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SAM-Screener Assay Technology

S-Adenosyl-L-methionine (SAM) is a co-substrate of lysine methyltransferases, utilized during the methylation of lysine residues on various proteins, including histones. SAM binds at the SET domain of methyltransferases. The SAM-Screener assays take advantage of this essential step by employing a proprietary small molecule fluorescent probe that binds to the SAM binding pocket. Binding of the probe induces a pronounced increase in fluorescence polarization. This is blocked by SAM and by the inhibitor sinefungin.

  • Directly probes the SAM binding pocket
  • Eliminates the need for difficult multi-step or radioactive enzyme assays
  • Rapidly screen large chemical libraries

Assay Set-Up. Schematic diagram of the homogenous, one-step binding assay used to probed the SAM-binding site of SET-domain methyltransferases. This assay is non-kinetic, substrate independent, and suitable for a 384- or 1536-well format.



SET7/9 SAM-Screener™ Assay Kit

Item №: 600490

G9a SAM-Screener Assay Kit

Item №: 600560 Coming soon

GLP SAM-Screener™ Assay Kit

Item №: 600570

MLL1 SAM-Screener™ Assay Kit

Item №: 600580

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