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Glycogen Assay Kit

Item № 700480
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     96 wells $350.00 0.00

Pricing updated 2019-06-15. Prices are subject to change without notice.

  • Measure glycogen from tissue samples
  • Assay 20 samples in duplicate
  • Assay Range: 2.5-40 µg/ml
  • Plate-based fluorometric measurement (ex 530-540 nm, em 585-595 nm)

Glycogen is a polysaccharide that is the principal storage form of glucose in animal and human cells. Glycogen is made primarily by the liver and muscles, but it can also be made by glycogenesis within the brain and stomach. Cayman’s Glycogen Assay provides a simple, reproducible, and sensitive tool for assaying glycogen from tissue. In this assay, glycogen is hydrolyzed by amyloglucosidase to form β-D-glucose, which is then specifically oxidized to D-glucono-δ-lactone by glucose oxidase forming hydrogen peroxide in the process. Hydrogen peroxide, in the presence of horseradish peroxidase, reacts with 10-acetyl-3,7-dihydroxyphenoxazine (ADHP) in a 1:1 stoichiometry to generate the highly fluorescent product resorufin which is measure at an excitation wavelength of 530-540 nm and an emission wavelength of 585-595 nm.

Needed but not supplied: Please download the kit booklet to verify if UltraPure Water (Milli-Q or equivalent) or any other components are needed for this assay.

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Technical Information
  • Plant/Armoracia rusticana

Warning - this product is not for human or veterinary use.

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Wet ice in continental US; may vary elsewhere
≥ 1 year
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References & Product Citations
Product Citations

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