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Item № 17704
CAS № 1123231-07-1
Purity ≥98%
product image
                (CAS 1123231-07-1)
     1 mg $29.00 0.00
     5 mg $102.00 0.00
     10 mg $145.00 0.00
     25 mg $326.00 0.00

Pricing updated 2019-07-17. Prices are subject to change without notice.

  • BML-WN110
  • Dickkopf-1 Inhibitor
  • Dkk1 Inhibitor

Wnt signaling proteins are small secreted proteins that are active in embryonic development, tissue homeostasis, and tumorigenesis.1,2,3 Dickkopf-1 (Dkk1) antagonizes Wnt signaling and has important roles in bone formation, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease.4 WAY-262611 is an inhibitor of Dkk1 that activates the Wnt signaling pathway, stimulating β-catenin/TCF-dependent transcription with an EC50 value of 0.63 µM.5 It has good pharmacokinetic properties and increases trabecular bone formation in ovariectomized rats following oral administration.5 WAY-262611 has been used to elucidate the role of Dkk1 in modulating Wnt signaling, particularly in the context of arthritis.6,7

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Technical Information
Formal Name
CAS Number
  • BML-WN110
  • Dickkopf-1 Inhibitor
  • Dkk1 Inhibitor
Molecular Formula
Formula Weight
A crystalline solid
226, 256, 338 nm
InChI Code
InChI Key

Warning - this product is not for human or veterinary use.

Shipping & Storage
Room temperature in continental US; may vary elsewhere
≥ 2 years
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References & Product Citations
Product Description References

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