Reverse Transfection Reporter Assays

Reliable, reproducible transfection assays in a format that’s both convenient and scalable.

  • No need to develop, maintain, or expand stable cell lines
  • Avoid cell lineage variability
  • Suitable for difficult targets for which stable cell lines are not sustainable

Reverse Transfection Reporter Assay technology uses plates pre-coated with optimized transfection complexes, offering up to 3-fold increased transfection and >95% co-transfection efficiency that’s consistent well to well. This unique system is ideal for rapid assay development and high-throughput screening.

reverse transfection plate image simply add cells and test next day

Reverse Transfection Assay Setup

reverse transfection graph

Consistently high transfection and co-transfection efficiency

reverse transfection assay protocol

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