SHSY5Y SH SY5Y cells 6-OHDA 6OHDA OHDA 6-hydroxydopmaine dopamine DPPH radicals 6.925064456721
11006 Piperlongumine 20069-09-4 ≥98% 2011-10-24 39.036464088398 piperlongumine Piplartine 2859-009- 11042-67-4 25343-05-9 Keap1 Nrf2 antioxidants ROS cancers redox platelet aggregation tumorigenesis 39.036464088398
13986 Pirfenidone 53179-13-8 ≥95% 2012-11-14 85.178342541437 pirfenidone AMR 69; Deskar; Pirespa 835632-50-3 AMR69 AMR-69 pulmonary fibrosis idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis wounds healing inflammation oxidative stress oral orally active antioxidant anti-inflammatory anti-fibrotic cytokine production tissues scarring livers diabetic nephropathy 85.178342541437
14440 PJ-34 (hydrochloride) 344458-15-7 ≥98% 2013-04-16 6.251187845303 pj-34-hydrochloride 344458-19-1 PJ34 PJ 34 HCl inhibitors inhibits inhibition oxidative injury apoptosis DNA damage polymerases PARPs enzymes oxygen nitrogen cells tankyrase1 TNKS1 matrix metalloproteinase-2 poly(ADP-ribose) 6.251187845303
10031 POV-PC 121324-31-0 ≥98% 10.750943172849 pov-pc 2-(5-oxovaleryl) Phosphatidylcholine oxidative injury lipids stress oxLDL oxidized low-density lipoproteins CD36 CD-36 PMNLs polymorphonuclear leukocytes atherosclerosis phosphatidylcholines scavengers receptors LPS-binding affinity potent structural determinant inhibits inhibition inhibitors lipopolysaccaride atherosclerosis POVPC 10.750943172849
75751 PPA 13159-16-5 ≥98% 0.817679558011 ppa peroxidase HPLC standard PPHP cylcooxygenase 0.817679558011
75750 PPHP 87864-20-8 >98% 39.601767955801 pphp peroxidase substrate cyclooxygenase 39.601767955801
9000487 PRIMA-1MET 5291-32-7 ≥95% 2014-07-11 3.037845303868 prima-1met APR 246 PRIMA-1 tumor-suppressor mutants p53 apoptosis cancers thioredoxin reductases redox TrxR1 apoptosis apoptotic PRIMA1 PRIMA 1 MET mutations p53 tumors suppressors neoplastic cells oncogenic anti-oncogenic antioncogenic anti oncogenes epitopes methylayted derivatives chemotherapeutic drugs inhibits inhibitors inhibiton cellular redox balances activates activators proteins APR246 APR-246 3.037845303868
15043 Probucol 23288-49-5 ≥98% 2013-10-16 5.660372928177 probucol DH 581; NSC 652160; Lorelco; NSC 86225 antioxidants hypocholesterolemic cholesterol LDL HDL inhibitors inhibits inhibitions lipids peroxidation ATP-binding cassette transporters A1 ABCA1 atherosclerosis neuroprotective ATPs binding binds ABCA-1 ABCA 1 one ABCA-1 A-1 A low density lipoproteins high J774 J-774 J 774 macrophages plasma membranes huntingtons diseases biphenabid bisbid bisphenabid lipomal lurselle panavir phenbutol probucol sinlestal oxidative injury injuries inflammation inflammatory glutathione peroxidases neuroscience 5.660372928177
11510 Prostaglandin Bx Exclusive 39306-29-1 Mixture of oligomers 34.416298342541 prostaglandin-bx PGBx PGBx free radicals antioxidants prostaglandins 34.416298342541
10005020 Protein Carbonyl Colorimetric Assay Kit - 2004-11-19 306.975519337016 protein-carbonyl-colorimetric-assay-kit reactive oxygen species ROS Fe2+ Cu2+ metal-catalyzed oxidation lysines arginines pralinse histidines 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazines DNPH Schiff bases plasma serum tissues homogenates oxidized proteins hydrazones colorimetric assays kits 306.975519337016
14916 Protocatechuic Acid 99-50-3 ≥98% 2013-09-16 5.300644567219 protocatechuic-acid NSC 16631; PCA phenolic acids antioxidants polyphenols anti-inflammatory antihyperglycemic neuroprotectives anticancers PCA dihydroxybenzoic medicinal plants metabolites green tea free radicals DPPH antiinflammatory anti inflammatory anti-hyperglycemic hyperglycemic anti-cancer cancers in vitro carcinogenesis pro-apoptotic anti-proliferative apoptotic proliferative tissues tumors cells mouse mice melanomas B16/F10 B16 F10 Ras Akt NF-κB NFκB NF.kappa.B kappa κ RhoB MMP NSC -16631 NSC16631 5.300644567219
13000 Pterostilbene 537-42-8 ≥98% 2009-09-09 19.949600934976 pterostilbene trans-3,5-Dimethoxy-4'-Hydroxystilbene; 3',5'-Dimethoxy-4-Stilbenol resveratrol blueberries antioxidant PGE2 prostaglandins E2 cells proliferation ERK1/2 ERK 1/2 p38 MAPK PI3K/Akt NF-kB NFkB NF-κB NFκB AP-1 AP1 transcriptional activation cancers inflammation diabetes inflammatory 19.949600934976
14982 PTIO 18390-00-6 ≥98% 2013-10-01 17.904723756906 ptio α-Phenyltetramethylnitronyl nitroxide spins traps nitric oxides imino nitroxide dioxide synthases NO2 NO oxidizing reagents imino nitroxides reactive prbes oxidative injury injuries 17.904723756906
14192 PX 12 141400-58-0 ≥98% 2013-03-01 10.064186145345 px-12 oxidative injury injuries inhibitors inhibits inhibitions cancers angiogenesis PX12 PX-12 PXs Trx1 Trx-1 Trx 1 Cys73 cells hypoxia reduces reduction MCF-7 MCF7 MCF 7 10.064186145345
10009594 Pyocyanin 85-66-5 ≥98% 2007-07-12 22.742209944751 pyocyanin Sanasin; Sanazin; Pyocyanine biochemicals cytokines free radical generators apoptosis inflammation oxidative injury infectious disease gene regulation immunology receptor agonists cystic fibrosis patients infected P aeruginosa pseudomonas aryl hydrocarbon receptor activates expression detoxifying enxymes cytokines clearance clears bacteria accelerate neutrophil in vitro acute inflammation bacteria bacterial survival in vivo lungs immunocompromised premature cellular senescence mammal nonenzymatic reduction NADPH hydrogen peroxide intracellular glutathione stress cells 22.742209944751
10005169 Quercetin 117-39-5 >95% 2004-08-04 15.104043752441 quercetin flavonoid plants fruits glycosides carcinogens carcinogenic inhibits inhibitors inhibition phosphodiesterases antioxidants rutin 15.104043752441
14941 Quinolinic Acid 89-00-9 ≥98% 2013-09-16 6.156187642183 quinolinic-acid NSC 18836; NSC 403247; NSC 13127 neurotoxins excitotoxic NMDA receptors agonists tryptophan metabolites kynurenine pathways neurodegenerative diseases reactive oxygen species ROS inflammation acids endogenous metabolism immunomodulatory hyperphosphorylated tau proteins NSC13127 NSC-13127 NSC18836 NSC-18836 NSC403247 NSC-403247 6.156187642183
17186 Rebamipide New 90098-04-7 ≥98% 2015-02-12 75.555555555556 rebamipide OPC 12759 111911-87-6 139344-42-6 anti-ulcer gastroprotective anti-inflammatory anti-oxidative stress injury mucin secretagogue dry eye biochemical inflammation ophthalmology prostaglandin E2 PGE2 quinolinone derivative gastric mucosa mucosal defense COX-2 cyclooxygenase conjunctiva cornea h pylori infection inhibit reactive oxygen species cytokine release pyloric channel ulcer stomach tear film adhesion rebagen mucosta proamipide rebator 75.555555555556
10006415 Ro 48-8071 161582-11-2 ≥95% 2005-06-01 20.518719919338 ro-48-8071 monooxidosqualenes cyclases inhibitors OSC cholesterols lowering activity microsomal enzymes catalyzes lanosterol synthetic pathway LDL low-density lipoproteins human livers microsomes HepG2 cells HDL high-desity toxicity CYP3A mRNA proteins hepatocytes cultures atherosclerosis 20.518719919338
70900 Rosmarinic Acid 20283-92-5 >98% 16.069999999999 rosmarinic-acid antioxidants inflammation lipids peroxidation 16.069999999999
11878 Salicylcurcumin 1236545-54-2 ≥95% 2013-09-12 1.975628453038 salicylcurcumin Salicylcurcuminoid Antioxidants cancers oxidative injury injuries synthetics curcumin curcuminoid salicylates anticarcinogenic anti-carcinogenic anticarcinogens anti-carcinogens quinones reductases murine hepatoma cells 1.975628453038
10950 Sampling Tubes with BHT - 2011-06-01 374.551685082872 sampling-tubes-with-bht Butylated Hydroxy Toluene spi-bio spibio phenolic antioxidant free radical scavenger lipid peroxidation 8-isoprostanes isoprostanes artefactual formation degradation biomarkers samples cryotubes silicones washers liquid nitrogen lipid peroxidation studies 374.551685082872
16951 ​Sanguinarine (chloride)​ 5578-73-4 ≥98% 2014-11-10 3.621581233405 -sanguinarine-chloride 2447-54-3 natural product alkaloid antimicrobial anti-inflammatory anti-oxidant antiproliferative apoptosis cancer NF-κB IκBα ROS TRAIL TNF-related inducing ligand MMP-2 MMP-9 Akt angiogenesis biochemical inhibitor inhibit oxidative injury signal transduction benzylisoquinoline plant Papaveraceae pro-apoptotic cell line nuclear factor-kappaB reactive oxygen species tumor necrosis factor-related metastasis activation matrix metalloproteinase-2 matrix metalloproteinase-9 antiangiogenic downregulating VEGF-induced vascular endothelial growth factor Protein kinase B PKB hydrochloride hydrate sanguinarium 3.621581233405
10006518 S-Nitrosylated Protein Detection Kit - 2005-11-29 130.154164602781 s-nitrosylated-protein-detection-kit S-NO Protein Detection Kit NOs nitric oxides synthases oxidation oxidative reactive nitrogen species RNS thiol SH groups signalling proteins kits measures measurements S-nitrosation nitrosation S-nitrosylation nitrosylation assays 130.154164602781
10012555 Sodium Hydrogen Sulfide (hydrate) 207683-19-0 ≥65% 2009-09-03 8.305188347563 sodium-hydrogen-sulfide-hydrate NaHS; NSC 158264; Sodium Hydrosulfide hydrogen sulfide H2S donor inflammation oxidative stress cardiocascular neurological neurons pulmonary leukocytes neutrophils pain 1310-76-5 64568-18-9 111883-06-8 16721-80-5 8.305188347563
11882 Sofalcone 64506-49-6 ≥98% 2012-07-25 25.134939635768 sofalcone Solon; SU 88 SU88 SU-88 gastrointestinal inflammations ulceration gastric ulcers antiulcer anti-ulcer ulcer anti chalcone derivatives TNF-α TNFα TNF α TNF-a TNFa TNF a MCP1 MCP-1 MCP 1 hemes oxygenase, VEGF Helicobacter pylori H. pylori 25.134939635768
10009642 SOTS-1 (technical grade) 223507-96-8 >80% 2008-06-09 11.996574585636 sots-1-technical-grade Di-(4-Carboxybenzyl)Hyponitrite; Superoxide Thermal Source superoxide radical anion hydroperoxyl hydrogen peroxide hydroxyl oxidative stress superoxide dismutase thermal sources SOTS1 SOTS-1 Azo compounds SOD 11.996574585636
500431 STAT-8-Isoprostane EIA Kit - 105.481674033149 stat-8-isoprostane-eia-kit STAT-8-epi Prostaglandin F; STAT-8-iso Prostaglandin F; iPF-III Alkaline Phosphatase; STAT-8-Isoprostane ELISA Kit solid plates oxidative injury stress reactive oxygen species 8-isoprostanes 8-epi-PGF2.alpha. 8-epi-PGF2alpha 8-iso-PGF2.alpha. 8-iso-PGF2alpha prostaglandins free radicals ROS peroxidation lipids measures kits eias enzyme immunoassays ELISAs assays 105.481674033149
14844 Sulfaphenazole 526-08-9 ≥98% 2013-11-06 11.806961325967 sulfaphenazole Depotsulfonamide; Plisulfan; Depocid; Raziosulfa 165121-67-5 CYP2C9 cytochromes P450 CYP450 enzymes drugs metabolism adverse reactions inhibitors inhibits inhibitions endothelium-derived endothelium derived hyperpolarizing factors synthase EDHF ROS vasodilation coronary diseases CYPs isoforms reactive oxygen species endothelial cells vascular tones homeostasis depocid depotsulfonamide eftolon firmazolo inamil isarol V merian microtan pirazolo orisul orisulf paidazolo plisulfan raziosulfa sulfabid sulfaphenazol sulfaphenazon sulfaphenylpyrazole 11.806961325967
600320 Sulfenylated Protein Cell-Based Detection Kit - 2013-03-07 123.431277888274 sulfenylated-protein-cell-based-detection-kit S-sulfenylated Protein Detection Assay; Protein Sulfenylation Detection Kit P-SOH kits measures measurements cell-based CBAs oxidative damages oxidized reactive oxygen species ROS cells cellular pathways diseases proteins modifications sulfenylations oxidations cysteine residues redox-sensitive sensors molecular switches activates activating deactivates deactivating states stress-induced cancers intracellular pathological conditions sulfenic acids formations GC/MS GC-MS gas chromatography-mass spectrometry HPLC high-performance liquid detectors detections Western blots blotting ELISA enzymes immunoassay immunosorbents assays bioorthogonal chemical reporters DAz-2 cell-permeables chemoselectives in situ acid-modified 123.431277888274
10496 Sulforaphane 4478-93-7 ≥98% 2012-10-23 17.780672713974 sulforaphane SFN sulforaphan Nrf2 antioxidant ARE Keap1 oxidative stress inflammations cancers apoptosis inducers inhibitors HDAC antitumors cells cycles arrest isothiocyanate cruciferous vegetables broccoli chemopreventative enzymes inhibits inhibitions Keap1-Nrf2 class I II tumors apoptosis prostates epithelial anti-tumors anti anti-oxidant oxidant anticancer antiinflammatory DL-sulforaphane 17.780672713974
706002 Superoxide Dismutase Assay Kit - 624.165799199847 superoxide-dismutase-assay-kit SOD Assay Kit assays kits Cu-Zn-SOD CuZn-SOD catalyzes catalysis Cu/Zn-SOD Mn-SOD Fe-SOD peroxynitrite copper/zinc manganese iron ALS dismutases metalloenzymes antioxidants oxidative injury stress cellular cytosolic mitochodrial extracellular amytrophic lateral sclerosis alzheimer's parkinson's huntington's diseases analysistools:sod 624.165799199847
14323 Tanshinone IIA 568-72-9 ≥97% 2013-08-07 2.704156723604 tanshinone-iia NSC 686519; TSA; NSC 686518 inflammation cancers cytotoxic TNFα IL-1β IL-6 NO INFγ iNOSIl-12 smooth muscle migration signal transduction Akt ERK tumors necrosis factors salvia miltoiorrhiza s. Chinese herbal medicines anti-inflammatory antiinflammatory anti inflammatory active activity interferes inhibits inhibitors inhibitions MMP-9 MMP9 MMP9 natural products anti-cancer anticancer TNFa TNFalpha TNF.alpha. TNFα alpha .alpha. a α TNF-a TNF-alpha TNF-.alpha. TNF-α ILs interleukin IL-1 IL-6 IL-12 IL1 IL6 IL12 1 6 12 interelukin-1 interleukin-6 interleukin-12 IL-1beta IL-1b IL-1.beta. NO INFg INFgamma INF.gamma. INF-gamma INF-g INF-.gamma. INFs gamma .gamma. g γ INF-γ INFγ NQO1 ROS-mediated reactive oxygen speciese apoptotic cells deaths ROS NSCs 686518 686519 NSC-686518 NSC-686519 NSC686518 NSC686519 dan shen ketones tanshinons tanshinone-II tanshinone-B tanshinone-IIA B II A IIA apoptosis vascular diseases 2.704156723604
10009055 TBARS Assay Kit - 2006-10-13 506.914177276003 tbars-assay-kit Thiobarbituric Acid Reactive Substances Assay Kit assays kits MDA malodialdehyde lipid peoxidation cellular injury oxidative stress thiobarbitruic acid reactive substances MDA-TBA adduct colorimetrically 506.914177276003
700870 TBARS (TCA Method) Assay Kit - 2014-04-14 203.809880294659 tbars-tca-method-assay-kit Thiobarbituric Acid Reactive Substances (TCA Method) Assay Kit kits assays measures measurements screening screens MDA oxidative stress malondialdehyde lipids peroxidations cells cellular injury injuries plants animals indicates indicators oxidative stress tissues peroxides PUFAs polyunsaturated fatty acids reactive carbonyls compounds human platelets thromboxanes synthases TXS catalyzes prostaglandins PGH2 H2 A2 TXA2 12(S)-HHTrEs Thiobarbituric Reactive Substances fluids drugs foods lipoproteins fractions precipitates precipitated samples saturated unsaturated plasma urine homogenates blood lysates MDA-TBA adducts acidic conditions colorimetrically fluorometrically colorimetric fluorometric 203.809880294659
14877 TEMPONE 2896-70-0 ≥98% 2013-10-29 6.550260457774 tempone Triacetoneamine nitroxide; 4-oxo-TEMPO 26841-66-7 70939-26-3 1169497-70-4 oxidative stress injury spins traps reactive probes 2 6 2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine-1-oxyl TEMPO 4-oxo 4 oxo derivative nitroxyl radicals hydrogen transfer polarizing agents dynamic nuclear polarization NMRs spectroscopy TANO 6.550260457774
11757 Tetrahydrocurcumin New 36062-04-1 2015-01-20 1.878943370165 tetrahydrocurcumin HZIV 81-2; NSC 687845 NSC687845 Sabiwhite tetrahydrodiferuloylmethane tetrahydro curcumin major metabolite protective effect diabetes vascular dysfunction alleviation oxidative stress injury antioxidative anti-oxidative hydrogenation antioxidant cancer natural product biochemical 1.878943370165
13083 ThioFluor 623 1004324-99-5 ≥98% 2009-03-16 37.657681386570 thiofluor-623 Fluorescent Thiol Probe thiols fluorophores cells permable cell-permeable 37.657681386570
700340 Thiol Detection Assay Kit - 2010-04-27 192.974499693062 thiol-detection-assay-kit kits assay measures measurement measuring thiols L-cysteines L-glutathiones residues proteins antioxidants cells cellular lipids nucleic acids peroxidative damages free radicals GSH humans plasmas livers tissues reductases oxidative stress oxidized toxicity nucleophiles amino acids peptides chains serums homogenates lysates urine fluorometric detectors fluorescence fluorescent 192.974499693062
11537 Thioredoxin 1 (E. coli) Polyclonal Antiserum - 2012-03-20 7.496500000000 thioredoxin-1-e-coli-polyclonal-antiserum Trx1 antibodies Trx1 Trx-1 Trx IMCO sheep antiserum gamma globulin fractions 7.496500000000
11517 Thioredoxin 1 from E. coli (oxidized form) - 2012-03-11 10.788647724282 thioredoxin-1-from-e-coli-oxidized-form Trx1 thioredoxins e. coli oxidized insulin recombinant rats mammalian absorption Trx-1 Trx1 Trx IMCO thioredoxin-1 trxA fipA tsnC b3781 JW5856 active proteins 10.788647724282
11539 Thioredoxin 1 (human) Monoclonal Antibody (Clone 2G11) - 2012-03-21 7.496500000000 thioredoxin-1-human-monoclonal-antibody-clone-2g11 Trx1 IMCO antibodies Trx1 Trx-1 Trx human clones purified native phospate buffered ELISA IF IP WB western blots blotting Immunofluorescence Immunoprecipitation 7.496500000000
11520 Thioredoxin 1 (human mutant C61S/C72S) - 2012-03-13 4.537661141804 thioredoxin-1-human-mutant-c61s-c72s Trx1 IMCO active proteins Trx1 Trx-1 Trx human mutant C61S C72S recombinant NADPH EDTA mammalian 4.537661141804
11542 Thioredoxin 1 (human) Polyclonal Antibody - 2012-03-21 7.165306498289 thioredoxin-1-human-polyclonal-antibody Trx1 IMCO Trx-1 Trx1 Trx antibodies ELISA immunohistochemistry IHC WB western blots blotting rabbits human gamma globulin 7.165306498289
11541 Thioredoxin 1 (human) Polyclonal Antibody - biotinylated - 2012-03-20 7.496500000000 thioredoxin-1-human-polyclonal-antibody-biotinylated Trx1 antibodies Trx1 Trx-1 Trx IMCO human goats recombinant IHC immunohistochemistry WB western blots blotting ELISA 7.496500000000
11538 Thioredoxin 1 (human) Pure Polyclonal Antibody - 2012-02-21 7.496500000000 thioredoxin-1-human-pure-polyclonal-antibody Trx1 IMCO antibodies Trx1 Trx-1 Trx gamma globulin fractions goats recombinant WB western blots blotting immunohistochemistry IHC human 7.496500000000
11518 Thioredoxin 1 (human recombinant) - 2012-03-11 16.113562220468 thioredoxin-1-human-recombinant Trx1 proteins human thioredoxin-1 mammalian rat insulin active proteins IMCO Trx1 Trx-1 Trx 11519 16.113562220468
11540 Thioredoxin 1 (mouse) Polyclonal Antibody - 2012-03-21 8.601770586688 thioredoxin-1-mouse-polyclonal-antibody Trx1 IMCO Trx-1 Trx1 Trx antibodies WB western blots blotting mouse cytosolic 8.601770586688
11521 Thioredoxin 1 (mouse recombinant) - 2012-03-14 5.298694123555 thioredoxin-1-mouse-recombinant Trx1 IMCO Trx1 Trx-1 Trx mouse thioredoxin active proteins rat recombinant mammalian reductase 5.298694123555
15513 Thioredoxin 1 Truncated (human) Monoclonal Antibody (Clone 4H9) - 2014-01-17 7.891052631578 thioredoxin-1-truncated-human-monoclonal-antibody-clone-4h9 Trx80 IMCO Trx-1 Trx1 Trx antibodies truncated purified clones ELISA immunofluorescence IF immunoprecipitation IP WB western blots blotting 7.891052631578
11543 Thioredoxin 1 Truncated (human) Monoclonal Antibody (Clone 7D11) - 2012-03-21 7.496500000000 thioredoxin-1-truncated-human-monoclonal-antibody-clone-7d11 Trx80 IMCO Trx-1 Trx1 Trx antibodies truncated purified clones ELISA immunofluorescence IF immunoprecipitation IP WB western blots blotting 7.496500000000
11522 Thioredoxin 1 Truncated (human recombinant) - 2012-03-14 4.537661141804 thioredoxin-1-truncated-human-recombinant Trx1 Trx1 Trx-1 Trx IMCO active truncated recombinant PBS phosphate buffered saline 4.537661141804
11527 Thioredoxin Activity Fluorescent Assay Kit - 2012-03-16 31.250601359965 thioredoxin-activity-fluorescent-assay-kit Trx kits assays measures measurement mammalian Trx TrxR thioredoxin assays fluorescent reductases oxidative stress injury assays kits measures mammalian aurothiomalate DTNB reduction 31.250601359965
15493 Thioredoxin Activity Fluorescent V2 Assay Kit - 2014-01-13 13.635822723997 thioredoxin-activity-fluorescent-v2-assay-kit Trx kits assays measures measurement mammalian Trx TrxR thioredoxin assays fluorescent reductases oxidative stress injury assays kits measures mammalian aurothiomalate DTNB reduction 13.635822723997
14638 Thioredoxin Reductase 1 (rat recombinant) - 2013-05-16 22.463996316758 thioredoxin-reductase-1-rat-recombinant TrxR1 Trx-1 Trx1 Trx proteins recombinant rat active NADPH mammalian DTNB IMCO 11524 22.463996316758
10007892 Thioredoxin Reductase Colorimetric Assay Kit - 2006-08-31 157.081808579785 thioredoxin-reductase-colorimetric-assay-kit TrxR Assay Kit TrxR reductases oxidative stress injury assays kits measures mammalian aurothiomalate DTNB reduction 157.081808579785
11529 Thioredoxin Reductase Fluorescent Activity Assay Kit - 2012-03-16 8.103713167587 thioredoxin-reductase-fluorescent-activity-assay-kit TrxR kits assays measures measurement mammalian Trx TrxR thioredoxin assays fluorescent reductases oxidative stress injury assays kits measures mammalian aurothiomalate DTNB reduction 8.103713167587
11523 Thioredoxin Reductase from E. coli - 2012-03-14 8.437882973380 thioredoxin-reductase-from-e-coli TrxR Trx1 Trx-1 Trx IMCO active e. coli thioredoxin reductase SDS gel electrophoresis 8.437882973380
11526 Thioredoxin/Thioredoxin Reductase Mammalian Assay Kit - 2012-03-16 20.829956261510 thioredoxin-thioredoxin-reductase-mammalian-assay-kit Trx/TrxR kits assays measures measurement mammalian Trx TrxR thioredoxin assays fluorescent reductases oxidative stress injury assays kits measures mammalian aurothiomalate DTNB reduction 20.829956261510
16375 Tin Protoporphyrin IX (chloride) 14325-05-4 2014-08-11 56.948115408225 tin-protoporphyrin-ix-chloride NSC 267099; SnPPIX 744952-85-0 99022-​74-​9 inhibitors inhibits inhibitions oxidative injury injuries heme oxygenase HO synthetics analogs selective selectively HO-1 HO-2 endothelial nitric oxide NO synthase soluble guanylyl cyclases hyperbilirubinemia neonates plasma tissues kidneys livers spleens cells animals eNOS NSCs 267099 NSC267099 NSC-267099 SnPP IX SnPP-IX 56.948115408225
70450 TMB (hydrochloride hydrate) 207738-08-7 ≥98% 104.555773480663 tmb-hydrochloride-hydrate oxidation heme peroxidases hydroperoxides 2HCl diamines cyclooxygenase dihydrochloride dihydrate 64285-73-0 104.555773480663
70455 TMPD (hydrochloride) 637-01-4 ≥95% 54.024613259668 tmpd-hydrochloride N,N,N',N'-Tetramethyl-p-Phenylenediamine; Wurster’s Reagent oxidation heme peroxidases hydroperoxides polyacrylamides gels cyclooxygenase 54.024613259668
10004257 trans-4,5-epoxy-2(E)-Decenal 134454-31-2 ≥95% 2005-03-16 49.297044198894 trans-4-5-epoxy-2-e-decenal 3-(3-pentyloxiranyl)-2E-propenal aldehydes odorant peroxidation oxidative injury PUFAs polyunsaturated fatty acids reactive aldehydes tools peroxidative damages stress 49.297044198894
16138 trans-Clovamide 53755-02-5 ≥98% 2014-07-17 6.116975138122 trans-clovamide N-trans-Caffeoyl-L-DOPA; N-[3',4'-Dihydroxy-(E)-cinnamoyl]-3-hydroxy-L-tyrosine antioxidants polyphenols antiradicals anti-radicals anti radicals neuroprotective trans clovamide transclovamide caffeoyl conjugates polyphenolic cocoa T. T cacao L L. anti-oxidants anti oxidants neurons deaths intracellular signaling signals natural products neurosciences oxidative injury injuries N-trans-Caffeoyl-3,4-dihydroxy-L-phenylalanine neuronal 6.116975138122
10004224 trans-EKODE-(E)-Ib Exclusive 478931-82-7 ≥98% 2009-12-22 14.304348855564 trans-ekode-e-ib 12,13-epoxy-9-keto-10(trans)-Octadecenoic Acid oxidative stress linoleic acid peroxidation EKODEs antioxidant response elements AREs neuronal cells NQO1 aldosterone corticosterone adrenal cells calcium stimulated synthesis intercellular 14.304348855564
70675 trans-Resveratrol 501-36-0 ≥98% 47.703005505827 trans-resveratrol (E)-Resveratrol selective cyclooxygenases inhibitors COX-1 PGHS-1 COX1 PGHS1 prostaglandins H synthases 1 antioxidants oxidative injury stress atherosclerosis sirtuins 3,5,4'-trihydroxystilbene 3,5,4'-trihydroxy-trans-stilbene 3,5,4'-THS 3,5,4'-trimethoxy stilbene 3,5,4'-trimethoxystilbene (E)-stilbenes AHR antagonists aryl hydrocarbon receptors salvestrols 47.703005505827
13130 trans-Resveratrol-d4 1089051-56-8 ≥99% deuterated forms (d1-d4) 2009-01-14 11.210169995750 trans-resveratrol-d4 (E)-Resveratrol-d4 selective cyclooxygenases inhibitors COX-1 PGHS-1 COX1 PGHS1 prostaglandins H synthases 1 antioxidants oxidative injury stress atherosclerosis deuterated LC/MS GC-MS LC-MS mass spectrometry deuterium sirtuins AHR antagonists aryl hydrocarbon receptors 11.210169995750
10188 trans-trismethoxy Resveratrol 22255-22-7 ≥98% 2004-03-03 10.956215469612 trans-trismethoxy-resveratrol (E)-5-[2-(4-hydroxyphenyl)ethenyl]-1,3-benzene diol selective cyclooxygenases inhibitors COX-1 PGHS-1 COX1 PGHS Prostaglandins synthases antioxidants oxidative injury stress sirtuins 3,5,4'-trihydroxy stilbene 3,5,4'-trihydroxystilbene 3,5,4'-trimethoxy stilbene 3,5,4'-trimethoxystilbene trimethoxy AHR antagonists aryl hydrocarbon receptors 10.956215469612
13129 trans-trismethoxy Resveratrol-d4 1089051-64-8 ≥99% deuterated forms (d1-d4) 2009-02-09 10.648665533361 trans-trismethoxy-resveratrol-d4 (E)-5-[2-(4-hydroxyphenyl)ethenyl]-1,3-benzene diol-d4 deuterated deuterium GC/MS GC-MS LC/MS LC-MS mass spectrometrysirtuins AHR antagonists aryl hydrocarbon receptors 10.648665533361
10011659 Trolox 53188-07-1 ≥98% 2008-12-02 230.427955801105 trolox 6-hydroxy-2,5,7,8-tetramethylchroman-2-Carboxylic Acid antioxidants vitamins E oxidative injury injuries neurodegeneration aging cancers adjunctive 230.427955801105
75860 U-74389G 153190-29-5 ≥99% 8.308425414365 u-74389g Methylated Tirilazad antioxidants lipid peroxidation ischemia reperfusion U74389G 8.308425414365
10010245 U-83836E 137018-55-4 ≥98% 2008-07-08 0.627845303867 u-83836e antioxidant anti-oxidant oxidative injury stress free radicals ischemia diabetes a-tocopherol .alpha.-tocopherol 122003-11-6 PNU-83836E PNU83836E 0.627845303867
16219 Uric Acid (sodium salt) 1198-77-2 2014-07-16 11.878397790055 uric-acid-sodium-salt 69-93-2 NLPR3 inflammation immunology purine metabolism hyperuricemia gout NOD-like receptors proteins 3 inflammasome xanthine oxidase oxidative injury stress antioxidants end product humans excreted urine potent peroxynitrite scavengers serum uric acids gout kidney stones metabolic syndrome hypertension renal cardiovascular diseases cardiology diabetes obesity sodium urate 11.878397790055
15121 Ursodeoxycholic Acid (sodium salt) 2898-95-5 ≥98% 2013-10-23 4.693119820442 ursodeoxycholic-acid-sodium-salt 128-13-2 ursodiol bile acids steroids cholesterol gallstones apoptosis livers diseases primary biliary cirrhosis transports sodium-bile cotransporters hydrophilic NTCP taurocholate contransporting polypeptides inhibits inhibitions inhibitors apoptosis Bax proteins mitochondria oxidative injury injuries oxysterols intracellular signaling cancers lipids sodium ursodeoxycholate ursodesoxycholate 4.693119820442
14705 Vildagliptin 274901-16-5 ≥98% 2013-11-05 11.333724677716 vildagliptin Equa; Galvus; DSP 7238; LAF 237 inhibitors inhibits inhibitions diabetes vascular diseases inflammation oxidative stress injury injuries dipeptidyl peptidases 4 DPPs DPP-4 DPP4 DPPs 4 four DPP-8 DPP-9 DPP8 DPP9 8 9 eight nine incretins insulin secretion glucose-dependent glucose dependents insulinotropic polypeptides GIPs GLP-1 GLP1 GLPs 1 glucagon-like glucagon likes NVP-LAF 237 LAF237 LAF-237 LAFs DSPs DSP-7238 DSP7238 7238 equa galvus vildagliptin 565453-38-5 Equa Galvus NVP NVP-LAF-237 NVP-LAF237 fibroblasts activation proteins alpha .alpha. α blocks degradation peptides circulating stimulators fasting postprandial levels animals models diseases7 11.333724677716
15950 Vitamin K3 58-27-5 ≥98% 2014-05-13 0.678895027624 vitamin-k3 NSC 4170; Menadione provitamins pro-vitamins pro vitamins cellular toxicity vitamin K precursor Vitamin K2 redox cycling quinone antihemorrhagic blood clotting antiproliferation anti-proliferation proliferation anti cancers K-3 3 three K-2 2 two arylating nucleophilic substrates Michael addition antihemorrhagic anti-hemorrhagic hemorrhagic aquakay aquinone hemodal K-thrombyl thrombyl K-vitan vitan kaergona kanone kappaxan kappaxin karcon kareon kativ-G G kativ kaykot kaynone kayquinone kipca oil klottone koaxin kolkot MNQ menadion menadione menaphthon menaphthone menaquinone 0 mitenon mitenone NSCs 4170 NSC4170 NSC-4170 panosine prokayvit seakleen 500SC 800WP synkay thyloquinone K0 K2(0) 0.678895027624
14248 Wogonin 632-85-9 ≥98% 2013-03-04 5.187331855742 wogonin BRN 0287152 oxidative injury injuries inflammation neurosciences flavonoids cancers natural products anti-inflammatory anti-oxidant neuroprotection antitumors apoptosis anti-tumors tumors anti antiinflammatory inflammatory oxidant antioxidant scutellaria baicalensis S. inhibits inhibitions inhibitors LPS TNF ILs caspase-3 osteocarcinoma cells BRN0287152 BRN-0287152 5.187331855742
10010895 Xanthine Oxidase Fluorometric Assay Kit - 2008-03-13 160.511240791897 xanthine-oxidase-fluorometric-assay-kit Xanthine Oxidoreductase Assay Kit; XO Assay Kit assays kits plasma serum tissues homogenates oxidoreductases molybdoflavoenzymes human purine catabolism catalyzing catalyzes hydroxylation hypoxanthine uric acids NADH superoxides reactive oxygen species ROS hydrogen peroxides H2O2 inschemia-reperfusion injury molecular cells death degeneration apoptosis mammalian livers intestines diseases horseradish HRP ADHP fluorescence fluorescent resorufin excitation emission wavelengths special:quarterly specialdiscount:50 specialstart:2007-03-01 specialend:2008-05-31 fluorometric 160.511240791897
10009992 Zeaxanthin 144-68-3 ≥98% 2009-02-02 19.740872928177 zeaxanthin Anchovyxanthin; Xanthophyll 3; Zeaxanthol carotenoid degeneration AMDs luteins diabetes antioxidant oxidative injury injuries VEGFs macula 19.740872928177
15400 Zerumbone 471-05-6 ≥99% 2014-01-08 1.805243093922 zerumbone natural products antiviral anti-viral anti virals inflammation cancers apoptosis oxidative injury injuries sesquiterpene monocyclic wild rhizomes Z. zerumbet inhibits inhibitions inhibitor Epstein-Barr virus Epstein barr cells anti-oxidant antioxidant oxidant anti-inflammatory inflammatory antiinflammatory immunomodulatory hepatoprotective 1.805243093922
10007705 α-CEHC 4072-32-6 ≥98% 2006-06-27 14.135895816890 -cehc vitamin E GTM kidneys a-tocopherol metabolites alpha-tocopherol natriuretic hormones uremia natriuresis .alpha.-tocopherol .alpha.-CEHC alpha-CEHC a-CEHC endocrinology 133906-​49-​7 507441-93-2 14.135895816890
10008652 (±)-α-CMBHC 7083-09-2 ≥98% 2006-10-18 10.191673243882 -cmbhc vitamin E tocopherals tocotrienols a-CEHC alpha-CEHC .alpha.-CEHC a-tocopherol alpha-tocopherol .alpha.-tocopherol metabolites g-Tocotrienol gamma-Tocotrienol a-Tocotrienol alpha-Tocotrienol .alpha.-Tocotrienols HepG2 cells a-CMBHC alpha-CMBHC .alpha.-CMBHC a-CMHHC alpha-CMHHC .alpha.-CMHHC rac rifmpicin CYP3A cytochromes P450s w-oxidation omega-oxidation .omega.-oxidation b-oxidation beta-oxidation .beta.-oxidation 10.191673243882
10008377 α-Tocotrienol 58864-81-6 ≥98% 2006-10-18 15.704296642583 -tocotrienol vitamin E tocopherols tocotrienols antioxidants apoptosis palm oils rice brans neuroprotectors neuroprotection H2O2 hydrogen peroxides cells death S-nitrocysteines SIN-1 toxicity HT4 cytosolic glutamatec-Src kinases 12-lipoxygenases 12-LOs 15.704296642583
9001533 β-Tocotrienol 490-23-3 ≥98% 2014-03-20 18.367532228361 -tocotrienol 14101-​69-​0 134931-​97-​8 isomers Vitamins E analogs tocotrienols antioxidants lipids peroxidation atherosclerosis cholesterol palms less potent oils anti-oxidants anti oxidants β b beta .beta. b-tocotrienol β-tocotrienol beta-tocortienols .beta.-tocortienols 5,6-dimethyltocotrienols tocopherols tokoferols α-tocopherol .alpha.-tocopherol alpha-tocopherol a-tocopherol α alpha .alpha. a β-tocopherols beta-tocopherols .beta.-tocopherols b-tocopherols atherosclerotic ε-Tocopherol .epsilon.-Tocopherol epsilon-Tocopherol e-Tocopherol ε-Tokoferol epsilon-Tokoferol .epsilon.-Tokoferol e-Tokoferol ε epsilon .epsilon. e inflammation oxidative injury 18.367532228361
89630 γ-CEHC Exclusive 178167-75-4 >98% 16.546325966850 -cehc 2,7,8-trimethyl-2-(β-Carboxy-Ethyl)-6-Hydroxychroman; GTM; γ-Tocopherol Metabolite GTM kidneys g-tocopherol metabolites gamma-tocopherol natriuretic hormones uremia natriuresis .gamma.-tocopherol .gamma.-CEHC gamma-CEHC g-CEHC endocrinology 16.546325966850
10008494 γ-Tocotrienol 14101-61-2 ≥98% 2006-10-20 30.155477505919 -tocotrienol g-Tocotrienol gamma-Tocotrienol a-Tocotrienol alpha-Tocotrienol .alpha.-Tocotrienol vitamin E tocopherols tocotrienols antioxidants apoptosis palm oils rice brans hypertensive hypertension systolic blood pressures NOS nitric oxides synthases vessels malignant sympathoadrenal +SA mouse murine rats mammary epithelial cells 30.155477505919
10007706 δ-CEHC 84599-16-6 ≥95% 2006-06-27 6.992306629833 -cehc vitamin E GTM kidneys d-tocopherol metabolites delta-tocopherol natriuretic hormones uremia natriuresis .delta.-tocopherol .delta.-CEHC delta-CEHC d-CEHC endocrinology 1221504-67-1 6.992306629833
10008513 δ-Tocotrienol 25612-59-3 ≥98% 2006-10-20 16.607127071822 -tocotrienol d-Tocotrienol delta-Tocotrienol a-Tocotrienol alpha-Tocotrienol .alpha.-Tocotrienol vitamin E tocopherols tocotrienols antioxidants apoptosis palm oils rice brans neurons neuroprotectors neuroprotection H2O2 hydrogen peroxides cells death S-nitrocysteines SIN-1 cytotoxicity inhibits inhibitors inhibition HAECs U937 monocytic cells VCAM-1 16.607127071822

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