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Stabilizor™ T1 Instrument Product Image

Stabilizor T1 Instrument

Item №: 18634

Instrument for heat stabilization of biological samples

Stabilizor T1 Start Kit

Item №: 18635

Stabilizor T1 Maintenance Kit

Item №: 18636

Includes material to maintain the Stabilizor T1 Instrument

Maintainor® Liquid Card Product Image

Maintainor® Liquid Card

Item №: 18638

Liquid cards are designed specifically to ensure effective heat stabilization

Maintainor® Storage Box Product Image

Maintainor® Storage Box

Item №: 18639
Stabilizor™ 2D-GE Extraction Kit (Tissue) Product Image

Stabilizor 2D-GE Extraction Kit (Tissue)

Item №: 18641

Validated protocol for heat stabilization of tissue samples, homogenization and extraction of proteins prior to 2D-GE analysis.

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