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Item № 17100
CAS № 1429173-57-8
Purity ≥95%
product image
                (CAS 1429173-57-8)
     1 mg $25.00 0.00
     5 mg $113.00 0.00
     10 mg $200.00 0.00
     25 mg $438.00 0.00

Pricing updated 2019-06-26. Prices are subject to change without notice.


AP39 is a compound used to increase the levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) within mitochondria.1 It consists of a mitochondria-targeting motif (triphenylphosphonium) coupled to an H2S-donating moiety (dithiolethione) by an aliphatic linker. AP39 (30-300 nM) dose-dependently increases H2S levels in endothelial cells, predominantly in mitochondrial regions.1 It stimulates mitochondrial electron transport and improves cellular bioenergetic function at lower concentrations (30-100 nM), while having an inhibitory effect at 300 nM.1 Under oxidative stress conditions induced by glucose oxidase, AP39 has antioxidant and cytoprotective effects.1 AP39 is effective in vivo, inhibiting voltage-dependent T-type calcium channels and improving hemodynamic parameters in rats.2

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Technical Information
Formal Name
CAS Number
Molecular Formula
Formula Weight
A solution in dichloromethane
226, 267, 319, 430 nm
InChI Code
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Warning - this product is not for human or veterinary use.

Shipping & Storage
Wet ice in continental US; may vary elsewhere
≥ 1 year
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References & Product Citations
Product Description References

1. Szczesny, B., Módis, K., Yanagi, K., et al. AP39, a novel mitochondria-targeted hydrogen sulfide donor, stimulates cellular bioenergetics, exerts cytoprotective effects and protects against the loss of mitochondrial DNA integrity in oxidatively stressed endothelial cells in vitro Nitric Oxide: Biology and Chemistry 41, 120-130 (2014).

2. Tomasova, L., Pavlovicova, M., Malekova, L., et al. Effects of AP39, a novel triphenylphosphonium derivatised anethole dithiolethione hydrogen sulfide donor, on rat haemodynamic parameters and chloride and calcium Cav3 and RyR2 channels Nitric Oxide: Biology and Chemistry 46, 131-144 (2015).

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