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Heat Stabilization

Denator's Stabilizor™ technology utilizes rapid conductive heating to generate a fast, homogenous denaturation of proteins. This results in complete, permanent inactivation of all enzymes such as proteases, peptidases, and phosphatases that could cause further biological changes to the samples ex vivo.

  • Patented heat stabilization of samples ensures sample remains close to in vivo state
  • Detect more and novel endogenous peptides, preserve phosphorylation states, and track small molecules and metabolites
  • Automatic, rapid, and additive-free preservation of tissue samples
  • Reduce inter-sample variability
Stabilizor™ T1 Instrument Product Image

Stabilizor T1 Instrument

Item №: 18634

The Stabilizor T1 Instrument is for heat stabilization of biological samples. It includes complete software and pre-defined methods with a 12 month warranty.

One unit dimension: 465 (l) x 306 (w) x 143 (h) mm
Netweight: 6.7 kg
Power requirement: 110/220V
Heat effect power: 400W
Sample type: Tissues and fluids
Software: Four pre-defined sample treatment modes

Stabilizor T1 Start Kit

Item №: 18635

The Stabilizor T1 Start Kit includes a user manual (1), quick guide (1), power cord (1) and additional accessories needle device (1), torx key (1), and 2GB USB-stick (1).

Maintainor® Liquid Card Product Image

Maintainor® Liquid Card

Item №: 18638

The Maintainor® Liquid Card includes cards (12) for heat stabilization, transportation, and storage of liquid samples. The cards are designed for single use only.

Material: Hydrophobic, low binding Teflon® foils
Sample: 25 µl-1.5 ml liquid sample
Operating temperature: -80°C to 120°C

Maintainor® Storage Box Product Image

Maintainor® Storage Box

Item №: 18639

Maintainor® Storage Box includes five (5) cryo storage boxes, which hold 12 Maintainor® Tissue Cards (Item No. 18637) each (cards not included). Box dimensions 133 x 133 x 50 mm.

Stabilizor™ 2D-GE Extraction Kit (Tissue) Product Image

Stabilizor 2D-GE Extraction Kit (Tissue)

Item №: 18641

Validated protocol for heat stabilization of tissue samples, homogenization and extraction of proteins prior to 2D-GE analysis. The Stabilizor 2D-GE Extraction Kit (Tissue) includes Maintainor® Tissue Cards (Item No. 18637) (12), buffer dry component (1), buffer diluent (1), buffer DTT component (3), tubes (36), pestles (36), and a user manual (1). Contains material for heat stabilizing 12 tissue samples and preparation of 36 samples for 2D-GE.

12 x Maintainor® Tissue Cards (Item No. 18637)
1 x Protein Extraction Buffer - Dry component (26 g)
1 x Protein Extraction Buffer - Diluent (25 ml)
3 x Protein Extraction Buffer - DTT Components (23 mg)
36 x Pestles for homogenization
36 x Tubes for homogenization
Stabilization and extraction protocol

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