Precellys® 24

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This product has been produced by
  • 4,500 - 6,800 rpm (increments of 100 rpm) 5 Pre-set Programs
  • Run up to 3 cycles
  • Equipped with patented automatic tube locking system
  • Compatible with Cryolys Cooling Unit

Capacity: 1-24 Tubes of 2 ml/0.5 ml
Included with purchase of unit: 1 x Precellys® 24 and 1 x 24 Sample Blocking Plate

The Precellys® 24 is a piece of benchtop equipment dedicated to the grinding, lysis, and homogenization of biological samples. It can operate with up to 24 tubes (each containing up to a 2 ml sample) at very high speeds while maintaining molecular integrity. Several protocols have been developed for the grinding of difficult samples like spores of bacteria and hard tissues. It was specifically developed and designed to be a highly efficient grinder for use in Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) laboratories operating under high-throughput conditions (50-100 runs per day) without risk of cross-contamination. With 3D speed and motion, the beads crush biological samples to release the desired DNA, RNA, protein, drugs, etc. Biological samples from soft tissues (i.e., bacteria, liver, brain, leaf) to hard tissues (i.e., bones, corn, cereals, hair) can be homogenized with five different sizes of beads (ceramic, metal, glass, and zirconium oxide). Precellys® 24 guarantees a homogeneous and efficient homogenization with high yields, allowing quality analysis. [Bertin Catalog EQ03119-200-RD000.0]

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