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C18 Ceramide (d18:1/18:0)

Item № 19556
CAS № 2304-81-6
Purity ≥95%
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                (CAS 2304-81-6)
     1 mg $12.00 0.00
     5 mg $39.00 0.00
     10 mg $72.00 0.00
     25 mg $165.00 0.00

Pricing updated 2019-07-17. Prices are subject to change without notice.

  • Cer(d18:1/18:0)
  • Ceramide (d18:1/18:0)
  • N-Stearoyl-D-Sphingosine

C18 Ceramide is an endogenous bioactive sphingolipid. It is the primary short-chain ceramide found in brain tissue whose synthesis is regulated by longevity-assurance homologue 1 (Lass1) in mice.1 Increased expression of C18 ceramide reduces cell growth in UM-SCC-22A squamous cell carcinoma cells.2 It is selectively downregulated in 32 human head and neck squamous cell carcinoma tumor tissues as compared to non-squamous tumor tissues. C18 Ceramide concentration is significantly higher in muscle tissue of type 2 diabetic patients compared with non-diabetic patients and is positively correlated to body mass index and inversely related to insulin sensitivity.3

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Technical Information
Formal Name
CAS Number
  • Cer(d18:1/18:0)
  • Ceramide (d18:1/18:0)
  • N-Stearoyl-D-Sphingosine
Molecular Formula
Formula Weight
A crystalline solid
InChI Code
InChI Key

Warning - this product is not for human or veterinary use.

Shipping & Storage
Wet ice in continental US; may vary elsewhere
≥ 2 years
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References & Product Citations
Product Description References

1. Mizutani, Y., Kihara, A., and Igarashi, Y. Mammalian Lass6 and its related family members regulate synthesis of specific ceramides Biochem J. 390(Pt. 1), 263-271 (2005).

2. Koybasi, S., Senkal, C.E., Sundararaj, K., et al. Defects in cell growth regulation by C18:0-ceramide and longevity assurance gene 1 in human head and neck squamous cell carcinomas J. Biol. Chem. 279(43), 44311-44319 (2004).

3. Bergman, B.C., Brozinick, J.T., Strauss, A., et al. Muscle sphingolipids during rest and exercise: A C18:0 signature for insulin resistance in humans Diabetologia 59(3), 785-791 (2016).

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