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Only 2 cm long, black coral crabs are hard to find tucked deep inside the finger-like branches of their host, black coral formations such as Antipathes (so named for their black skeleton). These harmless crabs, who are also blackish in color, use the coral as camouflage during the day and come out at night, spreading their massive (relatively speaking) front claws to feed on plankton. The chela of a black coral crab is 1.5-times longer than its carapace, and its first set of ambulatory legs are more than twice its carapace length. These tiny crabs live throughout deepish (10-466 m), warm, tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific Ocean near currents so they can catch and eat passing plankton. If you are lucky enough to spot one, they are usually found in pairs on a single Antipathes coral.

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