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  • Measure AcSDKP in mammalian plasma and urine samples
  • Assay 33 samples in duplicate
  • Incubation: Overnight
  • N-Acetyl Ser-Asp-Lys-Pro ELISA Kit

N-Acetyl Ser-Asp-Lys-Pro (AcSDKP) is a tetrapeptide growth regulatory hormone which inhibits the proliferation of hematopoietic stem cells.1 The dipeptidase Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) actively metabolizes circulating AcSDKP, giving it a brief plasma half life of 4 to 5 minutes. ACE inhibition is a major therapeutic end point in the treatment of hypertension management. A further consequence of ACE inhibition is the accumulation of AcSDKP in the plasma and the urine.2,3 This accumulation may have physiological effects, which are manifested as the anemia of chronic ACE inhibitor toxicity. More commonly, plasma and urine AcSDKP levels can be used as a biomarker of ACE inhibition and an index of patient compliance with therapy.4 Measurement of AcSDKP in human urine or plasma can be readily accomplished by enzyme immunoassay.5 [Bertin Catalog No. A05881]

Needed but not supplied: Please download the kit booklet to verify if UltraPure Water (Milli-Q or equivalent) or any other components are needed for this assay.

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Technical Information
  • N-Acetyl Ser-Asp-Lys-Pro ELISA Kit

Warning - this product is not for human or veterinary use.

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Wet ice in continental US; may vary elsewhere
≥ 545 days
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References & Product Citations
Product Description References

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2. Azizi, M., Ezan, E., Nicolet, L., et al. High plasma level of N-Acetyl-Seryl-Aspartyl-Lysyl-Proline: A new marker of chronic angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibition Hypertension 30(5), 1015-1019 (1997).

3. Azizi, M., Ezan, E., Reny, J.L., et al. Renal and metabolic clearance of N-Acetyl-Seryl-Aspartyl-Lysyl-Proline (AcSDKP) during angiotension-converting enzyme inhibition in humans Hypertension 33(3), 879-886 (1999).

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