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ChemAssistant Tools

Tool Description
Periodic Table of the Elements The interactive periodic table of the elements from Cayman allows scientists to quickly reference information about any of the known chemical elements. The element specific information provided includes: atomic mass, CAS number, period/group number, category, phase at standard temperature and pressure (0 °C and 1 atm), density at standard temperature and pressure, atomic radius, ionic radii, oxidation states, boiling point, melting point, valence, and discovery information.
Molar Mass and Mass Percent Composition Calculator The Molar Mass and Mass Percent Composition Calculator from Cayman Chemical allows scientists to quickly and accurately determine the Molar mass and Mass percent composition of any chemical compound from its linear Molecular formula while maintaining the correct number of significant digits. The molar mass and mass percent composition calculator can recognize very complex molecular formulas (like polymers or hydrated molecules), small molecules, salts, or simple one to two atom formulas. In addition to molar mass and elementalpercent composition, the molar mass, and mass percent composition calculator will also return the inputted molecular formula in Hill notation.
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