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MaxSpec®: Products for Quantitative Mass Spectrometry Applications


Maximize results.

Achieve quantitative accuracy and interlaboratory reproducibility with Cayman’s new line of MaxSpec® standards and kits for mass spectrometry. MaxSpec® products are formulated as ready-to-use solutions to accelerate mass spectrometry workflows and are guaranteed to meet rigorous quality standards.

MaxSpec® Single-Use, Quantitative Standards

Ready-to-use, quantitative standards formulated to save time when preparing standards and samples for mass spectrometry analysis. MaxSpec® standards are prepared gravimetrically as solutions and packaged in ampules sealed under argon to maintain product quality.


Quality Guarantee

  • Verified concentration
  • LC-MS identity tested
  • HPLC purity tested
  • Ongoing stability testing

View a sample certificate of analysis for our MaxSpec® Standards (PDF)

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MaxSpec® Analysis Kits

Complete solutions to accelerate workflows and streamline sample and standard preparation in mass spectrometry applications. Each lot of MaxSpec® kits undergoes rigorous testing to ensure consistent performance. These kits contain all necessary reagents including a detailed protocol to simplify workflows and to help improve consistency and reproducibility from run to run.

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Download the Dienes Derivatization MaxSpec® Kit application note (PDF)
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